Gromet's Plaza
Sci-Fi Club
by Dani
© Copyright 2011 - Dani - Used by permission
Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; M+/f; club; trap; caught; stuck; gag; bond; forced; oral; service; slave; mc; cons/reluct; XX
Sci-Fi Club 3 Dani Solo-F; F/f; M+/f; club; trap; caught; stuck; gag; bond; forced; oral; service; slave; mc; cons/reluct; XX
continued from part two

Part 3

In two weeks, Katie would be married. She loved Danny, and she knew that while the club gave her good times, Danny made her happy in the long run. She thought this as she waited in line at Sci-Club-Fi.

You see, since Katie was to be married in two weeks, she wanted her one last fling. It was like her own private bachlorette party in her mind.

Since this was her last hooraw, she dressed appropriately. Katie didn’t own any slutty clothing, her job as a private school teacher made it difficult. She did know how to dress though. A pink summer formal dress danced in the summer’s cool breeze. It was a very beautiful dress, just a hint of cleavage and ending just above her knees. Her chilled legs were covered in tanned pantyhose. Under the dress she wore a set of light pink lingerie. It was not, of coarse, slutty but the ruffles and lace mixed with satin made Katie feel slutty, by her standards. Her shoes were white, leather sandals with a conservative 2 inch heel. Despite the small size of the heel, it was more un-conferrable then Katie’s usual flats.

As Katie looked around she watched the others in line. Some were obviously veterans, dressed in leather and latex right out in the public. Some looked like novices, a girl in jeans and a tank top, but her jeans bulging from the chastity belt beneath. Others looked clueless.

Katie opened her purse and checked her palm pilot. It read “Not in range”.

Katie cursed the line. You see, Katie was not the prey tonight, but the predator. She was desperate to feel in control of another human being, male or female. She had been taken twice at the club, and now it was her vengeance. Every person she saw, wicked thoughts danced through her head.

“Oh that girl with the big tits”, she thought, “I’d love to stripe them with a cane. That boy with the cute buns would look cuter stuffed with a strap on.”

Finally, she was in. She was fitted with her collar as usual, and smiled as it tightened when she entered the club. Once inside, she immediately opened her palm pilot. She clicked her own icon and it popped up.

Katie Taylor

Age 26

Preference: slave

Sexuality: All

Limits: None

Katie tapped a few icons as she slowly walked with her head down. She was headed to the bar, where she could sit like an eagle on perch.

As she walked, her icon changed. After a few seconds of walking, Katie’s Icon read…

Katie Taylor

Age 26

Preference: Mistress

Sexuality: All

Limits: None

Katie walked to the bar, her head low oblivious to her surroundings.

Suddenly a large beam of light appeared on Katie as a loud buzzer went off. Few people picked their heads up from their random activities, but a few looked at Katie.

Katie froze in fear. She stood motionless. A small hum erupted and Katie dropped her palm pilot. Despite the loud music, Katie could hear nothing, as if she was in another world though fully conscious. She put her legs together and slowly, nervously lowered herself to pick up the palm pilot while keeping her eyes on the crowd. She bent at the knees instead of the waist as to not flash the whole bar.

When she bent down, she looked at the ground. On either side of her feet a very small metallic pole spring out of the ground. It was thin, less then an inch wide and came up to just above her ankles. There it stayed, not touching her, for a few seconds approx 6 inches away. A slight click and Katie watched as from the top of this tiny pole a small nozzle appeared. It too was tiny, only about an inch around in circumference. The funnels pointed at Katie’s feet as she stayed motionless.

A very small amount of yellow mist was expelled from the nozzles. Katie barley felt it, only a slight cooling on her feet and ankles. She looked down nervously, but with a growing sense that this was not as bad as it could be. Slowly she stood as her feet were covered. Despite this, there was not a visible sign of any change.

Katie picked up her palm pilot and clicked her icon, still motionless. Her icon was now green. When she clicked it, her name read…

Katie Taylor is under the possession of BDSM trap 34. She will be available for your pleasure soon, but please be patient.”

Katie got nervous and tried to walk away. As she did, she almost fell on her face. Her feet would not move. Katie pulled and tugged but she could simply not get her feet to leave the floor. Frantically she tried to remove her shoes but they were stuck on, unable to leave her feet.

Katie looked down in horror. A metal plate was rising up from the floor millimeters in front of her toes. Slowly with an unmistakable whining sound it rose until it was at her waist. There it stopped, close enough for Katie’s pink dress to brush against it.

