Gromet's Plaza
Lightening can strike twice or more!
by D.L. Leeming
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© Copyright 2016 - D.L. Leeming - Used by permission
Storycodes: FMM/mf; burglary; capture; bond; rope; gag; chairtie; bdsm; cbt; femdom; cd; fem; video; hum; blackmail; torture; diapers; suppositories; messy; prostate; denial; mast; sex; nc; XXX
Lightening can strike twice or more! D.L. Leeming FMM/mf; burglary; capture; bond; rope; gag; chairtie; bdsm; cbt; femdom; cd; fem; video; hum; blackmail; torture; diapers; suppositories; messy; prostate; denial; mast; sex; nc; XXX

Part 1

Tony and Jenny lived what they considered an idyllic life. Tony was 35 years old, 2m tall and good looking, he worked as an Investment banker in the City of London and Jenny was a P.A. to the CEO of a pharmaceutical company based near Paddington in London. She was two years his junior, slim with long auburn hair.

When they married 5 years ago they bought a small flat in Notting Hill. A couple of years later Tony received a substantial bonus and they decided to move to the country where they purchased a former estate worker’s cottage about 10 miles outside Oxford. Commuting was easy for both of them and the pressures of their work seemed to disappear as they headed home. The cottage had been in need of a serious amount of repair and refurbishment, but now they had a home they were proud of, and it was one they could show off whenever their friends came to stay, which was quite often.

They never thought the location was isolated; they lived in Oxfordshire so they were not far from anything, however their nearest neighbours were half a mile away which was not a problem ... at least it wasn’t until one fateful night in November.

3am to 4am

Tony glanced at his watch when the minicab pulled off the main road onto the track leading up to his house in the woods, it was nearly 3am. He was beginning to wish that he had used the toilet before leaving the bar where he had been watching the football match with his mates from the Investment Bank.

He hadn’t realised how much he had drunk as they celebrated their team’s win, or how late it was, and the toilet on the train from Paddington was out of order, but it didn't matter as he was only minutes from home now.

The cab pulled up at the gate and Tony noticed both the upstairs and downstairs lights were on, which was odd as Jenny didn’t normally wait up for him. He paid the cab driver and rushed to the front door getting his key out on the way, keen to go to straight to the toilet. The cab disappeared into the darkness as he opened the front door and stepped into the hall. ‘Hi love, I'm home’, he called, but there was no answer.

Rather than going to the toilet, he walked into the lounge looking for her, and was grabbed from behind by what felt like a gorilla. A knife was held to his throat and voice in his ear told him to keep quiet and not to struggle. He looked around the room and saw a huge pile of their stuff; TV’s, PCs, cameras, tools and even clothes.

He called out for Jenny and was rewarded with a fist slamming into his stomach and he collapsed to the floor doubled up in pain. A boot landed in the same place, driving the air from him. As he lay retching, a balaclava covered head leaned over him and a woman’s voice hissed; ‘next time obey our orders without question.’

The woman grabbed his coat and dragged him up from the floor and pushed him into the kitchen where he collapsed when she let go of him. He looked up and saw Jenny sitting on a chair. She looked dishevelled and had clearly been crying. Her long auburn hair, normally tied up when she went to bed, was hanging loose partly concealing a gag, which seemed to be one of their dishcloths, tied between her lips. She was wearing just the short white silk nightie he had bought her for her recent birthday. She looked at him wide-eye and tried to speak but it only came out as a “mmpfh” through her gag.

He got up to go to her, but was slammed down onto one of the other kitchen chairs and his wrists tied behind him with a loop passing through the rail to prevent him getting up again. ‘Jenny, are you OK? What’s going on?’ he cried.

The woman, who appeared to be in charge, answered; ‘it's really simple bonehead. We're robbing you, and your wife has been helping us locate everything of value. She was most cooperative after we had explained what would happen to her if she wasn’t, but there is just a one tiny problem. She says she can't transfer your funds electronically from your bank to ours in Cyprus because she doesn’t have the password. Clearly you know it … so what is it?’

