Gromet's Plaza
The Secret Garden
by Cropsncuffs
© Copyright 2010 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission
Storycodes: Solo-f; plant/f; bond; tease; insert; oral; anal; climax; nc; X
The Secret Garden Cropsncuffs Solo-f; plant/f; bond; tease; insert; oral; anal; climax; nc; X

The door was firmly closed, and there was even a sign hung on it telling everyone to ‘KEEP OUT’ in big letters. But I was bored. Stately homes always bored me, and I had slipped away from our tour group to have a look round on my own. After all, it’s not like I hadn’t paid to see around the place, and there was nothing in my ticket that said I had to stay with the tour.

I listened carefully, and I could hear voices of the guide and the others fading away in the distance. Maybe now I could find something that was actually interesting in this pile of old stones. Like a randy gardener in a discretely secluded garden where we could have some fun.

I’d come dressed for fun in a tiny flared miniskirt and a cropped top that clung tight to my really rather splendid breasts. My legs always look great, but even so I made sure my sandals had little kitten heels to add that little bit of zing to them. I’d bought some designer sunglasses to flirt outrageously over the top of, and they were pushed well up into my pony-tailed long blonde hair to complete the image of a tart at play. Exactly the way I wanted to look. It’s been way too long since I felt something throbbing up between my thighs and I was starting to feel the need.

I was just getting my bearings when I heard footsteps coming my way. And agitated voices that seemed to have realised I was missing from the group and were coming looking for me. In a trice my hand was on the doorknob of that private door and I swiftly slipped through.

I silently pushed it closed behind me and put my ear to it as the people hurried past. Who’d have thought they were so concerned for one missing tourist, just little old me.

I waited stock-still for a full minute before I straightened up from the door and took stock of my  new surroundings. I was in a garden. Or rather a garden within a greenhouse. And it beautiful. A few inches from my feet there started a deep black soil that sprouted a whole range of plants. There were vast feathery fronds like pampas grass in a dozen places, and when I reached out and touched them they were soft in a way pampas grass certainly wasn’t. There were trees with a pale bark, and dense dark green bushes that sprouted delightfully bright flowers. The whole atmosphere was exotic, and the tropical humidity did little to lessen my marvelling at the sight.

I bent and pulled at a big red flower growing on one of the dark bushes. It came away easily in my fingers and I inhaled it’s scent deeply. It was intoxicating, and for a brief moment my head swam.

Some distant primeval being in me was dragged out from behind the modern sophisticate and I kicked off my shoes before stepping onto that dark earth. I heard myself purring as I twisted my bare feet sensuously in that soft earth, surrendering to a pleasure from the ancient past of the human condition.

I took two paces forwards, then a third as I revelled in the warmth I could feel rising up through my feet. I reached out to one of those vast pampas-like fans and ran my fingers through it. It was like running my fingers through feathers and velvet at the same time and it made my very flesh sing.

Glancing quickly about me to check I was still alone I stepped swiftly between two of those pampas-like plants that were growing close together and threw up my arms. I sighed as I swayed back and forth, luxuriating in the feeling of those soft fronds brushing against my bare legs and midriff. And the longer I stood there the more I enjoyed that feeling of a caress softer than any lovers yet ever more desirable. I swayed back and forth harder, swinging by tender young body to and fro to make even more of the sensation.

There was a seriously silly smile of my face when something at the back of my befuddled mind told me it was really time to be going. When I came to lower my arms I found they were up amongst the branches of an overhanging tree, and for a moment I thought they were caught on something.  I tugged gently, then rather more urgently as my wrists refused to come free of those overhanging branches.

Suddenly concerned I gave a concerted heave that nearly got them clear. Now cursing quietly I peered up into the branches and saw thick green vines dangling from the upper branches were quickly rolling towards by caught wrists. With a yelp I gave a haul on my arms and as I felt vines snapping tight about my wrists. Gathering myself for another frantic jerk at the foliage I was caught unawares as those vines swiftly jerked me upwards and suddenly I was on tiptoes, my feet scrabbling to get purchase on the ground.

Suddenly torn between the desire to remain hidden and the urge to get free from my predicament I felt the vines slacked fractionally a moment before I felt something coiling gently about my right ankle, then snapping tight. I twisted my head to look downwards in time to see the dark vine tightly fastened about my bare ankle begin to drag it down into the earth. . Even as I twisted to look at my left leg I knew I was going to see a vine curling up out of that dark soil and lunging for my ankle. I jerked it away, balancing precariously on my other foot, but the vine shot out and snapped tight about my ankle before reeling my leg slowly back towards the ground as I frantically fought it, stretching me tightly between bough and ground.

