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The Coincidence
by Chas Dicks-ins
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Storycodes: FF; F/f; M/f; D/s; collar; chast; mittens; bond; gag; dungeon; cells; leather; rope; bfold; fantasies; discovery; voy; mast; cons; X
The Coincidence 5: Tracy's Morning Chas Dicks-ins FF; F/f; M/f; D/s; collar; chast; mittens; bond; gag; dungeon; cells; leather; rope; bfold; fantasies; discovery; voy; mast; cons; X
story continues from part four

Part Five

Chapter 17: Tracy's Morning (Afternoon, Actually)

Tracy woke up in the afternoon, groaning as she moved her aching body off of the living room couch. Tracy wandered into the kitchen wearing the clothes she slept in, which were yoga pants and a loose T-shirt. Delighted to find coffee already made, Tracy devoured the coffee cold.

Tracy looked through her fridge, scrounging around for some food to sate her hunger. Finding some old pizza leftovers, Tracy ate the pizza cold. Her hunger sated, Tracy glanced around for Rebecca, who was clearly awake and had somehow made coffee already. Tracy searched the house, and didn't see Rebecca anywhere, even in the dungeon. Finally, Tracy checked her bedroom, and pushed open the door and looked inside. The door creaked as it opened, and Rebecca looked up suddenly in shock at the noise.

The two locked eyes, and in an instant Tracy saw Rebecca's situation. Rebecca was nude except for her constant chastity belt and collar, with a panel gag obscuring her lower face, bondage mittens on her hands, and shackles keeping her feet close together. Tracy laughed at the one constant in their friendship; Rebecca being tied up somehow.

Rebecca blushed, and mumbled "Ahmm Sorreee," or something to that effect around the penis in her mouth. Tracy walked over and unstrapped the gag, pulling the gag out of Rebecca's mouth.

Rebecca smiled a sheepish smile at Tracy, and said "I'm sorry. I just can't resist being tied up, I guess."

Tracy laughed again, and said "I'll have to start locking the dungeon to keep you out, you pesky one." Tracy grabbed the keys to free Rebecca, but Rebecca stopped her.

"Don't untie me yet!" Rebecca said. "I want to stay tied up."

Tracy gave Rebecca a skeptical look, and Rebecca blushed, embarrassed to admit it, but Tracy shrugged and put the keys away. Rebecca squealed in delight, and jumped up and hobbled over to hug Tracy. Once again, Rebecca pushed her bare boobs into Tracy, and Tracy was left awkwardly wondering how to hug back without crossing the line into intimacy with Rebecca.

Rebecca let Tracy go, and went and scooped the penis gag up off of the bed with her mittened hands. Tracy turned around and headed into the living room to sit down. Rebecca hurried to join her, but could only move so fast while hobbled. In the living room, Rebecca kneeled down in front of Tracy facing her. Rebecca put the penis gag down in the table, put her hands behind her back, and looked up at her friend, smiling in delight.

Tracy raised her eyebrow at Rebecca's behavior, but didn't complain about the view she was getting of Rebecca's boobs as Rebecca stuck them out forward by putting her hands behind her back. Tracy wouldn't make a move on Rebecca, but she wouldn't refuse such delicious eye candy either.

But, when Rebecca looked closer at Tracy's face, and her smile morphed into a frown. "What happened to you face?" Rebecca asked, an edge of worry in her voice.

Tracy chuckled, and replied in a mock scolding voice "So the submissive asks questions while she's kneeling and tied up?" Tracy wagged her finger in an over the top way at Rebecca, mocking Richard's scolding the other day.

Rebecca looked down in her submissive way, and replied "Well, I... No. My master, I mean... Richard taught me how to properly address people as a good slave, and to never speak unless asked to... But that wasn't my favorite thing. I wanted to ask him if I could talk to you, but he wouldn't have allowed me to request anything. So no, I shouldn't question you as a good slave. I liked almost everything he taught me to do, and I love how he taught me to kneel like this, because it makes me feel so helpless... But I wish I could speak occasionally... at least when we weren't doing anything sexy..." Rebecca trailed off and she looked down, but then her face brightened suddenly. "But you could gag me if you want!" Rebecca said with a big grin.

Tracy smiled, happy that her friend left the topic of Richard. Tracy obliged, and soon Rebecca was sucking on the penis stuffed and strapped into her mouth. Tracy then leaned back, and said "But I suppose you do want to know what happened yesterday."

