Gromet's Plaza - Bondage Stories
The First Evening
By E McDermott
© 2001, E McDermott - Used by Permission
Lynn and I had never met until that evening. We had exchange E-Mail over the Internet, and then talked on the phone later into the evening, but we had never seen each other. While she was aware of my taste for bondage, and I was aware of her curiosity we had made no commitments or decisions.
We met near a soaring statue before the train station at 5:30 PM, surrounded by the hurrying hordes of commuters who were intent on catching the scheduled trains back to the suburbs. I spotted her immediately. She demure blue raincoat, her black stockings, and her two inch heels seemed more appropriate to nun, than to a married woman about to meet her potential lover for the first time. I watched her as she scanned the crowds, her blonde hair ruffled by the wind, and her purse held defensively before her. Then she looked my way and I smiled, as I walked directly up to her and introduced myself.

For me, no such meeting is ever simple. Each time, I am thrilled by the sight, the sound, the smell and the texture. No matter how precise the description, I am always surprised. I'm not necessarily disappointed, but I am surprised. On that day I was delighted, because Lynn description hadn't prepared me for her cool blue eyes or the interesting way she cocked her head as she listened.

We stepped across the street, out of the cold October wind and into hotel. Inside we turned to the right and found a tiny booth in the English pub. I ordered a scotch and she wanted a martini. While we waited, we made conversation. "I imagined you somewhat differently," she said, shrugging off the raincoat to reveal a pink bolero jacket over a severe white blouse.
"In what way?"
"I don't know. Something more startling, I guess," she replied. I stand six foot with a husky build, but I have what could be called a baby face. Even nearing fifty I have the face of a choir boy, which is
a characteristic I sometimes take advantage of. I laughed. "Did you expect a Van Dike beard, with black curly hair and a pair of horns? Perhaps you expected me to appear in leather and chains, brandishing a whip, or dressed in tiger skins with a club? I don't play Alley Oop on the first meeting."
"Oh," she blushed. "I didn't mean that. I just imagined you differently."

The drinks arrived to rescue her from her embarrassment. We talked about the weather, about the traffic about the stock market. We talked about everything except the reason we were there. Then the crowd thinned out leaving us comparatively alone. I slid my chair beside Lynn's, and put my right hand on her shoulder. When she turned to look at me, I put my other hand under her chin and lifted her face up. "So, Do I pass inspection?" I asked. She caught her breath and nodded. "I don't know about the tying up part."
"You've never tried it before?"
"No. I've never done anything like that. I've never done anything like this before. I've never been with a man beside my husband," she stammered. "I'm not very good at this sort of thing."
"Lynn, you're a lovely lady," I replied. "And I want to take you upstairs. Then we'll do some of the things you've asked about."

I knew from out telephone conversations that her husband didn't satisfy her. He was strictly a wham-bam-thank-ma'am type who thought that the missionary position was a high point in love making. She knew I had different tastes.
From my hand under he chin I could feel her pulse, and I noticed how it sped up. I leaned over, ran my tongue around the edge of her ear, and whispered, "You're helpless now. Cross you wrists in front of yourself and I'll tie them together." Trembling, she laid her crossed wrists on the table. From my pocket I took an ordinary shoelace. Over, under and around. In a second herhands were securely bound. I stood up, picked up her coat and draped it over her hands, then led her from the bar to the elevators.
I admit I took a chance or renting the room before I met, Lynn, but I was fairly certain that she would accompany if I gave her no opportunity to think.

When the elevator arrived, I led her in and pressed the number. Then I kissed her passionately, holding her head with both my hands as my tongue probed her mouth deeply. Once inside the hotel room, I surveyed the furniture quickly. Two double beds. dresser, breakfast nook. Everything was bolted down, so there were only limited facilities, but I felt certain that I could work with what was available.
I took the coat from Lynn and hung it up. Then I had her slip of her shoes, and knee with her back to me. From my coat pocket I drew out the collar and placed it around her neck. "With this collar, I enslave you, Lynn. While you wear the collar you are my property to use in any manner I choose. Do you understand?"
"Yes," she said I slapped her face gently. "Yes, Master."
"Yes, Master."
I bent over and nibble on her ear, then moved to the back of the neck.

My hands slipped under her arm and felt the shape and weight of her breasts. I felt her head arch back and heard her sharp intake of breath. I kissed her long and hard. Then I led her by the collar to the bed. She obeyed the collar humbly, not asking questions, not resisting. I tied the lead from the collar to the led of the bed, giving her a foot of slack. Still, this forced her to kneel and bend over completely. Then I undid her hands. I removed her bolero jacket, but left the blouse untouched. I find the sight of partially clad woman in bondage far more exciting that a nude woman, or even a woman in her underwear. With the jacket hung up, I tied her hands to her collar, crossing the hand behind her neck. Aside from a tendency to make the slave bow (which isn't a bad thing) its simple effective technique.
"Do you know what I'm going to do with you now Lynn?"
"No. No, Master."

