Gromet's Plaza
A Happy Turn of Events
by Stealthbinder
© Copyright 2010 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; mast; oral;; climax; toys; cons; X
A Happy Turn of Events Stealthbinder M/f; bond; rope; gag; mast; oral;; climax; toys; cons; X

“Alright, who’s turn is it now?” Lisa asked brightly.

“Mine.” Rebecca said excitedly as she drew a card to tell her how many spaces to move her game piece.  Both she and her younger brother were taking their turns and playing fairly, which can be an unusual thing for kids their ages.  But then, the Robert’s kids were a bit unusual to begin with, at least their situation was.

Their mother passed away more than a year ago.  That’s when their father, Henry, needed to find a day care for his kids.  The kids were shy and nervous for the first month, having never been to daycare because they were home with their mother all day.  It was all new to them and having just lost their mother only made it more difficult.  Their father was nearly heartbroken, both from losing his wife and having to place his kids here so he could continue work and provide for them, at the initial reports on his children.  But Lisa gave the kids the encouragement and attention they needed, giving them any extra time she had to help them make the adjustment.  Soon the two children, Rebecca and Henry Jr., were making friends and playing along with the other children.

Lisa McCormick really liked these two kids.  Even though they’d gone though some really traumatic events, they both remained polite and good natured. They were happy and playful, never mean or selfish like some of the other kids could be.  Even when another child was being naughty, the Robert kids never retaliated, complained or cried.  These were the kinds of children it was a pleasure to be with, a real testament to their parents and their ideas on child raising.  It’s one of the reasons Lisa didn’t mind staying late with the two kids.

Their father called earlier, saying he was forced to stay later at work and would be by as soon as possible.  The rule was parents needed to pick up their kids no later than 6:00pm, when the center closed.  Now nearly 20 minutes past that time, Mr. Roberts should be near, having called when he was in the car and on his way, apologizing again for his tardiness.  At last, there was a knock on the locked door, announcing his arrival.

“That must be you father.” Lisa said brightly.  “Shall we let him in?”

“Yeah!” both kids said as the bolted for the door.

“I am so sorry I am so late.” Mr. Roberts said to Lisa after warmly hugging his children, now making his 10th apology.  “The client was in no hurry to conclude the meeting and my supervisor would not allow me to leave before it ended.”

“Don’t worry Mr. Roberts, it’s understandable.” Lisa replied.  He didn’t make a habit of doing this, so the rare exception was acceptable.  “Besides, we got to continue our game, didn’t we?” she said to the children.

“Can you guy’s clean up for Ms. McCormick with I check you both out?”

The kids scampered off to put the game away.

“Again, I apologize for making you stay so late.” He said as he checked the children out of the system.

“Really, Mr. Roberts…”

“Henry.” He said.

Lisa smiled.  “Henry, it really was no trouble at all.  Besides, you have two wonderful children and it gave me some extra time to spend with them.”

“They’re good kids because of their mother.” He said.

“Give you’re self some credit.  Considering what they’ve come through, they are doing well, and that is a great reflection on you, your love for them and your parenting.”

“Thanks.  Glad to hear they are doing well.”  He said.  “Right now, they are all I got.”

The kids returned after cleaning up, something most other children resisted doing.  “Daddy, can Miss Lisa come home with us tonight?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah, she can have dinner with us!” Henry Jr, added.

“I’m sure Miss Lisa wants to get home to her dinner like we do.” Their father asked.

“Want to have dinner with us?” the boy asked.

“Yeah, we’re having spaghetti.” The girl added.  “Daddy makes a yummy sauce.”

“That does sound yummy.” Lisa replied, seeing how excited the kids are.

“I’m sure she has plans or wants to get home.” Their father said, trying to help Lisa get out of the situation without her being the bad guy.

“Do you have plans?” Rebecca asked.

“Ah, well, no, not really.” She said.

“Can you then?” they both asked.  Lisa looked up at their father almost laughing, not knowing how to defuse the question either.

Henry laughed too.  “Actually, I have a big batch of sauce going in the slow cooker.  We’d have more than enough for you if you care to join us.  I can at least give you a hot meal for being so patient with me and staying so late tonight.  It’s a sincere offer and you’d be more than welcome to join us.”

Lisa looked at the kids, who were beaming with excitement at the chance she would join them.  The elder Henry did look sincere.

“Ok, why not?” she answered to the cheers and excitement of the children.  Henry wrote down their address and soon they were off, Lisa following in her own car.

The Robert’s home was a white two story colonial home not more than a mile from the day care.  Though getting dark, Lisa could see the playscape and sandbox out back in the nicely groomed but tasteful fenced in yard.  Inside, the house was clean and orderly and only a few toys left behind since the last pickup.

Henry Roberts proved to be both a good father and generous host.  The kids help set and clear the table, then showed Lisa their bedrooms and toys while Henry boiled noodles and heated up breadsticks and made a quick salad.   Dinner conversation was pleasant and happy, with the kids doing most of the talking and the sauce was surprisingly tasty too.

“Can I help clear?” She asked after dinner was over.

