Gromet's Plaza
Sax Demo
by Margaret B
© Copyright 2005 - Margaret B - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/f; bond; body stocking; leather; cuffs; collar; display; toys; climax; cons; X
Sax Demo Margaret B F/f; F/m; bond; body stocking; leather; cuffs; collar; bdsm; enema; public; display; toys; climax; cons/reluct; XX
Entry from the S(A)X Leather Bondage Story competition 2005

With each wrist and ankle strapped to the pillars on both sides and the high heavy collar on my neck I could not move enough to see my own feet or hands. Dressed in a black nylon fishnet body stocking, leather bra and panties to match I made a fetching sight. It was an unusual demonstration assignment in this up scale bondage store.

When the training gag went in my mouth and the blindfold covered my eyes, I began to think that anyone, customer, employee could walk up feel, molest, even rape me and there was nothing I could do. After a few minutes, I began to imagine how they would violate me and even hoped they might at least caress my breasts and legs, just a little. They announced that the store was open. Gawd, strangers would be walking up to me to get a close look! I began to panic from humiliation.

I stood there for over an hour blind, mute, and helpless as dozens of people walked by with a few making impolite and lewd remarks, but no one touched me not even once, damn it! Then the store manager came up to me and removed my blindfold and gag.

“If you will give your consent, we would like to demonstrate our top of the line vibrator on you. It is model number 8127, the pearl diver. It has a powerful dolphin shaped clitoris stimulator and a slight bend to enhance the female’s pleasure. It won’t physically harm you and I will be the only person touching you. Of course, most of the customers, male and female, along with our staff will be watching the demonstration. What do you think? Do I have your consent?”

This was my last chance at a good job. If I blew this assignment I could start practicing the line, ‘Can I take your order?’ Fast food counter work was the only career move from here. I really didn’t know what she was going to do with that thing. That sounds stupid. I knew what women did with those things. I had two of my own although not as nice as this one. I could not believe another woman would use such a device on me in front of a mixed crowd or any crowd for that matter. I made my decision.


I probably should have asked a few more questions. Where was she going to put it? Would I be disrobed? How long would the demo last? Who and how many would watch? If I asked questions, I might chicken out. Best to just do it with a smile. Slam, bam thank you mam. Get it over and done with.

“Great! Just relax and I’ll be back in a little while.”

Now, I could look around the store. The sales people, both men and women, were clad in costumes. Most of the men were naked except for a chastity device on their cocks. All the women were bare breasted including Samantha the manager and most wore stockings with leather panties and very high platform heels. The men took on the role of slaves and women took on the role of master, I guess I mean mistress. They would approach customers, some of which were also in costume, talk about their garments, demonstrate different items, answer questions, and make a sale.

Samantha had been drawn to a couple interested in nipple clamps. She pulled out a demo and clamped them on her bare nipples. I could hear her sales pitch.

“There is a slight pain when first applied that fades away after a minute or so to a mild discomfort and stimulation. If touched the pain returns. I find I am concerned about being bumped or having them moved which gives an ongoing emotional stimulation. If you leave them in place for an hour or more, removing them quickly brings a great deal of pain for a short time. There is the stimulation of fear when the slave is helpless and the master or mistress playfully manipulates them. We have a number of styles. This is model 4102, the thin nose. Would either of you care to try them on?”

The girl spun around turning her back to Samantha and giggled. She blushed totally embarrassed. The man suggested they buy an inexpensive set and try them in private. Samantha handed him a box and thanked him. She continued to wear them after they left.

A few feet away one of the male sales people was explaining how the chastity device he was wearing worked. The model 1894 locks on with a handcuff type device and with the mistress holding the only key her investment is protected even from himself. This style allows urination and the head of the penis can be tormented. Erections are always uncomfortable and once or twice a day pure agony. 

The two ladies both dressed in leather and heels with very short black leather skirts listened intently. One asked how long it could be safely worn. The other asked if they were available metal free to go through airport security. In the end they decided to bring their slave husbands in for a fitting.

