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Vicki & the Straitjacket
by Rupes
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© Copyright 2015 - Rupes - Used by permission
Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; game; straitjacket; leather; hood; legcuffs; chain; bond; string; vibe; tease; torment; sex; climax; cons; X
Vicki & the Straitjacket Rupes Solo-M; F/m; game; straitjacket; leather; hood; legcuffs; chain; bond; string; vibe; tease; torment; sex; climax; cons; X

It was a cold dark Thursday afternoon. I had been quiet at work so was at home tidying up our bedroom. We have a whole load of toys and recently we had become a little remiss in putting them away! So we lived in constant fear of the doorbell, just in case we had left something lying around!

I had done pretty well, and had put most of the stuff back just leaving a few straitjackets on the bed as we really did need to have a bit of a clear out! My wife returned home and inspected my progress, she was very happy that we now had a tidy bedroom again that a casual visitor could see without knowing our secrets! She looked at the mass of jackets and straps strewn across the bed.

"Well I guess we have to decide on which ones we want to keep", there were about 10 in total, all in slightly different colours, designs etc. She picked up the first one, which happened to be my favourite. "You like this one, so we will keep that". Then Vicki looked at me, "how about we make this into a game?"

Now I am always up for Vicki’s games. "Sure, do your worst!" I said confidently.

"Ok" she replied, she made me strip naked and then walked towards me with the thick blood red leather straightjacket, this one is also lined in leather, so it’s just a real trip to wear. "Here is the deal", she said as she set about doing up the straps and zips on the back. She applied the padlocks to the buckles and then continued, "Ok, I get to pick 4 more 'accessories' and then let’s add one hour for each item, so all you have to do is wear this and the 4 other accessories for 5 hours and you can keep your favourite jacket. Then we switch roles, and I will do the same for my favourite one".

This sounded all too easy. "Do your worst", I said to her.

First she pulled over the matching hood, this was rather severe as it literally had one small gromit at the nostrils, and again it was zipped, laced, buckled and then padlocked into place. "Two out of five", she taunted.

She then laid me down on the bed and used a pair of legcuffs to chain my ankles the bottom of the bed. "Three out of five", next up was a long piece of chain and two padlocks, she first padlocked it to the shoulder ring of the straitjacket, she fed it around the headboard, back through the ring on the top of the hood, back through the headboard and pulled it tight, making sure to heave me up the bed pulling the ankle chains tight and then padlocked the other end to the other shoulder of the jacket. "Four out of five", she said.

I was beginning to wonder what would be next. I then felt her touching my penis, gently stroking making sure to get it as hard as she could. I then felt her wrapping a piece of leather string around my penis, pulling it very tight, so it would act like a ring and prevent me from becoming soft. She was there about 5 minutes making sure to get all the slack out. I felt like I would explode. "There 5", she said.

"Well this is easy", I taunted, "I don’t think I will need you for the next five hours love, I think I will just have time and enjoy my bondage". I said, rather smartly thinking I had got the better of her.

She then said, "Well if your sure you are ok, I will go and visit my sister, we need a good catch up". With that she leaned over and there was a small click, and then the vibration started, she had tied her vibe to my penis. She walked out the room, clicking the light switch and shutting and locking the door.

It took about 5 minutes of building up and up before I could hold it no longer, blowing out a load of cum all over the place. Then about 10 minutes of hell, as men will know once you cum it gets so sensitive, the vibrator just relentlessly going. Then again it starts to build into an even bigger orgasm. I think I must have blacked out after about an hour, I had lost count of how many times I had cum. I was awakened by the vibe being untied, but the binding around my cock was left in place, I had been hard for hours and the pain was intense, I felt someone mounting me on top.

A woman, it must be Vicki, she was really going for it, I came again, but she did not stop, just kept going and going, I came again, I was really in pain now, and eventually I head the screaming of a big orgasm and felt her muscles tensing around my cock. She relaxed, and then jumped off, only to be replaced by someone else, riding me just as hard as before. After what seemed like hours, I heard vicki say, "4 hours, one hour to go, who’s next?" Another rider, then another, then another. God who were all these girls?

Eventually Vicki said, "Five hours, well done". She started to unlock the chains, she then removed the jacket, and finally the hood. She was stood there with both her sisters. "We took it in turns, thank you so much".

"Ladies would you care to join in our little game next weekend?"

They both looked at each other, eventually Vicki said, "Well it only seems fair, as you did enjoy this little adventure".

I slept a good sleep that night, dreaming of how I would get my own back on each of them.

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