I struggled, really I did, but there seemed no give in those terrible vines and all I managed to do was brush my now flushed skin repeatedly against those terribly soft grasses and felt myself shivering at the perversity of my situation.

Then those vast soft grasses began to sway. They bent towards me and began to dance across my skin like the caresses of a million feathers. A soft yet intense feeling that made my head spin and my body purr. It was a as if a silent breeze was making them sway back and forth and soon I was lost in a wave of ecstasy at their incredible touch. Somehow both soft and tender, yet just hard enough to be felt right down to my soul, and certainly deep between my long-deprived legs.

I let my head fall back and I heard myself start to make the soft sounds that told of an oncoming orgasm that I just should not have been contemplating. Then through half-closed eyes I saw vines descending silently from the benches of that tree, and some sixth sense made me look down to see others rising up from the soil.

I opened my mouth to cry out, to scream for help, but as I drew in a deep lungfull of air a thick vine dropped over my head and snapped tight closed about my head like a noose. I could hear my scream for help muffled into a strangled gurgle as the soft green vine pulled itself tight about my head, dragging itself between my teeth into a tight organic gag that rendered me silent. I bit down hard on it in a vain hope that I might sever it, but as my teeth sank in tendrils sprouted in every direction, unfurling about my head, wrapping me tight and pulling my jaw tight against that terrible vine until I couldn’t utter a sound.

I threw my head back and forth in an attempt to free myself, and my howls of protest were muffled away to nothing as I felt vines begin their progress up my legs. I glanced down to see them coiling about my lovely bare legs, grasping me tight, winding their way upwards until they held my legs their prisoner from my ankles all the way to my thighs. Holding me rigid in their organic embrace.

I flinched and raised my gaze as I felt the first wave of vines descending touch my shoulders and start to weave themselves about my shoulders, my arms, and finally my poor tightly stretched body.

I heard a ripping sound and felt something drift the length of my leg. Glancing down I saw my skirt lying on the ground. I cried out to myself as the vines launched themselves up my legs, thick vines taking affirm grip about the tender junction of my legs and my thighs and pulling themselves tight. A sudden feeling of fresh air to my tenderest areas told me my panties had joined my skirt on the ground.  I was crying as I felt those vines rolling down across my shoulders, encircling my body and squeezing me tightly. They almost lovingly cupped my breasts, then I felt tendrils darting under my tight little top and moments later I was as naked as the day I was born.

I tried to move, to pull myself clear with what remained of my strength, but I was as tightly held as if I had been chained to a wall. Then they began to torment me. Those soft grasses began to sway back and forth again, their delicate fronds caressing every inch of my flesh. From the tender roundness of my buttocks to the sensitive globes of my breasts they touched every spot with their terrible back and forth caress. My nipples betrayed me by springing to attention and I could feel myself getting wet deep down.  And damn me but those grasses knew just what to do. While one wave swept back and forth across my bare belly others made far smaller, rougher movements across my nipples until I was crying out with arousal.  And from behind the swaying movement became a far harsher forward and back motion against my arse, like I was being everso softly spanked.

A vine rolled smoothly the length of my spine making me shiver, then squeal as I felt it’s probing tip tap gently at my virgin arsehole. And when I didn’t let it in it started scratching away. Not painful, but enough to be a distraction amongst a whole world of distractions and I had a terrible feeling that sooner or later I would forget myself and it would force it’s way in.

If I had squealed at the first caress of that invader from the rear it was a squeal doubled as I felt my hips being girdled by thick vines with only one purpose. I knew where they were heading, and there was not a thing I could do about it.  

That first invader slipped it’s vast head into me easily as I was so wet by now it just wasn’t true. My body was betraying me as I was penetrated, and God help me but I felt myself trying to ride that intruder as it’s brother slipped into only remaining orifice and my violation was complete.

Moments later I was riding those huge invaders as if my life depended on it. The weeks of frustration and perversity of the situation flooded over me and all I could think about was riding that plant with all it’s invaders to my ultimate pleasure.  I felt my orgasm coming and I used what tiny amount of motion my organic bondage allowed me to get my own pleasure. As I felt my orgasm begin to mount the caresses of those terrible fronds became harsher, battering my nipples and spanking my arse as if their very existence depended upon it. And the harder I rode them, the more harshly they treated me, and in my frustrated state that suited me just part of me just fine. And when that mighty orgasm came it was if those plants were being lashed by a hurricane as they all swayed back and forth. I was stretched to the very limits of my body while my arse howled under the beating it was receiving and my nipples felt as if they were being whipped while those big green invaders expanded to fill every inch of space I could offer them.

