Gromet's Plaza
by Scarecrow
© Copyright 2002 - Scarecrow - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; bond; scarves; cuffs; rope; leather; hood; swing; susp; sex; oral; con; X
Invitation 2: Second Invitation Scarecrow F/m; bond; scarves; cuffs; rope; leather; hood; swing; susp; sex; oral; con; X

continues from part 1


Part 2: Second Invitation

The next few days left Nick in a turmoil. His mind kept returning to the events of the previous Saturday when the mysterious "J" had ensnared him and, as she had promised, given him an adventure to fulfill his wildest fantasies. Every evening he rushed home to check his mailbox for another invitation but, each time, he was disappointed.

The week passed, and then the next. Nick had driven past J's house a couple of times but her admonition not to try and contact  her kept him from stopping. One thing he did do was to surreptitiously try and look over the women who used the gym whilst he was exercising. "D" one of the women who had ridden him that Saturday afternoon had recognised him and commented that she had wanted to get her hands on him. "J" herself seemed to know that he worked out regularly. Frustratingly, although there were many women using the gym, he could never feel with any certainty that he recognised a voice - which was all he had to go on.

By the end of the third week Nick felt he was ready to go out his mind with uncertainty and frustration. "Why hadn't "J" contacted him?" "Was he ever going to be invited back for another adventure?" "Had he blown his chances by driving past the house?" The questions swirled though his mind like autumn leaves. Then on Tuesday there was another unmarked envelope waiting in his letter box. He tore the envelope open in a fever of anticipation. Inside was the same type of pink card and written on it "Thought I had forgotten about you?" "Is that all!" screamed Nick out loud. At least she had made some sort of contact, although it didn't tell him anything new. "J" was very very good at mind games Nick concluded. Even though he felt he knew what she was doing to him, he had to admit that it was effective. Once again his erection rose at the memory of that Saturday he had spent bound, gagged and blindfolded as the plaything of "J" and her friends.

The next evening there was another envelope with another card. The message was simple "Be at my house at 10-o-clock on Saturday morning, if you dare! Expect some more surprises." The words sent a chill down Nick's spine. Once again fear and anticipation raged through his mind. The long awaited invitation had arrived but with a warning. "If you dare!" "Expect some more surprises!" Was he again going to be the plaything for a group of voracious females? What other plans would she have for him? He remembered something that "J" had said the last time "Ok girls, what will it be? Spreadeagle, Suspension or The Frog?" One of the other women had replied that "The Frog" was a bit harsh for a first time. Was he going to find out just how harsh "The Frog" was? "One thing was for sure" Nick thought "come 10-o-clock on Saturday I will be at J's house. Of that there is no doubt." 

The next two days dragged slowly past for Nick. He found he could hardly concentrate on his work. Finally Saturday arrived. At the appointed time Nick made his way up the path to J's front door. There was no card to invite him in but the door opened when he turned the handle.. The hallway was furnished as before with only a small table and a straight-backed chair. Again a black silk scarf lay on the table with a pink card resting on it. The only difference was that, this time, a pair of handcuffs also lay on the scarf. Nick paused when he saw the handcuffs and then slowly picked up the card. The message read "I'm pleased you have decided to return. Good boy. Now you know the drill, strip completely, blindfold yourself and then cuff your hands behind your back. Sit on the chair and wait for me."

Fear rose in Nick's stomach. This was far more than he had been asked to do last time. Yes, he knew that J had stripped and cuffed him but somehow that was different. Now he was being asked... instructed to put himself completely at her mercy. What-ever happened, he wouldn't be able to say "But I had no choice, I was helpless." Yes he would be helpless - but at his own volition. Nick slowly put the card down. Almost of their own his hands started undoing his shirt buttons, his belt buckle, his fly. He sat on the chair and took off his shoes and socks. Finally his boxers joined the pile of clothing folded neatly on the table. As he dropped the boxers on the pile, Nick heard a brief buzz and a click from the front door. Without thinking he tried the handle, but the door was now locked. By stripping completely naked he had passed the point of no return. The locked door was J's way of letting him know that. Nick tested the other door. Without surprise he discovered that that too was locked.

Nick stood, naked, in the small hallway that had suddenly become a cell. Both doors looked very solid, the only window was high above the chair and far too small for him to get through, and besides, it was barred. The realisation that there was no way to go but to obey instructions somehow settled his nerves. Once again he approached the table and picked up the scarf and the handcuffs. The thought of making himself helpless for J made his already erect cock throb even harder. "Strange." he thought "Even though I got a real fright Old Freddy didn't drop at all. I must be crazy. Anyway, if I'm going to do this I'd better do it right." He examined the handcuffs. They were a good quality chromed steel with a single chain link connecting them. Once they were locked on they wouldn't come off without the appropriate key. 

