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Never ending training
By Vampirecop
© 2001, Vampirecop - Used by Permission

Never Ending Training
Part One

Just before she inserted the ear plugs, she whispered "I'll be working late again, hope you have fun out here, try not to move around too much ... you'll soon see why (she laughed) there are a few electric connectors under your heels, and the wires wrapped around your fingers... try not to let them touch either. If you lean back off your tip toes - you will get this..." Placing her hand on my shoulder she pushed my weight back till my heels touched the board - which sent an electrical shock straight to my chastity-locking device she makes me wear. All I could do is moan through the tight ball gag. 

"Now touch any of your fingers together," she ordered. I grunted and tried to shake my head NO. As the leather strap hit my ass she yelled "DO IT!" with much regret, I did as she ordered. Moving two fingers together just slightly connected the circuit and sent electric shocks not just to my locked up dick and balls but to the metal nipple clamps as well. 

"This should make you think twice before you try to escape again, by keeping your fingers from touching - you can't even try to untie yourself (she giggled) I didn't go through all this work tying you up just for you to escape! I want you to be here when I get back... I need to catch up on your whippings. You were quite bad this week and deserve this. Now smile - you're on camera (she laughed)." She then turned on the video camera and said " This is just a two hour tape but make it good, I enjoy watching you suffer... don't worry - I'll put in a new tape when I get back to record you getting whipped, paddled, spanked and zapped. And you are going to count each one out for me and thank me for each one." She then put in the spongy earplugs - a bit deep but I couldn't stop her. She then walked behind me and gave me the usual 25 lashes with the cat - of - nine. 

Then thinking she would just walk away - like she has always done - she began to slap my fingers, making me jump as the current raced thru my nipples and chastity device. The more it hurt, the more she enjoyed it.  After about 10 - 15 jolts she began to use the paddle on my ass, alternating between swats she'd make my fingers touch - shocking me. After an eternity of this I was getting weak in the knees (so much for my idea of not moving around or leaning back.) she knew that this would be a great beginning of the tape, which would be only one out of many, too many that I couldn't count not to mention the countless Polaroid's she has of me. Each tape and picture contains more than enough to loose my job, wife and home. She had a perfect set up - I had to obey or else!

As she walked away leaving me there in the middle of the forest preserve tied in the most uncomfortable way she could think of, - my feet shoved into a pair of 6" heels and strapped together, my ankles, knees and thighs also strapped together. My dick and balls shoved into an itching powder filled chastity device, which was a few sizes too small and had a large butt plug attachment to it. Then pulled through my legs and tied to the strap on my ankles - forcing me to keep my knees bent and not be able to stand up straight. Now with this electrical shit - I had to keep on my tiptoes as well. My arms behind me with 2 sets of cuffs on my wrists, the hinge cuffs prevented me from unlocking my hands from behind me and the other set was tied to a rope and pulled up high above me from behind. My elbows strapped together with 2 straps and a belt buckled from my gag to the elbow strap, keeping the gag in nice and snug but also keeping me from wiggling my arms free. The blindfold was on and tied very snug - and the earplugs deep inside preventing me from hearing anything. 

I think my bonds have become more strict and extreme because of my little escaping act. Mistress Jenny had me tied between two trees earlier in the week and now I am wondering if that was just a test. Escape was not easy, but once she left me there I knew that with some work I could untie the rope from one of my cuffs and from there - just release myself strap by strap. I was out of her weak bondage within an hour. I took the time to get some well-deserved sleep and to finally eat like a horse. I am quite tired of their diet they make me ingest. I know that this ticked off Mistress Jeannine - but I wasn't sure if she was mad at me or at Jenny for being lax or easy on me and not tying me stricter. Like I said - I wasn't sure if this was just a test to see if I would/could get loose. 

Well, I could and I did. Now I have to pay for it.  Needless to say - time goes by very slowly -and the many hours that followed were almost unbearable. The only reason that I say "almost" is because I had to deal with it -if I liked it or not. I tried to be as calm as possible but that only made the time drag by.  The electric shocks I received every once in a while didn't help, it was like being hit with 110 - not as powerful as the ass kicking 220 lines but enough to keep me from untying myself again. I could only stand there in that position and wait... wait for her to come back and give me my punishments that have built up over the past week. I knew that the camera was recording me and tried to hear it when it would shut off, but due to the earplugs - I could only hear my own moans and whimpers. 