Tony looked round the room and saw for the first time that there were three intruders, all wearing balaclavas and one piece coveralls like he’d seen on CSI. He looked over to Jenny, who shook her head and looked away; ‘look just take our stuff and leave, but I'm not doing anything with our funds that's all we have’, he said, trying to sound convincing.

‘Oh dear, we didn't have you down as a brave one, but never mind, we have a few hours to convince you before the bank opens at 9am local time which is 7am here. The statements we found tell us you have £20,000 easily accessible.’

‘Our colleague expects to go into our bank in Nicosia and withdraw the funds you will have transferred to our dummy account - of course we will be withdrawing it as cash straight away, thanks to our friendly bank manager, so the police won’t be able to trace it, and don’t go thinking they can trace us through the account, there are such things as forged documents you know.’

‘Still we respect your right to silence, but we'll change your mind have no fear.’ She crossed the room to Jenny and said; ‘now we could start with you’, and with that she ripped the expensive silk nightie down to her waist, grabbed her exposed tits and squeezed them hard, causing Jenny to scream into her gag.

Tony leapt from the chair, and promptly fell over as he forgot he was tied to it; ‘you bastard leave her alone’, he screamed.

‘You're right’, she said, ‘perhaps we’ll give you a little time to think about what you really should do, and you might reflect on what we might do if you don’t make the right decision.’ The two hooded men lifted Tony and the chair off the floor, and set the chair back on its legs with Tony still firmly tied to it.

‘Please may I use the bathroom, I really need to go and then we can talk’, he said.

‘Oh we haven’t got time for that, but I can help you out’, she replied, with a laugh. She reached out and ripped his shirt open and then pulled his pants and shorts off. ‘Tie his feet’, she ordered. One of the men pulled his socks off and tied his ankles to the chair legs with rope, and then cut his coat off, along with the tattered remains of his shirt, leaving him naked.

The girl returned to the kitchen with a black holdall. 'The solution to your problem is really quite simple', she said, pulling out a pack of adult diapers.

‘I'm not wearing one of those’, Tony protested.

‘'Oh please, one of you shut him up’, she said, and as Tony tried to protest further, a rolled up dishcloth was tied across his mouth matching his wife’s gag.

The two men lifted him up off the seat which allowed her to slide the diaper under his arse before pulling it through his legs and taping it in place with the tabs provided. ‘There, your problem is solved, now it’s over to you ... you don't mind if we watch and video it do you?’ she said, producing a camera phone.

Tony hadn't been kidding when he said he needed to go, and the pressure of the diaper was the last straw, overcoming his natural desire to hold on. The camera captured the moisture tape on the diaper turning blue and Tony's face turning red with embarrassment. ‘One up to us in the blackmail stakes I think. You might find that posted online if you don’t co-operate’, she gloated, putting the phone away.

4am to 6 am

‘Find his laptop’, she ordered. It didn't take long one of the men to locate it from the pile in the lounge. ‘Now let’s have the password’, she said. Tony glanced at Jenny and shook his head.

‘Hmm, it's a shame for you that you are miles from anywhere. They do say that in space no-one can hear you scream, and certainly no-one is coming to help you here, so you're either brave or foolish’, she said, ‘I could allow my associates to have their way with your lovely wife or indeed you, but I think you have already guessed that our attire is to ensure none of our DNA is left at the scene, so that probably means you think you have the upper hand, but you couldn’t be more wrong.’

She walked over to Jenny and untied her from the chair and tipped her onto the floor. Jenny’s scream as her head hit the hard kitchen floor was muted by the gag but still quite loud. Tony tried to break free to help her, but as he was held fast to the chair and all he could do was watch as the girl landed on top of Jenny, sat astride her, with her knees pinning Jenny's arms to the floor and her arse grinding down on her gagged mouth further muffling her screams.