The scarf was the same one he had blindfolded himself with the last time, made from a heavy, closely woven silk. Nick knew that a couple of thicknesses would block all light from his eyes. He sat down and folded the scarf into a fairly wide band and then tied it over his eyes. He moved his head around to ensure that no light came through and then retied the knot a bit tighter. Blindly he felt for, and found the handcuffs. One bracelet easily locked around his right wrist. He brought his hands together behind his back and found the other cuff. "Here goes nothing." Nick thought as his left wrist was encircled and the bracelet ratcheted closed.

Immediately the fear again rose in Nick. He was sitting stark naked in somebody's hallway blindfolded and with his hands cuffed behind his back. The thought made his already straining penis even harder.

"Took your time didn't you." Nick hadn't heard J enter the hallway until her whisper jerked him out of his reverie. 

"This is bloody scary you know." he replied 

"Yes, you are very brave...or foolish...or both." she chuckled. "Open wide, you know what comes next. I didn't invite you here for conversation... yet." Nick felt a ball pressed against his lips and reluctantly opened his mouth to let himself be gagged. The straps were buckled behind his head and he gave a grunt. "Right. Now for the hood." More silky material covered his head and was tied around his neck. "I've got something else for you. You can't admire it but it is a beautiful collar. Just right for my pet." Nick felt something fastened around his neck over the hood material. There was a faint click. "It's locked on now and it's got a lovely lead. Follow me darling." Nick felt a tug and rose to his feet. At least he wasn't going to be left sitting in the hallway until J's friends arrived to torment him, he thought. As if reading his mind he heard J say "It'll just be the two of us today. I enjoyed you so much the last time that I decided to have you all to myself. You should feel flattered."  A grunt was all the reply Nick could give.

"Don't think it is going to be any easier for you with just me here. I'm going to show you the ropes, in a manner of speaking. After all, you won't be seeing anything, but you'll get the idea. After today we'll both have a pretty good idea of where this is going and whether we want to continue to explore the relationship." "Relationship?" thought Nick "What kind of a relationship is this with me spending all my time tied up blindfolded and gagged?" Again, J seemed to read his mind, "Oh it can be a relationship. Just an unusual one."

"First things first." she continued. "The thought of having you all to myself for the weekend has made me feel very horny." Nick gave a grunt at the words "... for the weekend..." He hadn't thought he would be here that long and jerked backwards in alarm. "What's the matter darling? Didn't I tell you that this would be a longer stay? I guess that must be one of the surprises I warned you about." J's throaty chuckle had a malicious edge to it that sent Nick's pulse racing. "Anyway, as I was saying, I'm feeling rather horny and I'm going to do something about that. I might even let Freddy come to the party." He felt her hand close around his cock and sensuously stroke up and down a couple of times. 

Just before Nick felt that he was ready to cum J removed her hand. "Tut, tut. Premature ejaculation is most unbecoming of a gentleman, you know Nick. We'll have to do something about that." Nick moaned with frustration. He got the impression that J knew exactly what she was doing. She knew just how to keep him continually off balance. "Now darling just sit here."
He felt something behind his legs, a hand on his chest forced him back until he had to sit down. The pressure continued until Nick was lying back on, what felt like, a bed. The lead was pulled past his head and tightened and then he felt straps fastened around his ankles. "There you are. I'll explain quickly." J's voice had an edge of excitement. "You're lying on my bed. Your ankles are strapped to the foot and your lead has been tied to the head. As you already know, since you did it yourself, your hands are cuffed behind you and are quite useless and you are gagged, blindfolded and hooded. In fact you are absolutely helpless, wouldn't you agree? Now I can do anything I want with you ... and I'm going to. Let's get Freddie ready, shall we?"

Nick felt a thin band tighten around the base of his penis and then another one at the top, just below the glans. "These each have a little bead that presses against the urethra and stops you ejaculating." he heard J say. "Now isn't that kind of me to make sure you behave like a gentleman?" Nick's grunt was pure frustration. "A condom and then I'm ready to ride."
Suiting the actions to the words he felt J engulf him and then slowly start to raise and lower herself on his swollen prick. He felt her increase the tempo, one hand on his chest to balance herself. The other hand must have been busy with her clit because he could feel it when she came down on him. The frustration was exquisite, listening to her breathing quicken, feeling her muscles tighten, hearing her start to moan and then scream out loud as she came, whilst the little bands and their beads stopped him from doing the same. She flopped onto his chest and kissed his neck and shoulder still keeping his erection trapped in her pussy. "Oh thank you darling, I really needed that. Now, would you like a chance to work off some of that frustration?" 