“No, guests never do.” Rebecca said.  Lisa was dragged off to play with the two children while Henry cleaned up and put the leftover away.

“Coffee?” he asked popping his head into his son’s room, seeing the three were hard at play.  Lisa seemed to be enjoying herself as much as his children were.

“Yes, that would be wonderful.” She replied.

He brought her a cup several minutes later, helping her to escape the room for a few moments.

“Sorry about that.  They love having guests over and having their attention.”

“Oh, it’s no problem at all.”  Lisa replied.  “You have wonderful children Henry, a real pleasure to be around.” She replied as they went back down to the living room.  Henry offered Lisa the couch and he sat in a chair next to the table.  Lisa kicked off her heels and curled up on the couch with her fresh brewed coffee.  The kids let the adults alone to talk.

Soon it was time for the children to go to bed and got a thrill when Lisa helped tuck them in for the night.  With the kids snuggled down for the night, the two adults refilled their cups and resumed their conversation. The two adults chatted for some time.  Though neither knew it, they both were enjoying the adult chat, something neither got much of during the week.

Eventually the discussion turned to Henry’s wife.  Lisa learned she had a life long ailment that eventually took her life, but she lived far longer than the doctors had predicted.  The good news was the children did not have the gene that carried the defect, so both they and their children were not a risk to be affected or carrying it on to another generation.  The two meet in high school and were married while Henry was still in collage.  They knew they would face the day when her condition would take her life but were determined to carry on regardless.  She wanted to have children and he wanted her to have everything.

“So are you lonely?” Lisa asked at seeing his pain.

“Yes, very much.” Henry said.  “My wife wanted me to remarry again, both for me and the kids, so we wouldn’t be.  Maybe I will some day, but I’m not going out shopping for a mother for my kids.  Maybe someday, a happy turn of events will happen and she’ll walk into my life and we’ll both know.”

Henry wanted their conversation to be more pleasant, so he switched the conversation to focus on Lisa.

Henry came to know that Lisa was still single, having broken off a long term relationship about 6 months ago and had not been involved with anyone since.  She lived alone in an apartment that was only a few miles way from the center, and usually went home and spent her nights behind the computer or reading.

“May I ask why your relationship ended?” Henry asked after an hour alone.

“Well, you can say we had come to know where our relationship exactly stood.” She said.  “We became very clear he wouldn’t be happy with me alone for the rest of his life.”

“You caught him cheating.”

“Just with a good friend of mine, and it had been going on for a couple of months already.” Lisa replied.  “Funny thing was I was kind of expecting him to propose marriage to me soon.”

Henry shook his head.  “Better to find out before you made the commitment. To be honest, he was a dolt to loose you.”

“Now why would you say that?” she said from behind her coffee cup.

Henry smiled.  “I may not know you well, but I’m a fair judge of character and I can see you’re someone that a man would be proud to catch and hold.  You’re intelligent, fun and charming.  You’re pretty, obviously great with children and comfortable to be with and talk to.  So tell what’s not to like about you?”

“You know Henry, that’s just about the nicest thing anyone has said to me for a very long time.” She said with a smile.  “You almost embarrass me.”

“I speak from the truth.” He replied.

Henry could not help notice Lisa was a pretty woman.  About his same age, she was slender in build, with a lovely oval face, expressive big brown eyes and chestnut colored hair.  With high cheek bones and a wonderful smile, she was very attractive in the face.  Her figure was well proportioned, somewhat easy to distinguish from the shape of her dress, and nice legs showing from under the knee length hemline.  All and all, very attractive.

To Lisa’s eye, Henry was a good looking man as well.  Tall, with a full head of blond hair, his face was handsome.  She could see much of him in his children, but they also got many of their features from their mother, who’s pictures were still up around the house.  HE was in good shape too, a well defined chest and abs and no sign of a middle age belly yet.

“So are you lonely?” Henry asked.

“Yes, I am, most days.” She replied, feeling she could tell this man anything.  “I love being with children, so my work is perfect and it helps.  But it would be nice to come home to a husband and someday have my own children to take care of.”

“Guess we’re both a couple of lonely people.” Henry said after a moment, letting his guard down on his feelings as well.

“No one to share our days with.” She said.

“No one to come home to and the nights are the worst.” Henry said.

“A half empty bed can get very cold and lonely.” He softly said.

“Yeah, and boring.” He tried to joke.  To his relief, Lisa laughed.

“Yes, I know what you mean.  It’s been a while there too.  It’s been so long, I’ve almost forgotten who gets tied up.” She replied with a laugh.

This caught Henry’s attention.  Did she really mean that?

“Who usually does?” he dared ask, with a small smile on his lips.  Could he add kinky to the list of qualities he saw in Lisa?

Lisa hadn’t meant to say it.  For some reason, she just blurted it out, even though she was stone sober and hard not trying to be flirtatious.  Looking at Henry, she could see he wasn’t trying to embarrass her, but was asking to satisfy his curiosity.  Maybe he was hoping too?

“Well, sometimes mind you, I wouldn’t mind if I was the one who was tied up, sometimes.” She replied shyly.

“Sometimes.” He echoed.

“Well, OK, more than sometimes.  I’m usually was the one who gets tied.”

