Gromet's Plaza
by Scarecrow
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Storycodes: F/m; M/f; D/s; rope; bfold; scarves; bond; cuffs; collar; tease; slave; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons; X
Decompression 7 Scarecrow F/m; M/f; D/s; rope; bfold; scarves; bond; cuffs; collar; tease; slave; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons; X
story continued from part six

Part Seven

Chapter 11

I drove sedately back home wondering if I had created a monster. A lovely, lovable monster, but a monster none-the-less. Sally had always been sparky and vivacious but now she was blazing. The way she teased the poor removals company rep had been priceless.

Then Sally ordered me to follow her home where she had promised to tie me up and fuck my brains out. The memory of what she did to me the last time had me squirming as my erection pushed its way up. As I got home I saw she had parked outside.

“Note to self,” I thought, “Sally must park in the garage. Outside is not the place for a rag-top sports car.”

When I got inside I was greeted by Sally, naked, on her knees, in her slave posture.

“Would you please take my collar off, Master.”

I did so.

“Thank you, Master. It would be inappropriate for me to wear your collar while...” She picked up the length of rope she had used when she first asked me to kidnap her; it even had the loops of a handcuff knot in it.

“And now...” Sally slipped a loop over my wrist and then gently guided my arms together behind my back put the other hand through and then pulled the loops tight.

“How’s that?” She asked.

“Bit tighter.”



“Good.” She cinched the loops with an overhand and then took the ends round my waist where she tied them off at the front. “Recognise this?” She smiled.

“Seems vaguely familiar.”

“Then you know what comes next. Now sit. I can’t reach you properly all the way up there.” Sally leaned back as if surveying the top of a sky-scraper. I complied and she produced her Hermes scarf which she efficiently tied as a blindfold.

“Right, come along please.” She led me into the kitchen where she sat me in a chair and proceeded to tie my legs together. A rope around my chest held me to the back of the chair and I wasn’t going anywhere, at least not without a lot of difficulty.

I heard her leave the room and I was alone for a while. She returned and removed the blindfold, I was faced with a dominatrix goddess. Clad all in black leather, she was transformed into a sub’s wet dream incarnate. A half-mask covered her face and her hair was French-plaited into a club that hung down her neck. She wore a tight corset with half cups that just covered her nipples and a very tight, very short skirt. High heeled boots and fish-net stockings held up by a garter belt completed the outfit. She carried a crop and she looked magnificent!

“You will call me Mistress and the only other word you may use is ‘Yes’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. I will now release you and you will strip completely. You will then bring your toy box here and I will select the appropriate attire for you.”

“Yes, Mistress”

As soon as I returned with the toy box Sally reapplied the handcuff rope and scarf blindfold.

“You don’t need to see what I select.”

“Yes, Mistress.” My erection was getting uncomfortable.

I sat waiting, listening to shuffles and clinks as Sally sorted through the box. The odd mutter of “This? Maybe, but not with that.” and “That’ll look good… But what about…? Oh, Yes!” indicated that she was concentrating on the job at hand. One thing that I had learned while working with Sally was that, when focused, she talked to herself constantly. And did not even notice if someone responded.

Finally she was done. “You really do have a lot of good stuff and I’ve promised myself that I am going to try every single item. Not all at once and not all today but, now that I know I’m here for the long term… Well, let’s just say we’ll have fun!”

I knew that some of the ‘good stuff’ Sally was talking about wouldn’t fit her, but it would fit me, so she was obviously intending that this wouldn’t be the last time she took control.

“Now, I have been learning from you so, let’s set up the ground-rules. Your ‘safe-word’ for stop is ‘King’ and for wait is ‘Queen’. Got that?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You should be able to say them even when gagged and we’ll test in a minute. Secondly, is your breathing okay for a gag?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You’re sure? You may answer ‘No’ if you’re not.”

“Yes, Mistress.”


“Yes, Mistress.”

“This is going to be a long session so I’ll take you to the bathroom before we start.” She did and, although I needed a bit of help because of my erect cock, I managed to empty my bladder. Wondering what she meant by ‘A long session’ didn’t help with that damned erection either!