Across the room was a large TV screen playing DVDs of various bondage and punishment activities. I was amused by a short video of a farce. It was called “You Bet Your Balls”. It was a make believe quiz show where two mistresses brought in their naked male slaves. The slaves were led in by a leash attached to a collar just as I had been. A hostess, very sexy hostess, cupped one of the men's testicles in her hand and asked, “who’s are these?” The slave answered, “they belong to my mistress.” “So she can do what she wants with them. Tie them up, beat them, cut them off and feed they to her dog or even you. Right?” “Yes, mam.”

The show continued with various sexual tasks until the final task where the slave who had been ahead for most of the game lost in the last round by two points. He had a horrified look on his face. A gag was put in his mouth, his head cover, and he was dragged away kicking by two strong men. The show ended with a look at an operating room and a doctor dressed for surgery. It only lasted five minutes and while I am sure the actor did not get castrated, we are led to believe that is what happened to the slave.

A young lady came up to me and gave me a drink of water then adjusted my makeup. There was an announcement over the store loud speaker about a sexually stimulating demonstration directing everyone toward my position. At that moment the lady unbuckled and removed my panties carrying them away. A crowd began to gather.

“This is our top of the line vibrator. It will do things to a woman that men only wished they could do.”

Samantha started to apply a thin coat of lube to the device, but decided it was not needed. She was slow and gentle. First adjusting the opening of my garment and then caressing the outer lips of my pussy with a light touch to my clit. She looked me in the eyes, smiled, and then came very close pressing her bare boobs against my leather bra and whispered in my ear.

“You don’t need to cum. But please try to act like it is giving you pleasure. Let out a couple of deep moans and make a shriek as it goes in. A little acting, even a faked orgasm, will go a long way to sell them.”

Slowly and gently she worked the device into my pussy. In and out with a turn, she increased my natural wetness. I moaned from the pleasure. I could not look down to see what mischief she was getting into down there. There must have been fifty eyes watching as she began to give me sexual release. Even before the vibrator was fully inside me and long before it was turned on, I became overwhelmed by Samantha molestations.

Nothing about my response was faked or in any way an act. When the clit stimulator struck my G spot and she turned it on, I went over the edge. I don’t remember what she said or did after that. I had three of the wildest climaxes one right after the other. I screamed, begging her to stop, and hoping she would ignore my cries over and over at the top of my lungs. I went into a euphoria that no man, woman, not even my own hand could have brought. Her demo lasted, maybe, three minutes and I was rung out. Totally spent. There was nothing left. Gawd, it was great!

Within ten minutes all the boxes of vibrators stacked on two tables just behind me were sold out. Samantha gave me a sexy French kiss before she walked away leaving the turned off sexy probe deep inside me. Juices drooled out of my pussy and soaked the fishnets inside my thighs. I even made a small puddle on the floor. Male customers smiled as they walked slowly by and the young man wearing the 1894 appeared to be in great difficulty.

Half an hour later Samantha came over beaming telling me how great I was and said they sold out every unit. She gave me several romantic passionate sexy and sensual kisses. Then she slowly removed the device from my body taking advantage of me with a push here and twist there. Rubbing her finger up the shaft she sucked my juice, then turned and walked to the locker room. I am certain she licked my fluid from the dildo before washing her saliva off.

Some time later I was freed from my helpless humiating exposed state. I showered, then laid down for a while. After a brief rest, I probed my very happy pussy. Then I dressed in my own clothes and went to meet Samantha.

“Here is the regular $300 plus $100 bonus. We rounded up your commission, which comes to $200 more. Next weekend I want you to do a flogging demo. I will be the only one hitting you and I promise it won’t be hard. Just redness and a small welt or two. You will be sore for a few days, but nothing requiring medical attention. No blood! I will double your regular rate and you should make even more commission. Please think about it! You were so good today. Next week you will be laid out on a bench. I think you will be naked except for a leather garter belt and black dark seamed stockings. Maybe shoes like the ones I am wearing. I’ll do your back and ass with a couple of our better floggers and a few strokes of a crop.”