Then, magically, a new plate extended horizontally out from it. Slowly it extended away from her, leading Katie to think that perhaps it was broken, or she was in the wrong spot. When the metal band was a few feet out, two openings appeared in it. Katie opened her mouth in shock. The floor had created a bench for her to bend over, and her tits would be in the opening. As a woman approached, Katie tried in panic to break the glue’s trap on her feet.

“Oh calm down you little slut”, the woman said. “You walked right into a clearly marked trap, don’t act like you don’t want this.”

For the first time Katie noticed a large yellow ring on the otherwise black floor. Katie was standing in the exact middle of it. Katie looked back at the girl in terror, speechless. The girl was holding what looked like a pair of black Olympic swimming goggles. She wore all black, black knee high stiletto boots, tight black jeans, and a black t-shirt with the logo of “Sci-club-Fi” on it. Her name tag read “Carly”. She was not unattractive at all, with a short pageboy haircut, a great chest and wide but curvy hips that matched her body shape.

Carly walked behind Katie, and lifted the goggles over her head. Katie knew that struggling was useless in this place, especially with her feet glued to the floor. She could not resist raising her hands slightly though in defense and whimpering nervously as Carly placed the goggles over her eyes, and adjusted Katie’s long hair. Once they were on, Katie was completely blinded.

“Don’t worry”, Carly said as her hands glided over the petrified girl’s toned athletic ass, “With a body like yours, you will meet your quota in just a few hours.”

“What?”, Katie said with obvious fear, “Qu…Quota? What do ush bean Wauota….hey!”

Before Katie could inquire about the quota, her mouth was filled with the same ring gag that Master Jack had used. Katie reached up and tried to pull the gag out but the magic of this place kept it firmly attached, and her mouth wide open, inviting anyone, or thing to enter. Katie also felt something new. She used her fingers to touch her tongue. On the top of it, Katie felt a small metal ball.

“Yoush peecied mi tougge!?” Katie screamed.

Carly giggled.

“Well, it is kind of a piercing. Don’t worry, I can see that your married from your records here. By the time you go home that little gem will be long gone.” Carly discussed. “You see, that’s crucial to your trap here. It’s not just a means to pleasure your clients, it’s a sensor. You, my little tart, are to orally service a certain amount of people. This is your first time in this trap so your quota is only seven people. That sensor will detect cum, but not precum. If it detects pre-ejaculation fluid, and then not the corresponding ejaculation fluid, there will be pain in your future.”

Carly’s fingers lifted Katie’s skirt slowly, teasingly.

“Now my favorite part,” Carly said with an un-seen wicked smile.

Katie inhaled deeply as a sudden pain exploded into her ass. Simultaneously Katie felt an invasion in her crotch. Her ass and pussy lips spread and Katie bent at the knees and waist from the sensations erupting in her. Her fists clenched tight and she moaned as Carly held Katie’s skirt above her waist which created a round of applauds from the patrons watching. Katie looked skyward as her lower regions sent sensations in waves to her brain.

Slowly at first, Katie’s ass was filled with a metallic butt plug. It was frigid cold which didn’t help Katie. The only thing colder was the dildo that was painfully spreading her pussy wide. Carly watched licking her lips as the metallic objects finally settled, but did not stop working. A thin trail of silver slid between the two objects, connecting them. Once completed, another lifted up Katie’s butt-crack to the small of her back. Whoo’s and Ahhh’s came from the crowd as metal appeared out of no-where, wrapping horizontally around her waist. Soon, Katie was wearing a skin tight, unbreakable, and seamless bright silver chastity belt.

Katie could not protest, she was in too much pain. Carly pushed Katie softly between the shoulder blades which caused her to bend over the metal plate. Katie was now bent at the waist at a perfect 90 degree angle, her feet still glued tightly together. She gasped deeply and moaned as Carly wrapped two thick black leather straps around Katie’s waist, contrasting her soft pink dress. Katie didn’t even notice her breasts dangling down the holes in the table. They were only concealed by her dress and her flimsy bra.

Carly tied Katie’s hair into a ponytail, leaving her bangs to tickle Katie’s forehead. Blinded, Katie could only feel Carly playing with her hair. Little to her knowledge, Carly was weaving in a leather thong, strong and stiff. She pulled on it, and Katie was forced to look straight ahead, her head pulled back by the hair. Carly tied this leather strand to the chastity belt’s loop in the small of her back. Carly couldn’t help but stroke Katie’s exposed ass cheek as she walked up and approached her arms.

