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Frat Pledge Panty Raid
by Joanie Davis
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© Copyright 2017 - Joanie Davis - Used by permission
Storycodes: F+/m; FF/mm; college; pledge; cd; dress; heels; wig; makeup; raid; caught; panties; gag; pantyhose; bond; hogtie; stuck; cons/nc; X
Frat Pledge Panty Raid Joanie Davis F+/m; FF/mm; college; pledge; cd; dress; heels; wig; makeup; raid; caught; panties; gag; pantyhose; bond; hogtie; stuck; cons/nc; X

It was the mid 1970's and I was in my first year of college. Wanting to thoroughly enjoy college life I pledged for a fraternity. Another pledge, Tommy and I were instructed to come to the fraternity house one Friday afternoon during the pledging process. Once there we were given the task of staging a panty raid on one of the sororities. The school's administrators had decided that these raids had become too frequent and were a security problem so they had issued a warning against future raids. As they had implied police involvement I was none too excited about our task. "Hey guys, I don't need something like this on my record. Can't we do something else?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it, pledge," one brother scornfully replied " We've got a plan to get you safely in and out. You'll be campus heroes after you pull this off." Not wanting to make trouble for myself I shrugged and agreed.

Tommy and I were directed into separate rooms "to get ready". When I walked into the room I was astonished to find half a dozen girls waiting for me. I recognized some of them as the girlfriends of senior brothers. I was dismayed to learn that Tommy and I were to be disguised as girls so that we could walk around the sorority house as if we belonged.

I was handed a razor and a pair of silky panties and sent to shower "everywhere except the top of my head". I briefly considered bolting but didn't want to have wasted the time I had already devoted to pledging so I complied.

It was a strange feeling toweling off my smooth hairless skin and I'll admit to a guilty thrill of pleasure as I pulled the panties up to my waist. I was not thrilled with the bulge my penis made and was embarrassed for it to be seen by the girls so I tucked it between my legs before exiting.

The next hour went by in a blur of femininity. There was a dance on campus that night so the idea was that we would be suitably attired as if we were going to it. The girls gleefully painted my toenails and fingernails a bright red and supervised my dressing. Pantyhose, a bra padded with extra panties, a slip and a silky navy blue dress. Costume jewelry, clip on earrings, and a pair of high heeled pumps were added before they sat me down and made up my face. Once they were satisfied a wig was pulled over my scalp and styled. They spun my chair around so that I could see their handiwork in the mirror and I was stunned to see a not unattractive young woman staring back at me. They hustled me to my feet and pushed me out into the hallway. Unsteady in my heels I stumbled into a young woman. I began to apologize but suddenly realized that it was Tommy who had been given a treatment similar to my own. As I stared at his transformation I began to think that this plan could actually work!

We were given large purses to conceal the panties we would be stealing and were instructed to come back with no less than fifteen pairs each, for a total of thirty.

Just a few minutes later Tommy and I were walking along the sidewalk in the gathering dark. I would climb the stairs to the second floor while he would continue on to the third floor. We figured that we would make short work of our task since most of the girls would have already left for the dance.

We walked through the front door to the sorority house, breezing past the security desk where a matronly woman didn't even give us a second glance.

We separated on the second floor and I began my search. As we had thought the place was deserted and it was the work of just a few minutes before I had the fifteen pairs I needed for my half share. As I made ready to go back and meet Tommy at the staircase a sudden commotion broke out on the floor above me. "Oh, shit!" I thought "we're busted! I hesitated a minute and started to make my way to the stairway to escape but by the time I reached the landing the noise had died down. As I stood there nervously waiting I realized that I only had half of the required panties and would need Tommy's to complete our task. I knew better than to believe my fraternity brothers would accept any excuses so I reluctantly climbed up to the floor above.

Following the noises I opened a door and looked into a darkened room. The light from the hallway was just enough for me to see that Tommy had been captured! Two sorority girls were sitting astride his struggling form. I quickly grabbed the closest one by the arm and yanked her off. As she went sliding across the polished hardwood floor I turned to deal with the other one. But I had seriously underestimated my opponent. Before I reached Tommy and his attacker the first girl scrambled to her feet and tackled me. Already unsteady on my heels I went over like a tree and landed hard. My attacker wasted no time jumping on top of me pinning me down. She was trying to pull my arms behind me but I got my hands under me as I tried to buck her off. Between the slippery material of my dress and the pantyhose I was wearing I couldn't get any traction and was squirming uselessly beneath my captor. I was obviously in trouble and my captor called to her friend saying "Take your time, Judy, this ones not going anywhere!".