He cocked an eye at her and gave her a knowing grin.

“Are you a cop?  OK, I confess, I’m always the one tied up.”


“Yeah, really..” she replied confidently with a smile on her lips.  Why shouldn’t she admit it, she wasn’t embassies or shy about it.  “And you know, I usually enjoyed it too.”


“Well, it depends on how good the man is who’s applying the ropes, and how well he did it,” She said cagily. “and what happened after the ropes are applied.”

Henry nodded.  “I see.”

“And since we’re playing true confessions, Mr. Roberts, what about you?  Any personal knowledge on the subject?”

“I confess I do, preferring to be the one tying up the pretty lady rather than the tied up one.” He replied. “Since we’re being honest and open here.”

“I see.”  She replied.  Something tingled in Lisa when he said his words.  Could something interesting be developing here, unexpectedly and unanticipated?

“Am I safe in guessing it’s been a while since the last time you’ve been tied up?” he asked.

“Quite a while.” she replied.  “Actually, too long of a while.  But you said you like to tie up ladies.  You any good at applying ropes?”

“My subjects never complained,” he said, then added with a grin, “or escaped.  But I also said I like to tie up pretty ladies, and those are sometimes hard to find.”

“So you’ve been untested for a while.” she replied leaning in to him

“Too long a while, but I think I remember how it goes.” He said leaning in toward her.

“With your standards, would I qualify to be one of your subjects?”

“You most definitely qualify.” He replied.  She was a pretty lady, and he thought she would look very pretty tied up in his ropes.

“Does this need any advance warning, or can you work on the spur of the moment if the opportunity happens to present itself?” she asked.

“I can be ready immediately, if you are.” He replied.

“Well, since I qualify and we have this in common but underused interest, maybe we should check it out and see if we both remember how it goes?”

“I think that’s an excellent idea.”  He said as he stood up and offered her his hand.  “But if you don’t mind, we should be a little discreet about it.”

Lisa slipped her pumps back on and took his hand.  He led her up the steps, first checking in on his sleeping children before leading her to his bedroom.  He turned on the lights on both sides of the bed and locked the door.  Lisa knew little children had a bad habit of ignoring closed doors and forgetting to knock, especially at night.

“Guess we should set some ground rules before we start.” He said.

“A wise suggestion.” She replied.  “Since we’re just experimenting here, I think it would be best if we both kept our clothes on.” she said.

“Agreed.” He replied.  He was going to say the same thing.  “And nothing happens without discussion, consent and agreement.”

“Agreed.” She replied.  “If you don’t mind, can we go slowly, take it one step at a time?

“We can do that.” He answered.

“Other than that, you’re free to tie me as you please.” She said.

“It would please me very much.” He replied as he opened the closet door and pulled down a large shoe box from the back of the top shelf.   “Here’s what we’ll use tonight, if you’d like to see.”  He said as he set the box between them.  From the layer of dust that had accumulated on the top, it was clear the contents of the box had not been used for a long time.

Inside were several white ropes all tied up into little bundles.  From the sizes of the bundles, there were a few different lengths of ropes.  Lisa was beginning to suspect Henry knew his bondage and took it seriously.  Already, she was thinking this would be a good, enjoyable bondage session with a guy who understood what it was all about.

“Any thoughts on how you’d like to be tied?”  Henry said as he pulled out a couple of the smaller bundles and opened them up.

“Well, since we’re experimenting here to see how good your skills are, why not start simple with my hands and feet, then you can decide how more restrictive to want to make it.”

“All right.” He said.  “We’ll keep it simple.  Please, face away from me and place your hands behind your back, wrists together.”

Lisa did as he asked, submissively placing her hands behind her as he asked.  A twinge of excitement fluttered through her when she first felt the rope loop around her wrists and tighten.  More turns of the rope followed until most of the rope had been used.  Feeding the rope between her wrists twice, he pulled the cinch tight, further tightening her bonds before he tied off the ends.  Her hands were now tied and the flutter grew stronger.

Lisa tested her bondage, finding he had done a good job.  The rope was nice and tight, so it wouldn’t slip or chaff her skin, but not too tight as to cut off the circulation.  By cinching the rope, he made it impossible to pull her hands out from the coils and he had tied the knot well away from her fingers reach and left little extra rope to grab on to.  It was near a perfect job.

“Turn and place your feet on the floor together, if you would please.” He said as he prepared a second cord for the next binding.

Lisa did as asked again, keeping her legs pressed together.  He knelt on the floor at feet and repeated the same bondage tie as he did on her wrists, only using a longer rope.  A moment later, her ankles were bound tightly together and Lisa could call herself tied up.

“Simple, but affective.”  He said as he reviewed his work.  “Good for a start?”

“Good, for a start, but let’s see how affective.”  She said with a grin as she got on to trying to free herself.  Even before she started, she knew she would be hard pressed to break free of his rope work.  Given some time and a little luck, she might be able to work a rope free or find something in the room to assist her escape.  Lisa was pretty good at escaping moderate bondage, especially if the man tying her was an amateur in his restraints.

