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Kidnapped by a Stripper
by ZTV25
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Storycodes: Solo-M; MM+; birthday; party; drinks; play; surprise; F/m; stripper; costume; handcuffs; tease; dance; strip; chairtie; gag; van; transport; kidnap; femdom; cons; X
Kidnapped by a Stripper ZTV25 Solo-M; MM+; birthday; party; drinks; play; surprise; F/m; stripper; costume; handcuffs; tease; dance; strip; chairtie; gag; van; transport; kidnap; femdom; cons; X

Chapter One: The Birthday Boy

"It's almost the big day," his mother reminded him. 

Bill smiled. She had done this every morning this week. It was his 21st birthday that Friday. She seemed more excited than he did.

"Sure is," he told her.

It was weird. He didn't feel like he was going to be an adult in a few days. He still felt the same as he always had. He still looked the same. A boyish face, short sandy hair, lean runner's build, nothing too special, he sat at the table enjoying a plate of pancakes as she nibbled on her toast.

"Now remember we're having a party for the family Saturday night," she told him.

"That's good, the guys wanted to do something Friday night for me."

"Well OK, just make sure it's not too rowdy."

"I'll try, but no promises."

"Now hurry along or you'll be late for school."

"K mom, bye love you."

Bill was out the door before she could even blink. God, this Friday was going to be fun. His friends promised the day was going to be fun and a surprise. That worried him just a little. His friends tended to take things a bit far. The only real problem was going to be surviving the week.

It was Tuesday so he had Algebra. God he hated that class. Math was never his strong suit. After that he had US History. When he went to bed that night he told himself only two more days.

Wednesday he had no classes but he did have to work at his part time job.  He parked cars for a local restaurant. It wasn't a glamorous job but it was his. Only one more day left.

Thursday he had his second Algebra class of the week. Would this class ever end? After that he had Intro to Psychology. That class wasn't so bad. Tomorrow was the day, he told himself before bed that night.

By far Friday was the worst. He had no classes and it was his day off. He had nothing to do, nothing to distract him from the party that night. The anticipation was killing him. Finally the night arrived. His mother was watching her shows on tv when Bill walked in to say goodbye.

"Bye, mom, see you later."

"Bye, sweetie, have fun."

Bill opened the door to leave and came face to face with Victor Maxell.

"Hey, dad."

"Hello, sport, I saw Luke outside, ready for a big time?"

"You know it."

And with that he was gone.

"You ready pal?" Luke asked.

"You bet," Bill said climbing into the passenger’s seat.

Luke was Bill's best friend, a part of a whole gang of friends he hung out with. They would all be at the party that night. Luke was the school quarter back a buff young man with short spiky black hair. 

"So what's on the agenda for tonight?"

"I thought we'd have a quiet night in."


"Well maybe not quite."

"Now that's better."

They soon arrived at Luke's apartment.  Luke lived in a small apartment in an old brick apartment building in an older neighborhood mostly used by students. Inside the party was already under way. The music was blaring and the drinks were flowing. Already in attendance was Luke's roommate Mark. He was very similar to Luke with long brown hair and a fair build. There with him were their friends: 1) Tony - more boyish with black buzz cut hair, 2) Cain - a nice looking but reclusive young man, 3) Johnny - an Hispanic young man with spiky black hair and 4) Talon - the weightlifter of the group. Together they were a motley bunch but it worked for them. 

The party carried on late into the night. There was drinking and laughing and plenty of playful fighting. The only thing missing were the girls. They had invited several but it was clear none of them planned to come. Which was a shame since most of them, Bill included, were single. The only exception was Talon.

"Where's Pricilla?" Bill asked.

"Home, she thinks I'm studying."

"Why are you lying to her?"

"She's starting to get very jealous. I can't do anything without her freaking out."

"Great girl, don't let her go," Bill said sarcastically. 

About 3am the party was just hitting high gear. The boys were in the middle of some kind of makeshift fight club when there was a knock on the door. Bill opened the door to find a cop standing on the other side. She was a very attractive cop: only a few years older than he was, tall, lean, long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail under her hat, but still a cop. She was dressed in a traditional beat cop uniform.

"Can I help you officer?"

"We've gotten several noise complaints tonight."

"Oh god, I'm so sorry, we were celebrating my birthday and ..."

"So it's your birthday is it? Well then we'll have to do something about that now won't we?"


"Actually," she said reaching for something just out of sight, "the name's Roxie. And you've been a very bad boy."

She produced an ipod dock.

"What the hell?"

She pushed him into the apartment knocking the door closed behind her with her foot. She placed the dock on the entertainment center and turned it on. A loud techno music starting playing.

"You guys didn't ..." Bill started to say until she cut him off.

"Shut up and sit down," she ordered.

She pushed him down into an old wooden kitchen table chair. She leaned over him brushing his chest with her own. He took a deep breath closing his eyes and smiling. Then he heard a click. 

"What the ...?"

His hands had been secured to the chair by a pair of very real handcuffs. 

"What can I say? I commit."

"I don't know about this."

"Relax; everything's going to be OK. In fact I really think you might even enjoy it."

As she said these last words she whispered them softly into his ear seductively. Then she playfully kissed his ear lobe sucking on it a little. He gasped. Are strippers allowed to do that? Oh who cares? 