Time went on and I began remembering all the things that she has done to me, or forced me to do. For example- making me do repairs in her home, like the last one - a dry wall job in her bathroom. This might not sound so bad but its how she made me dress and the restraints she used made working almost impossible. She would make me wear 6" heels and secure them to my feet, my knees were tied together and that damn chastity lock on me with the plug in, my hands cuffed in front of me and attached to that was a chain about 2 feet long, this chain was locked to my chastity belt - which at least gave me a little longer reach. (Speed or job safety wasn't a big concern of hers) I'd have to wear the 4" collar and naturally the ball gag, which she would lock in place. Any climbing up the ladder was very slow and shaky. For a job, which should have taken at the most 5 hrs - took days. Then the clean up, if it wasn't spotless- and I do mean spotless- I'd be using my tongue to clean the entire bathroom. 

On the last day I forgot to put the toilet paper roll back on. It wasn't till after I made her dinner and was cleaning the dishes when she called me to the bathroom. I got to her as fast as I could- she just pointed to where the roll should have been and said "You don't want me to use paper anymore - or did you do this deliberately to piss me off!"  She would always ask these double-edged questions that a yes or no answer would be wrong. Being gagged I just shook my head- she then pointed to the door and ordered me to get the key for my gag and bring it to her, she then pointed to the floor in front of her and ordered me to kneel. I knew what was coming but kind of hoped I would be wrong. She unlocked my gag and spread her knees far apart. "This should teach you - your tongue will be my toilet paper for tonight." She smiled and said, "Wipe me" not saying a word I leaned forward and began to lick the small drops of pee from her pubic hair and around her crotch. "Lick deep inside me, I don't want any to drip out as I stand up." I did as ordered. 

After about 5 minutes of licking she told me to stop and open wide- as the gag was put back in and locked on she said,  "You should be thankful I just had to pee, now get back to work and hurry up!" I got back up and quickly got busy back in the kitchen and finished cleaning. This incident happened about 9 months ago - ever since then she has made my tongue be her "toilet paper" So now whenever she is finished going to the bathroom - she just calls for me (OH PAPER BOY...) and points to the floor in front of her, I know what I must do. And not only do I have to be the toilet paper - I must bring in the camera each time- so there is a Polaroid snapshot for each time she made me do this. 

Mistress Jenny also had to play along on this one - she thought that this was the best humiliating thing yet. The only difference between Mistress Jenny and Mistress Jeannine is that Mistress Jenny will call me in just before she needs to go and have me start licking before during and after she pees. She laughs and giggles as she holds my head there getting all covered in her pee. She then would be finished with me and leave me there; she forces me to lick her pee from the seat and floor. I must do a thorough job or else! Once finished she just gags me, and locks it on, then orders me to do whatever she wants, or finish whatever it was that I was doing. 

Or the time when her best friend Jenny, thought it would be fun to be eaten out all night long. Jenny was complaining about her boyfriend would only go down on her for a few minutes during foreplay and that she would love to be eaten all night. This set up didn't take much coaxing, she had Jenny completely striped and tied to the couch in a spread eagle position. Her hands were cuffed and a rope was tied from the cuffs over the back of the couch and then under it then up to where my collar will be tied. Her feet strapped to the legs at the ends. As Mistress Jeannine led me by the leash connected to my balls, right up to where she was sitting, Jenny was grinning and squirming. I was put on my knees right in front of her, right between her wide-open legs. My collar was buckled around my neck then locked. Jenny didn't waste any time grinding her pussy into my face. But she had to back off just for a few seconds so the gag could be removed from my mouth. "Guess who wants to be licked all night long?"  My Mistress asked. I replied "Your best friend Mistress." 

As the conversation went on she was making sure that neither of us would be able to get free. My legs were strapped tightly together and a 4" strap holding my ankles to my thighs. My chastity was snugly tied to my ankles and my hands wrists and elbows were tied very well behind my back. And to make sure that any uniting wouldn't be done through the night - my fingers were taped into 2 wadded fists. "Try to pull on your cuffs Jenny" as she lifted her hands my face was pulled in deeper to her crotch. "Ooooo I like it!" "The harder you pull, the harder his tongue and face are driven in to you." "This is gonna be fun." My Mistress smiled and said "You might think it will be fun - up till your third or fourth orgasm, but he is not allowed to stop licking, no matter how much you want him to, he better keep going all night or he will feel pain like he has never had before. (And by saying that - that means a lot - like being whipped till I pass out) the last thing I was going to do tonight was disobey. 

