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It’s just coffee isn’t it or IS it
by pilloryslave
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Storycodes: M/m; bond; cuffs; chains; gag; strip; naked; nipple; clamps; headcage; cage; encased; cockring; steel; true; mast; denial; cons; X
It’s just coffee isn’t it or IS it pilloryslave M/m; bond; cuffs; chains; gag; strip; naked; nipple; clamps; headcage; cage; encased; cockring; steel; true; mast; denial; cons; X

So here I am bound in and to a vertical cage barely big enough for my plus size body trapped behind 3 master locks in a vertical cage, prisoner transport chains on my wrist, ankles, neck and waist, gagged with a head cage on holding a very well inflated butterfly gag in place, my cuffed ankles locked to the floor of the cage . My cock standing out from the vertical cage bouncing wantingly in the air desperately wanting to cum, stripped of my clothing in a strange man’s house with no one knowing I am here. Rule #1 broken… this is a recount of true events, well mostly true with a little license for creativity embellishing the facts for hopefully a more pleasurable read. And my first attempt at story writing.. But before I get started perhaps a little background into how this all came about. Names altered for privacy.

“Ding” oooo new email on my phone. You have a new message from Shawn at Fetlife. Like many who don’t get the BDSM in life that they crave I turned to online forums for pictures and stories and maybe even a chance meeting here and there. I have been on Fetlife for a while now enjoying reading posts about fantasy and reality and the blurry line in between. Even changed my sexual preference to bi-curious in hopes of getting more email chat. Not that I would ever act on such you know just to sorta play the field so to speak. I mean you know it’s only words not like it’s real it’s a website.

Shawn’s message was simple .. we should connect… I searched his profile hmm Gay, top, and pictures mmm look a St. Andrews cross and oh dear lord look at the shackles and cuffs and whips and toys a plenty this guy has. Wow definetly worth chatting with him I mean after all its just the Web chat not like I am able to really gonna go to his house. Hell with all the stuff he has I could wind up a real slave and prisoner hahaha. Well it seemed funny and exciting all at the same time sure did fuel my masturbation session for the night .

So it began us sharing pictures on profiles we both had interest in mainly bondage and cock and ball torture (cbt for short) stuff. I am a total bondage slut, yeah yeah yeah a guy 40ish overweight married 2 kids, wife who used to tie me up but not anymore, so yeah I am a bondage slut and proud of it even tie myself up when I can and jack off. The more we chatted the more I kept checking for messages and chats sessions with him. Then my job changed from desk work to field work. Shawn all this time offering to meet for coffee over and over in a public place. I am still timid but getting more aroused at the possible prospect of getting really tied up. Nothing sexual just tied up and maybe some flogging. Did I mention he had lots of restraints and toys? Yes yes I did.

So finally I am in his area of town working on a machine I message him saying hey I am in your area would you like to meet for that coffee. He responds back saying that sounded great I have a nice expresso machine at my house why don't you come by and I will fix us one. OH MY GAWD!!! His house with all the toy's OMG omg… my heart races my cock surges in my pants so since the blood is rushing there logic flies out the window. He has an actual dungeon in his house I mean custom made metal bed with restraint points, cross, cages the whole she-bang.

So with logic rational thinking gone I say what is only “logical” at this point. Yeah sure send me your address. So 15 minutes later I pull up out front of his house… My heart is pounding my hard on retreated due to nerves going crazy. I walk up to the door hands trembling, and knock. Suddenly real logic comes to me. Holy hell no one knows I am here, I didn’t set up a safe call with friends or anything and my phone I left in the car because I don’t want anyone to disturb this meeting. Then, the door opens. Here stands a guy about 1 maybe 2 inches taller than me he is older than me about 20 years. He is dressed as you would expect any gay dominant guy to wear. No no no silly reader not leather chaps and chains just jeans and a t shirt. (OK so I was fantasizing a touch almost expecting the sterotypical look). A smile comes across his face.