"I'm going to do whatever I want. I'm going to start by touching anywhere I want. Then I'm going to kiss you anywhere I want. Finally, I'm going to fuck you. But before I fuck you, I'm going to make you beg for it. Have you ever begged for a good fucking?"
"No, Master. You're not going to hurt me, are you?"
"Not unless you're disobedient. Are you going to disobey me?"
"No, Master."
"Good." I kissed her, and pulled her to me. She had a lush body, and my hand caressed her from the shoulders down to the ass. Then I nibbled at here ear and then her neck, above the collar. She kissed back passionately, and thrust her pelvis forward, rubbing against my manhood.

Slowly, I undid the blouse, and then the bra. The breasts were of medium size, with small nipples, but very sensitive to the touch of my tongue. For a moment I thought I had given her an involuntary orgasm by sucking one. I didn't want her to get any relief, yet. I pinched the nipples hard, and watched her climb to the edges of an orgasm, so I let go and led her into the bathroom, where I wash her face with a cold face towel. Then I ran the a piece of ice around the edges of her nipples until the stood out so firmly I felt sure they must ache. Back in the bedroom, I removed her skirt, slip pantyhose and panties. She cooperated as best she could with her hands bound, but found it difficult to balance. I made her lie on the bed, her feet at the head, and tied one to each side of the bed. Then I put a couple of pillows under her rump to raise it up.

As I took off my clothes I watched her watching me. I thought for a second about gagging her, or blindfolding her, but I only had makeshift tools. Those techniques would have to wait for a later date.
Once complete naked I stood over her, and presented by penis to her mouth.
"Take it inside your mouth and suck it."
She balked, "I've never done that before. I don't know how."
I slapped her gently on the face. "Do it."

She started by licked my cock from back to tip. Then mouthed the bottom of it. Then finally let the tip slide in. However, she couldn't take more than a couple of inches in her mouth. Still, I accepted this pleasure. After a few minutes, I pulled my cock from her mouth and walked around to the other end of the bed. I knelt between her legs and began to caress her inner thigh, first with my hands and then my tongue. I opened the lips of pleasure and began to suck on her clitoris. As her hips began to buck in pleasure, I stopped for a minute, before beginning again. After several minutes of this she began to toss her head back and forward and thrash, but to no avail.
"Please, please don't stop," she begged.
"Don't stop what?"
"Please don't stop doing that." She twisted her legs trying to rub herself against anything that would give her release. I gave her a couple of more licks and then laughed. "I know what you want. Beg for it."
"Please, please fuck me, master. Please fuck me. I'll do anything you want, just fuck me good and hard."

So I did. After she came, I lay with her and caressed her arms and legs. I undid her legs and tied her hands behind her back this time. Then I sat her on one of the chairs. Only then did she notice that the curtains were still open. Seeing her blush, I had her stand before the window as I played with my fingers. In a few minutes she was begging, so I let her ride my prick as I sat in the chair.
"I can't believe I came twice in one evening," she said resting in my arms. I'm going to be so sore tomorrow."
"I'm not finished," I replied.
"Oh. I couldn't take any more."
I replied by pinching her nipples hard and watched her breathing become ragged again. By alternately sucking and pinching her nipples I aroused her for the third time. Then I asked her, "Have you ever had been fuck annally?"

I smiled with a dirty smile. I didn't tell her I had no intention of doing that tonight. I'm larger than average, and frankly, it has its drawbacks. Only a few girls can give me really good head, and most girls find me too large to enjoy up the back side. However I did have something similar in mind. I brought out of my jacket pocket, a slender vibrator. First I made her kneel before me holding the vibrator inside her vagina while she sucked on my cock. I noticed happily that she improved with practice, and soon would be adequate. Having enjoyed that as much as I dared, bent her over the breakfast table.

I tied her legs, open wide, and then used another rope to tie her head by her hair to the table. There she stood, open and vulnerable to any rear attack I might intend. I slipped the vibrator out of her and slipped my cock into her. After a couple of minutes of strokes I knew she was on the edges of another orgasm, so I stopped. After ten minutes of this teasing she started to beg me to fuck her. Instead I took the vibrator, which was perfectly lubricated, and pressed it against her puckered anus. I didn't push it in. I just slid it into the spot and turned it on and off a couple of times. After a minute I slid it in a quarter of inch and let it come back out. When she got used to that, I advance a little further.

Within ten minutes the vibrator was completely implanted. I let it run for a minute or two until she began to crest again. Then I stopped it. I untied her hair and her legs and took her to the bed where I had her sit on my cock. Inside her, I could feel the head of the vibrator, in its channel. I started to fuck her slowly at first. As she began to peak, I turned on the vibrator. The vibrations passed through her body to my cock and then down my cock to her clitoris. In moments we both exploded in a tremendous orgasm.

As I held her closely, having turned the vibrator off, I kissed her on the forehead and said. "The next time we'll try something more exotic."

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