As my Mistress hooked up the video camera behind the couch pointing and zooming in on my face buried in Jenny's crotch. Jenny protested just a little saying that she didn't want to be on film but those complaints were stifled by my large dildo gag. "Relax -you can't even see your face - it's his face I want on video - his face licking your pussy and not mine... for a change. She smiled "This should make a good addition to my collection." Jenny could only muffle and mumble. "Don't want you to make any deals or threats to have him stop. This will keep you quiet." She then secured it with a small lock. "And as for you bitch -meaning me- you better not say 1 fucking word all night! You are going to tease her for the first few hours- don't let her cum - if I see that she came within the first 2 hours, you will deeply regret it. Not to mention doing it all over tomorrow night. You will lick the alphabet starting with "a" then "A" then in cursive. Then 10 long slow light licks up and down. Then the letter B the same way- if you need to stop her from cumming you will keep your tongue on her but only in her pubic hair.  After 2 hours of this you will drive her crazy - go as fast or wild as you can - get her as many orgasms as you can, if she struggles or fights to get away - you keep licking like your ass depends on it - because it does. I promise you won't see home for a month! You can start now bitch." 

The camera went on and I began the letter "a" Mistress Jeannine then walked behind me and put a blindfold on me and asked me "What are you going to do tonight little slave?"  I answered "Lick her and suck her pussy all night Mistress Jeannine. Just as you ordered me to." She asked, "Are you going to enjoy this slave?" "Yes Mistress Jeannine, your slave will enjoy this very much." "Good - now start over and don't stop." She knew, that I knew I was on tape and that these silly questions were just added fuel for the fire. Just another tape I need to worry about - to keep from going public. I began again from the letter "a" and very slowly licked and teased her pussy. She was moaning right from the start - trying to get me to lick faster - with the punishment I would get if I did - there was no way in hell I would do it.  I continued to lick my way through the alphabet and counting 10 slow light teasing licks up and down after each letter. Jenny and I battled for a while - she tried to pull my face into her pussy and grind her way to an orgasm, I just licked a bit lighter and slower. She was going nuts and at times getting angry. I kept on licking like a machine. I didn't stop. I made it through the alphabet 4 times before Mistress Jeannine came back to check on us. "Have you had your first orgasm yet?" Jenny moaned in a pleading full way - "Good little slave - she patted on my head "Now it's time to drive her insane, I want her to be exhausted - no - I want her to pass out, and don't you stop either." 

Mistress Jeannine changed the tapes and the position of the camera to a side view. She stood behind the camera and taunted both of us getting a very clear shot of her and me. "What do you think your boyfriend will do when he sees this?" Jenny was all confused - I was licking like crazy and Mistress Jeannine was in the process of making her a sex toy. "Maybe I should give it to him as a training tape- you know - just so he can see how it should be done." I just kept out of it the best I could and licked away -Mistress Jeannine placed a clothespin on the tips of each of her nipples and then began getting very good close up shots of both of us. Mistress Jeannine asked "What will your mom and dad think of their little girl when they see this?" Jenny was beginning to worry - Mistress Jeannine positioned the camera at a perfect angle to catch all the action, she sat on the couch next to Jenny and then straddled her lap, she continued the conversation while pulling and twisting the clothespins. 

Jenny was being trapped just like I was.  She stopped grinding her pussy into my face and didn't move much through the 1 way conversation. Mistress Jeannine went on mentioning various people who would get a copy of these tapes IF Jenny didn't do as Mistress Jeannine said. I think Jenny was more worried of the tapes getting into her co-workers hands. A lot of damage could/would be done. Mistress Jeannine continued to close the deal (just like she did to me) "I will not let these be seen by anyone IF you do exactly as I say. You have a choice to make - you can either be my replacement Mistress, for all the times I cant be there to punish him and the times I want him restrained but cant be there, also various other tasks I will have you do to him or for me- I will let you know. Or you can be my slave just like he is and I will start handing out these tapes like crazy if you don't do as I say. Quite frankly I own you both now, but I am giving you a choice - he didn't get a choice. I think you will make the right call - you know how mean and nasty I can get, but just incase you had forgotten." Mistress Jeannine told her to keep quiet and not to say 1 word. 