Chapter 18: Tracy's Tale

After Rebecca went to sleep that Sunday, Tracy got straight to work. She set about cleaning the house again, as impressing Rebecca gave Tracy motivation to keep clean. After a few hours, the dungeon and the ground floor were both back in their original pristine condition, and Tracy went back to the kitchen to make some food for her lunch. After eating, Tracy responded to the few emails that had cropped up in her inbox that Sunday morning. Nothing too important, but Tracy liked to keep on top of her emails so they never overwhelmed her.

Tracy then crept into her room, and found Rebecca's phone on the nightstand. Picking it up, Tracy saw several text messages from Richard on the phone that had been sent in the last few hours.

"I am very disappointed in your behavior, and I expect a full apology from you, and for you to make up your disobedience to me." Read the first text message.

"To make it up to me, I require that you prove your obedience and dedication to your master. You will come to my apartment this Friday, and you will present to me your apology and the keys to your collar and chastity belt. There, I will decide your final punishment based upon your apology." Read the second message.

Tracy was fuming from Richard's pompous assuming manner of speaking to Rebecca, and of treating Rebecca so awfully. But, Tracy did calm down when she realized that she treated most of her slaves in the same way, controlling them utterly and completely, and demanding absolute obedience. Tracy thought "No wonder Amy left me. What a jerk."

Then a third text message came in from Richard.

"On Friday, you will become my slave completely: I will brand your body with my name, and you will be my property, and then you will be unable to disobey me any more." The text read.

Tracy knew how sexy the thought of being his property would be to a submissive slave, and knew she had to intervene. After all, Rebecca was not truly happy with Richard, and deserved to be with a master who cared about her as more than a toy. So, Tracy picked up Rebecca's phone, and sent a text to Richard. "Come to Tracy's. We need to talk." Tracy then deleted the text about the brand, not wanting Rebecca to even consider it.

Tracy turned the phone off and set it back on the nightstand so that Richard's possible responses wouldn't wake Rebecca. Tracy sat down in the living room with a glass of wine, and prepared for Richard's imminent arrival.

A few hours later and two glasses of wine later, Richard rang the doorbell. Richard stormed in as soon as Tracy opened the door, yelling Rebecca's name. Tracy planted herself in Richard's path, and said that he should stay away from Rebecca. Tracy told him that Rebecca was not ready for such a violent master, and to stay away from her, and cause her no more grief. Richard's eyes hardened, and he yelled "Shut up, hussie. Get out of my way!" Richard punched Tracy in the face, knocking her to the side, and continued forward, looking for Rebecca.

Tracy, knocked down by the force of the blow, slowly got back up, on hand on her now bruised face. Tracy could not let Richard get to Rebecca, as she knew that that would mean the end of Rebecca as anything but his sex slave. So, she did what she had to do. She walked up behind Richard, and swiftly brought her leg up into his balls. It was a dirty move, but Tracy had to protect Rebecca. Richard crumpled, as any man would, making a loud bang as he hit the floor. Tracy yelled at him to leave before she called the police, and Richard half crawled as fast as he could out the door. Tracy heard the skid of tires, and Richard was finally gone. Tracy knew he would never return, as a spineless coward like him could never face someone stronger than him twice.

Finally finished, Tracy collapsed on the sofa, bleeding a little on it from her cut cheek. When she fell from the punch, she must have hit a sharp edge somewhere on the hardwood table and cut herself. Tracy set about cleaning up after about fifteen minutes, worried the blood would stain the couch. After working at it for an hour, Tracy's cheek had stopped bleeding, and the couch was clean once again.

Tracy glanced into her bedroom, and saw Rebecca sleeping soundly, smiling in her sleep. Tracy closed the door again, and went the kitchen to prepare dinner for herself. After a few bites, Tracy couldn't continue, as her stomach was not settling at all. So, Tracy went into the living room and went to sleep on the couch, exhausted mentally and physically.

Chapter 19: Safe at Last

During the course of the story, Rebecca had edged herself closer to Tracy, and settled herself so that she was kneeling between Tracy's legs, with her breasts pushed against one leg, and her head resting on Tracy's other thigh, looking up at Tracy as she spoke. By the end of the story, little tears had formed in Rebecca's eyes, touched that Tracy had done so much for her once again.

Rebecca stood up at the end and leapt onto Tracy, enclosing her in a massive hug. Rebecca's was crying and hugging Tracy as tightly as she could. Tracy returned the hug, and the two stayed together on the couch for a while, in each other's comfort.

