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The Cheerleader and The Professor
by Itch and Fever | Forum Feedback
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Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; oral; reluct; X
The Cheerleader and The Professor by Itch and Fever M/f; bond; cuffs; oral; reluct; X

Chapter One – The Counseling Session

Girls do not come more All-American than Amy Riggs. Nor more desirable. Amy had grown up as the big fish in a small pond. She called a small North Carolina town home and excelled at everything she tried. She was a star athlete and homecoming queen. During her senior year of high school, she tried out for the cheerleading team even though she had never cheered in her life. Of course with her charmed life, she made the team. A few short years later, this charm would not seem so grand.

After graduating at the top of her class, she went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was a far cry from the small town. Bars on Franklin Street. Parties at fraternities and sororities. Socially, things never stopped. Amy was spellbound and took in every opportunity she could. She even got on the varsity cheerleading squad.

While things were great socially, the academics surprised Amy. She was no longer the big fish. And this was an ocean she was in. Her freshman year went alright but by the middle of her third semester, she was in trouble academically and close to losing a scholarship. She was failing her calculus class. Hoping to get some extra credit or extra tutoring, she scheduled a meeting with her professor at his home on a Saturday evening.

Fate and charm did not work Amy now. After four overtimes, she knew she had no time to go home, change and make it to her professor’s home in time for their meeting. She decided to go straight from the stadium rather than be late. “He’ll understand my cheerleading outfit more than being late”, she thought to herself.

She drove to her professor’s home and rang the bell promptly at 6:30. As he welcomed Amy in, she about the first day in his class. If she had had a thing for slightly older men, he would have made a great candidate. He was in his mid to late 30’s, close cut hair and obviously in good shape. Plus, he just carried himself like a man should. Straight, confident and seemed a lot taller than the 5’-10” he was. But she was not into older men and he had started to be a real jerk as her grades declined. “I don’t know why, but he just doesn’t like me”, she thought.

“Couldn’t take the time to put on some proper clothes?” he asked as she sat down in his living room. Amy felt very self-conscience and wished she had gone home to change. But, it was too late for that now. “I’m not sure how seriously I can take you or how serious you really are with a bare midriff and a barely long enough skirt. But, we’ll put that aside for now. How can I help you Ms. Riggs?”

“I’m sorry about my cheerleading uniform, sir,” Amy began hesitantly. “I thought I would have time to change after the game but it ran long. I didn’t want to be late. Anyway, I need to talk about your class, my work and my grades. I’m getting close to losing a scholarship. Is there anything I can do to help my grade? Extra work? Some tutoring, maybe?”

Amy’s professor gave her an odd look combining disdain and a touch of sympathy. It was not an unusual occurrence for students to come to him this way. He knew he was a tough teacher. He helped as he could. And took advantage of the gifts that were given to him. “Amy, you’re failing,” he said. “No amount of tutoring will help at this point. You could do extra work until the end of the semester and you might scrape out a passing grade. Besides, I don’t thing just passing is really what you want. You’re a better and more motivated person than that. And, just passing will still have you close to losing a scholarship. Am I right on these counts?” he asked.

“Yes,” Amy conceded. “I hate that my grades have slipped and I really need something better than a D.”

“There is a way to improve your grade, even work your way to an A,” her professor said. “I’m not sure you’re truly up to that though. You don’t seem like the person willing to do the work.”

“I am,” Amy said. “Really. What is it? Let me try. Please.”

“Very well,” said the professor. With that, he unzipped and pulled down his pants revealing his penis. “I’m sure a pretty girl like you knows how to use her mouth effectively.”

Amy was taken aback. She never expected this. “No way,” she said. I’m not giving you a blow job for a better grade.”

“Really?” asked her professor. “We’ve already established that you will fail. Here’s the chance, your only chance at this point, to improve your grade.”

Amy thought to herself, “Okay. I can get through this. A blow job and I get an A. I can handle that.” She got down on her knees and took him in her mouth. He was still soft when she took him. A few minutes later, she still hadn’t gotten him to erection.

“Maybe you don’t know what you’re doing,” the professor said. “Perhaps we should stop and you should just leave. This doesn’t appear to be getting anywhere.”

“No. I can do this. Let me try a little longer,” Amy pleaded.

He inwardly smiled at the knowledge that Amy was now asking to suck his cock.

“Fine,” he said. “But we are going to need to change things a bit. Stand up and take off your top and sports bra. Perhaps, that will get me going and improve your grade.”

This was going farther than Amy wanted. But she needed the grade. What harm was there in going topless? She’d already had his dick in her mouth for the last five minutes. Showing tit while doing that doesn’t make things all that much worse. She stood up and pulled her top over her head. She made the mistake of turning her back to her professor as she did this.

As her top came off, he grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her. Amy didn’t know what was happening. Then, she heard clicking and felt cold metal against her wrists. As she spun around to face her professor, she realized her hands were trapped behind her. Anger swept over her. That was gone and replaced by fear when she was thrown to the couch. She heard clicking again. Now, her ankles were in leg irons. She looked up in shock.

“You wouldn’t have given me permission to do this if I had asked,” her professor said. He sounded as calm and bland as he ever did in class. “But it turns me on to see a woman in chains. Plus scared girls give better head. I’m really doing you a favor and speeding up the process, you see.”

Amy didn’t feel especially thankful. But she certainly felt scared. “Get up and finish the job,” her professor commanded. She rose from couch, knelt and took in a now very hard cock. It took her a minute to adjust and balance without the use of her hands. She figured it out and started bobbing and licking on her professor dick. She felt him swell in her mouth. “When I cum, you drink it all down, bitch,” said her professor. Amy hesitated but only for a moment. She wanted this over and kept going.

Hot cum began spurting into the back of her throat. She sealed her lips around his dick and started swallowing. Amy got through it better than she imagined. When she had swallowed everything down, she slowly pulled her head back. As she did, her professor wiped his dick on her left cheek, leaving a small trail of cum. Amy grimaced while her professor laughed.

“So, that’s it? You got your dick sucked. You let me go and I get my A, right?” Amy asked.

Her professor looked down at Amy with a pleasant grin and evil eyes. “You just improved your grade to a D. Good work, young lady,” he said.

“What?” Amy screamed. “No. You said I would get an A if I gave you a blow job.”

“No, my dear. I didn’t,” said her professor. “I said there was a way to improve your grade, even work your way to an A. I never said what you would have to do. I never said that a blow job got you an A. But I did tell you the truth. There is a way to earn an A. But I still don’t think you’re willing to do all that is necessary.”

Amy shook with fear, wondering what would come next.


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