As she counted out all that money, I realized I had come to the wrong place. The agency always pays me a week later; I never get cash from the client. Later I realized my error. I was on fifth street, not fifth avenue This was more money in six hours then I had ever made in a week! She asked me my shoe size. I was about to say eight and then changed it to eight and a half. I may as well be comfortable while I’m getting whipped.

Part 2: The Switch

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Sally! You bastard, leave her alone.”

Samantha was screaming at the top of her lungs with shrieks that pierced the ears and made me tremble.  Then I saw him coming toward me with that crop in his hand and a horrifying look on his face.  I screamed, but the gag only allowed a pathetic fearful mumble.  He was going to do it and there was no one to stop him.

He grinned then gave a sinister giggle.  I could feel the crop caressing my back down to my ass and over my legs. Then it stopped.  There was a swish and indefinable pain struck me in the ass.

I woke hearing a scream from my own lips sitting up in the dark on my own bed trembling, laboring to catch my breath, sweat rolling down my body.  This was the third nightmare is as many days.  I woke from my first one with my nightgown in rags the day I received the package.  Now, it was 5 A.M. of the day I was going to work.  I would be demonstrating a number of floggers at the Sax’s store.

The contents of the package were not the problem.  I knew what they were going to be.  It was the hand written part of the note. 

“I have to be frank, Sally.  This is a quarterly invitational sale and customers get a little unruly.  I am sure you won’t be raped.  That’s never happened.  But, touchy, feely, well! Also, the CEO, Douglas D. Baldwin Jr. will be there.  He has been known to take advantage.  I would not blame you if you just blew it off.  Many people do.”

I took a cold shower.  Walking into the bedroom after toweling dry, I sat on the edge of my bed and opened the package.  I took out the leather garter belt and put it on.  I enjoyed the feel of the material. It made me feel pretty and sexy. I pulled one of the stockings through my hands a number of times.  They were black with red toes and heels and a dark bright red seam in the back.  I pulled the left stocking on three times before getting the seam just right up the back of my leg.  The right one took two tries.  The tops of the stockings were red as well. Hooking them to the garters required a little effort and concentration, but I managed.  I looked at myself in the mirror. That was all there was.  My breasts and crotch were to be completely on display for anyone to look at or possibly feel.

I arrived at the store ten minutes to eight.  First time I had been early for work, guess that says something.  There was a line of about thirty people wrapping around the wall at the customer entrance. I was entering around the side where the employees entered, per the instructions of the note.  It was not hard to tell what was going on or top from bottom.  They all wore long tan or black coats; mine was gray covering to just below the knees. Some of the bottoms wore ponchos with the hood blacking out their face.  Many of the couples had one member with a collar and the other holding an attached leash.  One woman had two leashes.

Several minutes after ringing the buzzer, Sam opened the door wearing a long tan coat.  She greeted me with a smile, good morning and a kiss on the cheek.  I think she was a bit surprised to see I had actually shown up. After we entered and the door was completely closed she remove her coat and told me where to hang mine.  She was naked underneath sporting a large very realistic strap on cock, stockings, garter belt, and “fuck me” high platform heels. I hesitated to follow her carefree demeanor, but forced myself to give in.  She lead the way, both of us bare ass naked to the locker-room door.

“Sally this is Phyllis, she will take care of you.”

With that she walked away.

“We are going to need to fit you with a butt plug.  That will require an enema. If you will just lie down on the reclining bench and lift you bottom as high as possible.”

She gave no further explanation.  Why did I need this hard plastic device up my ass?  Why an enema?  Worse than that, I asked for no explanation.  I laid down, spread my legs, and lift my ass in the air. I saw the enema tube and nozzle.  I wish I hadn’t!  It was huge with a bulb to pump up two balloons, one in side and the other out side my rectum. There would be no leaks. The nozzle was the diameter of my thumb and twice as long.  I was about to be ass fucked by a stranger with a strange device.  At her command, I parted my ass cheeks with both hands.  I presume one does what is expected.