Nick grunted and nodded his head enthusiastically. "Yes I'm sure you would. But you were a naughty boy. You tried to open the doors, and you took far too long to get ready for me. You will have to learn some patience, my dear. And what better time than the present." Nick felt the condom, and then the penis bands being removed. "Just stay there and don't get into any mischief." Nick moaned in disbelief and frustration. "Any more noise and I won't let you cum at all." He heard her say sharply. The threat was enough to silence him.

"Actually, I suppose I had better make you a bit more comfortable. I guess those handcuffs are digging into you a bit, hey?" Nick grunted an affirmative. "Ok, don't go away, I'll see what I can do." Nick heard her move out of the room. He lay still with his thoughts whirling. On the one hand he had to admit that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. He had often fantasized about being held captive by a sexy woman and his dreams were being completely fulfilled. On the other hand it was very scary to be treated so impersonally and to have, literally, no say in what happened. He had to admit that the very scariness of the situation added to his excitement. Finally, there was nothing he could do so, as the old cliche put it, he might as well lie back and enjoy it. He really did wish she would let him cum though. He felt as if his balls were going to explode.

J's return interrupted his thoughts. "Ok then, let's get you sorted out." Nick felt something fastened around his left ankle followed by the same happening to the right. The strap holding his right leg to the foot of the bed was then released and, before he could react, pulled across and attached somehow to the left leg. "What I've done" he heard her say "is to put locking leather ankle cuffs around your legs and then locked them together with another padlock. Now let's do something about your knees." Nick felt straps encircling both legs above and below his knees, pulling his legs tightly together. "These don't lock, but I don't think you'll get very far, even if you could undo the buckles. Now for your arms. Sit up please." Nick tried but was still held by the leash attached to the head of the bed. "Oh silly me." she giggled "I forgot about your leash." 

Nick felt the leash loosened and then he was pulled up into a sitting position. He felt very relieved to no longer be lying on his arms. He felt himself being pulled further forward and downwards until this chest rested on his thighs. "I've tied the leash to the end of the bed whilst I finish you off" J said. Cuffs were placed around his arms above the elbows and then drawn towards each other. "Those are also locking cuffs." He heard "And there is a chain between them to hold your elbows in a bit of tension. Not too uncomfortable I hope." Nick grunted "Well it doesn't matter because it's locked on now and the keys aren't here so it isn't coming off. Now for your hands. I've got something special to stop those naughty little fingers from trying to do something they shouldn't."

Nick felt his hands slid into something. It felt as if there was a stiff piece of leather between his hands and that they were encased in some kind of leather mittens. The mittens confined his hands into balls so he couldn't even stretch them out. He then felt straps tightened around his wrists before the steel handcuffs were removed. He tested his bonds and found that, with the chain between his elbows and the mittens on his hands he was even more helpless than before. His erection, which had gone down after J removed the penis bands with their beads, started to rise again as his predicament struck home again. "Now then" she said. "Let's get you a bit more comfortable." The last strap holding his left leg to the foot of the bed was released as was the leash.. "Roll onto your side on the bed" was the instruction. After he had done so she pushed a pillow under his head to give it some support and then pulled his legs into a loose hogtie before fastening them to his wrists. Finally he felt the leash pulled back and attached to the head of the bed. "That should stop you from wandering." he heard. Nick could only agree.

"All that effort has made me hungry. I think I'll have a snack, whilst you think about what I said about learning some patience." The last sound Nick heard was the door being closed. He was alone, helplessly bound hand and foot, gagged, blindfolded and hooded and lying on a stranger's bed. That stranger had fucked him until she had cum explosively without letting him do the same and then gone off leaving him lying here to "think about learning some patience."
Nick felt as if he was in heaven!

Part 3

Nick lay on J's bed. He had never seen the bedroom and had no idea of the decor, or furnishings. All he knew, for certain, was that there was a bed in it and that she had described it as her bed. He didn't even have any choice about the fact that he was lying on his right side. He was naked, his ankles had been fastened together with locking cuffs. Straps were buckled around his legs above and below his knees and his legs were drawn back into a hogtie. His hands were encased in bondage mittens which held his wrists together and a chain was locked between cuffs above his elbows holding them in tension. A ball gag filled his mouth, a blindfold blocked his sight and a hood over his head was held in place by a collar round his throat from which a lead was attached to the head of the bed. Nick was about as helpless as it is possible to be.

When he had arrived at J's house he had blindfolded himself before handcuffing his wrists behind his back. He had put himself completely at J's mercy and she had rewarded him by using his engorged prick to satisfy herself gloriously without letting him cum. Finally she had completed his bondage and left him alone with the instruction that he should think about learning some patience. Nick was in heaven although he really wished J had let him cum before she left him. His whole existence seemed to concentrated on the ache in his balls and the need to relieve his erection.