"Now before we begin," she said, "there's one last thing we need to do."

"What's that?"


She stood up and sauntered over to Luke and took his hand leading him over to the sink in the kitchenette. She gestured for him to sit up on the edge of the sink facing her. She bent over him pushing his hands behind him before ... click. Luke went to move his arms but found one handcuffed to the sink faucet. 


But she didn't answer instead she went over to Mark and led him over to the bedroom door before handcuffing him to the doorknob. 


Then she moved on to Tony whom she shoved onto his back on the coffee table handcuffing his arms around one of the legs.

"Uh, guys."

But no one helped. They were too busy watching her push Cain to the ground and handcuff him to a couch leg. Then she turned on Johnny whom she cuffed to a floor lamp. That just left Talon. He was handcuffed to a rocking chair, to it not in it. Satisfied with her work she returned to Bill.

"Now, we won't be disturbed."

She kicked off one shoe and it landed at Talon's feet. Then off went the other shoe which landed somewhere near Mark. Then she tossed her hat over to Luke. All the while she gave Bill one hell of a lap dance. She unbuttoned her pants slowly, then moved to her shirt. It was a slow but beautiful process. She whipped off her pants and tossed them - right onto Cain. Smiling she pulled off her shirt and threw it up in the air. It landed on Tony. Next she tossed her bra onto Johnny. It was then she really got to work. She gyrated sexually in Bill's lap rubbing her tits in his face. He loved every minute of it. 

Soon the song stopped and she got up. She set about unlocking everyone's handcuffs. She started with Talon whose ass she grabbed.

"Your girlfriend's very lucky."

"Thank you," he said confused.

She then released Johnny hugging him tight. Moving on she freed Cain rubbing her hands all over his chest. Tony was next with a squeeze of his junk. Then she set Mark free rubbed her nose against his playfully. Finally she freed Luke kissing him full on the lips. Each time she did something like this she looked back at Bill smiling as if she were trying to make him jealous. But that was crazy right?

"What about me?" he asked.

"Oh I'm not done with you yet."

She sexually strolled back over to her little captive. 

"You'll be staying there a little longer," she teased.

"Oh come on," he started.

"Enough talk," she breathed.

She left the apartment but quickly returned with a red ball gag.

"Oh my god."

"Open up."

Bill shook his head no.

"Billy, open up."

"My name's Bill ... mph."

As he spoke she shoved the ball into his mouth and strapped it down tight.

"There we go, much better."

She walked over to the fridge.

"Now, who wants a drink?"

The boys all cheered, well all but Bill of course. She handed everyone a Red Solo Cup.  They laughed and drank for several more hours as Bill squirmed. After a while the late hour got to them and all the others fell asleep. Roxie sat down on Bill's lap and removed the gag.

"OK, Billy, let's talk."

"What kind of a stripper are you?"

"A very special one, so what do want to know?"

"What's your name?"


Chapter Two: There's Just Something About Roxie

"So, you're friends are clearly done for the evening," Roxie cooed, "That gives us plenty of alone time."

She ran her hand seductively over Bill's face.

"You're very hands on for a stripper," he told her.

"Have you seen very many strippers?"


"Then how would you know?"

"Good point."

“You’re right though …” she said leaning back against his chest, “… I do like to …” she began to walk her fingers up his chest, “… touch.”

Bill swallowed hard. That seemed to make Roxie smile.

“Do I make you nervous?”

“Nervous? Nah, being tied up by a stripper’s a daily occurrence for me.”

“Oh ho, little Billy’s got a sense of humor.”

She leaned down and looked lustily into his eyes, “I like that.”

She gently kissed his lips. 

“You know what?”


“I think we’re gonna be at this for a while so why don’t we talk a little about ourselves. You go first, Billy Boy.”

Not where he thought was going but what the hell.

“Not much to tell really. I’m an only child, average student, not much of a partier.”

“Could have fooled me.”

“Oh this? This is all their doing. I’d been much happier with a quiet night in.”

“A real homebody, huh?”

“I guess so. I mean I like to go the movies, shopping, and theme parks stuff like that. But for the most part I’d prefer to be home than out partying.”

“I can tell.”

“What about you?”


“Yeah, tell me a little about yourself.”

“Where do I begin? With the uncle who couldn’t keep his hands to himself? With the mother who died in childbirth? With the father who didn’t give a damn if I was alive or not? Like I said, not much to say.”


“No one ever said a stripper’s life was glamorous.”

She shook her head.

“What am I doing? I’m ruining the mood and on your big day of all days and just when we’re about to start phase two.”

“Phase two?”

“Oh yeah, your friends went all out. We’re gonna move to the club, they’ll join us there when they sober up.”

“Ok, you gonna untie me?”

“It’s all part of the service.”


She walked behind him and began to pull the chair across the floor and out the front door and into the back of a waiting van. Producing straps from a chest she secured the chair to the wall of the van.

“Don’t want you falling over.”

She locked the doors after her and starting the van up drove off into the night.

“How long until we reach the club?” he asked.

“You’re so naïve, letting a complete stranger tie you up and load you into a van with no witnesses. We’re not going to any club, never were. Your friends never hired me.”

“What’s going on?”

“You’ll see soon enough.”


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