She forced the nozzle and a few inches of tube up my ass.  It was uncomfortable and awkward, but I grinned and bore it.  The balloons brought an awkward sensation. The wait for the water was longer than I wanted.  When it finally came a plunger forced the warm soapy liquid deep into my colon. She required me to “hold it” for almost five minutes.  Then she helped me to a toilet bowel where much to my embarrassment, I released the water and lots of shit. 

Phyllis had me stand with my knees bent as she pressed a tampon like ball in and up my ass.  Then she showed me the butt plug.  It was white about 6 inches long and a half-inch in diameter with two flanges near the bottom about an inch apart.

“I’m going to insert it without lubricant so it will stay in place. It has some flex so it should not damage your colon. There, that isn’t agony is it?”
No, I was not in agony.  Only humiliated beyond words.  It was about that moment when I became aware of something about Phyllis that I had not noticed before.  She realized this.

“I finished my reassignment nearly seven months ago.  Most men and even more women can’t tell.  The idea that I can go to a doctor for a pelvic exam without him knowing is, of course, a myth.  I spend thirty minutes a day working on my vagina to keep it open. I don’t have the same pleasure, as you do, not as many nerves. My breasts are mostly implants with a little help from hormones.”

She took me to my “work station”.  It was a raised platform about four feet above the floor.  I removed my shoes and put on the strapped and locking platform heels.  If I stood in them they gave me an other eight inches.  I was then buckled to the bench over looking the store and all the other demo areas.  The inclined plank was perfect for the beating I was expected to take.  My breasts were on view for the world to see.  I guess it is our cultural, but exposing my boobs made me feel worse than showing my pussy.  I was totally humiliated.  

From my elevation, I could see almost the entire store.  The screen I had viewed DVDs on last week was showing various shots of the different demo stations through out the store.  Gawd, my naked ass came on the large screen!  Followed by a shot from the front and then off to some other poor bitch in another part of the store.  It continued from one exposed woman or man to another and it seemed as though I was getting more exposure than all the rest.

Then things got really wild when the store opened and the customers came in.  They all to the man or woman took off their coats.  Most were wearing something even if it was not modest, but a few were buck-naked.  The PA sounded out the first demo and the screen showed the station.  A young man, naked of course, was being fitted for a chastity device.  The female voice, I think it was Sam, explained how the device went on and what it did to the poor victim and how the slightest bit of sexual stimulation brought rather uncomfortable results.  The guy was totally beet red and you could see on the screen that the device was doing its thing to his thing.  He was in a great deal of discomfort, Sam’s words.  I thought it looked like hell.

For the next hour a variety of things were demonstrated from nipple clamps to gags to vibrators.  Then, Sam called for everyone’s attention.  With cameras on, she began to ass fuck a helplessly strapped down and gagged male.  She stroked him repeatedly up the ass the full length of the ten-inch dildo.  Finally, he shot his load and everyone cheered, but she continued to a level of abuse that I did not believe she was capable.  I began to worry.

A few minutes after the ass fucking, it was my turn.  Sam came up on the platform and the PA system called everyone’s attention to the poor naked bitch about to be flogged.

“Don’t be too worried.  I will be gentle.  But you do understand, we have a product to sell and we must excite our customers.  I’m going to put a gag in your mouth for the first demo so we won’t need to concern ourselves with your complaints. I promise, no doctor will be needed.”

The gag was put in and it was not comfortable.  I don’t mean that it hurt, I mean having it, needing it, brought a great deal of fear.  Sam caressed my back with her hands and then the flogger as the camera zoomed in on the target.  She stepped back.  The first stroke was a combination of pleasure and pain.  The next brought more stimulation.  The third was harder and now I was terrified.  I could feel the skin on my back and butt begin to warm up and I started to hit the wall.  The warmth of the flogging slowly took over and I fell into a narrow gorge between agony and ecstasy. She used three different floggers before the demo was over.  I lay there crying with a warm glow from my shoulders to my ankles.  Everyone else just walked away.

