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Museum Gibbet
by Rupes
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© Copyright 2016 - Rupes - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; museum; jail; strip; jumpsuit; gibbet; cage; encased; rivets; gag; chain; susp; outdoors; display; stuck; tease; denial; cons; X
Museum Gibbet Rupes F/m; museum; jail; strip; jumpsuit; gibbet; cage; encased; rivets; gag; chain; susp; outdoors; display; stuck; tease; denial; cons; X

It was late spring, the three of us, my partner Vicki, her sister Jade and myself were sat chatting. I was complaining about packing on a few extra pounds over Christmas and just having a generally nice day with two lovely looking ladies. My partner Vicki went to the kitchen to refill the tea pot. No sooner than she had left the room, Jade lent over to me and said, you know, if you really want to lose a few pound I have an idea, I will talk to Vicki. Thinking nothing more about it the next few weeks went past fairly uneventfully.

It was early Saturday morning and I mean early 4am, when Vicki’s alarm on her phone went off. I looked over and she was already getting up. Come on, she said, big day for you today, get ready. In our relationship I am clearly the submissive one, so with only a little protesting I stumbled into the shower. Vicki had already laid out my clothes for me thank god, as I had no idea what could possibly be going on this early in the morning. Jeans and a t-shirt. But on top of the neatly folded pile of clothes was my Wyred Slave collar. It’s the Oborus one with the black PVC coating, so it looks like many other necklaces, however this one is made from steel wire and locks. I knew I would not get the key.

We get in the car and Vicki drives the familiar route to the museum where Jade is chief curator. It’s an old Jail near Buckingham which is about a 20 minute drive from our house. Recognising the route, and wearing my collar I knew I was in for an interesting day. We pull up in the car park, and Jade’s car is there already.

Walking towards the main door Jade is waiting there. She is wearing her suede dress and cute ankle boots. Vicki looks at Jade, right, he is all yours. Jade leads me into the jail. It’s all very pleasant we head to the café, which is closed, and Jade makes us refreshments. You’re wondering what we have in store for you today aren’t you, she says, patting my knee. Well once we are done here, you will find out.

She leads the way, I am not really paying much attention to where we are going, concentrating on the hem line of her dress, which only just covers her cute little bum. We arrive at a door, a cell door, great I think another day locked in a cell. Which I don’t mind but it does get a bit boring. She unlocks the door and walks in. Take this, she points at a trolley with a brand new gibbet cage on. A gibbet cage is a cage that was used to house prisoners, it is shaped like the human body and is very tight the occupant is held rigidly in steel. I like where this is heading. She leads me to the elevator, the cage clanking all the way. We ride up to the top floor. The doors slide open to a small narrow hallway with a single door at the end. She strides over and unlocks the door using her large bunch of keys. Behind the door is another small room, in this room there is another door at the far end, this is a heavy wooden door. There is a small table on which are a few items.

Strip, she commands. Erm…. Ok. I know better than to question her as Jade is quite the mistress, a trait that obviously runs in the family and she is a good shot with a whip when angry. I am stood naked, she throws over a bundle of fabric, suede, the same suede as her dress. I unravel it, it’s a jumpsuit. She taps her foot, come on get it on. I pull it up my legs, it’s tight and unlined, it’s smooth leather inside it feels amazing. She stands behind me and does up the zip, and buckles up the collar. I hear the faint click, and know she has just padlocked it on at the collar.

There is a clear bulge at the front now. Jade still stood behind me, runs her hands down the front, and then through from the back of my legs, cupping the bulge.

Right get up on the trolley. Slide your legs in to the Gibbet, she says as she swings open the back top half, I notice it is in several parts, which swing open independently. I do as I am told. No sooner than I am in, the back section slams shut. She then picks up a rivet gun on the table and starts popping rivets in up the side 5 in total. She then stands up on the trolley. Feeds my arms down the two metal arms, and in turn closes the very end around my wrists tightly riveting each one shut. She then closes the rest of the back and rivets each section closed. She now grabs the back of my head and pushes me towards a large steel ball on the front of the head section. I know what is coming so open my mouth. The ball is big, I really have to strain to get it past my teeth, even then Jade pushes really hard and it pops through filling my mouth. There is no way I can speak. She then closes the final part of the cage around the back of my head, more rivets. Again she runs her hands down over the suede bulge clearly happy with her work.

She climbs down and proceeds to open the heavy wooden door. It swings in wards and there is nothing there, no floor, just sky visible through it. At the side of the door is a pulley which she turns after a few moments a large chain appears from above the outside of the door way. She pulls the trolley close to the edge, and then stands on it and pulls in the chain from outside. Standing on the trolley she threads the chain through a large shackle on the top of the gibbet cage and does it up firmly with a spanner.

Turning the pulley wheel again the cage lists over at an angle then swings wildly out the door suspended by the chain. The chain inches higher and higher until the door way is at my feet. I am swinging in the cage about 60 feet up from the ground with nothing below me. I hear more than see the door slam closed and hear the locks of the door closing. I am left there. After some time, the swinging subsides. The sun is just coming up but it is still quite cold, thank god for the suede suit or I would have frozen.

I gently experiment with my bonds, I can’t move my head off the ball, and I am drooling quite badly now. My arms are held rigidly. I can just about move my legs a little bit but not much. In fact, even if I let me legs go limp I am held perfectly upright. It is strangely comfortable. I can see Jades car in the car park. And people starting to arrive for the museum tours.

Every hour or so I see Jade out the front greeting a new group she points up at me and they all stare and take pictures. From here they are just small dots, so they will never realise that I am a real person not one of the mannequins the museum normally uses. This carries on until the sun is just about to go down over the horizon. I hear the door open, the cage starts to lower, thank god, I get just level with the door, and there is Jade looking as good as ever. Having fun, she asks, I try, but only noises come out because of the ball. Good she says. She puts a straw in to my mouth through the ball. I suck and get nothing but water. I drink as much as I can, she then pulls out the straw. Slams and locks the door and then the cage inches back up. I try to protest but it is futile. I watch as the lights go out one by one in the museum. Finally seeing Jade in the car park, she waves at me, gets in her car, and I see her drive off.

To Be Continued.

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