The gag was removed and Mistress Jeannine said "I will continue to torture your nipples until you lick mine" Mistress Jeannine took her shirt and bra off, "Not 1 word." She ordered- then she started to pull and snap a rubber band all around her nipples moving from the right to the left above the clothespin then just under it. I counted about 20 -25 snaps before I heard Mistress Jeannine say "OOOOOOO good girl. I knew you would see things MY WAY." There was a slight pause in the rubber band torture. "AAA UMMMM - I didn't say you could stop." The rubber band started up again. And Jenny was stuck licking Mistress' Jeannine's nipples as hers were being tortured and not to mention my non-stop tongue. And all of this clearly captured on film. I knew that Jenny was going to end up just like me - or so I thought. 

This happened about a year and a half ago - since then Mistress Jeannine has owned both of us and had us torturing each other, trying to outdo one another's last torture, Mistress Jeannine planned it that she couldn't be there for each time so - pictures and videos were taken and handed over to her. Talk about digging yourself in deeper. Jenny and I are now well-trained little slaves, but I am a slave to both of them. I knew that Jenny wouldn't just be her replacement. Mistress Jeannine has much more in mind than either of us know.

Being blindfolded and having earplugs deep inside me, it is very difficult to guess what time it is or how much time has passed. Being tied out here in this horrible position not being able to move or adjust myself to get somewhat comfortable. Mistress Jeannine tells me that I am not out there to relax or waste the day or night. That I am out there to be punished, and that there isn't any position too uncomfortable for me - but she is trying to find or invent one. But right now, I am going nuts, I can't feel my hands and the only reason I know that my fingers are touching is that damn shocking. My legs are week and shaking - I can't stand up all the way or crouch down; I am forced to stay on my tiptoes and keep my knees bent. If this wasn't bad enough - I have to wait like this for many more hours and even then, when Mistress Jeannine returns - she only tightens up the straps and ropes before my punishment begins.

I think one of the worst punishments or tortures I had to go through was about a week ago last Friday. I got home from work early that day and my wife was also home and suggested that we go out for dinner and a show tonight. I agreed - since I didn't hear from Mistress Jeannine or Mistress Jenny. I jumped in the shower - shaved etc... as I was drying off - sure as hell, my pager is going off. I listened to the voice mail message - it was Mistress Jeannine telling me to be at her house at 5:30 pm, she was horny and wanted my tongue to satisfy her. I gave my wife a bullshit excuse of needing to work just a few more minutes to close out a work order. And that dinner and a movie were still on. I would be back in no time - I got all dressed up and sprayed cologne on and ran out the door. I arrived to Mistress Jeannine's home on time and recognized Mistress Jenny's car in the drive. I knocked and was invited in by a yell from the living room. I walked in looking all duded up and clean. Mistress Jenny was already setting up the video and Mistress Jeannine was all kicked back on the couch in her robe. 

They were taunting me and teasing me about being so dressed up. Their hands roamed around as I stood there. "You got all dressed up for me?" Mistress Jeannine asked. "Ummm Uuhh no Mistress I was going to go out for dinner tonight." Just then Mistress Jenny found my wedding ring in my pocket. "Looky what I found." She said as she pulled it out. Mistress Jeannine wasn't happy - she just gave me that look like (you couldn't be that dumb) "ON YOUR KNEES BITCH!!." She pointed to the floor in front of her and opened up her robe. I knelt down at her feet and as she was scolding me, Mistress Jenny wasted no time locking a collar on my neck and cuffing my hands behind me. My ankles were quickly tied and then tied to my cuffs with those plastic pull ties. Mistress Jeannine had me by the collar and pulled it down and locked it to the chain at the front of the couch. "You will now satisfy me AND Jenny tonight." 

I just began licking and kissing her pussy nice and slow. I didn't want to make her cum too soon; I didn't want to rush through this. I did manage to get Mistress Jeannine to cum and before I could even relax Mistress Jenny jumped in front of me. The time passed by and it was almost 7:00 pm- Mistress Jenny finally stopped having her multiples and Mistress Jeannine said, "There - that was your dinner for the night - we will have to think of something for desert." They both laughed. "Lets stand him up and strip him." Mistress Jeannine ordered. They both had me naked and tied standing at the couch in a flash. My feet tied far apart and my knees also buckled to the couch. A rope was tied from each side of my collar and pulled snug to the ceiling hook - forcing me to be on my tiptoes. My hands still cuffed and my elbows were squeezed together and secured by 2 leather straps. 

