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Her Birthday
By Suraya
© 2001, Suraya - Used by Permission
It was a fine warm day, even in the woods near our half-finished cabin. We had gone camping for mywife's birthday. It was her idea, I think mostly to avoid payback for what she had done to me on my birthday, but I was willing to go with the flow.
We were on our (half-built) mountain cabin property, which abuts a state reserve. It is fairly inaccessible except through our road our property, and I was ready for my sweet revenge.

After lunch, I whipped out the blindfold, and said "Happy Birthday Babe" 
The rueful smile showed she had expected something like this.
" Even though we don't have our friends here, you don't get away scott free" as I slipped the blind fold over her eyes. I had earlier prepared some ropes tied to the trees at strategic locations, near our cabin, and soon had her standing naked except for her boots, spread eagled in the center of the grove.

I started teasing her nipples, and lightly tickling the stubble on her shaved cunt. As I did this I could see her cunt lips start to swell and redden, opening like a little flower. I grabbed her belt out of her shorts, and then stated teasing her slit with my finger, and spanking her with the belt. Just light little spanks, leaving little red marks. As I started finger fucking her, she was almost gushing, she was so wet. After a little of this she started jerking up and down, towards my fingers, so I moved my thumb back
towards her ass hole and started pressing at the little rosebud.

She started to object to this (she claims not to like it, but It does seem to maker her even wetter),  "Remember how you got me to agree to things on my birthday by promising to let me fuck your ass? You didn't deliver! But tonight dear, your ass is mine. " as I said this I managed to get my thumb into her sphincter which started rhythmically clamping down on it, which is usually a sign that she is about to come. I stopped fingering her clit, and stopped moving my thumb.
She gave a groan of frustration, and said, "Please, Fuck me now!"
I said, "No"

"You wanted a relaxing day, and that's what you are going to get! Nothing to do, nowhere to go"
I loosened her leg ropes just enough, so that she could close her legs, and then hooked bungee cord in to the loops I had tied, to pull them back open. If she worked at it, she could close them, and then I did the same thing with her hands. She had just enough slack so that she could just touch fingers in front of her face, but the bungee would hold them open if she relaxed at all.
I said " Have a relaxing day dear", but decided to be nice, and stuck a Tiki torch holder between her legs, but in place of the Torch, I put a vibrator. This little model vibrated only when it is being pushed forward, or in this case, being pushed upon. I adjusted it to the point where if she strained her arms to the limit and spread her legs, she could just start to get penetration.

I said "See you later babe, I'm going to go work on the cabin while you relax. If your legs are closed when I come back, and you haven't used the vibrator, I won't make you live up to that ass fuck." I walked away loudly, and then tiptoed back, with the camcorder. I set it up and started running it, with her framed perfectly in the center of the picture. She was already trying to stretch down to the vibrator, but wasn't having much luck I went back over to the cabin, and started noisily to work on the cabin. Shortly, right on schedule, I heard voices walking up the road. It was a bunch of our friends, the same ones that were at my birthday. I sent them up the trail, the whole crew that had been there for my birthday party.

As we approached the grove, I herd my wife call out, "Jim?, is that you?"
One of the other guys answered " No I'm not Jim, but you are a gem! What a find. I should go hiking more often, isn't that so guys?" There was a general murmur of agreement. Which put a very worried look on her face.
"This is private property!" My wife said, " you should leave NOW"
"What, and miss all our fun?" I replied " You should recognize these voices, Perhaps they should sing Happy Birthday" for you." She got a somewhat relieved expression on her face. As I removed the vibrator, I noticed it was fairly sticky, and said "Look here, your legs are spread just like a slut, and you have been using the vibrator. Looks like there's going to be ass fucking all around tonight"

"But first, a little entertainment I think. I believe every one got to spank me on my birthday, now it's your turn"
Bill was the first up, and he picked a leather belt, and started strapping her ass, but lightly. After about 10 or so, he said "you can start counting any time, or Ill just keep this up all day"
"10" she said, he replied "No you start at one, slut" and he laid a harder one across her ass, leaving a red stripe.
"One" she said and they continued, up to 44. By this time she was gasping and almost sobbing the numbers out.

