Bondage stories
Gromet's plaza
by Studbound
© 2002 - Studbound - Used by permission

 by Studbound

A fantasy can't be denied
She agreed and she happily complied
And when she was done
He was having great fun
As he spent all day gagged and hog-tied

From the time he was still very young
He thought bondage looked like great fun
Tho he schemed and he tried
To get himself tied
He failed to get the job done

In a movie or on the TV
If he saw someone tied completely
It made his heart race
Brought a smile to his face
And he thought, "How I wish it was me."

Then he met the right girl of his dreams
Her smile was the thing of moon beams
She was smart, she was coy
She could have any boy
But she had him ensnared in her schemes

She was proper and often quite meek
Of his fetish he dared not to speak
Of how he would love
To be bound by this Dove
But afraid she would think him a freak

One day he let his guard sag
She found pictures he'd hid in a bag
Of men tied by wives
For the time of their lives
And the cat was then out of the bag

With fear in his heart he explained
Of his desire to be fully restrained
But there was a big must
To find someone of trust
It had yet to be done, he complained

He explained, this is my fantasy
It would be the first time for me
Tie me up for the day
I'll be out of the way
And release me about half past three

With his breath held he watched her with hope
With his desire she would feel she could cope
She waited a while
Then said with a smile
Go out and buy us some rope

In life he was often a prude
But when tied up he asked to be nude
For bondage he chose
To shed all his clothes
When trussed up he hoped it'd feel good

To his wish she never objected
His fantasy she happily respected
He was thrilled as she bound him
The tight ropes surround him
Her zeal for the task unsuspected

The gag was the best thing of all
She started by putting in a ball
And then round and round
The duct tape she wound
When she finished he couldn't talk at all

His prick she cinched up with a lasso
She tied up his testicles too
If he squirmed much at all
Strings pulled at each ball
And stretched out his dick it was true.

The bondage was really first rate
But he saw it was getting quite late
As his job he must keep
So he needed some sleep
As he had to arrive there by eight

At bedtime he grunted his plea
The signal meant "Please untie me,"
He listened with fear
She said, "Not tonight, Dear, In the morning I might
set you free."

A year ago she was his bride
Now she showed him her dominant side
Always quiet and shy
Now came fire in her eye
As she kept him all gagged and hog tied

On his forehead she gave him a kiss
Bondage brings him such pleasure and bliss
Tho he begs to be freed
She knows that his need
Is to spend many hours just like this

So she vows he'll remain gagged and bound
While the hour hand goes round and round
He will struggle and squirm
He looks like a worm
With his mouth taped he can't make much sound

"In your game I have made some new findings
You'll stay bound despite all of your whinings
Remember this rule, write it large,
When you're all tied up, I am in charge."
This she said, as she tightened his bindings

"Now lie still and be quiet," she hissed,
Then she smiled, and once he'd been kissed
Though he squirmed with great might
She was deaf to his plight
Like it or not, he had got what he wished

All night he struggled in vain
She had tied him quite well it was plain
The gag was effective
No knot was defective
All he got was a bad case of strain.

In the morning he tried and he tried
To tell her he must be untied
The gag was so good
No word understood
She laughed as he mumphed and then sighed

The call to his boss had been quick
"I'm sorry," she said, "he's quite sick
He lays on the bed
Can hardly move his head"
They hoped his recovery would be quick

His bound cock she gave a firm tweak
She said, "You'll stay tied up all week
Your limits we'll test
You'll stay bound with no rest
For I know long term bondage you seek.

His protests were very sincere
On his face she clearly saw fear
The ropes kept their shape
Reinforced with duct tape
She could keep him a week or a year!

"Your moaning won't help you a bit"
She said, "you might just as well quit
Long term bondage you sought
Now you've got what you want
So relax and enjoy it, you twit!"

She played with his dick all day long
And tickled his balls right along
She added more twine
Bound his genitals fine
And kept his erection so strong

His needs she met as they came
But the gag and the rope did remain
He tried to get free
Every way he could see
But his bondage remained just the same

For peeing a cup did the trick
Held up to his well tied-up prick
And just for effect
She made him erect
By playing with his bound balls and dick

She fed him each day just at nine
To talk while being fed was a crime
And after the snack
The gag went right back
To fight it would mean no next time

After two days he felt very taxed
But the ropes she never relaxed
On into day three
He stayed tied up you see
She was giving him much more than he'd asked

When a friend came to visit she sighed
In a closet she stuffed him to hide
He struggled in side
In the tight gag he cried
When the guest left he still was hog tied

He stayed bound and gagged one more night
This ordeal now filled him with fright
On past day four
He squirmed on the floor
And still no release was in sight

A sunny day five did arrive
He was trussed up but still quite alive
He continued to nag
Moaning into his gag
No release could he seem to contrive

She went shopping to get them some food
That chance to get free cheered his mood
He squirmed and he tried
But escape was denied
As she's tied him and gagged him too good

On day five she said with a smile
We'll try something new in a while
Something that I 
Have wanted to try
Although some people think it's quite vile

On his genitals she let hot wax drip
She let it get thicker and thick
And finally inside 
Both the rope and his hide
Made three bulges that hardened quite quick

"Your phallus is now well endowed
Your balls each look like a cloud
In a Speedo you'd be
Every small man's envy
That basket would make a man proud

As he looked at his wax covered prick
All erect under wax quite so thick
With the rope still inside
His cock and balls tied
Getting out of it will be a trick

"With that wax on your prick you can't pee
So tomorrow I should set you free
But you stay tied up tonight
Till the time is just right
I might change my mind, don't you see."

On the sixth day she smiled at his plight
"It's great having you tied up so tight
She brought on more wax
For his chest and his back
"Would you like to spend just one more night?"

He mumphed in his gag, "No, No, No!"
Please, please right away let me go
But the gag held on tight
No words came out right
So he feared she'd go on with the show

He continued to beg, Oh No!
Please, Please, Oh Please let me go
I must go to work
My job I can't shirk
I've been gone a full week now you know

So slowly she finally set him free
It seemed that it took an eternity
The tape to unwind
The rope to unbind
Now released from the bondage fraternity

On day six at last he was free
She begged, "Please, please don't be angry
You asked for all day
I got carried away
Keeping you bound gave great pleasure to me!

Bits of wax still clung to his hair
And deep rope marks remained everywhere
He was stiff and so sore
But in bondage no more
And he needed a shower and beard care

Now released he asked for some gin
Six full days his bondage had been
And after a while 
He said with a smile
"I can't wait until we do it again!"


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