An interminable time later, Nick heard the bedroom door opened. "Still here are you?" J's voice again. "I hope that you have been thinking about patience. Maybe you have even learned some?" Nick felt the hogtie holding his legs released and then the straps holding his legs together. "I've put a 30 centimetre chain between your ankle cuffs."J told him. "That will let you take small steps but stop you running away." "As if I could run away like this!" thought Nick. "Now I guess you want to relieve yourself and then we'll have some lunch before we start of the afternoon's activities. After all, we have to keep your strength up." J's giggle had a slightly malicious tone that made Nick feel very uneasy. "I wonder what the hell she has in store for me?" he thought. The only answer he could make was a grunt.

J led him a few paces, tugging on the leash. "Alright, turn around and sit down." Nick did so and felt he was sitting on a toilet. "You'd better wee before Frederick stands up again and you mess on my bathroom floor." Despite the embarassement of his situation Nick complied and then felt J shake off the last drops. "Ok, follow me and let's have something to eat." Once again he felt the tug of the leash lead him forward. Nick very soon discovered the limitation of his steps caused by the chain between his ankle cuffs. More than once he almost tripped as his foot was brought up short by the chain. J made no comment, just  continued to pull him forward. Suddenly Nick felt grass under his feet and pulled back in alarm. "Oh, didn't I tell you that it's such a lovely day that I thought we'd eat lunch in the garden?" Again that malicious chuckle. "I don't think the neighbours can see much. And anyway they shouldn't be looking into other people's property." 

Nick felt absolutely panic stricken. He was outside, naked! He had no idea which way to turn to get back inside. He had no idea where he was. For all he knew, J had taken him through the hallway into the front garden and he was exposed to anyone in the street. And to finish it all the pressure from the leash drew him forward across the grass. His erection hardened again at the realisation of his helplessness to do anything about the situation. "Oh, by the way, the door back into the house is closed so you can't get inside by yourself, even is you could find it." Once again J seemed to be reading his mind. "Now you just wander around and enjoy the garden and the sunshine whilst I rustle up some food." Nick felt the leash fall against his chest. "Don't fall into the swimming pool." J's voice seemed to be further away. "I don't think you are really dressed for swimming." Her laughter receded. Nick stood absolutely still. He had no idea how far away, nor in which direction, the pool was and he certainly did not want to find out! 

The sun was warm on his shoulders and he could hear normal suburban noises around him, somewhat muffled by the silk hood and the scarf. A bird called close by but Nick could not identify it. He found that he was listening intently to try and work out what was going on in the neighbourhood. Children's shrieks and laughter came from somewhere and a couple of cars travelled up the road. The bird called again and then Nick heard footsteps in the grass close by.

"Isn't it a beautiful day?" The sound of J's voice was a tremendous relief. "Do you like my garden? Oh, I keep forgetting that you haven't really seen it. Here come into the shade and have a seat. I don't want you getting too sunburnt." Nick waited for J to take the leash but nothing happened. "Over here." The voice seemed to come from his left. Hesitantly Nick moved in that direction. "Come on, if you don't hurry up I'll keep quiet and let you find your way here by yourself." Nick tried to hurry a bit more, carefully feeling the ground in front of him in case he encountered the swimming pool. Eventually he bumped into a table. "The chair is to your left." he heard. Gratefully he sank into the chair. It seemed to be one of the plastic garden chairs sold in many supermarkets but this one was, apparently, non standard. No sooner had he sat down than Nick felt the chain between his ankles pulled back until his feet were off the ground. The chain seemed to be clipped to something. Then his ankles were locked together and a strap buckled around his chest, securing him to the chair. "I suppose you could tip this chair over, but you wouldn't get very far after that." He heard J say.

"Now what do you want? I've got chicken and mayo or cheese and tomato sandwiches. There's coke or orange juice. What will it be?" Suddenly Nick was very thirsty. His jaw was beginning to ache from the gag and he could feel that the front of the hood was damp from his drool. He grunted and shook his head. "I suppose I'd better get that gag out so you can enjoy the food." J sounded almost exasperated. "Now, how shall we do this?" He felt the collar undone and then the hood ties loosened. Something was tied around his head just below his nose and then the bottom of the hood folded up above his mouth. The gag straps were unfastened and, finally, the ball came out of his mouth. "Uh, thanks...Can I have some orange juice please?" Nick's voice was a hoarse. "Sure." He felt a plastic straw against his lips and drank greedily. Very soon there was a gurgle as he sucked the last of the juice from the glass.

"Thanks, that's much better." Nick said. "Look, can I talk or are you going to gag me again. I'm really hungry and still quite thirsty so please don't put that gag back in. Please?" The words came out in a rush. "Can you take the blindfold off? I'd really like to see you."