Then Elisabeth knelt in front of her pussy and started licking it, nibbling on the clit, and moving back to her slit. Just when she was about to come, Elisabeth stopped, and I asked, "Who just was eating you?"
"Bill?" she said.
"No!" responded Elisabeth " It looks like I get some ass tonight too" She took her belt off, and let her jeans drop. This (and her lack of panties) left her tight little blond bush accentuating her dripping cunt. She used her belt, a narrow, wicked little strip of leather, to lay a stripe across my wife's butt. And said "Count, and say "More" after each one"
"One, more"
Two, more"

She laid them on my wife's ass, her thighs, and on her back. When they reached 44, Elisabeth stopped, and George, who had just shaved his mustache off, knelt in front of my wife. He started kissing her pubes, sucking them into his mouth, followed by her clit, sucking it in and then using suction to slide it in and out of his mouth. Again, when she started tensing up, he stopped, she groaned with her need, and I asked, "Who was that?"
She thought for a second, and said "Mary?"
"Wrong "said George "Ask for each shot", he said, and he picked up the yardstick I had ready. 
"One please" she said, and he slapped the curve of the front of her thighs. She jumped at this, I don't think she was expecting this angle.
"Two please", and again, a little further up.
Each shot was just a little further up, past her stomach, and approaching her tits, as she reached 19. She started gasping for air, as she said Twenty please, for what we were all sure would hit her tit. But instead, George moved to her other thigh, again working his way up. Again she was gasping as he neared her tits, and at 39 she said "39 please" as he hit her on the tit on the side he had started on. Just below the nipple. She let out a little yelp, and then said "40 please", he gave her other tit a shot. Again the yelp, followed by "41 please" The first tit got the shot again, this time just on the nipple. The yelp was definitely louder, louder still was the other tit. After a second to recuperate, she said "42 please. He came up from between her legs, slapping the engorged lips of her cunt. This, amazingly, got not a sound "Then 44 please", he hit her harder, which got the reaction we were expecting. .

After a few more people, got their spanking in, it was finally Vivian's turn. Vivian is a somewhat abrasive and annoying person, but inventive. Her approach was a little more direct than some others were. She started by dropping all of her clothes, and fingering her pussy while lightly running her fingers up and down my wife's body. Then she pulled her fingers out of her own red curled snatch and stuck them in my wife's mouth. When my wife tasted this she started to pull her head back, Vivian pulled on her nipple, hard, saying suck it slut!, it's the least of what you are having for your birthday.

As my wife started sucking on the fingers, Vivian started rubbing my wife's clit in time. She was still hanging just on the brink of orgasm. At this point she said "Ask us to fuck your ass!"
There was no response, except that my wife tried to thrust her mound towards Vivian's hand, but Vivian just picked up the yardstick, and delivered a series of stinging slaps to her cunt. She then started fingering my wife's cunt again. Again no response, so she started placing clothespins on her tits. She slowly worked towards her nipples. After each pair went on, Vivian said "Say Fuck my ass". After one directly on each nipple, Vivian started just brushing her hands over the ends of the clothespins. My wife started to groan, and then said something, at which Vivian smiled, and whispered something back, and then said "If you agree, Say fuck my ass, and say it with each clothespin I take off.

Clearly my wife moaned "Fuck my ass", and one by one the clothes pins came off, as Vivian kept teasing her clit, and with each one she got louder. At the ones on the nipples she was shouting, "Fuck my ass" as she screamed as they came off. AS this happened, she also started coming as Vivian continued to rub her clit, and nipples, massaging blood back into them. As my wife shook in the bungee cord recovering, and I helped her out of her bonds, Vivian walked over to the other guys, and started some whispering. It wasn't until after dinner and some wine that I found out what it was about.

After dinner, we moved my wife to the half finished cabin, where I had made a set of pillory stocks, where your head and hands fit through a hinged board, and you are held bent over. After we had her fastened into place, with her still cherry red butt sticking out, two of thew guys slipped handcuffs on my wrists, and fastened each one to her wrists. When I asked what was up, Vivian said "You wife only agreed to be ass fucked, if you were too. There was the sound of some quick woodworking behind me, and I was soon fastened into a rough, but sturdy set of stocks, next to my wife. I could tell that objecting would only loose me the chance to fuck her, and was kind of moot, I couldn't move to escape any way. 

With both of our asses presented as we were bent over, it was only a short time before some one started spanking both of us. Starting with light slow slaps, with a strap, but quickly building to a seriously painful spanking. As I started to gasp with each shot, I could hear my wife breathing just as hard, and trying to stop from crying out, I felt something bump my face, and I opened my eyes to Bills cock. I had no interest in this, and had put up with it at my birthday, but not now. However, every time a shot landed on my ass, my mouth opened with a gasp, and he quickly found his way in.

He was soon sliding in and out, until his cock was coated with saliva. At that point he confused me by pulling out, but In short order, he was attacking my wife's cunt from behind. Meanwhile Vivian pulled a stool up in front of my face, sat down and started shoving her red haired twat in my face. As I got into a rhythm with her, I felt something poke at my ass hole. This caused me to pucker up, as something hard was being forced into me. I tightened down as hard as I could, but then I felt the object start to buzz as the vibrator was turned on. In a short period of time I felt it slip into my dark hole, and some one started rhythmically humping me with it, while Bill was fucking my wife.