She leaned forward and tore away the tattered remains of the nightie. Tony struggled against the bonds and all he could do was ‘mmpfh’ through the cloth gagging him. The girl stared into his eyes as she cut the white satin panties from Jenny, leaving her stark naked.

‘Look at you, the hard man prepared to see his wife suffer for a measly £20,000 and you, sitting there tied, gagged and in a droopy wet diaper ... what a pathetic sight you make. Well watch and weep.’ Without warning she plunged three fingers deep inside Jenny’s cunt. Jenny bucked underneath her and her muted screams rose in pitch as the girl rotated her fingers and played first with Jenny’s labia lips and then plunged deeper inside. Still watching Tony, she sensed the change in his expression and suddenly stopped; ‘take his gag out’, she commanded.

‘Ok you win just leave my wife alone’, he said, after he had lubricated his mouth enough to speak.

‘Sensible man’, she said, ‘give him his laptop. She stays where she is until you transfer the money.’ His wrists were untied and Tony sat with the laptop on his knees, trying to ignore the wet diaper he was sitting in, and logged on to his account, he knew he was beaten. One of the men typed in the transfer account details and with a resigned look Tony transferred the full £20,000.

‘Well done, you see how easy that was’, she said, ‘what a shame you didn't do that at the start. Still we have several hours to wait until we can collect the money, so plenty of time for you to pay for that misjudgement.’

‘I’ve done what you asked’, pleaded Tony, ‘please, for god's sake, leave us alone.’

‘No I don't think so’, she said, her voice turning cold, ‘take him to the bathroom, whilst I look after this one and gag him again, I think we've heard enough of his whining.’ The sodden dishcloth was tied across his mouth again and the two men dragged him out of the room.

‘Now my dear let’s make you comfortable and you and I can get better acquainted.’

Tony was dragged up the stairs to the bathroom where he was made to sit on the floor and his hands were retied behind his back. Five minutes passed and the girl appeared looking slightly flushed.

‘Get him out of that wet diaper’, she commanded. Tony was soon naked and was embarrassed to find he had an erection, something that didn't go un-noticed by the girl. ‘I didn't give you permission to enjoy this', she said, smacking the erect tool and causing him to cry out in pain.

She picked up the shower attachment and unscrewed the head and nodded to the two men and, whilst they held him down, she grabbed Tony’s jaw, undid the gag and pushed the hose into his mouth and turned it on, not caring whether it was warm or cold.

Tony fought to get away, but they were too strong, and so he either swallowed or choked. Some water poured out and soon he was sitting in a puddle, but he drank most of it. The flow seemed to go on forever, so he didn’t know how much he had been forced to drink, but judging by his distended belly it could have been several litres.

Finally the water was turned off and as he spluttered, the gag was reapplied; ‘now we know the consequences of drinking too much’, she purred in his ear, whilst holding up a fresh diaper, ‘but first there is the little matter of your excited state.’

She pushed him down onto the floor and spread his legs. ‘A man derives pleasure from his cock being played with’, she said, as she started to stroke his erect member, carefully pulling back his foreskin and playing with the tip of his cock, noting the muted sounds of pleasure coming from him.

Suddenly she stopped; ‘but there is another way that generates somewhat less pleasure, but with a similar end result.’ She pushed her index finger into his rectum ignoring the reflex muscle tightening and rotated it until she found his prostate gland. Once homed in, she ruthlessly massaged and played with it, noting the pre-cum leaking from his cock, and finally with no ejaculation, cum pooled on his chest and she withdrew her finger.

‘Prostate milking with no pleasure for the male whatsoever… I love it!’ She didn’t bother to clean up the pool of semen, she simply taped the diaper in place, yanked him to his feet and dragged him back to the kitchen and tied him back on the chair.

His wife was still lying on the floor, still gagged, but now tied hand and foot and she too was wearing a diaper. She looked even more dishevelled and tear stained than the last time he had seen her, and Tony wondered what had happened.