“Hi Michael so nice to finally meet you.” After all it has been nearly 18 months of chat no phone calls or face to face till just now. “Come in, come in” then he leans in for a hug and smiles squeezing me tight.

I walk in the door accepting the hug graciously and smiling timidly. “Very nice to meet you in person as well”.

So I followed him to the kitchen as we pass thru is small dungeon room my mouth hanging open, my heart pounding thru my chest getting just a brief glance at what, up untill now I had only ever seen in pictures and videos on the web. He fixed us both a cup, nice fresh and piping hot. He ushered me back to the dungeon room to have a seat in a wheel chair as he sat across from me in a nice antique Victorian leather chair. We sipped and chatted very mundane day to day chat then it turned to what are my experiences, which we mostly in my head and living vicariously thru stories on where I was always envisioning me as the one bound thru the writers words. My eyes rarely locked with his as we chatted I was like a fat kid in a candy store, I just kept looking at all the hanging restraints and chains and wooden yoke dangling beckoning me into it, the St Andrews cross saying things like soon you will be mine. It spoke to me I swear all of it did. Then he stands.

“Here let me show what all I have here” I respond oh yes thanks would love to browse it all. Now he has two BIG mechanic tool chests full of darn near everything clips, clamps, maturbation sleeves, anal plugs of varying sizes, gags of all types ring, ball, penis, and OMG a butterfly inflation gag. He is handing me things, all of them I knew what they were, most I hadn’t ever touched or seen in real life just online. He is smart, watching my actions seeing what catches my attention. I reach down and have to adjust myself as the “little fella” is straining at the zipper a bit a skewed and not very comfortable.

“Problem there??” he asks with a grin.

“Well a little seems somebody wants to show his interest too!”

Shawn reaches down groping my crotch squeezing my very hard cock which hasn’t been this hard in, well I don’t remember the last time. He smiles and moans as do I and says, “Mmm yes very nice, would he like out of his confines?”. I blush brightly and say, “Yes but perhaps now isn’t the best time, would love to continue looking thru these toys.”

“No problem and no pressure when ever you are ready.”

So now my knees are buckling my head spinning. We continue to look thru the toy selections and I realize I am still holding the very heavy set of prison restraints he pulled out of the drawer showing me the ensemble. Basically it was wrist, ankle, neck cuffs with a waist chain as well. These are not light duty cheap chain set no no no these are like triple thick steel cuffs not like the cheap cuffs you find at the novelty and standard midwest usa adult shops. I am holding them, ratcheting the cuffs thru themselves feeling the weight of them and listening to the hypnotic click click click as I keep playing with them. Next drawer is nipple clamps.

My eyes bug out of my head, the wife and I have played with nipple clamps many a time but he had a set of screw down type that I had never seen, I am studying them and looking at them. “Would you like to try them out?” he asks me.

So my blood starved brain because all 5 pints of my bodies blood is now locked into the cock trying to break free of my zipper. “Sure they look really interesting I haven’t felt any like this” I lift my shirt up exposing my nipple, he starts to attach it to my left nipple the same left side holding the lovely prisoner chains, he is fighting with my shirt that I am trying to hold it up. “Here let’s remove the shirt it really is in the way,” as I am saying ok he is lifting my shirt up and over my head and my right arm come free, he takes the prisoner transport chains from my hand and sets it on the bed then pulling my shirt off my left arm. I am trembling my cock pulsating in my pants turned on as much as I was my wedding nite. He tweaks my nipple making it stand out as he slowly puts the clamp on squeezing my nipple in its jaws. OMG I am in heaven then the right one is applied just to the point I let a small hiss escape.

“Too tight?”

“Oh no that is perfect I love to feel some pain helps me know I am alive. When we are dead we don't feel pain anymore,” I reply with a grin. He smiles and rubs his hands across my chest then lightly tugs at the chain between the clamps making me bend slightly and gasp again.

“Shall we continue looking at the toy’s, we are nearly through most of them.” He says.

“Please yes, but do you mind if I wear the prisoner transport chains first on my wrists, I haven’t felt cuffs in a long time on me.”