Rebecca was happy to be free of Richard, but she wondered how now she would fulfill her newfound needs and desires for bondage. The two finally separated, and Tracy removed Rebecca's gag. Rebecca sucked the penis dry as it was removed, and smiled at Tracy once it was off. "Thank you so much" Rebecca said.

Tracy and Rebecca moved to the kitchen, where Tracy poured the two some wine. Once again, they got started talking on trivial things over the wine, happy to be united once again. Eventually, Rebecca said "I wish I could have Richard without his lack of care for me... I mean, I wish I could feel all those great things he did to me with out the part where he was involved, like I wish I could have him without having him. You know?"

They were both drunk, and weren't making complete sense, but they still understood each other somehow. Tracy replied "I know, I get you. I mean, I suppose... No... No. Nevermind."

Rebecca leaned forward, curious. "What? What is it?"

Tracy hesitated, and said "Well.... I suppose I could tie you up, then you could have some fun again."

Rebecca's eyes widened, recognizing the idea. "That would be amazing!" Rebecca replied. "You could keep me helpless in your dungeon!"

With that, the idea was germinated. They hashed out a plan, and decided that every Friday night, from 6 PM to 6PM on Saturday, Rebecca would be restrained in some way at Tracy's while they hung out, or if Tracy went out, Rebecca would remain in the dungeon, helpless. Sure, Rebecca wouldn't be able to feel a man's hands on her body any more, but she just couldn't find someone who was willing to tie her up and cared about her, so only being tied up was the next best thing.

Chapter 20: The Routine

Every Friday, at 5:30, Rebecca would show up at Tracy's door dressed normally. In thirty minutes, she would be transformed- sometimes into a nearly nude slave, sometimes into a fully restrained straitjacketed prisoner. For the next few hours, the two would sit in the living room and chat about their week while they drank. Then, by Rebecca's request, they would always watch a movie. Tracy would gag Rebecca first, and then they would together watch the movie. Every week Rebecca chose the movie, and she always made sure to find one that had at least one scene with some damsel captured and tied up.

Whenever the scene would come, Rebecca would imagine herself in the actor's place, and would warm up as the actor was made helpless, and then unable to do anything to free herself. Whenever someone did something to the damsel, like groping her awkwardly through her dress, Rebecca would moan softly in her gag, close her eyes, and enjoy the feeling of helplessness that came over her, imagining she was herself being groped against her will. After the movie ended, Tracy put Rebecca to bed, usually in the large cage on the mattress, but occasionally elsewhere. Once, Tracy left Rebecca tied up on the couch after she fell asleep during a particularly long and boring movie with the damsel scene at the beginning.

Then on Saturday, Tracy mostly left Rebecca alone, occasionally changing how Rebecca was restrained, but mostly keeping her tied up, gagged, and blindfolded, with nothing to do but consider her helplessness.

But at the end, Tracy would always release Rebecca right at 6PM, and the two would hug for a long while. Then, they would share a bottle of wine, and discuss what to do next week. Rebecca never drank too much, as she had to drive home that night, but they would always have a great time, as Rebecca was always feeling great from being tied up for 24 hours, and her hormones were always off the charts. Still, Rebecca wished she could somehow get those feelings she got from Richard's hands back, but never came up with an idea.

One weekend, Rebecca chose yet another long and boring movie, and Tracy had to leave Rebecca on the couch tied up as she was because Rebecca predictably dozed off once the damsel was rescued in the first half of the movie. Rebecca woke up an hour later, and realized that she had missed the end of the movie, and that Tracy had left for bed already. Rebecca stood up, and waddled as best as she could with her legs immobilized by a web of rope towards Tracy's bedroom. There, Rebecca nosed open the door, hoping that Tracy was still awake and could restrain Rebecca even tighter for the night. Tracy was still awake, but Rebecca's timing was very poor. Rebecca glanced in the room around the corner, and saw Tracy on top of the bed.

Now, Tracy liked helping her friend, of course. But having a stunning submissive tied up in your house every weekend would drive any warm-blooded lesbian dominatrix mad eventually. So, every Friday night, after Rebecca was secure in her cage, Tracy would try to resolve some of her own horniness. And it was never hard to bring herself to climax, considering that half the time Rebecca insisted that she wear nothing but her collar and chastity belt, and so Tracy had plenty of eye candy to help her. In fact, in some of Rebecca's blindfolded moments, Tracy had taken a few videos of Rebecca struggling to escape, and pictures of every position she was tied in while blindfolded. Tracy didn't want Rebecca to know how much Tracy was still attracted to her, so she only took pictures when Rebecca would have no idea.