"No! The blindfold stays. And so does the rest of the bondage." J's voice was quite premptory. "I'll leave the gag out whilst you eat but you better not talk too much or I might just decide to finish the meal in silence. Besides I can see that you are still enjoying yourself. I hope that a bee doesn't sting our Freddy. That would really spoil the party." At that thought Nick tried, unsuccessfully, to hunch over his erection. "Oh sit up, I was just teasing. There aren't any bees here." J laughed. "Now, chicken or cheese?" "Chicken please J" Nick replied as he straightened. Soon he had eaten four sandwiches and drunk most of another glass of orange juice. J had fed him almost continuously. "Now that my guest has been seen to, let me have something to eat myself." she said. "Watching you wolf down that food has done nothing to stop my appetite."

"Why won't you let me see you?" asked Nick "And what is your name? All I know you as is J and I like to know a girl's name, especially if she has fucked herself stupid on me." Nick felt he was being quite daring with the questions but reckoned he had nothing to lose, other than to be gagged again.

"Oh I think J is fine, that's what all my friends call me." she answered. "As for Don't you like a bit of mystery in your life? I'll be your mysterious, unseen, woman."she laughed. "Anyway, I know you love being blindfolded. It's a real turn-on for you isn't it?"

"Yes...but how did you know that?" Nick suddenly felt unsure of the way the conversation was going. "Oh I know quite a lot about you Nick Prendegast." J sounded smug. "The final confirmation was a couple of weeks ago. When you read my card telling you to blindfold yourself, your erection almost split your jeans." Her laughter was louder this time. "Let's face it, this situation is straight out of one of your erotic fantasies, isn't it?"

They chatted a bit more, J leading Nick on and getting him to talk more about himself. The kind of penetrating questions she asked convinced him that she really did know quite a lot about him. His questions, however, were gently deflected until Nick asked where she had got the leather bondage mitten that encased his hands. "Oh I made those myself." J replied. "I have a reasonably fitted out leather workshop and I make all my own gear. I even make some stuff for a few friends." J sounded quite animated as she described how she chose the different types and grades of leather and how she worked the material. For a change she was doing most of the talking. "Gotcha!" thought Nick. "Now, at last I am finding out something about Miss J"

Almost as if she had read his mind J stopped in mid-sentence. "Very clever Nick." she said after a moment. The next thing he felt her lips close on his as she kissed him passionately. After a while, with their tongues and lips intertwining, she suddenly pulled back. As he opened his mouth ready for the next assault he felt the ball pushed firmly between his lips. A frustrated grunt was all the complaint he could make as the straps were again buckled and locked behind his head. The hood was pulled down to completely cover his head and the collar fastened again to hold it in place. "I think I've said more than I intended to Nick so now I'll have to let you experience some more of my work."

Nick felt himself being released from the chair and then a tug on the leash urged him to his feet. J led him across the grass and onto some paving. He heard a door open and then felt carpet under his bare feet. "Right, now we are in the workshop. What should I do with you? Decisions...decisions..." J was obviously toying with him. "I know. How about 'The Frog'?" The capitalization was clear from her voice and Nick decided that this had been on the agenda from the beginning. "I won't keep you in suspense, or at least not until later." J's laughter again sounded ominous. "I'll describe it to you. Basically your legs are folded at the knees, calf to thigh, and then zipped into closed sleeves. Your feet are also included. The same happens with your arms and hands, so now you have four, rather short, limbs. The sleeves are all connected across your bum, shoulders and down your back and there is a hood that completely encases your head." The animation was back in J's voice. 

"What makes it really special is a spring steel skeleton that is sewn into the back and sleeves. It holds the legs apart in an inverted 'Y' and keeps the arms out at shoulder height. If you think about it for a moment you'll understand why I call it 'The Frog'." Nick could quite easily form a picture from J's description. A more exposed, vulnerable and helpless position seemed hard to imagine. He felt his apprehension start to rise again until it was something close to panic. "Was she really going to put him into this gear?" he questioned silently. If she decided to do so it didn't seem like he would have any say in the matter.

Nick grunted and shook his head. "What I like about this." J continued, ignoring his agitation. "Is that the person wearing 'The Frog' is so open and yet so helpless. I can get at all the interesting bits so nicely. I'm also somewhat partial to the delicious anonymity of a completely enclosed head. Don't worry, there are a couple of breathing holes for your nostrils. The gear you'll be wearing is tailor-made from measurements I took the last time you were here. I made it especially for you and I can't wait to see you wearing it." The last sentence confirmed Nick's suspicions that this had been J's intention all along. "Now the first thing is to get that hood and blindfold off and the frog hood on."