While we were in the bathroom Sally replaced the scarf blindfold with a hood. Obviously, the idea was that I couldn’t see what other items she was intending to use. Just added to the anticipation. This was a total enclosure hood with padding over the eyes and ears and a built-in gag with a breathing hole. Grommets under the nose provided additional air-supply.

Back in the kitchen I felt heavy-duty suspension cuffs encircle my wrists and similar ones at my ankles. A ring clamped round the base of my cock and a parachute stretcher enclosed my balls. Now I was getting worried. “Did Sally have any experience with suspension play?” “Did she know what she was doing?” “Should I safe-word ‘Queen’ now?” The answers were “No.” and “Maybe” and, after some thought, “Not yet.” 

Dimmly through the hood I heard “This is a test. Say ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ so I know what they sound like through that gag.’“

I did so and she seemed satisfied because I was propelled into the bedroom and laid, face down, on the bed. My anxiety about suspension play lessened. Sally used pillows to support my head comfortably without interfering wih my breathing. My arms and legs were fastened to the corners of the bed, firmly but not too tight.

What followed was the most luxurious and sensual massage I had ever had. Where Sally learned her techniques she would never tell. The most she would ever say, when I asked her about it later, was “Oh, I spent a year out East between finishing my Masters and starting my MBA.”

She started with the fingers of my left hand and slowly moved her way down the arm, working on each and every muscle; muscles I never knew I had until she isolated and relaxed them. She then repeated the process on the right arm. Shoulders next. Some people attack the muscles agressively, beating them into submission; not Sally, she coaxed, teased and seduced the knots to unravel. Slowly and painstaking she inched her way down my body, leaving total relaxation in her wake.

When she had finished with my toes she started again with my left hand, now sensitising the skin; first rubbing with silk, then with some coarser almost scratchy material and ending with silk again. When she had finished a section it felt as if every nerve was glowing, aware of the slightest touch. Each square milimetre received attention as she, again, worked slowly down down my body. Incredibly, despite the relaxation it was amazingly erotic and, at no stage, did my erection weaken. I was still as aroused as when she first tied my hands.

When she was finished with the back of my body she turned me over and did the same on the front. I felt I could make out every wrinkle, every single thread, of the sheet I was lying on, my skin was so sensitive. And yet I was totally relaxed and sinking even further as Sally worked her magic on me. As she worked down, she carefully avoided my cock and balls, getting right to the edge of my pubes but no closer.

Finally she removed the cock ring and parachute and began giving those areas the attention they were waiting for. I was experiencing a feeling of relaxed elation. With the hood blocking all sight and sound, my only contact with the world outside my body was touch. Initially the awareness was spread all over my body, as a result of Sally’s ministrations. Now the focus slowly contracted, concentrating on the area of my groin. I felt as if I could discern the individual air molecules from Sally’s breath. And then, as the focus reached its peak, I felt Sally’s pussy slowly engulfing my cock. The sensation was indescribable and, in moments, a pulse of heat and power and pleasure exploded out through my super-sensitised body, followed by another, even stronger, and another, and another until they merged together into an all encompassing inferno.

I was vaguely aware that I was franticaly dragging air through the breathing holes in the hood and gag to fuel the flames that were consuming me as I blasted into Sally’s pussy. Slowly, slowly the fires receded leaving glowing coals in their wake. I was utterly sated and I fell asleep.

I woke to find Sally sponging off my very sweaty, naked, body. The hood and cuffs had been removed and were lying on the bed.

She grinned at me “Enjoy that?” She too was naked.

Wordlessly I reached out to her and she came into my arms. All I could do was hold her and, through body contact, communicate the love and joy I was feeling.

We just lay in each other’s arms savouring the amazing gift she had given me. Eventually, my energy levels recovered and I stirred.

“We’ll have to change the bedding, this lot is soaked” Sally still had a self-satisfied grin plastered on her face.

“Aagh! Thank you. That was incredible!”

“Did you hear a word I just said?”

“Yes, darling, I did. I just don’t think I can move.”

“Come on, you big lunk. Move!”

I staggered out of the bed; every muscle seemed to have turned to water. “How long did I sleep?”

