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The Mall Adventure
by Scott Akins
© 2004 - Scott Akins - Used by permission
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The Mall Adventure
by Scott Akins
The Mall Adventure by Scott Akins
Jenni and Sammy had been life long friends and often shared the same interests.  A new one that was developing within both of them was bondage.  They had discovered it on the Internet one night and got to talking to one another about it.  They both found that each had thought about it a little but had never tried it. That changed over the following months as they started to experiment with bondage on each other.  Looking at websites for ideas and taking turns tying and gagging each other in various positions.  They also had almost maxed out a credit card each in building a toy box involving their new interest.

Jenni was 5’10 with long straight brown hair and green eyes.  At 23 years of age her figure was one that would make men stop and stare.  She always felt that her breasts were a bit much for her frame, but thought they were all right.  Sammy at 21 years of age was also 5’10 but with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.  Sammy wasn’t as skinny as Jenni was but could still turn a few heads if she wanted to.  Sammy was the less adventurous of the two; not that Jenni didn’t try to get her into trouble.

One day Sammy came over to Jenni’s place to hang out for the evening.  Usually Sammy went to Jenni’s house since Sammy still lived at home in the basement.  Only because it made her mom happy and it was a lot cheaper at this point to live there.  And not too mention her parents would die if they found all of the bondage things her and Jenni had accumulated over the past month or so.  
“So what do you have planned for tonight?”  Sammy said curling up on the couch with a bottle of beer.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”  Jenni responded with a sly smile.
“I meant other than that,” Her friend replied with a sardonic smile on her face.  

By Sammy’s count it was her turn to get tied up and by Jenni’s mood she thought she was right.
“Well I am not thinking of anything to special for tonight…” Jenni said trailing off.
“But…” Sammy said imitating her friend’s trail off in statement.
“But, for tomorrow I have a neat game in mind,” Jenni said taking a sip of beer from her bottle from her seat in the recliner across from her friend.  Sammy rolled her eyes…she couldn’t wait to hear about this.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me!”  Jenni exclaimed.  “Listen to it before you decide it won’t be fun.  Here is my plan we take a pair of handcuffs each and go to the mall.  Then when we get into the mall we handcuff ourselves.  Then we go out into the mall find a cute guy to help us out of our little predicament.”
“Are you nuts?”  Sammy said cutting in.  “Walk around the mall with our hands cuffed behind our backs.  That is absurd.”
“Don’t worry I’ll have the keys.  See we go separate ways and meet say at the food court in like a half an hour with or with out help.”
“So I would have to bring my help back to you to get the key while you don’t have to?”  Sammy said downing some more beer.
“Oh no I will play fair.  I won’t get out until we meet up,” Jenni said making crossing motion on her heart.

“Well it might be an interesting way to meet a guy,” Sammy said not sounding real sure.
“That’s the point you never know what will happen,”
“Yeah we might proposition a kidnapper and get killed,” Sammy said.
“You worry too much.  That’s why I decided to do it at the mall.  Lots of people you know.  If we run into problems we can just yell for help.”  Jenni explained.
“Yeah then get killed by embarrassment instead of getting killed by the kidnapper,” Sammy replied.
“That is half the fun…besides you are going to be embarrassed enough walking up to complete strangers and asking if they could help you remove the handcuffs right?”  Jenni pointed out.  Sammy had to admit she had a point.  Even though Sammy still didn’t think it was a good idea she had to admit again that it did sound exciting.  And Jenni was right again at the point of if they ran into problems they could scream for help if need be.
“I don’t know…” Sammy started.
“That’s enough worry-warting out of you,” Jenni said standing up from her seat.  She laid her bottle down took Sammy’s and laid it down as well.  

“You have all night to think about it.”  She said taking Sammy’s hands and hauling up from the couch.
“But I haven’t said yes to it yet,” Sammy said laughing a little.
“I know, but you are getting on my nerves thinking out loud.  Once we get upstairs I am going to fix that problem.”  Jenni said pulling her friend along and up the stairs to the playroom/bedroom.  Sammy just rolled her eyes again and sighed.  