Nick felt himself pushed into, and then fastened to, a chair. He felt the collar being undone and then the hood eased off. The silk scarf that blindfolded him still ensured that no light reached his eyes. Another collar was now being fitted around his neck. This one was higher and held his head rigidly facing forward. "We can't have you looking around and seeing things you shouldn't." he heard J's voice again. Finally he felt her fingers undoing the knot behind his head. "At last!" he thought. "I'll be able to see what's going on." Unfortunately J had outsmarted him again. As the blindfold cleared his eyes all Nick could see was the dim interior of a box that seemed to be over his head. He moaned in frustration and fear.

The gag came off next "Please don't do this to me. I don't know if I can take it. Please let me go." There was a note of panic in Nick's voice that surprised even him. J just ignored him and he saw a gloved hand holding a glass of orange juice appear from the right. "You had better stop talking and drink this whilst you can." he heard. 'It will be quite a while before you get another opportunity and you will probably get thirsty." Nick capitulated and drank from the proffered straw. As he did so he studied the gloved hand as best he could. The leather appeared to be of the highest quality and the stitching immaculate. Although he didn't know anything about leather work, Nick could recognise the obvious quality in the materials and workmanship. As soon as the juice was finished, the glove and glass disappeared and he felt the hood covering his head. "Please!" he wailed as his sight was lost again.

"Oh don't be such a baby" J's voice sounded cross. "Oh I nearly forgot... sensory deprivation is so much more effective if you can't hear." Nick felt soft rubber plugs inserted into each ear. As they swelled his hearing diminished to almost nothing. Then her hands continued to work the hood down over his head. He felt a moment of pure panic as his breathing was cut off, but then the nose-piece moved into position and he found he could breath again. The collar, holding his head still, was removed and the hood worked completely into position. It felt as if laces were being tightened at the back and then the hood covered his head like a second skin. The pressure of the leather held Nick's mouth tightly closed, no light at all reached his eyes and he could hear nothing. All he could do was breath through his nose. "Now what?" he thought.

Within short order, Nick's arms had been zipped into the frog sleeves. His right wrist had been cuffed to the chair before his left arm was freed, lifted, bent at the elbow and encased in the sleeve. The same procedure happened to his other arm. Nick's fingers just met at the back of his neck but the enclosing leather meant that there was nothing he could do with them. The spring steel rods held his arms out so that all he could do was move them back and forth a few centimetres. Next he felt something hooked to the rod at his back and he was pulled to his feet. His right leg was secured to the chair and then his left leg released, bent at the knee and zipped into its binding. Finally Nick's right leg received the same treatment and he was left hanging from the hook at his back. At no stage had he been able to make any attempt to free himself. J had worked with an almost brutal speed to get her captive dressed in 'The Frog'

Strangely Nick found his new position almost comfortable. Because of the way the leather held him the pressure was fairly evenly distributed. It was tight but not unbearable. He was left alone for a while blind, deaf, silent and utterly helpless. Then the tickling started. Nick could do no more than twitch and shudder as J played her fingernails over his exposed body. She ran them down his side from his armpit to his waist. She dug them into his stomach. She tickled his balls and his, by now, rampant cock. Eventually, long past the stage when he felt he couldn't take any more, she stopped. As he tried to get his breath back, heaving air through his nose, he felt her pull a condom over his prick. "What? No bands?" He thought as he felt her pussy engulf his erection. 

He decided that she must be standing in front of him and had adjusted his height so that she could comfortably pull him into herself. She grasped him by the bum and slowly swung him back and forth. At last he was to be allowed to cum! Even now she teased, pulling him out and then leaving him dangling for a moment before starting again. It did not take long before the frustration and teasing and the bondage pushed Nick into the most explosive orgasm he had ever known. Eventually, when he had finished moaning and shuddering, she left him alone again. How long he hung there Nick had no way of knowing. He felt he must have dozed off, perhaps even slept, but his silent blackness gave no clues other than the fact that his limbs were starting to ache from their confinement.

Then, once again, those maddening fingernails started to work on him. This time she concentrated on his exposed armpits and nipples. Even though the tickling never went below his waist Nick quickly had another raging erection. He jerked and grunted as much as he was able but his efforts only emphasised just how helpless he was. Eventually J followed the same routine as before, rolling a condom over his swollen cock before impaling herself. This time she held him still, firmly engulfed, unable to get any movement whilst she continued to tickle and tease his upper body. When he tried to swing himself he felt a belt tighten around his waist holding him firmly against her body. Amazingly Nick found that, even without any stimulation from movement, he was building towards another orgasm. 

