Gromet's Plaza
by Ebenezer
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Storycodes: F/m; M+/m; D/s; first; bond; cuffs; naked; forced; hum; oral; anal; cons/reluct; X
Trained Ebenezer F/m; M+/m; D/s; first; bond; cuffs; naked; forced; hum; oral; anal; cons/reluct; X

I arrived at my new Mistress' house promptly at 9 pm. We had never met but had spoken frequently since I answered her ad in a swingers magazine. She wanted someone who was very openminded and was delighted when I told her I was into submission and wanted to be a slave. We chatted about this subject often until I agreed to be her and her husband's slave.

She did have a concern with me as I was not experienced in serving and had never been with a man before. She was new to domination but was studying extensively. This first meeting was to get aquainted but she had told me to expect anything and had found out what time I was to be at work the next day.

I was prompt and very nervous. She met me at the door with a sneer and a laugh. I was invited in by a curt, "This way slave." I followed her inside to a dining room living room combination and saw another woman sitting at a computer typing and glancing at me with a smile. My Mistress was a large woman who many would not consider attractive but she moved with grace and authority sweeping herself onto a large sofa chair. The woman at the computer was very beautiful, thin with long brown hair and I was immediately attracted to her.

My Mistress had unkempt hair and was wearing track pants and a large sweater. Her friend was in tight blue jeans and a blouse. Very pretty. I was told to fold the laundry on the dining room table and not to speak. She began talking to her friend who was working on the computer. "I told you I had a slave and you didn't believe me."

"I won't doubt you again but should I leave? I don't have to stay."

My Mistress told me her friend wasn't comfortable with me here and hadn't been told about our game. Her husband was out til late and had to work in the morning. My Mistress then asked if I liked folding clothes and I said yes. She asked if I was ready for some real training and I said yes. "All right then bring me the phone."

Her friend stopped working at the computer and said she should leave with a big grin. "No." Said my Mistress. "Don't go. This will be fun and you can be a part of it without anything sexual. You could go for that right?" Yes she could and she closed out the computer while my Mistress spoke to someone on the phone asking if they were ready and telling them it was for real.

I finished the laundry as she put down the phone and told her friend to sit on the couch and me to kneel between them. She and her friend kept up their secret smiles and eye contact while she spoke to me. She told me the plan for the night. Her friend was old and dear and would be privy to hearing all details but would not be involved sexually. My Mistress needed me to be able to please her husband and that would please her.

I should mention at this point that I was not physically attracted to her right from meeting her but her presence and command had overwhelmed all of my senses. I had agreed to be her slave and to serve her. We had talked about my giving her husband a blowjob while she watched but that was all. She was now telling me that I would have to be his slave while she watched. Her friend's eyes were bigger than saucers and her mouth wide open.

I was to follow her friend to a house that belonged to a man. He was to train me as he was very gay and kinky and had been told he was to train me to give head and take it in the ass like a pro. In exchange I would service him in any way he wanted and obey any command. Her friend knew this guy as well and would go with me in her car. She would take my clothes from me at the door and the keys to my car. The clothes would go in the trunk and the keys would be hidden by her. Only she would know where they were.

I would serve him all night and if he was satisfied by 7 am, he would call my Mistress who would call her girlfriend who would call him back with the location of the keys. The girlfriend went to work at 7:15 am and could not be reached until 5 pm. If I missed the deadline in the morning, I missed work and would be his toy all day. I was getting very nervous.

My Mistress told me he was very gay and really wanted someone to toy with. He was in the mood to be kinky and had a lot of toys. Her friend said, "Are you sure you want to do this? He's so ugly and fat." My Mistress laughed and told her not to spoil the surprise. She also told me that when I was left inside the door naked, I would be handcuffed with the key around my neck. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs and key on a chain and gave them to her friend who took them, laughed and ran for her shoes. "Let's go", she said. My Mistress pointed to the door and said, "Go".

