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The Key Club
by Sammy4187
© Copyright 2008 - Sammy4187 - Used by permission
Storycodes: F+/m; D/s; bond; hood; chastity; hum; cons; X
The Key Club by Sammy4187 F+/m; D/s; bond; hood; chastity; hum; cons; X

Here is one of those "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR " stories.


My wife and I have been married for some time now and I have been interested in bondage since I was in high school. I introduced bondage to her before we were married. She’s pretty good but she has never really gotten into as much as I would like. I enjoy being on the receiving end on occasion but she just can’t bring it off when she is doing the tying. After all these years, she still does not really take control.

It was several months before my birthday and one day she asked me, what would I really like for my birthday. I thought for a second and said, half as a joke. “I'd really love a really good bondage experience.” With that I went back to what I was doing and didn't think about it anymore.

My birthday came and we were going to meet Matt and Sue, a couple we know for dinner. Barbara called me to come to the basement, she needed help with something. I had just gotten out of the shower and was about to get dressed when she called. I called down to her that I only had my shorts on! She answered that it would only take a moment and to come right now. Not wanting to start a problem I headed to the basement.

When I got there, she was dressed in a matching black bra and panty set, garter belt and stockings. She had the sexiest pair of black high heels with ankle straps I have ever seen. I had never seen her look so sexy in all the years we have been married. She was standing there with her black briefcase that she use's for work. She told me not to say a word till she gave me permission. Barb placed the case on a small table that we keep down there and opened it. She removed a set of handcuffs and walked across the room to where I was standing. She took one of my hands and closed the cuff around it. Before I knew what she was doing she had backed me up to the metal post that supports the floor in the living room and had the other hand secured behind the pole.

My wife then informed me that tonight I would receive a very special gift, one she had been working on for several months. Again she went to the case and this time brought out my pair of police leg irons. By the way all the toys she used that night were from our collection of toys so I knew that there would be no escape without the keys!

She squatted down and placed one end on my right ankle and ran the chain around the pole one time, before she secured the other cuff. She then closed the other one on my other ankle. This left just a little slack in the chain. I found the sight of her with her legs spread wide and the small strip of black nylon running through her crotch very exciting.

She then brought out a blindfold (sleep mask) and placed it over my eyes. I thought this is really getting good!

She then told me that she had one part of my birthday present and she was going to place it on me. She also informed me not to fight her because I was not going anywhere! Suddenly she was pulling something over my head, it tool me a moment to figure it out but she was pulling a leather discipline helmet over my head. Barbara pulled my head forward and started to lace it tight, with that done she then fixed the attached collar around my neck and locked it with a padlock. The helmet had a nose hole and the mouth was open, I later found out that a gag could be attached. This was a new toy she had gotten just for this occasion.

“Well, how's your birthday so far?” She asked.

I told her this was the most exciting thing we had ever done!

“Honey, you haven't seen anything yet!”

I didn't like the sound of that but to tell you the truth I loving every moment!

Suddenly I felt the waistband of my shorts being cut off of me. When they were pulled from me she informed me that she still had things to get ready because she was expecting company tonight and she would be back later tonight. I asked her about meeting our friends Matt and Sue.

She laughed and said, “Sue would be here later”. She then announced one more little thing; the company tonight was going to be members of the ‘key club’. I had no idea what she was talking about; she had not said anything about joining a new club?

“Now I want you to hold real still for a moment!”

I then felt her take my, shall we say equipment in her hand and start to put something around everything? It started to close and completed a circle, it was snug and I could tell it would not come off easily. Then she said, “We don't want anything to fall off now would we!” She moved the object and I heard a muffled ‘click’, she had locked something on me. I could feel the extra weight swaying down there. I had no idea what she had on me but the idea was really turning me on.

I now know the little toy she had thought up. It is an electrician’s safety lock out. I'll explain, it is used to lock open electrical switches box so no one gets hurt. The safety lockout is placed on the opened switch to prevent anyone turning on the power. Each person places their private padlock (up to six) on the lockout, this means that when the power is to be turned on, each person must remove their lock before the switch can be freed.

She headed upstairs and I thought this must be a joke, she would never show me off to other people?

Time started to go slow and I heard the doorbell. I could hear muffled sounds from up stairs and what I thought to be another pair of high heels on the floor just over my head. I could hear the doorbell ring again and movement upstairs, this went on for about thirty minutes. I was really getting worried about what she might do! The stereo was going and I could hear laughter and talking that could only be coming from a group of women.

Suddenly the stereo went quiet and I could hear the unmistakable sound of high heels coming down the wooden steps of the basement. The thing that really troubled me was there were several women coming down! What could I do?

They all started to hoot and holler when they saw me, Barbara started to tell them all about my enjoyment with bondage and that I wanted to have a dominate woman in my life. They all loved it and started saying how, they would love to have there very own little slave.

Barbara then asked if everyone had brought the item she had asked them to bring. That was followed with another round of hoots and hollers. With that one woman at a time came forward and placed their private lock on the ‘lock out’. I later found out that pictures were being taken with each woman, this way they would have a hold on me to insure my cooperation. My one hand was then released and reconnected behind me but this time not behind the pole. My ankles were then released from the pole but then reconnected and I was brought upstairs. The party continued for several more hours and I was the center of attraction. I had a great time to say the least. I don’t know if my wife saw everything that went on, but some of the ladies certainly took some liberties.

When the party was over and it came time to remove the locks it was even worse because by then I was a very excited victim and the ladies would use the situation to grab me on the pretense of getting me out of the way so they could get at their lock.

That was about six months ago and to this day I still don't know all the women that were there, but I now have six dominant women in my life. My wife will place the device on me and lock it, she will then tell me that one of the members of the ‘Key Club’ needs some kind of help at their place such as boxes moved from the basement to the attic or some other chore.

When I arrive the woman places her lock on and I am hers till the job is done. I don't think my wife knows it but several of the ladies have switched to combination locks. I think this is to further humiliate me because that means they must kneel down and get very close to me to manipulate the combination to open the lock and this always gets me very excited.

The ladies meet at least once a month and it has become their night out. During the meeting I’m forced to act as their servant and serve them in anyway that is required. Don’t get me wrong, this usually means serving drinks, taking coats and stuff like that. And yes, as they arrive they all use their locks to assure prompt service.

The word must have gotten out because there are more women asking for membership to the club.

Well I guess that's about the end of my story except my wife has gotten more ingenious and I now look forward to the meetings of the ‘KEY CLUB’.

Lansdale Pa.


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