Mistress Jenny held my ring up and said, "What should we do with this?" Mistress Jeannine smiled and said,  "Lets make him wear it tonight." Mistress Jenny grabbed my dick and said "Great idea - lets see how well it fits." She took the ring and placed it at the tip of my dick. She then twisted it and pushed it on and while stretching my dick out making it long and thin she slid and twisted the ring all the way down my dick to the base of my shaft. "Fits kinda tight huh?"She giggled. Mistress Jeannine walked back in from the kitchen caring a feather duster, nipple clamps and a rubber band. "If you want to hang around Jen and help I would appreciate it." Jenny spoke right up saying "Sure - I'd love to see this." Mistress Jeannine explained to me that for the next few hours all I would need to do is just stand there and do nothing. (Sounds easy huh?) 

"You had your dinner - now its time for a movie. During the show I am going to be teasing you with this." She ran the feathers lightly on my dick and balls. And Jenny will be doing whatever she wants to you." Mistress Jenny just smiled. "Then during the commercials - you get this." She snapped the rubber band on my dick and then my balls then about 10 times all the way up my dick, and all around my balls. "Once the movie gets back on, the feathers will be lightly torturing your dick, if I were you I wouldn't try to get hard or it might be very painful. We will spend the rest of the night switching back and forth. Jenny I want you to do whatever you need to do to get him hard - if he doesn't get hard - YOU will be sorry." Mistress Jenny replied "MMMM don't worry - his little dick will swell up like a balloon in just a few minutes." Mistress Jeannine sat down on the couch and began watching TV. And running the feathers up and down my dick and under my balls. 

Mistress Jenny made sure that the video was working and that there was a new tape in. she then came back towards me with nipple clamps and put them on me. She was standing behind me rubbing her pussy on my tied hands. "Feel that? Im getting wet again, I cant help but get horny thinking of torturing your little ass - I hope you don't think you were done eating us out for the night either." She then ordered me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue as far as I could, and keep it like that! Mistress Jeannine looked up and just smiled. "You watch her - I want you to watch every second of her teasing you, AND KEEP THAT TONGUE OUT." That was worse than being blindfolded. Mistress Jenny continued to work me into a frenzy - licking my tongue and kissing me all over. 

She would leave, but return with various toys and things. First she used a long thin vibrator on my ass, which only gave her the idea of putting that 9 inch long strap on on and slowly - very slowly fucking me with it - pulling the nipple clamps and softly licking and kissing my neck with her hot kisses. She would turn my head and lick and kiss my tongue.I couldn't take it any more- I was so turned on I had no choice but to get hard. My dick was being pumped full off blood and the ring cut off the return flow. They were admiring all the veins and how thick it was just past the ring.  I prayed for the commercials to come on - but even with the constant rubber band torture Mistress Jenny kept teasing me. They kept their word - I had to endure this all night and then go back on my knees to orally satisfy each one again. Mistress Jenny did come up with "my desert" the 9 inch long dildo strap on I had to clean off using my tongue. 

Once they were done using me for the night Mistress Jeannine untied me and handed me my clothes "You have exactly 5 minutes to get dressed and get home, you will call me from your house -my caller id will verify that- you will then just thank me for the lovely time, if you are 1 second late or don't thank me - you are going to have about 100 pictures and 10 videos less to worry about, you get the point bitch?!" "Yes Mistress Jeannine your slave understands." She just looked at her watch and said "Well... 4 minutes now." I flew out the door and into the car - I knew I reeked of sex and just about every part of my body smelled of Jenny. My ring was still on my cock - which I needed a few hours to relax enough to take it off. My skin was marked and red from my restraints. Even with all this against me, did manage to get home - make the call, and avoid my wife till I could jump back in the shower (a cold one). I have unfortunately made that mistake twice. I think that's why I am out here now. I'm quite sure that she will do that again with my ring and I'm very sure that this time I will be in even more agony. 

This story continues in Part Two


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