I looked over towards Tommy, hoping that he was faring better than I now that he only had one girl to contend with and what I saw left me stunned! Tommy was already their prisoner! The darkness had prevented me from realizing that the girls had already tied him up and gagged him before I arrived. They had obviously returned from the dance and caught the hapless panty thief in the act. Using nylons, scarves and pantyhose they had bound his ankles, above and below his knees, and his wrists.

As I watched, Judy lashed his upper arms close together and cinched them tightly. Sudden pain in my elbows brought me back to my own predicament. My attacker had taken advantage of my surprise and had dragged my arms from underneath me and was kneeling on my elbows. I renewed my struggles but could not prevent her from winding a nylon around my arms above the elbows and tightening it, slowly but surely bringing them close together behind me. Angered at the ease that these girls were capturing us I began bucking again and managed to unseat the one on top of me. She grabbed me by the hair to better control me and was shocked when my wig came off in her hand. I struggled to my feet and started to run from the room. I don't know where I thought I was going. My shoes had been lost in the struggle and my arms were tied tightly together at the elbows but my only thoughts were of escape. It was no trouble at all for the girls to grab an ankle and trip me. I fell awkwardly and couldn't prevent the girl from turning me over on my tied elbows. She screamed with laughter and cried "She's a boy! A fraternity pledge! Quick, Judy, check the other one!".

Judy wasted no time in removing Tommy's wig "This ones a guy too, Karen! Let's finish getting them tied up. I can't wait to show the other girls these little beauties!". Karen tied a nylon around one of my ankles and looped the other end to a bedpost. She got up and turned on the lights, then moved to help Judy.

Things hadn't gotten any better for poor Tommy. Judy had stuffed his mouth full of panties from his bag and then wrapped a knotted scarf several times around his lower face before tying it tightly behind his head. Then the two of them flipped him onto his stomach. I watched helplessly as Judy tied a nylon to the cinch on Tommy's wrists, fed it through the one on his ankles and hauled him into a hogtie. As Judy pulled the nylon, Karen pushed his feet toward his butt. Tommy grunted into his gag as Judy fed the free end under his wrist bonds and them tied it off at the cinch on his elbow bonds. As they both let go he was reduced to shaking his head and wiggling his fingers.

Karen rose and opened a dresser drawer. As she turned towards me I saw she was carrying a double handful of pantyhose. I tried to scoot away as they approached but was still tethered to the bedpost. Judy shoved a wad of panties against my lips and said "open wide" but I pressed my lips together and shook my head. Karen reached up under my dress, grabbed a handful of my crotch and gave a good hard squeeze. As I yelled in surprise and pain the wadded underwear was pressed deep into my mouth. Karen quickly started wrapping a pair of pantyhose around and around my head pushing the panties in even deeper and jacking my mouth wide open. After tying my gag off tightly the girls turned me over and sat on top of me, one across my shoulders and the other on my butt. I struggled uselessly but couldn't help admiring the shapely nylon encased calves on either side of my head. I felt pantyhose being wrapped around my wrists and ankles then being cinched tight. Next my legs were bound above and below my knees. I realized that I would soon be bound and gagged like Tommy.

I glanced over at him to see that he was tied just as well as he had been, pulling futilely against his bondage, tears of frustration and humiliation at this rough handling leaving trails where his mascara was running.

Finishing my legs the girls sat me up and tied additional nylons around my torso above and below my padded chest and my waist, pinning my arms tight against my back. Then they turned me over and began tying nylons to the cinch of both my ankle and wrist bonds. They each took one and pulled. Working together they managed to hogtie me so severely that I could feel my nylon sheathed heels with my fingers.

The girls got off me and surveyed their handiwork. Satisfied that we we helpless they began to talk about returning to the dance. I hoped they would. Although they were very tight I thought that we should be able to break the fragile nylons and escape. I lay quiet as they straightened their clothes and brushed their hair, chatting excitedly about their capture of us rather pathetic specimens. Then Karen turned to us and said "We'll have to think of a suitable punishment for you two ladies. Especially since your disguises were so good. See you in a few hours!!".

Having said that she and Judy gaily linked arms and sauntered out, pausing long enough to extinguish the lights and close the door. I began to struggle then, twisting, straining, and pulling for all I was worth. I heard the key turn locking us in and then the sound of their high heels tapping down the hallway. Before they had even reached the staircase I had given up on the idea of breaking free and the one knot that I could reach was slick nylon and hard as a rock. I felt tears begin to well up as I thought about our predicament. Thoroughly trussed up and effectively gagged. Wearing women's clothing. And at the mercy of some truly wicked young woman who had absolutely no reason to be lenient. Lowering my forehead to the hard floor I closed my eyes and awaited my fate.


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