He smiles and nods picking them up and ratcheting them on my wrists snug but not too tight making sure they rotate easily but not coming off without being unlocked. He ensures they are safely closed and then sets the double lock so they don’t accidentally tighten any more. Wow my head is spinning with excitement. “Can I have the butterfly gag too I have always wanted to feel what they were like.”

He smiles again, “Sure but you won’t be much of a conversationalist after it is in.”

“That’s ok I don’t have much more to say really, just wanting to see what you have this is so awesome the room is amazing”.

He picks it up and moves it towards my mouth, I open and feel the rubber settle into mouth, my teeth settle into the grove set into it as he tucks the wings into my lips sealing off my mouth then he squeezes the inflation bulb a couple of squeezes as it gets bigger in my mouth watching my eyes for any distress. Slowly it is inflated the bulb in my mouth pushing the tongue down and pulling against the back of my teeth, the front wings slightly inflate at a much slower pace sealing my mouth off and very effictively sealing my mouth mute. I make a small noise that barely escapes and he gives it two more squeezes. He smiles and lets the bulb fall to my chest hitting the chain of the nipple clamps jiggling them renewing the pain in them. I drop my wrists enjoying the sensation in my nipples clamped firmly and the gag suppressing my noises and grip my throbbing cock thru my pants trying to adjust it a bit and shiver as I hear the ankle cuffs of the transport chains clank on the wooden making me blush at the noise.

I look down at the open ankle cuffs, waist chain and neck cuff dangling there unused wishing I wasn’t gagged. Shawn notices me trembling and slightly wobbling recognizing I am entering subspace. He lifts the neck cuff and raises it to my neck looking me in the eye as he does waiting to see my reaction, I can’t move or fight against his advance and just close my eyes and feel as the cold steel presses and then ratchets down on my naked neck. Here I am standing in a strangers house, for lack of a better word as we have never really met just chatted in messages online, my mouth gagged, my wrists cuffed, naked from the waist up and nipple clamps on my nipples slowly turning to that lovely dull ache. Now a cuff ratcheting on my neck then I hear the double lock of that cuff snap letting me know it won’t get any tighter.

“You know these ankle cuffs and waist chain really need to be connected as well to complete the look.“ he says to me and all I can do is nod and close my eyes in subspace surrender.

I feel a tug at my belt and before I can react my hands reach for my pants and stop short as the chain to the neck cuff stops them about 6 inches short of doing so. My pants and underwear pool at my ankles, my cock standing like a pole straight out from my body. I blush brightly as he looks up and smiles at me ratcheting the ankle cuffs onto each ankle and double locked into place. He then sees how far my eyes have glazed over in subspace euphoria. He ‘urges’ me to sit on the edge of the bed my heart pounding thru my chest lifts my bound ankles slipping my shoes off and pulling my socks, pants and underwear off with skilled practice.

“There that is much better for a slave boy like you naked and in chains, gagged and my helpless play toy.” His words echo in my head and I bounce back and forth in conflict with how happy and aroused I am and how scared I should be.

He then grabs my nipple clamp chain and ‘encourages’ me to stand which I do to stop the excess pain in my nipples, my cock bouncing and glistening with precum. He then brings me around to stand at the end of his bed no… not just bed, his heavy metal bondage bed. He wraps the waist chain around me pulling my wrists close to my belly and reaches over taking one of his many open Master locks and snuggly secures the waist chain in place. He then holds the keys in front of my face and tucks them into his jean's pocket. I just stare in awe and thinking to myself you are a damned fool, in just 20 minutes you let yourself get cuffed, gagged, nipple clamped and in heavy prison chains NAKED in a gay dominants house, you damned fool or am I just one lucky son of a bitch. My lust went with the second option.

“Stay right there don’t move!” he says as if that was necessary. What am I gonna do run for the door shuffling in 12 inch steps naked, gagged and looking like the bondage slut I am out into a neighborhood of people I don’t know? Yeah I stayed put.

