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A Night of Pleasure
by Slave Victoria
© Copyright 2010 - Slave Victoria - Used by permission
Storycodes: Sbf; rope; M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; susp; breathplay; mast; sex; anal; cons; X
A Night of Pleasure Slave Victoria Sbf; rope; M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; susp; breathplay; mast; sex; anal; cons; X

Early in the day I asked my Master if I could have the freedom to please him with a surprise that night when he got home from work. He gave me permission to do so as long as I video taped myself getting ready for him.

I knew he would be home late that night so after finishing my daily routine I ran a bath and made myself a drink. I soaked in the bath, made sure I was scrubbed clean, and all my body hair was shaved off.

After my bath I got out my 4” white baby doll pumps, 75 feet of 1/4” braided nylon rope, blindfold, and the video camera. I turned the camera on and then put my shoes on. Master loves my long muscular legs. Then I wrapped the end of the rope around my ankles 3 times and then wrapped it around the rope between my ankles and secured it with a square knot. I lead the rope up my legs then wrapped it around my waist 3 times. Then I took the rope between my breasts and over my shoulder, under the waist rope and back over my shoulder and between my breasts and under the waist rope once again. Pulling the rope tight I then started to do a figure 8 around my 34DDD breasts. I wrapped them about 6 times pulling the rope tighter with every wrap. By the time I was done they stood out quite nicely from my body. I then ran the rope around my upper chest and back through the ropes between my breasts. Knowing how much my Master likes a good crotch tie I ran the rope tightly between my pussy lips and up my backside under the rope at my waist and then back through my crotch and under the waist rope again.

Now I am pretty unstable and have to hobble over to the bed. Before I bathed I ran a rope under the bed so that I could attach it to my feet. I added a ratcheting device to the rope so that once I lay down and my feet were secure I could place the other end of the rope around my neck and cinch it tight. Not too tight cause Master wants me to be safe till he comes home. So I made sure that it didn’t hinder my breathing or the blood flow to my head. I knew Master would give me that pleasure after he got home and found me.

As I lay there I placed the blindfold over my eyes and then I couldn’t see anymore. It heightens the other senses so well. My hands were left free in case something went wrong before Master got home so I put them to good use massaging my swollen tender breasts. My nipples were extremely hard and sensitive. It felt so good to touch them and caress them, but I know I cannot cum without Master’s permission or I will be punished.

It was then that I heard Master drive in the driveway. I placed my hands at the top corners of the bed and awaited his arrival upstairs. I heard him groan with pleasure when he walked in the door and saw what I had done for him. I knew he was pleased. He leaned down and caressed my left breast with his calloused hand. I love the way his roughness feels against my soft skin. He leaned closer and I could feel the heat radiate from him. It caused chills to run through me. He licked at my swollen hard nipples and sucked them. I was so excited from the feel of the ropes and his hand that I needed to cum. I asked permission and he said yes. I came so hard that I squirted between my legs soaking the rope that was nicely tucked between my lips.

Master got some ropes and secured my wrists to the corner posts of the bed and went to take a shower. When he returned he got out the nipple clamps and secured my nipples to a rope that he then attached to the bed above my feet (we have a 4 post bed). Pulling the nipple clamps tightly he stretched them as far as he could. The ropes around my breasts were very tight and my breasts were already stretched quite far.  He then got the crop and started to slap my tight breasts with it. This caused me to gasp with the pain/pleasure of it. He worked his way down my body with the crop alternating sides so I wouldn’t know where he was going to strike next.

When he felt I had had enough he decided to tighten the rope around my neck. I could feel the blood slow and could feel my pulse and hear it pound in my head. It was just tight enough to make me slightly dizzy which in turn caused more sensation to course through my body. Every touch and breath was accentuated. He slowly rubbed his hands over my breasts and nipples gently tugging on the rope that attached my nipple clamps to the bed. This sent shivers through me and pulses of pleasure and pain shot through me. He sucked on my nipples working one then the other back and forth then he commanded me to cum. Of course I complied with him. I must make him happy and do as I am told.