She realized quickly that Henry was anything but an amateur.  The ropes fit snuggly on her limbs.  Given some time, she might be able to free her ankles, but her wrists were out of the question without aid.  Adding more ropes would completely remove her chances for escape, if he chose to do so.

Henry sat in a near by chair, looking on as the pretty woman squirmed and fought against the ropes binding her.  Though it had been two years since he last tied up his wife, he hadn’t lost his touch or skill, or his enjoyment at watching a woman twist and turn in bondage.  Lisa was going to remain helpless until he released her.

After a few moments of struggling while sitting on the edge of the bed, Lisa picked her feet up and rolled onto the center of the large bed.  For the most part, she remained on her back, often picking up her legs to get a look at her feet tied in the ropes.  She rolled onto her side and once onto her chest to struggle, but always returned to her back.  At last, she went limp and looked over at her host captor.

“Ok, I admit defeat.”  She said with a broad smile.  “Simple but very affective indeed.  So what’s next?”

“Since we’re off to a good start, I’ll just add to what’s already in place.” He said.  “I give you a choice.  Either I can add more ropes to further the confinement, or I could simply hogtie you.  What would you prefer?”

“Oh, a hogtie sounds perfect.” She said with a grin as she rolled onto her chest.  “It’s been years since I’ve been tied that way.”

Henry unbundled another rope and tied it to her wrist bindings.  He lifted her tied feet from the mattress, bending her legs at the knees and looped the rope around her ankle bindings.  He drew her feet a little closer and began to tie the rope off.

“Tighter, please.” She said as she pulled her heels closer to her wrists.  “Why bother if it’s not very tight or restrictive enough?”

“I whole heartily agree.” He said as he pulled her feet closer to her hands.  “Tell me when it’s to your liking.”

“Right there, that’s perfect.” She said, with her feet about 10 inches away from her hands.  She could have gone closer, but she wanted to be a bit more comfortable so she could enjoy it for a longer period.  Henry double wrapped the rope and tied it off, locking her legs into the bent position, completing the snug and confining hogtie.

“How’s that?” he asked.

“Wonderful.” She said as she resumed her squirming.

Henry returned to his chair to watch as Lisa enjoyed her hogtie.  She rolled on the bed, her fingers fluttering and grabbing the rope as she wormed and thrash about in her ropes.  Lisa wasn’t fighting her bondage, but completely enjoying it.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” Henry commented.

“Oh yes, I am.” She said with a smile. “I’ve nearly forgotten how much I enjoy a good tight tie.  By the way, you do nice work.” She said looking at him as just her fingers and feet wiggled.

“Thank you.” He said with a nod.  “I aim to please.”

“Well, you hit the mark this time.” She said as she rolled onto her side again.  “Are you pleased with the results?”

“Very.” He said.  In fact, Lisa looked fantastic as she struggled in his ropes on his bed.  For just a moment, Henry felt a bit guilty.  The last woman he tied up was his wife, who enjoyed being tied by him as much as he enjoyed binding her.  He almost felt like he was cheating on her somehow.  But she was gone and had encouraged him to find another woman who would make him happy.  Till now, he didn’t think that would happen or even be possible. 

But with Lisa happily fidgeting in the bondage he placed on her, maybe it was time for him to find out of there would be another woman he could love and enjoy being with even half as much as his late wife.  Maybe this turn of events would lead to just that, he thought as Lisa continued to blissfully enjoying her confident the current roped induced pose. 

“How long are you going to leave me like this?” she said after about 20 minutes in her hogtie.

“For a long as you like.” He said. “Just tell me when you’ve had enough.”

“Well, while I’ve not had enough and I really wouldn’t mind staying like that a while longer, how about you change things up a bit and show me how good you can really tie me up.”

“Fair enough.” Henry said.  He was glad she didn’t want to leave just yet.

Henry removed the rope holding her feet to her hands and gently lowered her legs to the bed.  Lisa hardly moved while he untied both her hands and feet.  Once free, Lisa stretched a bit to make sure she wouldn’t get any cramps.

“So what do you have planned for me next?” she asked as she laid on the bed.

Henry wished he could lay with her.  It had been a long time for that too.

“I was thinking that I’d like to tie you tight.  Use lots of ropes scattered all over your body, holding you snuggle with ropes from top to bottom.”

“Oh, that sounds like a wonderful idea.” She said excitedly.

Henry started to assemble his ropes from the box, setting the remaining contents on the floor.

“Can I ask you something honestly?” she said.


“Would I seem too, um, forward or, too suggestive to you if I, if I took my dress off before you tied me?   I mean, I know we said we’d keep our clothes on, but I’d love to feel the ropes against me without the extra layer.  Would you be offended or anything?”

“No, I’ll take offence at all.” Henry replied.  “If you feel comfortable doing it, please do, and I won’t think any less of you.”

Lisa stood and Henry helped unzip her dress, which she slid off her body and placed over the chair.  Lisa was left in a pretty white lace bra, matching panties, pantyhose and her white heels.  Henry was correct when he assumed she had a nice figure. Far from having a supermodels skinny body, she had an extra pound or two on her frame, but it only made her look more curvaceous and womanly.

