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Unconventional Marriage Counseling
by CuriousGeek
© Copyright 2011 - CuriousGeek - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/fm; clinic; naked; wrap; bond; sex; climax; cons; X
Unconventional Marriage Counseling CuriousGeek F/fm; clinic; naked; wrap; bond; sex; climax; cons; X

My wife and I had been having some problems with our marriage for some time now. We had been to several marriage councilors, but it hadn’t really helped much. Out of the blue, my wife got a call from her old college roommate. Apparently she was in town and wanted to go out with her for a few drinks. I was actually surprised that my wife wanted to go because she always told me that her old roommate was into some crazy stuff. But I guess that just goes to show how bad our marriage was at that point that she would choose her crazy old roommate over her husband.

The next day, my wife told me about some unconventional marriage councilor that her old roommate told her about. I asked what was so unconventional about this councilor, but my wife said she didn’t actually know. Her old roommate refused to tell her, but insisted that we go.

Part of me my upset that she was talking about our marriage problems to an outsider, but part of me was also a little curious. I really do love my wife and I really wanted our marriage to work. So we agreed to go.

We arrived at Doctor Julie Foxx’s office a few minutes early and waited in the waiting room. The receptionist finally called us in to Dr. Foxx’s office. It was a normal enough office although I noticed later that there weren’t any windows. There was a typical desk with two chairs for us, a couch against the wall, and the rest of the office was pretty wide open.

As for Dr. Foxx, she was absolutely stunning. I had never been to a marriage councilor who looked so incredible. She looked like she would break up marriages rather than put them back together. She was tall with long straight brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. Her face was thin and angular and she wore glasses which framed her deep blue eyes.

She was wearing a black business jacket over a bright red blouse. The top two buttons of her blouse were open and her large breasts pushed against it to the point that they looked like they were going to pop the next two buttons open as well. She wore a short flowing mini-skirt, like the type Catholic School girls wear except that it was black leather. This contrasted Dr. Foxx’s pale naked legs extremely nicely. The black three inch knee high boots added symmetry to the contrast, sandwiching her pale legs between the black leather.

In a stern and commanding tone, she asked us to be seated. My wife, Gabby, started talking first, but Dr. Foxx cut her off. She informed us that we will have our time to speak, but that we were not to speak until directed to do so. I was a little shocked by this, but Gabby was even more so. Dr. Foxx then asked us some of the standard marriage councilor questions, but in a more yes or no form rather than an open-ended format we usually got.

After about an hour of this, she stood up and walked to the center of the room and motioned us to follow her. She asked if we trusted her. I still was stunned by her beauty, so I immediately responded in the affirmative. Gabby was a little more hesitant, but after a moment or two she threw her hands up and said, “Sure, why not.”

This is where things started getting weird. Dr. Foxx said, “Take off your clothes please and put them in this bin.” When Gabby looked at her with a blank stare, she added, “no one will judge you here, this is an important part of your therapy. Please remove your clothing and place them neatly in the bin.”

I’ve been married long enough to know that I should wait until my wife starts undressing before I went along. But I have to admit that part of me was excited to show off my equipment to the incredibly hot Doctor. The other part of me was afraid my wife would see me get an erection looking at Dr. Julie Foxx.

As the Dr. stared into Gabby’s eyes, I was shocked to see that after a few moments Gabby actually started unbuttoning her blouse. As she did it, her eyes never left the gaze of the Doctor. It was like Dr. Foxx was staring her down. I watched for a few moments as my wife was getting undressed, but then I became the target of the Doctor’s gaze, “Don’t just stand there with your mouth open,” she chastised, “take it all off.”

I was dumbfounded and as if suddenly awakened, started moving at lightning speed to accommodate the command. As I did, I couldn’t help by stare at my wife as she was in mid-undress. No doubt about it, Gabby is an attractive woman. While she isn’t exactly a supermodel, even with a few extra pounds she still has a pretty decent figure. Her slightly larger than moderate sized breasts and her nice tight round ass give her that curvy shape that is very sexy. She’s a little shorter than I am with mid-length black hair and an olive skin tone. Watching her as she pulled down her panties in front of the Doctor definitely excited my little member.

“See, at least you know he still loves you, the little guy never lies,” Doctor Foxx told Gabby with a smile on her face.

“Well, at least there is that,” Gabby said sarcastically.

Without wasting a moment, Doctor Foxx instructed, “Now, I want you two to wrap your arms around each other and hug each other tightly.”