It seemed like forever, but eventually Vivian started to grind her twat into my face with extra vigor. Just as I thought she was going to cum, she swung her legs up, onto my shoulders. This forced my face further into her, and she grabbed my hair.
She started rocking her hips back and forth, so that my tongue slid from her clit all the way down to the bottom of her cunt, and back. Each time she rocked further, dragging my tongue closer to her asshole. When she finally hit it, forcing my tongue across her puckered opening, it was enough to send her over the edge.

I could hear my wife getting close to the edge of an orgasm, when Bill stopped. As Vivian moved away, I could see my wife her trying to hump backwards towards Bill's cock as he pulled out. He stepped back over in front of me, grabbed my hair and started humping my face again, in rhythm with the dildo that was still slamming my ass.
I figured I was in for another load to swallow, but he gave me another suprise, by pulling out within a few minutes, and spraying his load on my wife's ass. Then George who had been humping my wife's face for a while stepped up behind me. In no time the dildo was yanked out, (which was a little frustrating, as painful as it had been when it started, it had started to feel good) and then I felt a sudden warmth on my ass, as George came on my ass.
There was a quick re arranging, and I was soon tied over a sawhorse, facing my wife. Her legs were up near her head, exposing her cunt and ass, with the cum dripping off of it. Vivian walked over to me, and said, "lick her ass clean sweet cheeks, if you want to fuck her ass." She must have seen my face, because she said, loud enough for my wife to hear " Go ahead, you seemed to like it when you had your tongue in MY ass hole a little while ago!" Which was true enough, I had been stiff as a board.

With that she pushed my face into my wife's cum covered ass, and sort of rolled my face around until it was covered with cum. As I started licking her ass. Then some one started jerking my cock off, as some one started licking George's cum off of my ass. In fairly short order her ass was clean, and Vivian said "stick that tongue in that ass hole" as I started to do so as I felt  some one do the same thing to me at the same time. A really weird feeling, almost like I was licking my own ass. My wife started rocking her ass back, and I felt her puckered hole start to throb. 

Very shortly there after, I was released from the sawhorse, and moved closer to my wife. My hands were fastened to her ankles, which were still pulled back over her head. My cock was poised to enter her wet cunt, or her (now slick) puckered hole. I lined up with the anus and pushed. I felt instant resistance as her hole instinctively tightened. I thought about telling her to relax, as she started to pull away. I thought back to my birthday, and how I had been treated on my first time, and I pulled out a little, and slammed in to the hilt in one hard tearing thrust. My wife moaned, as I pulled out and slammed back in again. This time getting a little further in, on my third thrust I slipped in all of the way. I heard my self say "Beg for it again, Ass-slut"

Vivian started pulling and twisting her nipples, until she said "Fuck my ass" is sort of a weak wimpy voice. Vivian grabbed her nipples and twisted them almost completely around, and my wife yelled it out this time "Fuck My ASS, Please"
I would have started humping her ass double time, if some one hadn't grabbed my ass with both hands and held me in place.
Before I could figure out why, I felt something press against my own tight hole. In short order, I felt a warm prick slowly slide in, impaling me. Whoever it was pulled back a little, until the head was just about to pop out, and stopped.
Vivian then said "Start fucking" As I pulled back I was impaling my self, and as I thrust into my wife, I almost got free of the cock.

I could feel my self inching towards an orgasm, with each thrust, when Vivian said "Who ever comes first, Is our ass slave, and cum eating slave, for the night" This thought didn't thrill me, and kind of pulled me back from the edge, and apparently did the same for whoever was fucking me. I could feel him soften slightly. After a few more humps, I got an Idea, and started clamping down with my anus as hard as I could in the middle of each stroke, and started moving faster. I figured I could do my best to force him over the edge, and he couldn't do any thing to hurry me along. It didn't take much of this before my wife started humping back to meet me, while Vivian paid attention to her clit, rubbing it in time to my thrusts. I could feel the cock in my ass start to tighten up, and I was sure I would get him off before I came.

That was when my wife threw my plan out the window by screaming in to her orgasm, which she had been teased to the brink of, and denied all day. Her anus started pulsing and she started yelling "Yes yes yes, fuck me fuck me fuck my ass" . It would have seemed to by a page right from a porno movie, if she didn't sound so serious about it. That was when I looked down, and watched Vivian put a small clothespin right on my wife's clit, as it thrashed about. She didn't seem to be able to tell the difference between the pain and the pleasure, as this seemed to push her further into her orgasm.

Watching this was enough to make me come immediately and a fraction of a second later the cock in my ass did the same.
I was exhausted, as I was released, and spent most of the rest of the night watching my wife eat cum out of pussy, and get fucked in the ass by almost everyone. With almost every time getting another screaming orgasm.

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