Suddenly he felt her pussy muscles spasm around his erection and then felt J shuddering and jerking as she came. This was enough to push him over the edge and he came with a massive eruption. As he slowly relaxed after his second orgasm of the day Nick felt movement. It felt as if his support was being wheeled along. There was a bump and then the motion stopped. One leg and then the other were unzipped from their confines. Nick found that he could stand, although his legs were pretty shaky. Then his arms were unzipped. He let them fall to his sides and then slowly started to flex his fingers and muscles. Nothing more seemed to happen so, when he had some control over his hands, he loosened the laces to the hood that still held his head captive. Slowly he worked the leather off his head until, at last, he was completely free. Being out of the hood didn't make any difference to his sight. Nick felt a rising panic that he had gone blind, he was in complete darkness. He heard a muffled sound and finally remembered to remove the ear-plugs.

"Don't worry Nick." J's voice sounded cheerful. "You haven't gone blind. You're just in your room for the night and I forgot to turn the light on." She laughed. "If you look around you'll find some food on the table by the bed and a toilet and shower. Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning." There was a click and then silence. "What's going on? Where am I? Why won't you give me any light?" Nick pleaded and shouted and cursed but there was no response. He felt around. Next to him was 'The Frog' which seemed to be hanging from a wheeled frame. His foot encountered the bed and he sat down on it, suddenly exhausted. "What a day!" he said. The thought of food had his mouth watering and he felt his way around until he found the table. After the aroma of leather in his nostrils all afternoon the smell of pizza had his mouth watering even more. It seemed to be a plain Regina and there was a large bottle juice...Again. "What I wouldn't do for a beer!" Nick said. 

His hunger and thirst satisfied, Nick felt his way along the wall until he discovered the bathroom. He thought about a shower but decided that showering in the dark would be too much hassle so he just relieved himself. Nick continued exploring his prison. The door seemed to be very solid. There was no handle on this side. He considered beating against it and then decided that J had probably thought of everything. Anyway he was feeling too tired to make much of an effort. He crawled under the duvet and fell asleep.

* * * *

Nick Prendegast awoke with a start. In the pitch darkness he could hear the sounds of someone in the room but, when he tried to move, he found that his arms and legs were held firmly and immovably. Memory flooded back and he called out "J, what's going on? "

He had spent most of the previous day as the not-unwilling captive of a woman he had never set eyes on. She had invited him to her house and instructed him to strip, blindfold and handcuff himself. The rest of the day was spent in some form of bondage or another, always blindfolded and usually gagged whilst she used him as a sex object. Finally he had been released but confined in darkness and had fallen into an exhausted sleep. Now his tormentor had returned but he was, once again, helpless and could see nothing.

"Oh, have you finally woken up?" he heard. "It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I thought you would like some breakfast, but you were sleeping so soundly that I was able to get you into a spread-eagle before you even started to stir. I thought I would tidy up a bit and let you wake up normally before we carry on."

"I suppose the routine will be the same as yesterday." Nick said. "You're going to keep me blindfolded and gagged and tied up all day."

"My you are clever! That's one of the things I think I like about you" she said. "Now just hold still whilst I prepare you for the day." The next thing Nick felt her take his head in her hands and start to work a hood down over it. "This is a bit different to what you were wearing yesterday." she said. It didn't matter how much Nick thrashed around. The way he was spread-eagled the only thing that really moved was his head and that not enough to stop the hood's inexorable progress. Finally J pulled the laces tight and buckled the collar closed. He heard a click. "There, that is now locked into place" Although the hood covered his whole head, Nick found he could still hear reasonably well. There was a brief pause and then he heard her say "I've put the light on so I can deal with those naughty hands" The darkness was as intense as ever. 

He felt mittens encase each hand forcing them to curl into useless fists. His legs were released and then fastened about 30 cms apart. By now the fight had gone out of Nick. He knew that there was no way he was going to escape from J until she decided to let him go. He didn't resist as she sat him up and then attached his hands together behind his back. "Oh well I might as well enjoy it." he thought as he felt his erection once again rise. "I must be crazy, getting a hard on again in this situation." J quickly noticed as well. He felt her leather gloved hand move slowly up and down his cock. "What a strong boy you are. I like that." she said before leaving him frustrated. "No time for that now. I'm sure you want some breakfast." Nick grunted. Although he wasn't gagged the hood was tight enough to make it impossible for him to open his mouth. He wondered how he was going to eat. At least he was able to breathe through the holes at his nostrils.

J pulled him forward and led him, but not too fast with his hobbled legs.. He felt himself being turned around and then was instructed to sit. Not surprisingly a belt secured him to the chair and then his legs were pulled up behind him and secured. The big surprise was when he heard and felt a zip pulled back and he found that he could open his mouth. "Gee thanks, I wondered how I was going to eat." he said. He didn't have a chance to say much more as J fed him breakfast. He found that he was hungry and ate everything she put in his mouth. Fried eggs on toast, bacon, sausage and finally toast with marmalade. After he had drunk a cup of coffee he remarked "That was the best, and the weirdest breakfast I've had for a long time. Thank you."

