Gromet's Plaza
New To The Club
by Jenny Bonici
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© Copyright 2006 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission
Storycodes: FF; club; crowd; F/f; domme; display; strip; bond; rope; frame; bdsm; flogger; nipple; gag; tease; ice; denial; true; cons; X
New To The Club Jenny Bonici FF; club; crowd; F/f; domme; display; strip; bond; rope; frame; bdsm; flogger; nipple; gag; tease; ice; denial; true; cons; X
Story republished to celebrate the life of the author Jenny Bonici, who sadly has passed over way too early from Leukaemia. Jenny sent in many stories over the years from 2002-2014. Her friend Doug sent me the remaining stories and said, "A few years ago Jenny contributed a number of stories to the Plaza.  You may not have realised that at the time she was suffering from Leukaemia.  Unfortunately the Leukaemia finally got the better of her.  She was a bubbly personality and put on a very brave face in spite of knowing that she was dying. We all miss her."

The True Story Of My First Visit To A Bondage Club.

I’d been back in the city for about six weeks and was sharing an apartment with Mandi when she suggested that I went with her to the Club the next Friday night. She said that I could see for myself what the local BDSM scene was really like. Up until then my only experience of bondage had been being tied up by boyfriends and, since I’d come back to the city, being tied up by Mandi. I found that more and more I loved being helplessly and inescapably bound. I’ve come a long way in the bondage scene since then and, although what happened to me on that first visit to a bondage club may now seem a little tame, I think that it’s worthwhile looking back to my first experience of professional bondage and bondage in front of an audience.

“Close your mouth, you look like a startled goldfish.” Mandi was probably right, I’d never seen such a collection of folk most of them in way out gear and quite a number of them in very little gear at all. A DJ was spinning his discs but the only person dancing was a girl stretched out on an A-frame who was dancing to the rhythmic beat of a whip wielded by a big woman whose ample figure bulged out of a black leather corset.

We’d had a couple of drinks and had been mingling with the crowd and watching the action for a couple of hours when the whip-wielding woman in the black corset got up on the low stage at the end of the room and, slapping a riding crop on the palm of her hand, asked for another volunteer. “Come on, let’s have one of you girls, we’ve had a couple of men up here and we can’t let the menfolk have all the fun can we?” Eyeing me she called out to the crowd: “Here’s a visitor; I’m sure she would love me to warm her up.” She walked across to where I was standing by the bar.

“You on?” she asked.

“Go on, you can’t come here without taking part in the fun. Anyway I’ve finished my drink so you’d better agree before I remind you that it’s your turn to get another round.” Mandi was right, I had come here hoping to take part in what she called ‘the fun’ and it was my turn to buy the drinks so, rather reluctantly, I agreed.

“OK.” I nodded

 “I’m Mistress Karla – this is your first time here isn’t it?” I nodded again. “What’s you name?” she asked. When I told her it was Jenny she took my arm and pushed me into the spotlight on the stage. “Our next volunteer tonight is Jenny – first time here – give her a clap.”

“Nice bod.” she commented. “Get you gear off and I’ll set up the scene.”   

I’m still not sure why I agreed but I was already feeling hot at the thought of whatever was about to come. Although I was somewhat embarrassed at stripping off in front of an audience, I was soon standing there in just my bra and G-string. “Get that bra off too” Mistress Karly commanded. “I’m sure everyone here wants to see your tits!” As I undid the clasp at the back she buckled a 2-inch collar round my neck.

 “Come on, let’s show ‘em what you’re made of.” She said as she pushed me against a large wooden frame. She soon had my wrists and ankles tied to the corners leaving me standing spreadeagled with my back to the crowd. I felt her large hands caressing my backside. She ran her nails up and down my sides. The stroking and caressing continued for a few minutes. No area of my body was left untouched. No sensitive part of my body was unaroused. Then without warning she pushed her hands between my legs, grabbed my pussy.

“OK, now the fun really starts,” she whispered in my ear, “You ready?” I nodded. She gave my pussy one last squeeze then I felt the flick of a flogger on my backside. Again and again. Faster and faster. Just the tips of the thongs licked my skin. Then thwack; I felt the full force of the flogger across both buttocks. The treatment was repeated once, twice, three times. Now the tips of the thongs were flicking up between by spread legs and doing their work on my sex piece. Another stinging blow across my ass then the ice treatment followed by more lashes. The more I wriggled and writhed under the torment, the hotter I got.

She stroked my ass. “Now, we’ve given that side enough treatment for a while, it’s time to turn you round a work on your front. A couple of the men helped her turn the wooden frame around so that I was now stretched out facing the audience.