And at the vital moment I let loose with every ounce of sexual orgasm I could gather my attention slipped for a fraction of a second and as I screamed out I felt that frustrated invader to my rear lunge through my poor besieged anus and swiftly expand to ensure it could not easily be expelled.

I felt the sweat rolling off my body as I fell limp in my implacable organic bonds but there was no rest for me. I was panting, exhausted, desperate to bask in the warmth of afterglow but the plants had other plans for me. I cried, really cried as I felt those three invaders start to throb, and with barely a moments rest those terrible fronds started to sway back and forth again. In shook my head in both frustration and disbelief as they started again. I tried to turn my poor abused body away from them, to draw my glowing red arse and oh so tender nipples away from them, but there was no hope for me. Somehow those plants knew what was going through my mind and slowly and inexorably the green vines pulled themselves tighter, up and out until I was spreadeagled helplessly in their grip and every inch of my body was available to them.

With renewed vigour those fronds swept back and forth across my poor bare midriff, tiny tips dipping into my belly button while others flared about my waist and hips until every surface wore a sensual flush that would have told anyone watching what was coming.

My body betrayed me again as I felt another orgasm mounting so fast it was almost obscene. I wanted to be able to savour it, to nurture it, to enjoy the sensations, but these plants were having none of it. They were driving me hard and fast towards another orgasm so fast it was terrible. Something grabbed my ponytail and dragged my head hard back, loosening my grip on my gag for a moment and something long and smooth dived into my mouth, pinning my tongue and expanding to fill my mouth, puffing out my cheeks like a giant ball. And when that second huge orgasm hit me it suddenly filled my mouth with a sweet-tasting fluid, forcing it down my throat, and excess spilling out past the gag and running down my cheeks and dripping onto my breasts.  Then, abruptly, everything was still.

Through the haze of afterglow and torment I hung there. My whole body spent, squeezed dry by those terrible plants. Yet still they kept me held tight, stretched out between soil and branches. I shook my head in a desperate effort to clear my mind, and out of the corner of my eye I caught site of something that made my blood run cold.

Through a tiny gap in those feathery fronds I could see someone else. It was another girl, and from where I was standing transfixed I could see tears running down her face. She was standing right in the middle of a mass of those terribly waving fronds, and as I watched they too swayed back and forth, caressing every inch of her delightfully bare body. I could see bare breasts with erect nipples being tormented by every pass of those fronds. Briefly those terrible things swept back and I could see how she was their prisoner. Her feet were planted ankle-deep in the sort dark soil, her ankles swathed and held tight by the same vines that held me prisoner. I watched her shoulders wriggle, and for a moment I saw her tightly bound wrists before the vines jerked them back into the small of her back.

As the fronds swept back and forth over her helpless body I saw a long, broad plant had risen straight up out of the ground and had impaled her poor womanhood, another shoot no doubt tormenting her arsehole exactly the way it was with me.

But as the fronds began their terrible torment again I realised what terrified me most about her predicament. Her head was as swathed in vines and creepers just as mine was. But where I had a wide green creeper jammed between my teeth, she had sprouted a lovely orange flower from her mouth. And she was still crying silently when I dragged my eyes away.  And oh I wish I hadn’t, because out to the right I saw another sight.

We were not alone in that terrible garden. A vast egg-plant shaped tuber was shuddering back and forth, and where whoever was inside pressed against the soft outer fabric that held them a prisoner I could see the clear imprint of a human hand, and every so often the imprint of a face was visible as some poor trapped soul struggled to get free. And as that plant swayed to one side I could see yet another poor victim of that garden.  Like everyone else he was quite, quite naked, and pinned on all fours by vast wraps of green vines about his calves and forearms. His eyes were wide and terrified as a thick green vine thrust in and out of his mouth while I could see another pumping him from the rear.  I watched in fascinated horror as I saw a thick vine curl up out of the ground beneath him and coil itself about his raging cock as he squealed at the unexpected contact. Then it started to massage him as the vast egg-plant tuber swayed back and he was lost to my sight.  I wondered how long they had all been there, helpless prisoner of those terrible plants and, more importantly, what was going to happen to me.



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