“About an hour. I also had a little nap, that treatment is quite draining.”

“I can believe it. Where did you learn to do that?”

“Come on, help me with these sheets. Got to get them in the washing machine and make the bed again. And I want my collar on please. I feel naked like this.”

Supper was a quiet affair. I was still absorbed by the experience and Sally was happy to give me the space. I tried to explain, apologise for being so self-absorbed but she just waved it away with “Don’t fuss. I know you need some time.”

Slowly I began to appreciate the level of skill and the amount of effort Sally had expended on me. “Why?”

“To say thank you. For what you’ve done for me. For what you’ve shown me. For helping me to become whole. And for loving me even when I wasn’t.”

Later. “Why the heavy cuffs? The hood I can understand. No distractions. But the cuffs?”

“Oh that. At the climax some men can become quite violent. Almost like having a fit. I knew those cuffs were over-kill but I wanted to try them on you.” She grinned. “You must rig some hooks and show me suspension for real.”

“Some men? So where did you learn that?”

Sally looked me straight in the eye “I want to sleep blindfolded and cuffed again tonight, Master. Do you think it’s time to start shortening the chain yet? I think I’m ready for it.”

I gave up. She obviously wasn’t going to talk about it.

* * *

The next few days saw a steady evolution of our relationship. Every night Sally slept in cuffs and blindfold. She said they helped her to sleep better.

"I've always been an insomniac." She explained. "Busy until about midnight and then crash; wake at four, four-thirty then go work out in the gym. Reminds me, when do the movers bring my stuff? Feel the need for some exercise. Other exercise." She concluded with a grin.

"Thursday." I answered.

"Anyway, when you put your chains on me, I know I have no choice but to sleep, well, other than fuck you," Grin. "so I sleep. And if I do wake up it's quiet and dark and I lie there thinking how lucky I am so I snuggle against my man, my Master, and I go back to sleep again."

We'd very quickly established a routine that in the evening, when I was ready, I would say "Bed time." and Sally would go and prepare herself and return with her bonds. I would then fit and lock them; blindfold, wrist-cuffs and hobble before removing her collar.

"Please take the collar off after you tie me up for the night, Master. I want to always have something of yours on my body." had been her request.

I would then leave the keys and collar where I happened to be, office, kitchen, lounge, where-ever for her to fetch in the morning. I would go off to sort myself out and, by the time I was done, Sally would be waiting for me with a predatory grin in her face. That was one non-negotiable, she wanted me inside her! Not that I objected. Because of her restraints, this was always interesting and varied.

Sally worked out how to straddle me even though her ankles were hobbled. I came into the bedroom one night to find her kneeling high in the middle of the bed with her knees spread wide.

"Please slide under me with your legs over my hobble chain." She instructed.

So I did and then guided my cock into her pussy. With her legs held down like that she was able to get some serious leverage to pump. The sight of her magnificent body rising and dropping on me, hands pinioned behind her back, face flushed with exertion beneath her blindfold, put a serious strain on my self-control. I could never last very long in that position before I came. The feeling of me spurting into her would always bring another climax from Sally, no matter how many orgasms she had just had.

Other times she would lie beneath me with her knees drawn up and spread wide, heels together close to her bum, forming a basket for my body. Our mouths locked together, tongues dancing, as we pleasured each other. Another variant was spoon-fashion, our bodies lying side-by-side. I would enter her from behind. This gave my hand free-reign to massage her clit, pressing it against my cock filling her pussy. I once got her to cum six times before my own orgasm pushed her into a seventh. She was almost delirious by that stage.

"Oh, you bastard, you beautiful bastard!" she kept gasping. She slept very well that night.

The morning routine also varied. Some mornings she would wake me by kissing all over my body before attacking my ‘Morning Glory’ with her tongue and mouth. Ever the gentleman, I returned the favour, sliding under her hobbled legs so that her feet were on my back whilst I worked on her clit with mouth and tongue, my hands stimulating her tits and nips. Other mornings, when I woke first, a slap on the rump and “Come on wench!” would send her off to retrieve the collar and keys. Collared and unrestrained, Sally would assault me with a passion and fervor that left both of us gasping.