The store enforces a policy against open demonstrations of affection or any sensual or sexual contact. They provide a few private rooms in the back for people to enjoy each other in private.  I watched as a few couples were asked to show more restraint or find a room.  The atmosphere was very erotic what with nearly everyone exposing themselves. A few men and a lady found a way to get on the platform and while observing my situation felt my ass, legs, and even fingered my pussy.  I could not raise an objection being gagged. I kept telling myself that, as I experienced their caresses.  So far, Sam was right.  I hadn’t been raped.

There was one exception to the above restriction.  A demo of an O-ring gag stationed right below me had a young woman on her knees with her arms in a tight binder being forced to give a male staff member a blowjob.  The O-ring gag opened the mouth preventing the victim from refusing the advances of the master.  Everyone watched, including me, as the man stroked his rather large cock into the poor girl’s face.  After about a minute, he ejaculated and she was forced to swallow by simply pulling back on her head.  As much as I enjoy giving head to my lover, I was glad to be biting down on a rubber ball.

After that rather gross sexual demonstration, Sam removed my gag and asked me for a personal favor. 

“Margaret is a dear sweet lady and she heard about your wonderful demo last week and wants to try the vibrator for herself.  She’s a really good customer of the store.  If you wouldn’t mind consenting just this once more, please!”

You know I answered “Okay”.  You probably think I say yes to everyone.  Up Yours!  I don’t care what you think of me.

Margaret B is a large woman in her late forties.  She stands about five foot ten and weighs over 245 pounds.  She was wearing two pairs of pantyhose, the first a dark tan and the second black fishnets with round holes.  Her breasts were lifted up with a latex bra that had large holes to expose all the nipple on each breast. She was a brassy, brawdy, loud bitch! The slave she had with her was a quiet man in his thirties, dressed as a woman, about five foot ten and 200 pounds. He is called Francine and wore two pairs of stockings.  The first were black and sheer.  The second pair were fishnets white in color with large square holes.  His shoes like Margaret’s were black square heeled pumps.  The only other visible item was a chastity device on his cock.  I cannot get it out of my mind that he must have been wearing a butt plug.  Perhaps, it was his mood.

Margaret enjoyed herself at my expense.  She spread my pussy lips open and gently finger fucked my hole.  After a applying a drop of lube, she slowly inserted the device moving it in and out and all around.  I was not as excited as the previous week.  She took her time and my excitement grew.

When she turned the vibrator on I saw myself on the big screen.  I wanted to complain, but thought better of it.  Everyone was watching as Margaret molested me into a screaming slut.  Embarrassed, I must say it did not take long. She pushed the device down causing the dolphin head clit stimulator to make aggressive contact.  I came almost as hard as last week, but it lasted so much longer.

“You see how this works Francine.  I want you to do that to me every night.  Your mouth just isn’t doing the job anymore.  Just a gentle pressure and hold.  Try it!”

Fuck! The bitch was going to have her slave abuse me too!  Well, it was all over pretty fast and I was just cumming over and over.  What the hell! It’s a job.  Did I feel like a whore?  I don’t know. What’s a whore feel like? Maybe you know!

She removed the vibrator with a careless jerk.  Then she knelt down and slurped up a swallow of my fluids right from the source.  Sam objected, of course.  Margaret apologized with juice running down her chin. She came forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek saying, “You were great!”

Sam and Phyllis cleared the platform ordering the camera on to other perverted scenes as well. Then Phyllis took some soft tissues and wiped my inner thighs and outer pussy lips.  It was not stimulating for me sexually to be cleaned up by a strange tranny.  Maybe you would enjoy it, but I just endured it.
I was given a glass of water to drink through a straw and asked if I needed to pee.  I gave Phyllis a look that said, “in front of all these people.” She stepped off the platform only to return a minute later with a large plastic container.

“Better do it now, Sally, without a crowd watching.”  The floodgates opened and I could hear the urine splashing into the jar.  Once I started there was no stopping.  Two or three guys saw it and they kept it as a little secret.  A little wipe and Phyllis left for the toilet.

About an hour later it was time for the last demonstration of the day, which, of course was me.  Sam brought a four foot long black leather buggy whip and every eye in the place including three cameras came to see how it worked.  Sam reassured me that I would not be seriously injured.  I was already in tears and trembling from the fear of the thing.