“I guess I’m ready now.” She said somewhat sheepishly. It had been a while since she was less than appropriately dressed before a man, and she felt maybe she had gone a bit too far being half dressed before a man she hardly knew. But Henry’s smile was warm and pleasant, putting her at ease.

“So, how do you want me?” she said, making Henry grin wide. “Oh, stop that.”  She laughed, realizing how that could come across.  “You know what I mean.”

Henry was all grins.  “Just the way you are.” He replied.  “If I may now be forward, I think you’re a very pretty lady.” He said as he stepped behind her.

“Thank you.”  Lisa smiled back, knowing he meant this as a honest compliment without being too forward.  How she wished he would wrap his arms around her, just hold her for hours.  He seemed like a great man.  Could she be falling for him so quickly?

Henry tied a rope to each of Lisa’s wrists, leaving the cord dangle from her hands.  He guided her hands to her sides, having her fingers rest on the outside of her legs.  After asking Lisa to move her feet to shoulder width apart,   He quickly and effectively wrapped and tied the rope around each of her thighs, rendering her hands useless and held firmly against her outer legs.  He was careful not to let his fingers touch anywhere inappropriate as he worked.

“This is a first for me.  I don’t think I’ve ever had my hands tied like this before.”  She said as she tested her bonds.

“Is it uncomfortable?”

“No, not at all.  I think I can stay like this for a quite a while.”   She replied continuing to wiggle her body against her bindings.  “You know, you’re really good at this.”

“Thank you, but we’re only getting started.” He replied.

“Is that a fact?”

“It is. You said you wanted me to show you how good you can really tie you up, so I’m plan to do just that.”

“I can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

Henry took a long rope and began to wrap it wound Lisa’s upper body, below her breasts.  He made several passes around her body, looping it around her arms as well, before he tied the ends to the ropes behind her back.  Another rope went around her waist, wrapping around her arms as well, pinning her arms to the side of her body.  Now her arms were unable to move one bit.

“I guess you really don’t want me to get free.” Lisa joked.

“That’s the general idea in this game.”

With her arms secured, Henry moved on to her legs.    With Lisa still standing, he again tied her legs together, but this at more points than just her ankles.  He wrapped and tied off ropes around her thighs, above and below her knees and at her ankles, even looping the rope around the arch of her heels and over her feet before tying it off.  The end result was her body was tightly tied to itself.

“Done all ready?” she joked as she wormed on her heels.

“Sorry, but I’m making is so you’re not going anywhere anytime soon.” He replied.

“Is that your plan?  We’ll see about that.” She said as she intensified her struggles.  It was rare for Lisa to be standing upright in bondage and not tied to something, like a pole or with her hands pulled up to the rafters.  She could wiggle and bend, but not move an inch in any direction, unless she wanted to hop which she dare not do, for she feared she’d fall.  So for the next several minutes, she twisted and wormed as hard as she could, but not a single knot was reached or rope removed or even slackened.  She was stuck, again, but happily so.

For Henry, it was quite a demonstration.  We walked around Lisa, watching her curvaceous body twisted and turned as much as the ropes would allow from all sides.  She looked so feminine and attractive, even down right sexy.   Her soft grunts and groans were wonderful sounds to his ears.  Henry really missed having a woman to tie up and watch struggle.  Lisa was filling the need very nicely.

“Ok, I seem to be stuck.” Lisa said.  “Again.”

“Want me to untie you?”  He hoped she was going to say no.

“Do you want to untie me?” she asked.

“And ruin all my hard work, not really.” He replied.

“Then don’t.”  She said with a smug look.  “Just leave me like this for as long as you want.  It’s not like I have anywhere I need to be or anything better to do tonight.”

“I will then.” He said.  “To be totally honest, I’m rather enjoying it.”

“Me too, to be totally honest.” She said with a happy look.

“Though I should be a good host and make you more comfortable, at the very least.”

Henry picked Lisa up with surprising ease and deposited her onto the bed, face up.

“Comfy?” he asked.

“Oh yes, thank you.”  She said then added. “Care to join me?”

From the look on her face and the sparkle in her eyes, he could tell Lisa wanted him to join her.  And Henry wasn’t about to pass on the invitation.

“I’d be happy to.” He said as he slipped off his shoes and slid onto the bed next to Lisa.  He propped up on one arm as Lisa gracefully wormed and squirmed on the bed.  It was apparent she wasn’t trying to break free, if she even could.  In fact, she wanted to stay like this for a long time, and she was thinking she wouldn’t mind doing a little more than just fidget around in her ropes while the man who got her like this just watched.  Would he like it too?

Henry was having a moral dilemma too.  Lisa looked so attractive, he wish they knew each other better or had not put the restrictions on their play.  He’d like nothing better than to touch her, toy with her, bring her to climax or even more.  But he resisted his male hormones and kept his hands to himself.  But it wouldn’t take much on her part to change his thinking.

“How you doing there?” He asked, a broad grin on his face.

“I’m doing fine.” She said with a smile.  “How about you?”

“I’m doing fine.” He replied with an equal smile.

“Do you like watching me struggle in your ropes?” she asked softly after a moment of silence.