The next morning Sammy awoke lying in bed, she knew instantly that the warm body behind her was Sammy.  They had slept together in the same bed a lot of the time ever since childhood and it didn’t seem strange to them in adulthood.  The thing that some might find strange was the fact that at least one of them was gagged.  Sammy’s jaw was a bit sore but not as bad as the first time she was forced to sleep with the thing in her mouth.  She slowly reached behind her head and felt for the buckle and sighed as her fingers found the small brass padlock holding the buckle in place. Sammy rolled over gently to look at her friend and smiled to herself when she saw Jenni eyes wide open watching her and smiling.  Or at least it looked like a smile.  Jenni was also wearing a gag just like Sammy’s, the bright red ball filling her mouth well.
“ood oring,” Jenni gag talked at her friend.  Sammy just nodded at her and stretched.  Jenni had taken to wearing gags to bed for fun ever since she tried on her first gag.

Jenni sat up letting the sheets fall off her nude body and stretched herself.  Then she got up went into the bathroom to relieve herself.  Sammy waited patiently still gagged and still lying in the bed.  Then she also realized that she was still wearing other bondage stuff from last night.  She had told her friend many times before to make sure everything was off before she went to sleep.  They had compromised on the gag thing but marks on her wrists and ankles were a bad thing since often when she stayed overnight she had to leave right in the morning to go to work.  Make up could cover up the marks left by the gag but her wrists and ankles were a bigger problem.  

Sammy reached down and unbuckled the leather cuffs from her ankles and dropped them on the floor next to the bed to be picked up later; thankfully they were not locked on.  Jenni came out of the bathroom reaching behind her head fiddling with the buckle of her gag as she walked.  It came loose and Jenni removed it completely and laid it on the dresser.  Sammy gave her friend a look and made a sound like a half grunt half whine into her gag.

“Oh right you probably what yours off as well huh?”  Jenni said with a smile her voice sounding like she just forgot or something. Sammy just stared at her friend with a mock sternness in her eyes.
“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.  Turn around,” Jenni said climbing up on the bed.  Sammy turned over still not wanting to get up just yet.  She felt Jenni manipulate the lock then the buckle as the gag came loose and then was pulled off.  Sammy worked her jaw a little and turned back over.
“Thanks, and what’s the big idea leaving the cuffs on me all night?”  Sammy said.
“I knew you didn’t work today and you looked so peaceful sleeping that I didn’t want to wake you to take them off.”  Jenni explained.
“Yeah right,” Sammy said sticking her tongue out at her friend whom just laughed and went back to mirror on the dresser.

“So what do you think we should do today?”  Jenni asked to the mirror messing with her hair getting ready for a shower, trying to decide if she wanted to wash the mass or not.
“Well if you are talking about your idea from last night.  I think we could do it I guess,” Sammy said not sounding convinced.
“Don’t make it sound like you are be sentenced or something,” Her friend laughed.  “It’ll be fun trust me.”
Doing that very thing had a tendency to get Sammy into some very strange and potential serious situations.

They both went about their morning rituals and soon were sitting down to a light breakfast.  The meal was in silence as Jenni was excited and Sammy still apprehensive. Once the dishes were done and put away Jenni looked up at the clock and smiled.  
“The mall is open,” She said simply.
“Has been for a couple of hours…holidays you know,” Sammy supplied.
“You ready?”  Jenni asked.
“I guess we should get it over with,” Sammy said only half feigning despair.  
“I swear I can’t take you anywhere.” Jenni said laughing as she bounded off to the bedroom.  

She came back in short order with both of their coats and a pair of handcuffs for each.  She handed the black ones to Sammy and kept the silver ones for herself.
“See we can stuff the arms of the coat into the pockets and hide our hands under the coat.  It is chilly outside so coats will not be the uncommon.” Jenni said with an excited tone.
“Yeah I guess that would work,” Sammy conceited.  She tucked the cuffs into her coat pocket as she got her coat on.
“Oh wait I almost forgot,” She went to the end table and picked up the phone and made a quick phone call.  Sammy couldn’t hear the message but it was obvious that she was talking to a machine.
“There now we are all set,” Jenni said breezing past Sammy to the front door.
“Who did you call?”   Sammy wanted to know.
“Just a friend,” Jenni said.  Sammy let it go at that as she walked out the front door.