Shower and, while I dressed, Sally prepared breakfast, clad only in her collar. She’d quickly given up on kneeling beside my chair while I ate. “Takes too long and my food gets cold.” So we ate together chatting about our plans for the day, the news and events of the world, or a hundred other subjects. We explored each other’s minds finding areas of commonality and divergence, shared interests and others that were poles apart. Some mornings we’d sit and chat until past noon. On other days we would go through the toy box fulfilling Sally’s goal of trying every piece. The only thing she didn’t want to use was the Sleep-Sack; at least not to sleep in.

“I need to be touching my man.” was her rationale.

“We’ll keep that for punishment then.” I responded.

“Have to be very serious.”

Both of us knew that ‘punishment’ was just not on. It wasn’t that kind of relationship. We’d checked the paddles, crops and floggers and decided that neither of us was into that sort of pain. I’d originally bought them because Marcie had insisted. That had been her ‘thing’; not receiving, giving. Now I was wondering why I’d bothered to keep them.

So a part of most days was spent with one or other of us in various forms of bondage. The ground rules were set from the beginning:

Who would be top and bottom for the session was decided on the toss of a pair of dice. Two to Eight meant Sally was bottom; Nine to Twelve meant I would be at her mercy. This, of course, loaded the odds quite heavily for, or against, her depending on your point of view.

Fun and games ended at Six-o-clock in the evening so that Sally could cook supper. My suggestion that I could cook was met with a disdainful “No, that would be too much of a sacrifice.”

No repeats. Once an item had been used on a person, it couldn’t be used again on them until we’d gone through everything. This meant that Sally couldn’t wear her ‘Ferrari’ until we’d tried everything else, so she was keen to get done as quickly as possible.

Any sexual activity was totally at the whim of the top.

If I ‘won’ and would be the bottom, the first thing I did was remove Sally’s collar. “I can’t tie you up if I’m wearing your collar, Master.” It went back on as soon as the session ended.

Thursday arrived and with it the movers. It was the first time, since she arrived, that Sally wore street clothes around the house. The rep who saw us at her flat had obviously been talking because Sally got a lot of covert looks from the supervisor and his crew. She loved it, throwing herself into the role with gusto. She called me ‘Master’ at every opportunity and made sure her tits and nipples pressed against the front of her cotton frock. I was surprised that nothing got dropped.

Much of Friday was spent buying items Sally said she needed to complete the re-decorating of my house and, by the time she was finished, it looked like a home for the first time since I bought it. She had a wonderful eye for colour and texture and even I could see the effects of her transformation.

* * *

Chapter 12

Friday was also the day that we fetched Sally's 'Kajira' pendant from Georgie. The man had excelled himself. It was exquisite. When he brought it out, Sally squealed with delight, threw her arms round Georgie and kissed him, much to his embarrasement, although I could see that he was pleased by her approval. Somewhat to my surprise, Sally didn't want it on her collar immediately. "It wouldn't be right, today." was all she would say about the matter.

The next morning, after waking me early with an especially enthusiastic blow, Sally asked me to swap the 'S' on her collar for the new 'K'. When she could see, she walked over to look at herself in a full-lengh mirror. Her hand carressed the pendant and then, visibly, she dropped into full-on slave mode. Her eyes went down, her wrists crossed behind her back and she knelt by the bed in her 'slave' posture.

This behaviour continued for the whole day. Sally served my breakfast and knelt by my chair until I had finished. The only words she spoke were "Yes, Master." If it were up to me I would far prefer to have my 'normal' Sally rather than 'slave' Sally. But I realised that something deep was going on behind those emerald-green eyes, so I didn't interfere. It wasn't that she was somber, far from it. She was close to extatic. If she wasn't kneeling beside me she danced, constantly. Every move was a dance of life and love and happiness. I finished my silent meal and left her to eat and clean up.

She found me in the lounge, reading the newspaper. She knelt beside me with her hands out in front holding our dice. I thanked her and tossed them onto the coffee table. Double Five, total, Ten. I would be bottom. "This should be interesting." I thought. Without a word, Sally reached across and, with one finger, rolled a die over to show One, total, Six. Sally would be bottom. I didn't interfere.