“Yes, I do.” He replied then blurted out.  “I’d keep you like this all night if I could.”

“I’d like that too.” She replied, happy to hear his desire for her. “What would you do with me?”

“Let’s just say your dry spell would be over.”

A flush went over Lisa and a new wave of sexually excitement went through her.

“Saying things like that makes me wish you would.” She replied.

He smiled.  “Does being tied up excite you?”

“Yes, very much.  To be perfectly honest with you, I’m very excited right now.” she replied.  Actually, she lied, for she was getting down right horny.  And her squirming body was openly displaying it for Henry to see.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Henry.  “I could do something about that for you.” He replied, as his hand lightly touched her skin.  Lisa gasped, now getting more aroused.

“What would you do?” she asked.

Henry did let words describe his action but leaded over and kissed Lisa.  They kissed long and hard, their tongues flicking into each other mouths as they moaned.  Lisa squirmed harder, her fingers reaching out to touch Henry.  By accident she touched his crotch and found his cock was stiff as a board.  She withered under his kiss, wishing she could do more than lay tied on his bed, but loved that she was completely under his power.  He moved to her neck and shoulders but returned often to her lips.

“Not all my clothes need to stay on.” she said at last in a hushed and inviting voice.

Henry smiled softly, for he knew what she meant.  He moved away and knelt on the bed next to her.  At first, he let his hands roam over her covered chest.  Lisa sighed contently, loving how he was slowing building up to the next moment.  For Lisa, this was what bondage play was all about, giving up control and let the excitement slowly build.

His hands leisurely worked the straps of her bra down her arms.  Slowly the cups pulled away and exposed her boobs to him.  With her breasts exposed Henry slowly caressed them, her soft warm skin feeling wonderful to his touch.  He groped them gently, making Lisa moan louder and her restrained body squirmed harder.  Eventually he concentrated on her nipples, lightly pinching and tugging on them.  Lisa wormed harder under him and moaned constantly.  It was both amazing and frustrating, just as she loved it to be.

“Would you like an orgasm?” he said quietly.  Lisa groaned out a soft yes and slowly nodded..

Without notice, Henry rolled off the bed and got something from the box.  When he returned, he held a white plastic vibrator in his hand.  “Since we said the clothing stay on, this should help matters along.” He explained softly to her.

Lisa couldn’t talk, she just nodded her head.  He was pushing her buttons perfectly, knowing exactly what she wanted and needed.  She wanted Henry to make her come, worse than she had in a long time, and she wanted him to do it now.

Henry turned on the vibrator and lightly ran it against her body.  He slowly ran it over her bound body, teasing her with it while his free hand explored her further, concentrating on her chest.  At last, he slid the tip of the vibrator between her legs sending waves of energy into her, making Lisa moan long and deep.

He held it against her, the vibrations working through the layers of nylon and lace between it and her.  It didn’t help that she was struggling hard against the ropes, but she did push her hips up to add more sensations.  But Henry was doing a marvelous job of mixing in additional pleasures to further Lisa along to the climax that was rapidly building inside her.

In moments, she was almost at her peak.  Henry knew it and turned the vibrator up full.  Her orgasm was only seconds away.

“Kiss me Henry. Kiss me hard.” She begged as she was about to explode.

Henry complied, his mouth covering her in a long deep kiss.  Seconds later, her body bucked wildly against him and she groaned constantly into his mouth. Nearly screaming into him, her orgasm exploded, rocking her bound body hard.  She trembled and groaned long as the orgasm blasting over her entire fettered female figure, rolling on and on as waves if intense pleasures overwhelmed her senses.

After a prolonged heaping of intense sexually delights, the orgasm finally began to subside.  Already, Henry had moved the vibrator away and was hardly touching her, except for the prolonged kiss.

He broke off the kiss, leaving Lisa breathing hard and fast.  The intense orgasm still echoed through her body, but she was finally able to think clearly once more.

“Oh Henry, that was amazing.” She said. “I’ve not come like that in years. Oh, thank you.”

Henry smiled.  “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”  He said.  “But I’m wondering are you settling for just one or are you willing to try for more?”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can, but I’m sure willing to find out.” She said.

Moments later, Henry was back at it, playing with her bound body and running the vibrator over her.  But this time, he upped the action.  When Lisa was getting close, he pulled her pantyhose up and slid the vibrator under her panties.  Surprised but not upset, she told him when it was in the best place to stimulate her.  Once set, he set her hose back in place, freeing up both hands to explore her restrained body.  Before long, he was sucking on one nipple, fondling the other and running his free hand over her skin.

When a new orgasm was ready to discharge again, Henry cover her mouth again but kept both hands on her breasts.  She exploded into another orgasm, just as powerful as the first and going on and on, making Lisa’s bound body rock and buck against him and the vibrator.

When it finally ended, Henry pulled the device from her hose and let her calm down, slowing running a hand over her skin.

“Again?” he said with a smile.

“Oh, I don’t know if I can.  But what you have done is beyond words.  It felt so good ‘amazing’ does even come close to describing it.”

Henry knew the line had been pushed too far for one night.  He covered her breast up and pulled her bra straps up to her shoulder once more, covering her up again.