They took Jenni’s car and drove the 10 minutes to the mall.  And after finding a parking place, which took forever and was still too far away by Sammy’s estimate, they sat in the car and looked at each other.
“Well here we are about to past the point of no return,” Jenni said eyes alight.  
“Yup.  Should we handcuff ourselves now or when we get in there?” Sammy asked.
“I would say when we get in there but we aren’t likely to find a spot to do it discreetly.”  Jenni said.  “And since there is a revolving door we can get out of the car and do it now and still get in.”

Sammy just nodded and got of the car and locked and shut the door.  Jenni joined her on her side of the car after locking her door.  They both pulled their arms out of the coat and stuffed the sleeves into the pockets making sure they won’t come out unless pulled.  The coats were then zipped up as far as they could get them to go with their hands on the inside. Then they looked at each other and pulled the cuffs out of the inside pockets of the coats they wore.  Sammy was looking like she was about to back out.
“You want me to do you?”  Jenni asked.
“No I can do it,” Sammy responded sounding like she was trying to convince herself.  Slowly she worked her hands behind her back and closed one cuff around one wrist and then taking a deep breathe she the closed the other cuff around her free wrist stealing her freedom from her.
“Turn around,”
“What you don’t believe me?” Sammy said in disgust.  But she turned around anyway.
“Huh…you did do it.  I am impressed,” Jenni said smiling about it as her friend turned back around pulling the coat back down over her hands.  Sammy scanned the parking lot looking to see if anyone was paying attention or not.  But the people that were parked this far down were too busy getting to where they were going to notice two women handcuffing themselves in the parking lot.  

Jenni was a lot quicker then her friend in securing her hands behind her back.  She smiled at her friend and turned around and showed her hands to Sammy to prove she to was really handcuffed.
“This is going to be fun!”  Jenni almost squealed like a little girl.  Sammy just rolled her eyes again.  As she pushed her way past her friend and headed toward the mall. The walk was a bit long and cold, both of their faces were cold a little red by the time they got to the revolving door.  They slipped into the flow of people traffic and got into the mall without mishap.  They got off to the side to start their little adventure.
“Ok we meet at the food court in 30 minutes with or without help,” Jenni said.  Sammy nodded and Jenni took off into the crowd as Sammy stayed where she was for a bit letting her mind think.

Her rational side was screaming at her like an old mother hen.  ‘What have you done now?’  She was thinking.  Here she was handcuffed in the middle of the mall and the only way out was to ask a complete stinger for help.  Or she could just wait here and meet Jenni at the Food Court and say she couldn’t find anyone.  But then her competitive nature took over.  She wasn’t competitive with anyone else but Jenni.  That is why she usually got into these situations with Jenni’s little adventures.  Though this was the first one that involved bondage and out in public like this.  She had to at least try.  So with that thought in mind she went out into the flow of traffic searching for someone she could approach.

Most of the guys that Sammy saw looked busy or had a girl attached to them.  Sammy wouldn’t even think of approaching a couple with this problem of hers but she wouldn’t put it past Jenni to do so.  While she was looking for a prospect Sammy kept trying to think of a way to ask for help.  She decided that best way to do it would be strike up a conversation and see if she could tell the mentality of the person she was talking to.  

About ten minutes into her search she saw a gentleman standing in front of a sporting goods store looking at the display in the window.  He was about 6 foot in height and of average build.  It didn’t look like he worked out but wasn’t at all flabby either.  He had short brown hair and his profile was that of a real looker.  Sammy thought she was falling in love, but to the business at hand.  She walked up to the window to stand next to the guy and pretended to look at the display as well.  She waited a few moments before speaking.

“Looking for someone or yourself?”  She asked.  The man glanced at her sidelong and then looked at her in the reflection of the window.
“For me really,” He said with a smile.
“Oh I see.  I am not really into sports that much.  I am just looking about for a friend,” Sammy lied like a cheap rug.
“Really what does this person like?”  He asked.
“Football really,” She said just picking one.
“Do they have a certain team?”  He asked.  Oh dear this one really stumped her.
“Uhm…the Tigers?”  She said.  The man chuckled.
“The Tigers are baseball,” He said matter of factly. 
“Oh yeah right,” She said blushing a little and looking away.