He tortured my nipples until I could stand the pain no longer, I let the tears roll down and he released them kissing and sucking them till the pain went away. He then lay in the bed beside me slowly rubbing his hand over my body to find the crotch rope. He started to tug on it, rubbing it on my swollen clit. He gently slid on top of me kissing me and then put pressure on my tightly bound breasts. They felt ready to explode yet the sensations were wonderful. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against the crotch rope driving me to madness. Wanting to cum I asked for permission and he delightfully said yes. When I was finished he climbed off of me and then undid the rope securing my head and feet to the bed. He helped me to my feet and asked if I needed to use the bathroom. I said yes. He untied my ankles and took off my shoes. Then he slowly undid the ropes. As he got to my breasts it hurt to have them untied. They were very tight. The pain caused me groan loudly as the ropes were unwound from them.

When I was untied and unwrapped he led me to the toilet. He helped me sit and told me to wait. It was very hard for me to not go as I sat there. He finally returned and told me to pee. I gladly did so. He helped me wipe clean and then played with my clit till I came again. I came so hard that I squirted all over his hand. He helped me off the toilet and returned me to our bedroom. He then had me stand on a small round stool that was smaller than my two feet. It was up against one of the posts at the end of our bed. He wrapped the rope around my neck and secured it to the top of the post then down to my wrists to tie them together behind the post. The rope was tight around my neck so Master never left my side. I could feel myself slowly slipping away. As I started to fall Master held me up and undid my ropes. He bent me over the end of the bed. He spread my pussy lips with the head of his swollen cock and thrust it deep inside me in one quick hard push.  I screamed with enjoyment. He told me to cum on his fat cock and I happily did.

As he continued to shove his cock deep in my pussy he applied some anal ease to my star and inserted a glass plug. I love the way it feels to have both holes occupied. I have often fantasized about being used by more than one man at a time.  He slowly started to wiggle the butt plug as he stroked his cock back and forth in my wet pussy. He told me he was going to fuck my ass. I wanted to take him there, but He is so large that he usually can’t get in easily. He pulled out the plug and put more anal ease on it and put it back into place. He let it sit for a little bit so the lube could start working on the inside. Then he slowly started to work it in and out of my rosebud, until it came out without any force. He then applied some lubricant to his large hard cock and slowly placed it against my bud. Slowly and gently he worked it inside. Once he had it inside he held still for a bit while I adjusted to his size. Then he slowly started to work it. It felt so good that it was hard to stay still. But he told me not to move or I would hurt myself. As he worked his cock in my ass I started to loosen up and he was able to move faster.

He stopped and reached for the ropes that were on the floor he grabbed my hands and tied them tightly behind my back forcing my face into the mattress. After they were tied he pulled out of me and spread my legs out to the posts on the end of the bed. He tied one leg to each post. He took another rope and tied it around my wrist rope and pulled it up over my head to the head of the bed tying it to the posts at the top of the bed. This pulled my wrists painfully up in the air over my back. Once he felt I was secure he placed a drool gag in my mouth and strapped it tightly in place. He then returned to his position behind me, rubbed my back with his rough hands then slapped my ass several times before he slowly slid his cock back in my ass. He wasn’t as tender this time but I loved the way it felt. I needed to cum but couldn’t ask permission. I tried to fight it but I couldn’t stop myself. I came and squirted my juices all over his balls. For this he slapped my ass again 10 times each cheek. My cheeks were red and sore. He started to pump his cock in my ass again. As he did this he noticed it was getting harder for me to breathe. My face was wet with drool and so was the bed. He removed his cock from me and found some 1/8” nylon cord that he braided into my hair. He then pulled it up so my face was off the bed and secured it to the rope holding my hands in place.

He entered me again and told me to make him cum. I tried to work his cock in my ass as best I could but I didn’t have much movement. The struggling I was doing and the moaning and grunting was enough to please him though. He started to work in and out in long slow strokes. As he worked I did too. Overcoming the pain I was in I worked his cock squeezing it as he pulled out and releasing when he entered me. It was pure pleasure at this point I felt no more pain. He told me to cum with him and we both came. He slumped over on me kissing my back.

Slowly he pulled himself out of me and went to the bathroom. He cleaned himself up and brought some warm water and rags with him. As I was tied to the bed he slowly and gently washed me clean. Then he untied my hair and removed my gag. He got fresh water and a washcloth and washed my face. He untied my arms and feet and led me to a chair. He brought me a drink of water. While I drank my water he changed the bedding. He helped me to the bed then gently rubbed my sore muscles with oil and massaged the pains and kinks out of my limbs. Once I was relaxed he turned out the light, climbed into bed with me, and allowed me to snuggle up to him and we both slept.

*A special thanks to my Master for allowing me to share our experiences with you.


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