“If you want, we can…” Lisa said before he silenced her.

“No.” he replied.  “As much as I would like to, we’ve gone much further than we said we would and done enough for one night.”

“That’s not fair to you.” She replied.  “I’m more than….”

“And who said we need to be fair.  I wanted to make you happy tonight.  That’s enough for me and don’t expect anything in return. ”

“I’m sorry Mr. Roberts, but I simply cannot let it stand this way.  You can’t do all this for me and not allow me to do something for you too.”

“By letting me do all this, you’ve already done something for me.”

“It’s not even a close comparison.  You’ve been a perfect gentleman all night, but let me treat you like a man like a woman should.  You must need relief as much as I did.  Please Henry, I don’t want to beg, but if I must I will.”

Henry knew she was asking for more than they both should do.  Considering they hardly knew one for more than a few hours, things had pushed father than should have.  Maybe another day they could go further but this wasn’t the time for such things. He should just stop, untie Lisa and let her go home.

But his pants were straining with his erect penis.  She was right, for he wanted relief too.  He could feel himself throbbing and getting sticky from the pre-cum that was leaking out.  At that moment, he’d love nothing more than to have Lisa serve him, suck his cock or even have sex with her.  And she looked too intent in wanting him, not to mention he did want to untie her or let he go home, at least not yet.   He had to do something.

“Perhaps I have an alternative,” he said at last, “that can satisfy both of us”

“I’d like to hear.” She replied eagerly.

“Let me take care of things myself,” he replied as he opened his pants.

“You don’t want me to do it for you?” she asked as his cock sprang out, fully erect and displaying a dire need of attention.

“Well, I think you’ll be a little too busy.” He said as he picked up the vibrator again.

Lisa smiled.  “If that’s how you want to play it, I think can live with it.” She said with a smile.  “But could you do me one more favor before you get started?”

“Name it.” He replied.

“Well, I’m not completely helpless here, and as you may have noticed, I’m a little noisy when I climax.  I’d hate to disturb anyone with my racket, so I’m wondering if you have any idea on how to take care of these problems.”

“I think I can come up with something.” He said, amazed that she was asking to be gagged.  Even his wife never asked for a gag, but never refused when he added one.

A moment later, a long white scarf with a large knot tied in the middle was presented to Lisa’s lips. She parted her lips and the knot went it, settling nicely in her mouth.  A moment later, the scarf was tied around her head and she was biting down on it.  Her red lips were an amazing contrast to the white cloth, looking so perfect.

The vibrator was turned on again and slid under her pantyhose. Lisa moaned when he found the perfect spot.  With her breast free of the lace again, Henry slowly stroking himself with one hand as his other gently playing with her boobs.  Lisa was soon squirming in her ropes with a new orgasm already starting to build deep inside her.

Henry was in heaven.  It felt so good to do this Lisa do this.  He felt slightly guilty though, wondering if he has co-opted her into doing it.  But in the end, he knew she was doing this on her volition, so he stopped questioning it and gave in to complete enjoyment.

Knowing he was starting to build to the inevitable conclusion, he tried to slow down and hold back for a long as he could.  After several minutes, he could tell that Lisa was getting close to an orgasm, waiting it as much as he did.  He turned the vibrator up higher, making her struggle and groan harder, while his hand worked his cock in a steady rhythm.

Lisa never took her eyes off Henry.  While she would have loved to have him make love to her, or even just suck on his cock till he came would have been wonderful, she still thrilled at what was happening completely.  She squirmed in the tight fitting ropes, moaning into her gag contently, watching her captor hover over her as he masturbated while he watched her.  What a wonderful experience to have.

Seeing Lisa was at the edge of her own orgasm, he turned the vibrator up full.  Lisa thrashed about on the bed and was seconds from coming.  Henry could no longer hold back, so he pumped his cock faster and let out a series of grunts until his orgasm exploded and his cock erupted.  He pumped out a huge load of come, spewing so much that it flung all over Lisa, his sperm spattering coating her torso.  Lisa hardly noticed as her own orgasm exploded, moaning and groaning into her knotted gag as she tingled all over with her climax.

At last, they both stopped coming.  The last few drops of his seed trickled out over Lisa before he collapsed onto the bed next to her.  He pulled the vibrator out and discarded it.  The gag came off next and their lips meet again.  It was a fitting end to a breathtaking session.

“Sorry I got you so messy.” He said as he put himself back in his pants.

“Don’t be, it was well worth it and I loved every second.” She replied. Henry was now busy cleaning Lisa off with tissues.

“I should untie you.” He said at last, though half heartedly.  He didn’t want her to leave yet.

“Not yet.” She said softly.  “Please hold me for a while.”

Henry rolled the bound woman over onto him, with Henry below and Lisa on top of him.  He wrapped his arms around her, holing her as tight as the roped did.  She contently laid on him, relishing the afterglow of the evening events.

“While I am completely enjoying this, it is getting late.” Henry said.

Lisa only nodded.  In reality, she wished it wouldn’t end.

Moments later, the ropes were off.  Now free and before he could react, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in close.  They kissed again, like lovers should have a wonderful night or love making.