“For this treatment we’ll need to gag you. Open up.” She pushed a large red ball gag into my mouth and tightened the strap at the back of my head. Once again her hands caressed my body focussing on my tits, stomach and crotch. By now I was red hot and my nipples were hard and standing proud.

“Lovely.” she said, rolling my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Then came the clothespins – one on each nipple. Now she worked over the front of my body and thighs with two floggers – one in each hand. Finally she stood back and, whirling one of the floggers in the air, she brought the tips of the thongs up under my tits. After two or three flicks the clothespin on my left nipple flew off. The blood rushing back into it was more painful than when she put the clothespin on. It took even more tries to dislodge the clothespin on my right nipple.

Her hand was again exploring my pussy. “You’re far too hot. We can’t have you cumming in front of all these folk, can we?” With that she slid her hand down the front of my panties a pushed an ice cube into my hot, wet virgina. Then she rubbed another ice cube on my nipples.  This treatment was worse that all the flogging.

By now another scene was starting up at the other end of the room and my audience began to drift away. Her fingers were still exploring inside my pussy. “You like that, don’t you?” Again I nodded – there was not much else I could do with that big ball strapped firmly behind my teeth. “You’re a great model, I’d like to use you later on. I’m demonstrating a couple of ties – no whipping this time - you game?” For some reason, I don’t know why, I nodded yet again. “Great, I’ll give you a shout in an hour or so.” At last she released me from the frame and I could get that big ball out from between my jaws.

Her next suggestion came as a bit of a surprise. “Come on,” she said. “You might as well stay in the swing of things ‘till then.” With that she took the pair of handcuffs that were hanging from her belt a clicked them on to my wrists. “And you won’t need your clothes until you’re ready to go home, it’s warm in here – I’ll put them in a locker.” Scooping up my clothes she marched off towards the locker room leaving me standing naked except for the briefest silver-blue G-string - and that was now soaking wet from my juices and the melting ice. I tried to cover my tits with my manacled hands but this was not enough to cover my embarrassment. At least now there were a lot of folk with as little as or even less on than me.

Where had my good friend Mandi gone? I headed towards the bar. “Can you let me have a Baccardi and Coke? I’ll pay you later when I get my purse back.” The barman smiled, “No trouble sweetie, after your great show a few minutes ago, this one’s on the house.” Not long after Mandi and a group of her friends joined me at the bar for a drink before we all headed off to see what was happening in the other rooms. I had just about forgotten my nakedness and the cuffs that circled my wrists as I was engrossed in watching a blonde-headed spunk being sealed in a vacuum bed when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Mistress Karla, still bulging out of her black leather corset. “You’re on again, follow me.” Again I found myself standing in just my G-string with the spotlight on me in centre of the brightly lit stage.

Karla removed my cuffs but quickly had my wrists expertly bound and clinched with rope. “In the position I’m going to show you tonight the slave finds the experience more memorable if she’s well gagged.” She explained to the crowd as she buckled on a head harness with a fat penis gag that filled my mouth. Then she tied a length of rope round my waist and left its end dangling down behind me. “Come on, sit on the floor.”

Once I was sitting she took another rope and used it to anchor my wrists to a ring in the floor about 3 feet in front of me. Then, lifting my feet, she bound my ankles. Now came the uncomfortable bit. She took the end of the waist rope, passed it between my legs, made sure that it was centred in the crack between my ass cheeks, pulled it between my arms and then through a ring in the wall behind my head before. She gave it a tug lifting my ass off the floor. I thought that it would cut me in half, especially when she passed the free end between my ankles and pulled them up so that my legs were now pointing at the ring in the wall above my head.

When she was sure that she could not pull the rope any tighter she tied it off. My arms between my thighs forced my knees apart and had the effect of making the ankle tie even tighter. All the time she was tying me she was explaining to the audience how to achieve the same tie with their slaves. But she hadn’t finished. She took a last length of rope, pushed the end under the waist rope and ran a couple of turns round my body and thighs just below my knees. To be sure that the slave could not work this last rope loose, she explained, she tied off the end to the ring in the wall above my head.

“I’ll leave Jenny to try to get out of that while I show you another interesting tie that I’m sure your slave will come to like – anyway, it’s too bad if they don’t!” She said as she walked over to the other side of the stage to work on another victim. There was no way that I was going to get loose until someone released me. Of course, after a few minutes I made a few futile attempts to reach the knots or wriggle my way free. I soon gave up as there were no knots anywhere near my groping fingers. I’m not sure how long I was in this strict position but it seemed like an eternity before I the knots were untied.

So ended my first visit to the bondage club. “Did you enjoy the night?” Asked Mandi as we made our way home. I think I nodded yet again – anyway I’ve been going along regularly ever since.



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