“Care to try again?  Or is there another reason we are standing here talking to each other?”  He said.  His tone wasn’t malious or anything it was just an honest question.
“Well since you found me out there is something I did want to ask,” Sammy said still not looking at the guy in the window.
“What would that be?”  He asked.
“Uhm…” She looked around and then looked at him.  “Can you help me with these?”  She asked quickly turning around and showing him her cuffed hands and just as quickly covering them back up and facing the window again.  She saw out of the corner of her eye that man didn’t even bat an eyelid at this sight.  She wasn’t sure whether to be worried about that or not.

“Well there is something you don’t see everyday,” He said his voice light.  “I am going to out on a limb here and say since you approached me first and not a security guard or something that you did this to yourself.  And I will also say that you are playing some sort of game and are not in any peril…is that correct?”
“Well yeah that is about the sum of it yes,” Sammy said a little sheepishly.  The man just shook his head and smiled.
“You know this a little dangerous right?”  He said stating the obvious.
“That’s what I told my friend but she is one of those people that once she gets an idea in her head and all,” Sammy said.  Then she realized that she might have said a little too much.  Now this caught his full attention.
“Good grief. You mean that are two of you like this roaming around?”  He said his smile getting broader.
“Shh,” She said hoping no one was listening.  “Yes there are two of us.”
“Ok, so now what.  What do we do now that I say yes?  Do I get to frisk you for the keys?”  He asked almost sounding serious.
“No, I am supposed to meet her back at the food court and she has the keys.”  Sammy said.
“Well ok then let’s go.” He said motioning for her to lead the way.  Sammy went ahead and made a beeline for the Food Court with the man in tow.  She then realized that she didn’t even know this gentleman’s name.  The crowd was thick and after almost getting separated a few times the guy laid a hand on her shoulder to slow her down so he could keep up without knocking people down.

Sammy was glad to see Jenni leaning up against a trashcan at the food court.  She was full of pride as well to see that her friend was alone and looking a little crestfallen.
“No luck?”  Sammy asked as she got close.
“No, no one wanted to help me.  Well not the way I wanted them to anyway.  Most thought they were on candid camera or something.”  Jenni said and then saw the man behind Sammy.  “But you seemed to have found a knight in shinning armour.”
“Yes you could say that,” Sammy said.  “Jenni this is…oh my I don’t know your name,” Sammy said giggling.
“James,” He said not extending his hand.
“I am Sammy and this is Jenni,” She nodding to her friend starting the introductions over.
“Sorry for not shaking hands,” Jenni said with a smile.  James just smiled back.
“Yeah speaking of that.  Tell him where the keys are so we can get out of this.”  Sammy requested.
“Well, yeah you see there is where my surprise comes in,” Jenni said.  

A feeling of dread came over Sammy and James just looked amused and little confused.
“What?”  Sammy asked.
“Well I don’t have the keys,”
“You don’t have them?”  Sammy almost growled.  “You had better be joking.”
“No if I were joking I would say a priest and a…”
“Don’t even go there!”  Sammy said.  “Just how do you propose we get out of this?”
“He drives us home to get the keys,” Jenni said simply.
“You had better be glad I don’t have the use of my hands,” Sammy said.  James chuckled.
“What if I said I didn’t have time?”  James said.  

The look on Jenni’s face said that she hadn’t thought of that particular possibility.
“Well…I…I mean we would…you do have the time right?”  She asked.
“Well it is the holidays and such most people are pretty busy,” He said tongue in cheek.
“Oh please?”  Sammy said pleading a little.  She didn’t want to try to find someone else again.
“You two ladies are in luck I am free today.  That is the whole reason I am out here to begin with.”  James said.
“Great then you can take us back to our home and get the keys?”  Jenni asked.
“I suppose so.  Follow me.”  He said.  