“Thank you for, well, for everything.” She said at last.  “It’s been a wonderful evening.”

Lisa knew she had to leave as she dressed.  While she would have loved to spend the night, she knew she had to go.  Henry wished she would not leave, but it would be hard to explain to his kids why Lisa was still there in the morning.  They held hands as they went back down the steps and walked to the door.

“Do you have any regrets about tonight?” he asked.

“None.”  She replied.  “I would do it again with you any time.  You?”

“None what so ever.” He replied with a smile.  “In fact, I’m hoping we can see each other again soon.  And not just for what happened in my bedroom.”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” she smiled back.

“How does Saturday night work for you?  I know a place that serves great steaks.”

“I have suggestion, if you don’t mind.” She said.  “I know a place that has pizza and stuff for both adults and kids to play.  That way, you don’t need a babysitter and we all go together.  Then come back here and play a board game or something with the children before you put them to bed.”

“And after?”

“After, we can have some adult time too, to talk, or whatever.” She said with a sly smile.

Henry smiled, knowing full well what she was thinking when she said ‘whatever’.  He liked all those ideas and it would be an enjoyable time for everyone with nothing to explain to his children.  “That sounds like a wonderful plan to me.”

Nine Months Later

The cruise ship was sailing on a cloudless night.  So many stars were out, no longer blocked by the lights of the city, but the nearly full moon had risen.  Rebecca & Henry Jr, had spent almost an hour on the balcony wrapped up in blankets looking at the night sky and calm sea.  But the excitement and busyness of past several the days had caught up with them and now they were in their own beds, deep asleep for the past two hours.

In the adjoining cabin, Henry Roberts sat in a stuffed chair.  He was a little tired, for the last few days had been very busy.  But now it was time to relax and enjoy, and not have to worry about explaining why Lisa was going to be around in the mornings.

He looked at Lisa, who was now Mrs. Lisa McCormick Roberts.  They were married just two days ago and starting their honeymoon.  Lisa insisted they bring the kids along and this cruise proved to be a perfect trip.  The kids loved Lisa, though calling her mom would take time, if ever.  Lisa was fine with it, knowing she may never fully replace their mother but loved them like one could.  They would spend the days together with the kids as a family enjoying the ports the cruise would pull into to and all the amenities the ship offered, while spending the nights alone with one another as lovers.

Dressed in a white corset that was partly open to expose her bosom, a white garter belt, sheer white stockings and white high heels, Lisa looked amazing.  The white veil, pulled back and falling half way down her back, was a nice touch too.   It was the same veil she wore when she walked down the church aisle less than 36 hours earlier.  She looked beautiful in her wedding gown, like an angel, with his two children walking before her spreading rose peddles and carrying their wedding bands.  She wore this same lingerie under her gown, which was a happy surprise later that night to find.  She was more lovely and feminine that ever.

Lisa was also arrayed in white ropes, with her wrists & arms tied behind her back, and her legs tied together at her ankles, knees and thighs.  A white ball gag dangled from her neck, having been used for the last hour to keep her moans and outcries minimized as Henry used his hands and mouth to bring her to 3 fantastic orgasms while lying tied on the bed just as she was the first night he bound her in his bedroom.  Presently she was kneeling between his legs, gagged with his erect cock and happily sucking on him, anticipating his orgasm that she will willingly swallow down every drop of.  The rope tied between her legs would keep her aroused and amused till she was finished with her current task and help get her ready for the next that was to come.  A constant stream of groans and squirms attested to how affective that little rope was at keeping her excited and aroused.

This was the first time in two months they played any bondage games.  Though they played several times over the last nine months, they decided to hold off after getting engaged till they were married to play again.  Now all restrictions were off and both husband and wife were thoroughly excited to get their kinky sex life back on track and expand it further.

So far, the plan for this night was playing out perfectly and better than either hoped for.  Lisa not only looked wonderful, she felt great and responded perfectly to his attentions.  When finished with her oral love making, he planned to place her on the bed and bind her wrists to the headboard and her ankles to the end of the bed tied open and exposed.  He’d slowly bring her to at least one if not two more orgasms, with the ball gag muffling her groans of ecstasy, till his cock had recovered enough to slide deep into her pussy and make love to her.  He still debated if he'd remove her gag and use his mouth to keep her orgasmic noises down.

The most interesting part of all this was none of this was of his own planning.  This was all Lisa’s idea, as told to him a few weeks ago when she detailed how she wanted their night of bondage to play out.  All Henry had to do was come up with the proper bondage rope work and make sure Lisa would not get free till they had satisfied each other entirely, which was easy to do when you loved to make love to your new spouse.

“You seem to be completely enjoying yourself, Mr. Roberts.” Lisa said before she resumed her oral love making.

Robert ran his hand through her hair as she plunged down onto his cock once more, talking him in fully.  It wasn’t going to be long before he would erupt into her mouth, just as Lisa was working towards, to totally please her new husband, like he was doing for her.  He had so many plans for her, and she couldn’t wait for him to act all of them out on her.

“What’s not to love, Mrs. Roberts.” He replied, now happier that he had been in years.



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