Katie had not seen it, but arms had protruded out from the metal plate that her torso now rested on. Carly soon connected Katie’s own arms to these metal ones with metal police handcuffs. Katie now stood bent over 90 degrees at the waist. Her arms were spread completely horizontal, parallel to the floor. They spread out at a right angle from her own torso. Katie hardly noticed though, still bucking from the anal and vaginal intrusion, until Carly had applied a slightly larger set of handcuffs to Katie’s arms just above the elbows.

“It’s a shame we can’t orgasm on duty baby”, Carly whispered in Katie’s ear. “If I could….Oh those lovely lips of yours would be put to good use. I’ll take your palm pilot for safe keeping. IF you get your quota in time, you can get it before you leave tonight. Good luck sweetie.”

Katie could hardly respond. She laid on the table out of breath, her chest heaving and small whimpering and whining sounds coming from her gagged mouth. She pulled at the bindings, softly at first but with increasing force. Despite this, all she could do was wiggle, her exposed ass shaking.

Without warning her vision changed. From solid black, a digital screen appeared her very eyes. There was a picture first, of a man. Katie froze as words appeared before her eyes.

Current Quota…7. Current Pleasured…0.

Now entering slave’s ring…Joshua Michelson, Client 0113.

Katie froze, nervously awaiting the next move in her story.

Pleasure Client Timer Started….10:00…9:59….9:58

The instant the timer started, a hard fleshy cock touched Katie’s lips. She exhaled and clenched her face trying to close her lips. A solid man’s hand grasped Katie’s hair as the cock made a circle slowly around her lips, at the tip of her lips but not entering. Katie sobbed.

Finally, the cock slid past her lips and into her mouth. Katie gagged as it touched the back of her throat. Joshua moaned, and with his hand on the back of her head, kept his cock deep in Katie’s throat which cut off her air supply. Katie panic’d and with her head getting light, finally felt the man pull out enough for her to breath. He then began a rhythmic pumping, his cock sliding in over her tongue and touching the back of her throat at the height of each thrust.

Katie looked at the timer, and it worried her.


She did not want it to reach zero. She didn’t know what zero meant, but she knew it was bad. Despite the intense feelings in her lower parts, she cupped her tongue around this man’s cock, the little ball sliding onto the delicate underside of his rod.

Joshua groaned, and with two pumps, exploded into Katie’s mouth. She chocked and gagged as cum seemed to swish around in her submissive mouth. She coughed and chocked as without a word Joshua left.

Current Quota…6. Current Pleasured…1.

Katie tried desperately to catch her breath. Drool and cum flowed out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto the table as her screen went black.

She did not have to watch long however. Katie’s display brought another client seconds after Joshua left the ring.

Now entering slave’s ring…Tyrone Jackson, Client 2201.

Katie froze mid-breath, her mouth still wide open.

Pleasure Client Timer Started….10:00…9:59….9:58

Katie felt a massive cock smash into her cheek. It was violent, her head moving slightly to the side before the thong’s tension snapped her head back in place. Within seconds her other cheek felt the stinging slap of Tyrone’s cock.

Katie whimpered in embarrassed pain, she felt like so much more of a slut then she had planned to be.

“That’s a good slut. You like that don’t you, you little slut! I know you be dreaming of black cock…don’t you!” Tyrone seemed to scream.

After another slap on each cheek from Tyrone’s huge cock, it was shoved unceremoniously into her mouth. Katie gagged and felt her head snap backwards from the force of the thrust. She sobbed as her mouth was stuffed.

Pleasure bulb activated

Tyrone and Katie both moaned loudly as the bulb through Katie’s tongue began to vibrate. It instantly stimulated the man’s huge dick, and within seconds he was furiously pumping his hips. Katie could feel his nuts slapping on her chin, and she feared Danny would ask what the bruises on her chin were.

Katie could tell from his client number that he was new to the club, probably his first time. Luckily for her, this meant no stamina. As her timer read 7:41…7:40…7:39…Tyrone’s gigantic black cock pulsed crude cream into her mouth. He was skilled enough however to stick his cock deep into her throat so that the vast majority of his cream slid directly into her belly. As with Joshua, Katie felt the dick slide out and her screen turn black without even a thank you. Just a few cells was enough, and her bulb stopped vibrating as it detected another satisfied client.

