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Unnatural Act
by Margaret B
© Copyright 2008 - Margaret B - Used by permission
Storycodes: MF/m; bond; fem; oral; cons; X
Unnatural Act by Margaret B MF/m; bond; fem; oral; cons; X

I looked up toward the ceiling finding Mark’s silhouetted head looking down at me.  My feet still ached in the too tight bright red high heel shoes even though I was on my knees.  The feeling of humiliation at being tied to a six foot bamboo pole in an uncomfortable nylon bra and black Lycra filled pantyhose was beginning to wane as Mark slowly stroked his half hard cock in front of my nose. My arms were stretched out at my sides and lashed in three places on each side with leather bootlaces to the three-inch diameter pole.  It may not appear to be consensual, but it was my idea. 

Mark’s wife Carol caressed my back and gave my nylon covered ass and thighs a gentle sensual feel.  It was almost loving the way she molested my near naked body filling my mind with lewd thoughts.  I only wished she were giving Mark the blowjob while I caressed her to arousal.

Mark smiled down on me and playfully tapped my nose with the head of his cock.  Carol gave a short light tug on my hair.  I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.  I thought it would be all over in a minute.  A few tears began to well up in my eyes and as the penis touched my tongue, I began to cry.

My emotional condition was of no concern to my controllers who seemed to like the fact that I disliked this perversion.  I felt the tiny fold of skin on the underside of Mark’s helmet and my eyes opened with a veil of tears flowing down my face.  My month, my virgin month, was being raped! For an instant, he rested the head of his penis on my tongue, and then slowing pushed forward an inch then backed off then advancing again for more ground.  Carol and Mark were enjoying this and shit, so was I!

My tongue explored the smooth head of the intruder then the pulsing vein finally the long shaft.  I was tongue kissing a cock for the first time.  The various areas of the thing were intriguing.  The cock seemed to have a life of its own.  It throbbed in short bursts as though kicking its way into my soul with no direct help from either of us.  I could taste a drop of urine that sprayed into my mouth and feel the change in size as it grew and became bolder.  I felt ashamed that I was enjoying the excitement of the violation. 

Thoughts ran though my mind from hundreds of directions bringing contradicting emotions.  I was at war with in myself, hating the concept, but enjoying the ride. Humiliation was not the word, I was horrified.  I felt I was on display for the whole world to condemn, and yet I felt wildly aroused by my intimate friends.  My body picked up on the message and trembled in revulsion for a moment, then surrendered to the lust the next, and then taking an active part toward intensifying the aggression.  This war within body, mind, and soul fought back and forth from one opposing force to the other. I cannot justify any of it!

Following the polite introduction of the penis into my now lustful mouth, Mark began a slow and controlled process of stroking the length of his very erect cock into and out of my, shamed to reveal, aroused and stimulated mouth.  I admired the feel of the backstroke on the top of my tongue, which abruptly changed to the forward attack scraping the top of my mouth. The first pounding at the back of my throat was offensive, but because it was not damaging and I learned to anticipate it, I began to look forward to the clash of the fist against the wall.  This went on for a few dozen strokes with slight changes in angle and speed from the intruder and experiments with my tongue, lips, and even teeth.  My mouth seemed to function on its own as though asking my brain, “How do you like that? How do you like this?  Let’s do it a little tighter!”

Then Mark slowed.  The cock pulsed seeming to harden to rock.  Fuck!  I was just getting use to a cock in my mouth and the fucking thing was going to blow!  Couldn’t we do that part some other time?  The idea of a man’s cock in my mouth was sick, but shooting gobs of thick cum!  I felt I was going to be sick.  Really, if you think about it an ejaculation is not much different than a barf.  This cock I had just gotten to know was about to puke in my mouth.

Carol grabbed my head anticipating the climax.  Mark made one last long slow withdrawal stroke and pushed as hard and deep as he could toward the back of my throat.  I really think the head of his cock slightly deep throated me!  The shot of cum exploded in my mouth very hot, hard, and heavy.  My breathing stopped, Carol involuntarily pressed her fingernails into my cheeks, and Mark shook.  Then everything froze for just a short time.  I could feel the cum sliding slowly down the back of my throat and filling my mouth at the same time.  The cock throbbed!  The world stood still! My thoughts surrendered to the fact of life that my defilement was over and I would just have to live with it. I was now a cocksucker!