With these pictures and her knowledge of the slave trussed up in her house, Tracy brought herself to climax each Friday night, imagining Rebecca pleasing her in a million different ways. Tracy wished she could find someone to help her take off some stress and pleasure her in all of those ways, but still hadn't had any luck.

That particular Friday, about 3 months after Richard, Tracy was lying on her bed, completely naked. She was lost in one of her favorite fantasies, where Rebecca was spread out on the bed while Tracy sat on her face, and Rebecca's tongue was exploring Tracy's body. Rebecca's tongue eventually found her pleasure button, and began sucking and licking away at it, until Tracy came screaming, and Rebecca licked Tracy clean.

In the real world, Tracy was on her bed, one hand playing the part of Rebecca inside of herself, and her other hand on her breasts, squeezing and massaging her sensitive nipples. Tracy's eyes were closed, her mouth open, and she was thrusting upwards into her hand, moaning with each thrust.

When Rebecca glanced into the room, she saw Tracy going at herself, and just stopped and stared. Tracy had her eyes closed, and didn't notice Rebecca at all. Unable to say anything past her large ball gag, Rebecca just watched for a few moments as Tracy expertly worked her own body, eliciting moan after moan from herself. Rebecca didn't process what she was watching at first, but eventually realized that she was intruding on Tracy's private time, and left. Not wanting to disturb Tracy any more, and embarrassed for having walked in on Tracy, Rebecca returned to the couch, and settled in to sleep for the night.

Chapter 21: Rebecca's Plans

Rebecca never mentioned the incident that night to Tracy, being too embarrassed to admit that she had seen Tracy fully naked and playing with herself. Over the next month, Tracy continued to visit her in her dreams, but Tracy's role had changed. Tracy used to be the prince who would come to rescue Rebecca, or whoever it was that was releasing Rebecca. But now, Tracy appeared without clothes a few times, and did nothing. Then, one Friday night while Rebecca was tight in a sleep-sack in her cell, Tracy became involved in her dream.

Rebecca was tied up spread-eagle standing up in her dream, and Tracy was in front of her, massaging her own breast. Then suddenly, Tracy reached out her hand, and started squeezing and massaging Rebecca's breasts. Rebecca moaned for nearly a minute in pleasure, until Tracy went back to massaging herself, leaving Rebecca horny and frustrated, wanting more.

As time went on, Rebecca was wishing she could do more, and waking up frustrated instead of just horny. Tracy showed up more and more in her dreams, her expert hands bringing Rebecca pleasure in her dreams, but Rebecca always woke up to realize that that pleasure was only imaginary. By the end of the month, Rebecca was considering how to get Tracy to share her self-pleasuring with Rebecca. Nowhere in Rebecca's horny mind did she think that she was lesbian- she still wanted a boyfriend, but for now, Tracy's hands would make a nice proxy.

But Rebecca wouldn't admit to wanting Tracy to touch her, as then she might as well be a lesbian herself. And she wasn't. So, Rebecca decided to try to get Tracy to touch her on her own. Rebecca came up with plan after plan, but never carried one out, as she always chickened out, reminding herself that she wasn't a lesbian. But after another month of waiting and dreaming of Tracy's deft fingers, Rebecca couldn't take it. She had to feel Tracy's soft hands all over her body.

By now, 5 months of the routine have passed, and Rebecca has finally decided to try to seduce Tracy. Thinking for a while on the problem, Rebecca decided that she would stick to what she was sure Tracy liked: submissive sexy slaves. Rebecca knew this from what she had gleaned about Tracy's romantic past, and so Rebecca figured she could get Tracy to fall for her through those methods.

That Saturday night, Rebecca tried sexy. Rebecca emerged after being released at 6PM in a special outfit she had bought that week. It consisted of a matching red with black trim bra and panty set, her slave collar, and nothing else. Rebecca was sure it would drive Tracy crazy, and made sure to drop things in front of Tracy and have to bend over and pick them up, and to reach over Tracy for something, just to squeeze her cleavage in Tracy's face. But, after months of dealing with a half-nude slave Rebecca, Tracy easily avoided Rebecca's clumsy attempts at seduction.

Rebecca then tried submission, even calling Tracy "mistress" once, which elicited a laugh from Tracy. Rebecca tried making herself a slave to Tracy, washing her dishes on Friday night while she was still restrained, but Tracy just smiled and thanked Rebecca. Nothing was working- Tracy had a pussy of steel.


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