Jenny looked up at him in despair and the girl interpreted Tony’s look; ‘your wife and I got acquainted, and I showed her a good time, probably better than you have ever done. It’s a girly thing’, she said, turning to the men 'take her upstairs and repeat the process.’

The two men simply picked Jenny up and carried her out of the room like a roll of carpet. 'You had some pleasure upstairs, now comes the embarrassment of filling another diaper which will come really soon and the great thing is you won’t be able to prevent it.’

She walked behind him as she talked, and picked up another dishcloth and folded into a broad band. ‘For now its lights out', she said, as she blindfolded him with it.

Sometime later he heard, rather than saw, Jenny being brought back in, and from the sounds he gathered she was being tied to the chair next to him. Her muted sobbing confirmed she was still gagged and suggested she too had been subjected to the water torture.

He didn’t know how long had elapsed, but finally a seemingly never ending flow of warm liquid filled his diaper. He felt some of it dribbling out and dripping down his legs and sensed his face colour again with embarrassment.

The intruders had clearly been quietly watching events because the blindfold was removed straightway, and as he blinked he saw Jenny with an equally soaking wet diaper, and the girl capturing everything on her camera. ‘Well done to both of you - amazingly you both wet yourselves almost at the same time, another one for the internet I think.’

Now we need to get ready to go, but first we will load up the van with your stuff and check round that we haven’t missed anything of value.’ So saying they all disappeared and whilst they were alone, Tony tried to inch his chair over to Jenny to see if her ropes could be untied. He tried to tell her what to do but the gag was quite effective.

He managed to manoeuvre his chair behind hers and started to work on the knots holding her wrists. His fingers were numb and he had only got one knot undone when they intruders reappeared. 'Oh dear', said the girl, 'that wasn’t a good move.’ We were minded to just leave you tied like that for the next few hours until our colleague confirms he has the money, but now I think we can pass the time more profitably, at least for us.’

The men pulled the two chairs apart and the girl picked up a pair of kitchen scissors. ’now we’ve taken your possessions and soon we will have your money, so what else could we do to torment a couple who both refused to play ball?’ she wondered out loud.

She answered her own question; ‘I know, take away your dignity.’ She grabbed Jenny’s prized long hair and hacked it off leaving short jagged tuffs, ignoring both their screams; ‘Oh dear, I never was much good with hair cutting, what a shame you had such nice hair. Maybe I should shave you completely … there’s a thought.’

Jenny glared at her and shook her head, but could do nothing to prevent her. The girl dismissed the idea and instead pulled the tapes from the wet diaper and ripped it off her. ‘I helped your husband with his frustration now it’s your turn again.’

Jenny knew what was coming and tried to close her legs but the ropes held firm. One finger quickly found Jenny’s g-spot and massaged it relentlessly until she climaxed harder than the last time. Cum dribbled out of her vagina, staining the chair seat, and drool fell from her mouth round the sodden gag. ‘Well done my dear, I think you enjoyed that. You must thank me for teaching you.’ ‘Now what can we do with you my little hero?’ she said turning to Tony.

‘Find a razor and some shaving foam’, she ordered one of the men. To the other she said; ‘get him on the floor.’ Tony was untied, the diaper removed, and he was forced to lie face up on the cold floor. The man returned with a disposable razor and a can of shaving foam. The girl took charge and, with the two men holding his legs, she shaved his genitals including deep into his bum crack.

She had clearly done this before, because she expertly stretched his flaccid member to allow the razor to completely shave both his cock and balls without drawing blood. ‘Clean him up’ she commanded. The foam was wiped off with a kitchen towel.

‘Now perhaps we should send a compromising photo or two to your mates’, she mused, ‘find his phone.’ While one of the men stood guard, the other went to look for Tony’s phone, and the girl disappeared into the lounge. The phone was quickly found, and proved to be unlocked, so sending a photo to his contacts would be easy.

The girl returned with some clothes she had sorted out from the pile. ‘Now I think that an embarrassing photo should include the subject dressed up in a compromising way, so put these on’, she said, tossing the heap to him.