Current Quota…5. Current Pleasured…2.

Katie was happy that the Quota was getting smaller, but was appalled by how high it still was. In the corner she also saw the current time. It was 11:31 PM, and Katie knew that the bar closed at 2am. Common sense would say that she would be freed at 2am if she had not made her quota…but Katie knew this was a false hope.

The next few hours passed slowly for Katie. The small of her back was killing her from being bent at a perfect 90 degree angle. Her arms had lost feeling a long time ago, numb from the lack of blood as they stretched out perpendicular to her bound body. Her feet though in a smaller conservative heel, were starting to ache as well. What worried her was that her last client was more then 90 minutes ago, and the bar was closing in a few hours. She was terrified of the potential events if she didn’t meet her quota.

Finally, her goggles came to life.

Current Quota…5. Current Pleasured…2.

Now entering slave’s ring… Marcus Cortez, Client 0024.

Katie’s eyes blinked and she searched her memory as the name rang a bell.

Pleasure Client Timer Started….10:00…9:59….9:58

“That name, where do I know that name?” Katie thought to her self.

At that moment a large fleshy cock slid past her ring gag. Her thoughts were interrupted by the cock sliding not down her throat as before, but this time down her cheeks. Along the inside of her right cheek, and then her left cheek the hard shaft slid, gliding effortlessly along the inside of her ring gag as it pulsated in and out of her mouth.

Katie tired to maintain her control, although repulsed by the unfamiliar cock, she inhaled in rhythm with this stranger’s pumps, trying to get her quota down as fast as she could.

As the timer read 6:34…6:33…6:32…she felt the man speed up. Unlike the obviously black man who had sped through the whole process, this man was taking his time, delaying the inevitable but picking up the speed just enough to increase his pleasure, and the size of his rod.


Smoothly, and with a slight moaning Katie felt the cock slide just a touch deeper and a tad faster into her mouth. The client’s balls began to slap her chin and Katie noted that they were slightly heavier then the previous man’s.


The clock ran down and Katie closed her eyes in fear of what would happen if the man did not get the pleasure he obviously sought. With one second on the clock, white semen shot out of his rod and into her mouth. Pulse after pulse seemed to engorge her mouth. Katie wanted to spit it out but could not due to the combination of the ring gag and the dick in her mouth. Regrettably, she swallowed the load.

Current Quota…4. Current Pleasured…3.

Almost as soon as the man finished, Katie noticed a moaning and whimpering that was decidingly female. Katie tilted her head to her left, where the sound came from and tried to listen. The whimpering told Katie that someone was coming closer, but not by choice.

Current Quota…4. Current Pleasured…3.

Now entering slave’s ring… Amanda Stevenson, Slave 2114.

Katie screamed and shook her head as violently as the knot in her hair would allow. She tried desperately to close her mouth, knowing that it was a lost cause.

Pleasure Client Timer Started….10:00…9:59….9:58

Katie felt Jean’s cousin smash her crotch into Katie’s face. From the force and the whimpering Katie could tell that the girl had help. Amanda’s pussy was smashed into Katie’s face, her nose feeling squished by the girl’s clitoral hood. Right off the bat Katie could tell that Amanda was horny; her lips were full and loaded with blood.

“Ah yes my lil slut, you remember.” Katie heard. She quickly deduced that Marcus had not left the ring.

“This is the girl you brought with you that fateful night a few months ago, no?” Marcus continued in his smooth, strong Hispanic accent. “She is very thankful. You see, I own her now. From the moment I saw that girl’s chest, that blond, sweet smelling hair I knew I had to have her. I bought her that night. Oh I can’t take her home of course. So she stays here, in the kennel downstairs. And you love it, don’t you slave Amanda?”

Amanda screamed and let some gagged and muffled obscenities fly. Katie knew this was not Amanda’s choice, but was as helpless as Katie.


Despite her fear, embarrassment, and shame, Katie had a job to do. Through the gag, she searched with her tongue for Amanda’s clit. With her smashed into Katie’s face, it wasn’t a long search. Soon, she was flicking her tongue rapidly over the girl’s swollen little friend.

Amanda shook and fought, however her moans changed. From fear and hatred, they were becoming passionate and needing. Her struggles soon became pumping hips, and deep breathing.