"It's a pleasure." J replied. "Now are you going to behave and let me zip your lip or am I going to have to do it the hard way?"

"Do I have much choice?" Nick asked. "But do you have to silence me again? I'd really like to talk to you, you seem like a fascinating woman."

"Flattery, flattery! Now hard or easy?" Obediently Nick closed his mouth and felt the zip once again sealing it. "Good boy. For that I'm going to have a second breakfast and reward you." He soon found out what she meant as he felt her mouth close around his penis. It quickly rose to a full erection and soon he was squirming in an agony of pleasure as she expertly worked him to orgasm. He felt her swallowing his cum and understood her remark about a second breakfast.

As his breathing slowly returned to something like normal Nick heard her say "Now you just stay there and listen to some music. I've got some work to do." A pair of head-phones clamped over his ears and then he heard the opening bars on the Brandenburg Concerto Number One. "How did she know I like Bach?" Nick wondered as the music filled his head.

Several hours later, judging by the medley of pieces of music, Nick felt the head-phones being removed. "Ok I'm finished now and it's almost time for you to go." J said. "Are you up to giving me one last bit of fun or have you had enough?" Her hands fondled his prick and balls and felt himself start to respond. "Well I guess that answers that!" she laughed. "I'm going to end off with the Swing, unless you would prefer the Frog again?" Nick shook his head. The tight confines of the Frog seemed to be a bit much although he felt his erection harden at the thought. "The Swing?" J asked. Nick nodded. The rememberance of the last time he had been on that device caused his cock to stiffen even further.

Quickly J released Nick from the chair and led him a few paces. She eased him backwards onto the swing and then secured him firmly to it. Before slipping a condom over his, by now, engorged prick he felt her fasten the little bands and balls around it. Nick groaned with frustration. He knew that those little devils would stop him cumming. "Now there's no need to be like that." J said. "I've been working hard and I want a bit of fun before I let you out of my clutches." A grunt was all the reply he could make. Soon he felt her naked body straddle his lap and then she impaled herself. "Because there's no-one else to help, I'll have to work the swing myself." she said. He felt her rock backwards and forwards pressing her breasts into his chest and getting the swing moving. The movement on his cock gave him exquisite torment, especially with the bands at top and bottom that stopped him cumming.

Soon the swing was moving fast. There was a moment of almost weightlessness at the top of the arc and then J ground down hard onto him as the swing reached the bottom of it's travel. Nick really wanted to put his arms around this fantastic female and kiss her hard as they fucked each other. Both were impossible with his hands bound behind his back and the hood covering his face. All he could do was sit and listen and feel as she became more and more aroused, her pussy contracting strongly. Soon she came and he felt her rubbing her nipples and boobs against him. She screamed in his ear and then bit his shoulder. 

As her climax subsided the swing seemed to slow down but soon J was pumping it again pushing it higher and higher. Once again Nick felt her thrusting down hard as the swing reached the bottom of it's travel. Once again she was soon if the throes of an orgasm, shuddering and biting his shoulder. At last everything seemed to come to a stop. Nick still had a desperate desire to cum that was denied by the devilish little bands encircling his erection. Slowly he felt J lift herself off him. "Oh that was wonderful!" he heard her say. Next he felt the condom and the bands removed. "Always leave them wanting more, as they say in show business." she said as she slowly pumped his engorged cock.

Just as Nick felt he was ready to cum, she stopped. "No time for that now. You need to be going home." Nick groaned with frustration. "Would you like to visit again next week-end?" He nodded vigorously and grunted affirmation. "You say that and you don't even know what I have in store for you? You really are brave! Are you sure?" This time Nick's nod was more slow and certain. "Well I've got something special but you will have to be here early. Can you get here by 8-o-clock?" Once again Nick nodded and grunted. "There is no way I'm not going to be here!" Nick thought.

Whilst this 'conversation' had been going on, J had released Nick from the swing and was now leading him forward. "Watch out for the steps, 3 up." he heard . Shortly thereafter he was again sitting on, what felt like, the straight-backed chair in the entrance hall. "Same rules as last time." he heard. "Don't try to contact me, don't try to find out who I am and don't be late on Saturday. Ok?" Nick nodded and grunted. "I really mean it, if you try anything I will never ever let you in again, and then we'll both miss out on some fun." J sounded quite authoritative Nick thought. "I'd better believe her or I will probably screw things up." he thought as he felt her release his legs and hands and then unlock the collar that fastened the hood. "Oh, by the way, you can take the hood with you as a memento - just make sure you bring it back next time." 



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