Tony shook his head and tried to say through the gag; ‘I’ll be damned if I do.’ The girl clearly understood his response; she turned and punched Jenny in the stomach. Jenny retched into her gag and would have fallen off the chair had she not been tied to it, her eyes glazed over and her head sank as she absorbed the sudden shock.

Tony stood up quickly and picked up the clothes. He pulled the short white silk baby doll outfit he had bought Jenny last valentine’s day over his head. The hem only reached his stomach. White stockings followed, which he clipped to a suspender belt. The final item was a pair of her brief silk panties which, on him, did nothing to hide his now erect cock. He stood waiting for the girl to take the photo but she wasn’t finished.

‘No, let’s loose the gag because that doesn’t look right.’ When the dishcloth was untied, she produced some red lipstick and plastered his lips with it and then pulled his erect cock out of the leg of the panties so that it stood proud. ‘Still not embarrassing enough’, she said.

She went to the fridge and returned with a fresh whole chicken which she unwrapped and gave to Tony; ‘hump it’, she commanded. Tony glanced at his wife, taking in the jagged edges of her hacked hair, shook his head and pushed his erect penis into the empty cavity of the bird.

The girl moved round with the camera to find the perfect place to capture him; dressed in a baby doll dress, lipstick on, stockings and suspenders, cock sticking out from silk panties, fucking a chicken. ‘Lovely’, she said, ‘that’s one to send to your mates later.’

6am - 7am

‘Now only an hour or so until we hear that we have your money, so it’s time to prepare you for when we leave. Take them upstairs to their bedroom, whilst I collect some things.' She joined them in their bedroom carrying a funnel, two large containers of liquid and her holdall.

‘I know this is an isolated location, but we can’t have you calling out and anyway a good gag adds to the overall package I think', she said. 'Guys, find something to better to gag them both with, and get rid of that outfit he’s wearing.’ One of the men riffled through the dresser drawers and came back with several expensive Hermes silk scarves and two pairs of panties, whilst the other stripped Tony of Jenny’s clothes.

‘When we leave, we need plenty of time to make good our escape, so we can't have you calling the police, which, by the way means you will have to walk to your nearest neighbour, as of course we have cut the phone line and we’ll be taking your phones. You’ll have to do that naked, as we will also be taking all your clothes and shoes and of course your car, so that should be fun for you and them when they answer the door’, she explained.

‘You’ll be left tied and gagged, but because you tried to withhold the money, your time alone will be far from pleasurable and of course we will only leave once we get the phone call confirming our man has withdrawn your money’, she said. ‘Clearly we wouldn't want to be responsible for you dehydrating before you are found, or indeed get free, if that proves possible.’

‘Doctor’s advice is always to drink plenty and I can help you there’, she said, picking up a container of yellow liquid and a funnel. She made Tony kneel down, and inserted the funnel into his mouth. Tony realised from the last time that it would be impossible to resist the flow of liquid so, trying not to gag on the foul tasting brew, he consumed the entire container.

‘Good boy, you are finally learning to behave. Now let’s look at the gag and see what we can do to silence you properly.’ She balled up a pair of Jenny’s panties and a scarf and stuffed them into Tony’s mouth. The wad proved difficult to force in, but she managed it, cramming it into every space with her fingers.

She then folded another scarf and tied a big knot in the middle. The knot also went into his mouth and as she tied it tightly round his neck, the knot forced the panties and scarf wadding deeper into his mouth ensuring his silence.

Jenny suffered the same fate with the other container of liquid but wasn’t regagged. ‘What you have consumed is water, but with bottle of cod liver oil I found in your cupboard, and I might have “accidentally” tipped some of a bottle of vodka I found as well so, guess what will happen soon’, she giggled.

‘Let’s make our love birds more comfortable, after all they will be together for a while, so it seems only fair that we make sure they stay together and even have a little fun along the way.’ She pushed Jenny onto her knees in front of Tony; ‘your turn my dear, make him erect!’