I followed her friend out the door and into my car. I followed her across town to a large parking lot. I kept thinking to myself that this was not what I expected. I thought I would serve her some tea, or do dishes, or fold laundy, or scrub floors, or vaccum then maybe draw her a bath, give her a massage, go down on her maybe some sex. At worst I would give her husband a blowjob. I thought she would be slim and sexy. I didn't think this. Yet I couldn't stop. I felt so submissive. I just obeyed. This was not what I expected. I had not even thought of anything beyond the experimental blowjob on her husband while she watched. Now no one but him would see. I would be his slave. I would stop before it was too late.

I got out and locked my car. She waved me over to her passenger door and yelled, "Get in". I did. We drove a block over and she stopped in front of a house. She looked me right in the eye and said, "This is so cool. I can't believe how submissive you are. You are going to live your fantasy and be a real slave. I admire that." She was so beautiful and I was entranced by her attention to me and thinking I had some sort of noble, kinky conviction to uphold. Then she shook her head and laughed and said, "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Really really sure?" "Yes."

She laughed again and said, "Well, I have known this guy since we were kids. He is very queer and very kinky. He raped a guy who passed out at a party with a bunch of people watching on a dare. He is into bondage and has lots of stuff. His cock is huge and he is fat. He is one of the ugliest men I have ever seen. She really wants you to be humiliated and this will do it. This is making me so fucking hot thinking about this. I am going home to fuck my man silly. Are you sure?" I gave a much weaker yes and had my head down trying to think of a way out. "Let's go," she said and we both got out of the car.

I just stood there beside the passenger side. She laughed again and ran around to me and grabbed my hand. "Don't chicken out now. Just do it. You know you want to. Don't think about it." She was so beautiful that I didn't and followed her around to the back door of the house. She told me to wait and went inside after a quick knock. She came out a few seconds later grinning and grabbed my hand pulling me inside.

"Strip and put everything in the bag." I did as she said and she had me turn around and put the handcuffs on me. She hung the key around my neck and kissed me on the lips and she stroked my cock a few times saying how she thought this was so cool and she was so horney. I thought that it was a game and this was my real Mistress and I was going to be her sex slave. She smiled and said not to be late with earning the call tomorrow because she really had to be at work on time.

She pointed me into the house and told me to close my eyes and have fun. I did and heard her leave and the door close. I felt a presence. A large hand stroke my hard cock hard. His mouth covered mine and his tongue forced its way inside mine. I opened my eyes as I heard her car start and drive off. He was very ugly and smiling a wicked smile. "Mine til dawn and you better please me cause I don't care if you miss work."

I did get to work on time. My mouth was sore, my stomach full, my ass bled a bit through the day and was sore for a week. My knees were scraped and my cock rubbed raw. My nipples hurt the worst. Clothes pins now are very frightening to me. I got to work and thought of nothing but the video tapes, pictures and knowledge that I wasn't trained enough. This was only the start my Mistress had said on the phone when I went to get my car keys in only a pink bathrobe.

My Mistress outlined the rest of my training for me. Breaking in (that was done) then quantity not quality (Friday to Sunday I was serving at two gay parties and in a gay porn shop back room (she expected 25 guys a day to fuck my mouth and at least half as many to do my ass) then I was to move in with a very feminine gay man to nurse me back to health for a month (he was insatiable and loved to have his cock, balls and asshole tongued for hours while he watched movies) then and only then would I be ready to serve her husband while she watched. When I had served her husband one time, I would get the tapes and photos. One misstep and my boss and family (names and numbers her friend got from my brief case in my car after she left me) would get the tapes and photos.

I was going to be one well used slave in the next month. Funny thing was I wanted to serve her beautiful friend who I would never see again. I would instead be serving her husband after everybody else. Careful what you wish for, you often don't get what you expect but you may get exactly what you wished for. In this case to be a well used humiliated slave. That's what I was and would be for the next month.

By Ebenezer


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