Mark made a long slow withdrawal and my lips and teeth wringed the remaining cum from his tool.  Half way out the prick pulsed again sending a short taste of semen on to my tongue.  I swallowed in an embarrassing and awkward manner fearing for a second I would choke to death or worse, vomit the whole shity mess down the front of my body and on to the floor.  These people were disgusting enough to make me eat the stuff all over again.

Carol and Mark collapsed on the floor in exhaustion and Helen put down the video camera.  I could not move even to fall over.  Helen came over and gave me a sexy French kiss trying her best to taste all of Mark’s little present.

“There you are Charles.  Now, you are a real life cocksucker, a member of the club, just like the rest of us.  Mark’s been sucking cock for years and Carol and I have sucked each of you off.  Now, you eat pussy, suck penis, fuck ass, and have intercourse, shit you do it all!  Let me help you to your feet, so Mark can give you an example of his experience.”


After reading the above story, Unnatural Act, (about a man giving another man a blowjob), a fan wrote the following about his recent and first experience.

..  I read the story, Unnatural Act, and loved it!!!  It described exactly how I felt!!!

There I am...  sitting in front of this guy who is lowering his pants staring at his cock, right in front of my face... and I know that the time has come... no excuses... no backing out... I actually have to do this I know that I will have to force myself to reach out and take hold of another guys cock ...  I am disgusted... afraid to go forward, but know I can't go back now... I am disgusted with myself for getting myself into this situation

I am not tied down, I am not forced, I have done this to myself, and that is worse, knowing how twisted and perverted I am, that I actually answered an ad and drove here. I know what everyone would think, all my friends, my family, everyone at my work, everyone!....  everyone would think I am twisted and perverted!  But I have to do it...  for some sick reason, I am compelled to do this and so I reach out... tentatively....  and I touch another man's cock...  I take hold of it...  wrap my fingers around it...  and can't believe I am doing this

My heart pounds in my chest...  I am scared... excited...  disorientated... It is like someone else’s hand is holding that cock...  what do I do now?
...  I have never done this... I calm myself down, I know I have played with my own cock about a million times so I give his cock a little slow tug and then a little squeeze...  and another tug I continue in the same fashion, and slowly his cock grows and stiffens in my hand. This is very exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I have never touched a guys cock before, and now I am giving this guy an erection and this is getting too real... his cock is getting hard and in another minute or maybe two... it is going to be time to put it in my mouth...  what the fuck am I doing here

OMG, I am actually about to suck this thing...  another couple of strokes and his cock is rock hard and ready...  every nerve in my body wants me to pull away...  I am so tense and nervous, I know that I do not want to do this...  but I also know that I HAVE to do this...  I can't back out now
...  it is time to open my mouth... my jaw feels stiff, frozen...  but I move my head forward and his cock is touching my lips

OMG, I can't believe I am doing this...  and I open my mouth...  slowly, almost painfully, I open my mouth...  and then I feel the tip of his cock against the tip of my tongue...  OMG, I can't believe I am doing this...!!!!   more and more of his cock slides into my mouth....  and I close my lips around the shaft of his cock....

It seemed like it continued for hours but I know that it was only twenty minutes or thirty...  it was slow, he was older so he did not cum in one minute
...  his phone even rang in the middle of my sucking session... and he answered it and talked to his wife while I was sucking and bobbing up and down on the end of his cock, thrilling, disgusting, perverted, and yet somehow proud. I sucked, and sucked, trying to take him into the back of my throat, as much as I could take before I would start to gag and then back off...  catch my breath and continue... until I could feel him tense up and knew he was about to cum... in my mouth... no... no.. no....  and then I felt the throbbing in his cock and could feel his cum fill the back of my mouth...  I could taste it...  it made me start to gag again...  I had to swallow it...  but I kept on sucking, stroking and milking it...  until he was finished...  

when it was over
... I felt humiliated.
.. and I felt victorious
...  totally perverted
... and like I had accomplished something special...


That’s what he wrote.

Please write.
But, don’t say the usual insults.  You’re a fag!  Cock sucker!
Why not tell us about your own experience.
Perhaps you have kept your mouth shut all this time. If that is the case please continue to do so.

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