With her hands tied, Jenny looked in despair to Tony, but he nodded, so she placed her mouth round his penis, gagging on the taste of urine and chicken, and sucked and licked his member. He quickly became erect, but there was to be no relief as the girl pulled Jenny’s head back. ‘Not yet you little whore, your fun will come later. First a little torment is in order to punish you both for your lack of co-operation, well actually quite a lot of torment to take your minds taking off trying to escape, at least for a while.’

Jenny was pulled to her feet and pushed against Tony facing him. The two men pressed Tony’s shoulders down, forcing him to bend his knees slightly, which allowed the girl to reach between their legs and insert Tony’s erect cock penis into Jenny’s wet cunt. Once fully embedded, Tony was allowed to stand and his cock remained in her vagina as both he and Jenny were similar heights. One of the guys wrapped two turns of duct tape around their middles, binding them together so that they couldn’t separate.

‘Now we don’t want to leave any evidence behind so we won’t be tying you with our rope, but fortunately Jenny it seems you like silk scarves, so we’ll start with them, which is a shame as we were going to steal them.’

Jenny’s wrists were released, and the girl rolled up one of Jenny’s expensive Hermes scarves and pulled her arms around Tony’s waist. She tied them tightly them with the scarf, ensuring it was crossed between her wrists as well to tighten the loop further. Jenny was now hugging Tony tightly and soon his wrists were secured in the same way behind her back. More scarves were used to tie their elbows together.

‘We need something a little longer than a scarf to tie them together’, the girl said, disappearing from the room and returning shortly with a sheet. Long strips were torn from it, twisted and then used to wrap round both their upper bodies, reducing their room for movement further. Jenny was then gagged in the same way as Tony, only it took even more effort to cram the wadding in to her small mouth.

‘That’s much better’, said the girl, ‘but still a bit too much movement for my liking.’ She forced their heads together so that, had they not been gagged they would have been kissing, and held them in that position by winding duct tape around their heads. ‘Bet you’re glad you don’t have long hair otherwise that would be hell to get off’, she gloated.

If Jenny and Tony thought she had finished, they were about to find out how wrong they were. The girl had brought a ball of string from the kitchen and she now tied a loop tightly round Tony’s balls and pulled it up to Jenny’s bound wrists ensuring his balls were pulled cruelly backwards before tying it to her wrist bonds, Now any movement of Jenny’s hands would add to the strain he was already feeling.

‘It won’t be long before your full bladders grab your attention, but I don’t see why that should be limited to just your bladders.’ She held up a pack of ducolax suppositories; ‘the pack says to use one, but as neither of you co-operated I think we should use two’, she said, with a menacing laugh. Using a gloved finger she pushed two tablets past their sphincter muscles ensuring each was deep inside their rectums.

She then picked up a slim vibrator to which she tied two pieces of string. ‘We don't want the passion to go from this embrace too soon’, she giggled, as she lodged the vibrator above his balls. It was fairly well held in place by their tightly bound stomachs, but to ensure it couldn’t slip she tied it tightly to his balls with the string.

‘I have always found that a man’s nipples can be a under-utilised route to pleasure, or indeed pain, just as it can with women’s breasts and it seems a shame to ignore such areas.’ She produced two scouring pads which she bent double and forced, with some difficulty, between their bodies, taking time to make sure that each one sat exactly over their respective nipples. ‘I wonder if it will work’, she said, grabbing Jenny’s left boob and massaging it up and down. The look of pain in Jenny’s eyes and the muted scream from her well stuffed mouth confirmed it did.

‘As well as passion, you will have worked out that you will pee and shit as well, and it would be a real shame to have you miss out on the pleasure of lying in your own waste, but obviously coupled in this way you can’t each wear a diaper. But you are in luck because we came prepared with an XXL high capacity diaper and as you are both quite slim we should be able to get it around both of you.’