She made some sort of pitch to the crowd about the quality of the whip while she sensually caressed me from my shoulders to my knees.  Then she took a step back.  There was dead silence.  She raised her arm and I closed my eyes holding my breath. The first stroke was delivered right below my shoulder blades.  I gasped for air and screamed some obscenity as the crowd cheered and applauded.  The next stroke was an inch lower followed by another then an other.  Twenty strokes in fifteen seconds from mid back to just and inch above the knee.  I was hyperventilating unable to speak in physical agony and mortal fear.

“Imagine how our victim would react with some additional power behind each stroke.  Try it with the first session gagged and the next two a half hour apart. Tell your slave, “one sound and we start over”. You must be careful, however, even in this mild demonstration we have very bright and rising welts with just a small amount of blood. Sorry, Sally.”

The crowd broke up and gathered their coats to leave.  Phyllis placed a paper bag over my mouth so I could catch my breath. She sponged my back, ass, and thighs with cool water.

“This will heal in just a few days.  I’ll be back in a minute to release you. Really, by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest you won’t even be sore.”

I lay there sobbing.  I did not even notice when the CEO Douglas D. Baldwin Jr. came up behind me, picked up the buggy whip and started to caress the big welt on my right ass cheek. Then he took a deep breath and hit my sore ass with every thing he had.  The pain stopped time for me.  All the staff heard the slap and turned in my direction.  A second later, I screamed at the top of my lungs.  Sam and Phyllis rushed to my aid.  They grabbed Baldwin, but not before he laid two more agonizing blows across my bottom.

“Tie the asshole down.  Strip him naked.  I’m going to give him bit of his own perversion.”  I yelled all this and a lot more in my anger.  They did as they were told.  Douglas kept saying he was sorry over and over.  He did not know what sorry was, but he was about to find out.  Sam handed me the whip and everyone move away.  That’s when I took my first look at the crying stripped bastard strapped where I had been all day.

His black pantyhose gleamed.  His pants were pulled off and his shirt was only rags.  He had obviously shaved his legs for years.  Out of a hole where the liner had been cut away hung his cock and balls.  Even with all the nudity and stimulating demos around him he could not muster an erection. Some Chief Erection Officer.  I gagged him and spoke gently in his ear.

“Welcome to hell, big boy.  This time next month you maybe able to sit without a pillow.”

Everyone was gathered close around looking at what I was about to do.  Caressing the man’s nylon covered legs and ass brought a fearful trembling to the body now under my control.  He pleaded for mercy through the gag.  He was not getting any!

The first stoke of the whip resounded through out the building.  The crowd cheered and applauded.  The second stroke was harder and left a giant bloody welt.  The third stroke caused the flesh to pulsate and quiver.  I stepped back. I no longer felt embarrassed, humiliated, or vulnerable.  I felt empowered!

“Who else wants to give this pathetic asshole three extra hard strokes?”  I had no trouble handing off the whip.

Then I caught his eye.  He wore a sweet smile and tan moccasins with only a good size hard cock in-between. He raised a high five toward me showing a pair of packaged condoms.

“Can you give me a hand down the steps?”

He walked over and parted the crowd slowly and carefully helping me down the steps of the platform in my “fuck me” heels. As we walked away toward the private rooms, I admired the enthusiasm of his penis pointing the way. It was not as big as Sam’s, but it was live and I wanted live.

“You can call me Sally for now.”

“My name is Dominic.”

In the back ground there were loud swishing sounds followed by louder slaps and then still louder cheers.

“I guess I’ll be fired for what I just did.”

“Don’t be silly.  Everyone here has seen Dougie in ladies underwear a time or two.  He’s such a switch.  The only reason he struck your fanny so hard was to provoke you.  You’ll probably get a raise!”

He helped me walk along with an arm tight around my torso just above my waist.  We were looking at each others smiles more than our nude bodies.  I reached down and felt the painful welts on my ass, thinking, there are parts of this job I really like.


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