We embraced each other as instructed as Doctor Foxx went into a closet in the corner and pulled out a roll of industrial plastic wrap. She walked over to us and said, “Suck in your guts and pull each other as tightly as you can.” As we complied, she started to wrap the plastic wrap around our waists multiple times. At one point she stopped for a moment, walked to her desk and returned with a pencil. She used the pencil to push my fully erect cock under my wife’s privates and then she continued to wrap our waists together.

“It’s a little hard to breath,” my wife remarked with some concern in her voice.

“Don’t worry about it dear, you’ll be okay.” With that, the Doctor started to move the roll of plastic wrap upward. “Pull each other tighter,” she said as she wrapped our arms and body together.

Doctor Foxx walked over to her desk and pushed a bottom on the intercom. She then told her assistant, “It’s chilly in here. Turn up the heat about 5 degrees.” Then came back over to us and continued to wrap us together from out waist to our necks. Then she squat down and started to wrap each of our legs and then she wrapped my leg to Gabby’s leg. Finally, she wrapped the mess of our legs together in one wrap. At this point, aside from our feet, the only parts of our bodies that were not wrapped were our heads and our thigh areas. It was at this point that she stopped and walked over to me. I could feel her warm hot breath tickle my ear as she whispered to me, “Kiss her, as deeply and passionately as you can. Kiss her as if you are about to make mad passionate love.”

Without a thought, I did as commanded. Not because I was commanded to, but because I actually wanted to. I was so turned on, it was unbelievable. My cock had never been bigger. Once my lips hit Gabby’s, I jammed my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue met mine and our tongues began to wrestle.

As they did, Doctor Foxx wasted little time in wrapping our heads together as tightly as possible. In moments, it became impossible for us to break away from our kiss. Using the pencil, the Doctor poked a few holes in the plastic wrap so we could breathe, but it was difficult. We were wrapped tightly together and were only able to breathe through our noses since our mouths were otherwise engaged.

Doctor Julie Foxx was not quite finished yet. She used her pencil again to maneuver my fully erect cock into Gabby’s extremely wet pussy and then wasted no time at all in wrapping our asses as tight as she possible could. We were wrapped so tightly that I couldn’t get any friction between my cock and Gabby’s wet vagina. This was of course the point.

We were left like this for a little while. Every so often, Gabby and I would slow down or stop our fierce tongue wrestling and try to pull away from each other, but it was no use. We would try to get some motion going down below too, but that wasn’t getting us anywhere. It was very frustrating for both of us. Gabby was never a very sexual woman and I would always have to be the one who initiated sex, but at this moment she wanted it just as much as I did and we were having sex, but we weren’t at the same time.

At one point Gabby and I even tried to move our arms down so that maybe we could give each other a little more slack… or just maybe grab each other’s butts. But we were wrapped too tightly. It was hard just to get a centimeter here or there, but we kept trying.  

Rather then give up, Gabby would begin exploring my mouth with her tongue again and then I would do the same and we were back at our tongue wrestling game and that made us both excited and we would again start to try to hump each other rhythmically as best as we could. Even though we knew that we couldn’t get any friction, we continued to try.

After awhile, we forgot that we were having a hard time breathing. It was like we didn’t even notice. In fact, we stopped noticing a lot of things. All we noticed was each other and our predicament.

Suddenly out of no where, I felt a little give in my pelvic region. I was able to get a slight amount of friction going. Gabby noticed it too. It wasn’t enough to really get anything going, but it was just enough that we knew we could exploit it. We became in sync with each other and as we both worked to exploit that friction, we started to gain ground ever so slightly. We started to move our hands a down to each other’s asses simultaneously. Our bodies were starting to fight through the bonds a little. As they did, I was able to maneuver one of my hands between us and up toward her breasts. This gave us even more slack to work with.  

What we didn’t realize was that Doctor Foxx had started to cut away some of the plastic wrap a little bit at a time. We were so focused on each other that we forgot she was even in the room or even that there was a room. Every layer that the Doctor cut away gave us slightly more room. My thrusts started to get slightly stronger as the friction increased. Finally, after what seemed like days my cock shot a load so strong that it seemed like it could travel around the globe. Gabby erupted in a violent orgasm which broke us out of our bonds completely. She immediately fell onto an awaiting couch which I swear was not there before.

As crazy as this sounds, it actually worked. My wife and I haven’t had any problems since and that was ten years ago. Every time we get angry at each other, we think about that day and we remember what it felt like when we were forced to only think about each other and everything else in the world disappears.



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