One of the men held the huge diaper against Tony’s arse and forced the very thick material through both their legs and the girl pulled it up into place covering Jenny’s arse. Tony sensed the material was much thicker than the diapers he had worn earlier. The tapes just about secured it, but to make sure the men added a turn of duct tape around the top.

'Right onto the bed with them’, she said. It took all three of them to manhandle the embracing couple onto the bed. Their ankles, knees and thighs were then tied together with more scarves, and two more strips from the sheet secured them both to the head and foot boards, ensuring they couldn't roll off.

Tony lay face up on the bed with Jenny face down on top of him. The girl reached under the elasticated leg of the diaper to check that Tony was still erect and still embedded, and then switched on the vibrator. Nothing happened, but what the couple didn’t know was that it was a variable speed, programmable model that would vary its intensity over time.

At that moment a cell phone rung and a quick conversation confirmed the funds had been transferred and withdrawn as cash with no trouble. It was time to go. She turned to look at the immobile couple; ‘enjoy your time in each other’s arms; you’re in for a wild ride. Hopefully Tony is still erect and you my dear can practice bringing him off just with your cunt muscles, with a little help from my vibrator of course, which, by the way you can keep as a souvenir.’

‘In the back of your mind, whilst having your pleasure, will be the knowledge of what comes next, but of course you are powerless to prevent nature taking its course.’ She patted the giant diaper; ‘you'll not only get to feel him cum inside you, but he’ll probably pee inside you later as well, and then, well I guarantee an explosive climax of the type neither of you has ever experienced.’

‘I don’t imagine even this diaper will hold everything, so your mattress will probably be ruined. I think we need one more photo for the album before we go, and don’t think I have forgotten to send the picture to your phone contacts, I’ll do that as we are leaving and if you care to check any number of ABDL websites tomorrow you just might find videos and photos of you, of course I can’t be bothered to blank off your faces sorry.’

‘Just a word of warning, don’t think of telling anyone about what really happened tonight, otherwise you will regret it’, she said, menacingly. ‘I think as we’ve done such a good job tying you I think it’s highly unlikely you will get free, so we will be nice to you and call the police at some point; maybe later today or possibly tomorrow.’

‘Right guys gather up all the spare clothing and let’s go’; and with that the intruders turned the light off and closed the door.

7am to the following morning

The vibrator did its work rather too quickly, and Tony shot his load inside Jenny with a little help from Jenny flexing her cunt muscles. As they writhed on the bed during the climax, they both rubbed their nipples raw on the scouring pads, but the pain was deadened by the alcohol they had consumed and that also relaxed them both more than they knew.

Time passed and the inevitable happened. Both of them lost the battle to hold their bladders at pretty much the same time. The large diaper absorbed a lot of liquid but some leaked out and soaked into the mattress. It wasn’t long before there was an enormous fart and first Tony and then Jenny exploded the contents of their bowels into the diaper, which by now was long past being able to contain everything.

Soon they were lying in a diaper caked in excrement and on a bed stinking of it. Throughout this the vibrator continued to hammer its own rhythm and Tony sensed he was erect again. Jenny seemed to sense it as well, her vagina muscles working on his cock as she strained against the bonds, trying to get more purchase, ignoring the pain as the scouring pad scraped their nipples, until both of them hit a climax simultaneously on a scale neither had felt before.

As promised their bondage position proved impossible to escape from, so they had no choice but to lie in their own excrement, wee and cum, waiting for help and hoping the girl would keep her word. As the day wore on both of them peed again and they could each feel the hot liquid burning their skin. “So this was what diaper rash feels like”, Tony thought, cursing his shaved balls which by now were on fire.

Their bowels weren’t empty either, just when they thought it couldn’t get worse; first Jenny and five minutes later, Tony farted again and yet more solid was expelled, joining the water pooled between them to create a vile smelling slurry which leaked out onto the bed. They gazed into each other’s eyes with a resigned look. Finally help came the following morning when the police broke down the door. They were released and later that day they were interviewed at length about their ordeal.

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