He quickly found out that is better to keep a hold of the two women as they walked.  He had an arm around each of their shoulders as they headed out of the mall and back out in to the chill air.  Once they got to his car Sammy got a little frightened.
“Wait,” Sammy said as he started to unlock the door.
“What?”  Jenni said almost whining.
“What are we doing?  No offense James but we don’t know this guy.  I mean if we get into his car he could take us anywhere.”  Sammy said. 

 James didn’t seem to take offense at all.
“Sound thought…she is right,” James said.
“Well he could but there are two things in our favor Sammy.  One if he deviates from our instructions and starts to go somewhere we can still attract attention from other motorists the he passes or sits next to at a stoplight.  And two you remember that message I left?  It was to a friend of mine that I asked to come by about 7pm tonight.  She will think something is up if I am not there and start looking for me.”  Jenni explained.
“All so sound thought,” James agreed.
“Whose side are you on?”  Sammy asked with a laugh.
“Just pointing things out.  Jenni has thought most of this though other than the fact that both of you may not have found anyone to help you.  As far as the guy taking you home, this part was dangerous, but having a safety person to check on you is good.  Not too mention the fact if you two wanted to attract attention you could so easily at any moment since my windows are not tinted or anything.”  James said in a lecturing type tone.
“Yeah see, all safe.  Now are we going to get into this car or stand here freezing to death?”  Jenni said hopping up and down.  
“Well all right,” Sammy relented.  

James unlocked the door and ducked in and got a ballpoint pen and unlocked both passenger doors.  He then went around to other side and stood behind each of the women and grabbed Jenni’s chain to the handcuffs raising her coat to get at them.
“Hey! What are you doing?”  She asked.
“Just seeing what kind of cuffs you have here.  Ah good you didn’t go for the cheap ones.”  James said as he used the tip of the pen to push in the double locking mechanism on the cuff.
“What do you mean?”  Sammy asked trying to see what James was doing.
“These cuffs have a double lock.  Meaning they will not tighten any more once a small button is pushed.  I would hate to go over a bump or something and they tighten to tight since you are sitting on them.”  James said as he re-adjusted Jenni’s coat and then double locked Sammy’s cuffs.  Then he opened the front door and helped Jenni in and the back door for Sammy.

Once the ladies were in the car the all three headed out.  During the ride there they got to talking and James revealed to them that he liked bondage as well.  Which was the reason he was pretty un-phased by all of this.  He recognized a game being played when he saw it.  He followed their instructions to the two-story house and parked in the driveway.  He got out and helped them both out of the car.  Jenni told him where the spare key was and he unlocked the door and they all went inside.  James took off their coats and hung them up on the wall.  He then looked about the entrance hall and nodded.
“Not a bad place,” He said.  “Whose is it?”
“Mine,” Jenni said waving her hand from behind her back.  
“I see…now where are those keys at?”  James asked.  
“This way,” Jenni said as she head down the hall and up the stairs.  Sammy was somewhat horrified to see that she was heading toward the bedroom where they played often.
“In there…if you would,” Jenni said tapping the door with a toe.  James took the hint and turned the knob and let the ladies in first.

The room at first glance would look like a normal bedroom.  Unless you knew the assorted bolts and hooks about the wall and ceiling beam were not for plants or paintings or clothes.  James stood in the doorway and took into the room.  It was still just a little mussed from when they had left this morning since no one bothered to straighten it up at all.  But other than that it was clean and well kept.
“Well this room has possibilities,” James said approvingly.
“Yes it does at that,” Jenni said giggling a little.
“Jen where are the keys?”  Sammy said whining a little.
“Oh over there in the top drawer if our knight in shinning armour would be as so kind,” Jenni asked all sugary.
“Sure thing,” He said as he walked over to the dresser and retrieved the keys.  He walked back over and stopped looking at the two women.
“What?”  Sammy asked sounding a little worried about his hesitation.
“Well I was just thinking.  I will let you out if you want, but I have feeling that you two want more.  Am I correct?”  James asked looking at each of them in turn.
Sammy didn’t like that idea at all, but Jenni on the other got the widest smile on her face.
“What did you have in mind?”  Jenni asked batting her eyelashes at him.  

James just smiled as he thought about how to say what he wanted to say.


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