Unable to suck in Amanda’s labia, she simply continued rocking her tongue over the girl’s clit.

At the 3:01 mark Amanda’s body shuttered…paused….and then exploded. A gush of fluid covered Katie’s face as the crowd cheered and chanted.

Katie heard Amanda being dragged away, her breathing heavy and labored.

“See?” Marcus whispered in Katie’s ear. “She loves it, you hear? She should love you more now, since that’s her first orgasm since I bought her.”

With a huge slap on the ass that stung like hell, Marcus left the circle.

Chants of “Katie! Katie! Katie! Katie!” echoed from the crowd.

As Marcus left, Katie’s goggles didn’t even go black this time. Within seconds they lit up…

Current Quota…3. Current Pleasured…4.

Now entering slave’s ring…Travis O’Rielly, Client 1340.

Katie knew she was going no where, so opened her mouth and invited the man with her tongue.

Pleasure Client Timer Started….10:00…9:59….9:58

Katie’s blinded eyes opened wide as the cock stuffed her mouth. This was too big to be a cock. She could swear an elephant was stuffing it’s penis in her mouth. She chocked and gagged as the man moaned with satisfaction.

“Oohhh girly,” the man said with a very southern twang. “You done in it deep now baby. This here is southern meat, you like that lil tramp?”

Katie’s eyes were clenched closed and her air passage was cut off, but she forced her self to nod.

“That’s good, yea that’s real good.” Travis continued. “Then you gonna love the ride this bull will give ya.”

Katie finally got a breath as he pulled out, but she barley had time to exhale before it was shoved back in. This was different then any other oral she had ever given. Before tonight, Danny was the only one she had ever given oral to. Those few times she did in the 7 years they dated, and the men tonight all pumped into her mouth. This man however inserted his cock deep into her throat, and then stood there. Seconds before she passed out the man would pull out, and then smash it deep into her again after she got a few brief seconds of air.


Katie knew she couldn’t take it. Her head felt so light, her vision blurry. The lack of oxygen was making her sick. Her whimpers were half hearted, quiet and muted.


“Yeeeeeeee Hah!” Travis yelled as cum spurted into Katie’s throat. He stuffed his gigantic rod deep into her, and then smiled successfully as she passed out unconscious.

* * *

A loud beep snapped Katie awake. Her screen read…

Current Quota…1. Current Pleasured…6.

Quickly, Katie did the math in her head…

“Josh, Tyrone, Marcus, Amanda, Travis, which means I pleasured 5 people. How the hell…oh no…” she thought.

Katie whimpered and sobbed as she came to the terrible conclusion, someone had been pleasured by Katie, while she was passed out. How long was she asleep, what the hell happened? Who did she pleasure? Her screen came to life…

Current Quota…1. Current Pleasured…6.

Current time 1:55am. Deadline in 5 minutes…

Katie whimpered and pleaded for someone to stuff her mouth; she had to be home for Danny! What would he do!?

Current Quota…1. Current Pleasured…6.

Current time 2:00am. Deadline reached. Enjoy your stay at Sci-Club-Fi. Good night Katie.

A humming she had not noticed before stopped as the system went to sleep. Only then did Katie notice that for the first time there was no music, no voices. She was alone, on display, in an empty dance-floor. She had fallen one short of her quota. Her goggles went black accept for the current time, a digital orange set of numbers that now read “2:01 am”.

Katie tried to sleep, but her fear of what she would tell Danny kept her awake. Tears filled her goggles as she was forced to bend over. The pain was awful. At least there was some conciliation; she could no longer feel her arms.

At 4:21 am, Katie jolted up from her half asleep state. She could swear she heard foot prints. Half conscious, she hardly noticed as a finger touched the side of her goggles. The humming started up, and Katie whimpered as best as her sleep deprived body would let her.

Current Quota…1. Current Pleasured…6.

Now entering slave’s ring… Steve Ramski, Client 0001.

Katie instantly perked up. Steve! Surely Steve would free her. Of course he would understand that this was just a big mistake. It’s Steve! Oh what a delight!

Pleasure Client Timer Started….10:00…9:59….9:58

Katie looked confused…

Pleasure bulb activated…

No…No he wouldn’t. Not Steve!

Steve’s cock slowly and tenderly slid down her tongue and into her throat. Katie coughed and chocked, but knew this was her chance. To fill her quota she had to make Steve cum.