"May this slave speak, Master?"


"When Master binds this slave please will Master make it especially tight."

"The request is granted."

A huge smile split her face and then her head dropped into a 'proper' subservient position. I sat for a moment, considering. I hadn't yet used rope, so that was the way to go. The total-enclosure hood was also available, a bit big but it would lace down quite tightly. If Sally wanted tight bondage I knew how to give it to her.

"Bring me the hood with the built-in gag that you used on me on Monday and all the rope in the toy box."

Sally raced from the room with a skip in her step and returned almost as quickly.

I took the hood from her hands and indicated where she should put the rope. She laid out the coils neatly. I then pointed to the floor in front of my knees and she knelt there, facing me.

"Breathing okay?"

"Yes, Master" She sucked a huge breath through her nostrils to demonstrate.

"You have no safe-word for this session."

"Yes, Master!" Real enthusiasm in her voice.

"Bladder empty?"

"Yes, Master"

Those were the last words she would speak for several hours.

I pulled the hood over her head. Unfortunately it didn't allow for a pony-tail to hang out so I tucked her hair in and then pulled the laces at tight as they would go. It wasn't perfect but it was a start. Next I wrapped a black rope tightly over the hood starting well above the eye-line and working down, each coil lying next to the one before. I worked down to Sally's chin making sure not to cover the breathing holes.

Now came a body harness, tight with Chinese Buttons on all the pressure points. Over time they would make themselves more and more uncomfortable. Of course, one of those Buttons was right on her clit. Next, I lay Sally on her back so I could create a rope harness over her legs, each leg folded back with heel against bum cheek and then everything laced together. The leg tie then laced to the body harness. Finally I rolled Sally over and roped her arms together from elbow to wrist. Her hands were palm-to-palm so I tied each finger to its partner. I thought I was finished, but then I noticed she could still move her toes. So I tied her big toes together.

She was a rope-lover's dream. Head, a featurless black blob; the rest of her body tightly laced with rope criss-crossing every part.

Two hours was the maximum for this tie so, after about ninety minutes I rolled Sally on her side so I could get at her 'interesting' bits. The button over her clit was soaked and there was a wet patch on the carpet. "Damn!" I thought to myself. "Should have thought of that and told her to bring a towel." The position allowed me to work a finger into Sally's pussy and a thumb under the Chinese Button to get to her clit. Her nips were easily accessible and soon she was gasping and snorting through a massive orgasm.

Now, to give her some relief, I untied Sally completely. Even the rope around the hood came off, though the hood remained. The only exception was that, when her arms were free to stretch, her legs were tied and while she stretched her legs her hands were tied. At no time was she unbound in some way. After she had a chance to recover, I sat her down in a semi lotus position and tied each foot to the opposite knee. Then I placed her arms so that each hand grasped the opposite elbow, the forearms next to each other across her back, and bound them into that position.

Then I slid a medium sized vibrating dildo into her pussy, set it on medium and left her while I went to make myself some lunch. That carpet would have to be cleaned in the not too distant future.

When I got back Sally was mewing and rocking in obvious frustration so I flicked her nips, raising the pitch of her voice. This was a relatively easy tie so I could leave her like this for a long time. The vibrator would keep her interested but unfulfilled. She couldn't push it out because the base rested on the carpet; if she leaned forward to take it deeper she couldn't hold it when she leant back. There was nothing she could do about the torment. I wondered if she would ever talk to me again.

I sat for the whole afternoon watching my lover suspended in delicious frustration. Finally, at five-thirty I removed the dildo. Sally screached and shook her head violently. Next I untied her legs and then removed her hood. Before she had a chance to say anything, I firmly said "Posture."

"Yes, Master."

"Before I untie your arms; this is an instruction. You may not touch yourself."

"Yes, Master."

I completed setting her free. Sally kept her hands clasped behind her back, a beseeching look in her eyes.

“Go and get something to drink and then use the bathroom.”

“Master? May this slave speak?”


“Master, please tie this slave’s hands. This slave… This slave…”

“Having trouble following my instruction?”