He goes over to the vertical cage and opens it’s 3 doors. My heart skips a beat I realize my hard on hasn’t lost any of its strength. The cages 3 doors are two larger ones, top and bottom and a small one at the waist area. He reaches in the cage and removes the metal head cage snapped to the top point in the cage, opening it up he approaches me threading the bulb inflator thru the mouth ring of the head cage, pushing it up to the front of my face and pulling the hinged back side of the cage snug to the back of my head till the back and front meet with a clang and he uses a hex key to tighten the 3 screws that secures the front and back of the head cage together.

I moan helplessly he just continues with his job I am merely an object that needs finished securing, no eye contact is made from him. He then guides me over the the vertical cage that is quite a tight fit for a huge overweight guy like myself. He reaches up I feel a snap hook attach the top of the head cage to the vertical cage then the upper door is pushed closed on me requiring him to press me back against the cold steel of the cage and the door pushes closed. The front slightly compress my belly as he forces it closed and slips another Master lock in the hasp sealing me in. Is the lock really necessary I think but yes, yes it is it ensures I am very well aware just how locked and helpless I really am.

He then drops down before my feet and pulls on my ankle chains. I look down or should I say I attempted to look down. But the top of the head cage pulls tight on the snap hook and hits the front top door as well insuring I can’t see all the way to the base of the cage. I can’t see what he is doing I can only hear and feel guessing what exactly is happening. I hear another click and feel the yank on the chains knowing he has reassured me yet another time I am going no where till he is ready for me to. Then the lower cage door creaks and squeaks as it is closed and at the last inch, for effect obviously, he slams it closed making me jump. Loudly he snaps the lock closed in the hasp securing the bottom door.

He stands before me breathing heavily thru his nose and stares me in the eyes. His smiling face gone his face strong and severe stares into me making me gulp. He reaches to my cock griping it firmly in one hand, my balls in the other. A moan escapes me, the gag barely audible my breath quickens oh now we didn’t discuss safe words, limits, or time. TIME!! Oh hell what time is it, my mind is turning and swirling, did I tell him how long before I needed to head home to my family? Does he even care? What is going to happen will I be just another statistic another disappearance from family?? Then as quickly as I was grabbed I feel my cock and balls pulled tight against the center door of the cage at my groin and the snap of the lock sealing me yet even deeper. The cold of the bars and my fear making my hard on finally stop to stand so proudly. I feel lube rubbed on to my cock and balls and watch him return with a steel ring about a ½ inch thick. He uses a hex key and removes a small screw in it separating the ring into 2 halves I am still slowly losing my hard on I feel the cold of the steel bars as the head of my cock hangs down touch the cage making me shiver.

“Good, I was afraid I was gonna have to ice that down to get this on,” he says the first words he has said in a while. I feel him work the 2 halves around my cock and balls and he starts screwing them together as the weight of the ring pulls down my cock and balls it is heavier than it appeared. He tightens the screw down and I feel it snug up around my cock and balls, then he begins stroking me. Well I just thought I was hard earlier. I feel my cock quickly jump to full erection I feel my skin tighten as the ring is allowing blood in but choking the blood from exiting. What does this do? It makes ones hard cock throb and swell and get darker in color, the head swollen beyond belief the skin so very very taut. I am breathing heavily my lust and love of the bondage returned.

He continues stroking me staring me in the face an almost scowl or disdain for me on his grace, the warm comforting hug no longer apparent. I am moaning my eyes wide nearing climax wiggling my hips as much as I can in the cage trapped helpless. Then just as my eyes roll back ready to cum he let’s go I am left trapped behind 3 master locks in a vertical cage, prisoner transport chains on my wrist, ankles, neck and waist, gagged with a head cage on holding it in place, my cuffed ankles locked to the floor of the cage . My cock standing out from the vertical cage bouncing wantingly in the air desperately wanting to cum.

“Welcome home slave boy!” he says and starts grinning at me.

To be continued?

Hope you all enjoyed my first attempt. Will also say about 90% or so of this is absolutely true.

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