Steve was far too skilled at this. He knew Katie was desperate, and in no place to argue. As his penis slid into her, he stopped, letting it rest on her tongue. Katie instantly went to work. She sucked on his rod, bobbing her head as much as the leather string in her pony tail would allow her. She swirled her tongue rapidly, almost violently over his penis. She groaned, rumbling her throat which vibrated the man’s rod. Steve knew patience though, and bought his time.


Steve’s cock erupted. Even though Travis was far larger then Steve, his cock sprayed like Niagara Falls. Katie heard Steve chuckle as his cum filled her stomach.

Current Quota…0. Current Pleasured…7.

Quota Complete. Congratulations. Release will commence in 0:05…0:04…0:03…

Katie waited, almost smiling behind her gag.

0:01…timer paused. Special orders downloading…downloading…downloading. Mind Control sequence initiated. D.N.A. Influx to begin when ready.

Katie panicked. She had no idea what any of that meant, but she knew it was bad. She tried hard to stomp her glued feet, free her bound arms, and spit out the gag in her mouth. She screamed and struggled in her nearly frozen state.

She stopped when a pair of lips kissed her exposed right butt cheek. She froze, trying to figure out exactly what the hell was going on. She jumped with a whine as the same sensation touched her other butt cheek. Within seconds, a pair of lips was kissing and tenderly nibbling on Katie’s exposed ass cheeks. Still she struggled, not wanting the attention she was getting.

D.N.A. Influx to begin…Client recognized…Danny Walsh, Client 2134

“Dawwy!” Katie screamed trough her gag.

Katie was terrified, embarrassed, excited and desperate all at once.

Despite her thoughts that surly Danny would free her, she felt his cock enter her mouth. She sobbed as her fiancé silently slid his cock in and out of her blubbering mouth.

“Suck it! He screamed, “Suck it you cheating bitch! After all I put up with, I find you here! Suck it!”

Katie obeyed, partially out of love for Danny, partially out of her current position, and partially because she liked pleasuring Danny.

She had now idea how long it took, but eventually Danny sprayed his cum into her mouth. She eagerly, between the tears swallowed it. Then Katie felt a new, terrifying sensation. The anal plug, which Katie had all but forgotten about, sprayed warm goo into her rear end. It made Katie jump as best she could, and continue sobbing.

D.N.A. Influx complete. Mixing mind control substances now…stand by.

Steve’s voice echoed in her ears. It was like Katie had suddenly been drugged. Even though Steve talked in a calm, professional manner, it was as if there were loud speakers in Katie’s ears.

“What’s happening now slut is your fiancé’s giz is entering your stomach. There it will meet my Giz. That warm squishy feeling in your sexy little un-used anus is mind control chemicals. You got a big, and I mean big dose. It’s mixing with our cum as we speak, though I am sure you can feel that.” Steve said.

Katie groaned only slightly louder then her stomach.

“Once the chemicals recognize our D.N.A., from the giz, the cycle will be complete. You will be Danny’s slave of course. I informed him tonight of your little excursions here and he was…well, quite mad. It took some of Carly’s um…talents to get him to settle down.” Steve continued. “So here is the deal. Danny sold some of your stuff to me, mostly your conservative clothes, your stock options, your car, you know all that meaningless stuff. He did it because he bought a mobile transmitter. This transmitter will let all of the talents and magic of “Sci-Club-Fi” be present in your house! Isn’t that exciting! Carly was drugged as well, and Danny’s sperm put her under his control. She got a smaller dose though, just long enough to help Danny install the mobile emitter. That little collar of yours will be on you…well…I guess until Danny doesn’t want it on you! And, you’re under his mind control anyways! See?”

With that, Steve removed the goggles. He was naked, looking as tanned and toned as ever. He reminded Katie of a lumberjack. Danny had obviously just come from bed. He was shirtless, but had his plaid Pajama pants and running shoes on. At his feet was Carly, the bartender. She was wearing a black lace lingerie set and the same boots from early.

“Carly,” said Steve, “Go kiss Katie.”

“Yes my Master.” Carly said in a very robotic, non-sassy way that Katie had expected.

With very harsh and robotic movements she got up, walked to Katie, knelt, and patiently made out with the bound girl.

Danny chuckled.

“Go to sleep, my little slave fiancé.” Danny said calmly.

Instantly Katie fell asleep.

* * *


story continues in part four


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