“Yes, Master.”

The temptation to make her suffer further was almost overwhelming, but I relented, crossed her wrists behind her back and bound them. I then took her to the kitchen for a glass of water, which she drank greedily, before helping her relieve her bladder.

Sally knelt beside my chair in the lounge rigidly holding her ‘slave’ posture although her shoulders twitched every now and again as, almost unconsciously, she fought against the tie holding her wrists. Telling her to stay where she was I fetched her favourite Hermes scarf. I blindfolded her with it, leaving a deep tail that covered her face.

Untying her hands I said “Make yourself cum for me, and I expect at least three.”

Sally threw herself onto her back, one hand spearing to her pussy whilst the other kneaded her tit, rolling the nipple between her fingers. She plunged two fingers into herself and her thumb attacked her clit. It took about ten seconds before she thrust her head back, lifted her hips off the carpet and screamed. It was the first time I had watched Sally masturbate and it took all my self-control not to strip off and join the fun. A Master does have responsibilities.

As her hips came down again I said “Two more. At least.”

“Yes Master, Thank you Master.”

The next orgasm took longer and was less violent.

“And no faking. If I think you’re faking I’ll tell you to give me four.”

“Yes Master.”

“Just think about what this is doing to me and what I’m going to do to you later when you’ve got your sleeping cuffs on.”

That seemed to do the trick because Sally was soon screaming, with her back arched again.

The next morning I woke first and sent Sally off to fetch her collar and keys. Before locking the collar round her neck I changed the pendant, replacing the ‘K’ with the original ‘S’.

“Thank you for that.” Sally said, seeing her Kajira pendant on the bed-side table

“Yup, yesterday was a bit intense.”

“Yes it was, wasn’t it? But thank you for letting me do it. It was really, really important for me. I had to go into that place, to live it, experience it, know it in the depths of my soul. I really needed that, and I love you for letting me go there. You okay with it?”

“Yah, but not too often. That is not how we are going to live our lives together. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

We carried on discussing Sally’s ‘Kajira day’ over breakfast.

“I could take almost everything.” She said. “The suffocatingly tight hood, the rope harness with those knots on the pressure points. Even when you tied my toes together and I couldn’t move a thing… How long did you leave me?”

“’Bout an hour and a half.”

“Don’t know I’d like to take much more. Everything builds up and builds up and there’s no end in sight.”

“Yeah, two hours is the max, for that tie. With an experienced sub.”

“Could’ve been two days for all I knew. No sense of time. No sense of anything except those ropes and knots.”

Sally sat silently for a time, reliving what she’d been through.

“And when you tied me sitting like that I thought ‘What is my Master doing? He knows I should be tied tight.’ But you did know what you were doing, didn’t you, you bastard.” said with a warm smile. “That vibrator was worse than the harness. It just went on and on and nothing I could do made any difference. How’s the carpet, by the way?”

“Needs cleaning.”

“I’ll bet! But, like those bloody little knots, I learned to handle it. I learned to live with that buzzing little fucker in my cunt.”

Silent introspection.

 “But what I couldn’t handle, and I knew I couldn’t, was when you untied me and told me not to touch myself. That drove me bat-shit crazy! Thank you for tying my hands again. I just couldn’t deal with not touching myself.”

Long pause.

“I’ve never masturbated in front of anyone before. Thanks for the scarf, it really helped. Seems crazy doesn’t it? After all we’ve done together. ‘Nother part of my past you’ve helped me deal with.”

“And then you tell me to cum three times. And I know I can’t, but I must ‘cause my Master ordered it. How did you know I was thinking of faking it? No, don’t answer. I know. ‘Cause you’re my Master and you know me so well. And then you gave me the key to unlock the barrier and I was so happy I could cum for you.”

Sally was quiet again.

“Is that what you do, Johnny? Every time you see a barrier you smash it down. Is that your thing?”

“No, my darling. I don’t smash any barriers. I just show you that they aren’t real and then you smash them down. And I do it because I love you.”

“Yes, Johnny. You set me free to set myself free. Does that make any sense?”

“Perfect sense.”



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