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Caught by a Whore
by Captain
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© Copyright 2010 - Captain - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; bond; rope; panties; gag; hogtie; stuck; cons/nc; X
Caught by a Whore Captain F/m; bond; rope; panties; gag; hogtie; stuck; cons/nc; X

This Friday evening I had a date with a women i had met a few day before in a cinema. She was maybe in the late forties, but with an very attractive and sexy outfit: leather miniskirt, black pantyhose, high heels. After some drinks she offered me to come with me to my home and have sex with me, and she also told me too that she was a professional and wanted money for it. She asked me about my secret wishes and I told her about my bondage favor. With a smile she agreed and we came to an agreement about the price. I gave her the money and we went to my apartment. In my bedroom I gave her my bag with the different lengths of rope in it.

First she ordered me to strip completely and to bring my hands behind my back. Immediately she took a length of rope and tied my wrists with a few loops in a strict manner together and finally cinched and knotted it with really great efficiencies. Without a sharp knife I would never escape of these bonds. Next my elbows were drawn together with a longer rope but in the same manner until they almost touched, then more rope was put around my waist and my stomach above and below my elbows, every loop was clamped securely and finally cinched.

Next she attached a rope between my tied wrists, run it between my crotch, up to the waist-rope and back the same way to the wrists, where it was knotted out of the reach of my fingers. She forced me to the bed and made me lay on my stomach. Then my legs were secured in the same way as my arms. More ropes were added round my ankles and above and under my knees and finally cinched.

This strict bondage made me more and more horny, I told her i just wanted to fuck her when I am out of this bondage.

With a cold voice she told me that she had other plans for me and slapped my face a few times.

Then she walked beside the bed and I saw her undressing her pantyhose and panty. "Open wide" she commands me while she sat on my back. I wanted to protest but she forced the panty in my mouth and secured this gag quickly with her pantyhose, looped it a few times around my head and fixed it finally with a few knots. The slut had me gagged with her underwear and this was not i had paid her for!

I really got angry now and tried to roll over on my back to stop her but I soon had to realize she was not ready yet.

Quickly she bent my bound legs over and started to connect ankles and wrists with a short rope. I fought her as hard as possible but she finally sat on my shins, looped the rope between wrist and ankle ropes, pulled, cinched and knotted this final tie until there was no more slack in it so that my feet really touched my hands. She had hogtied me in a strict and uncomfortable position! The beast got more rope and secured my upper arms left and right at the edge of the bed so I was not able to wiggle over.

"You asked for bondage and now you got it. Unfortunately you did not tell me how long you want to be treated like this? But I think, 24 hours is good enough to discipline a little pervert like you. So I will take your keys now and visit you tomorrow evening again. And notice: If you want to get free then have to pay for it. 1000 Dollar is a fair price for a really sharp knife to free yourself. But listen, if you do not agree, i assume you want to stay tied up like this... And now think it all over and have a nice day".

She did not speak another word while she put on her jacket, switched off the light and left my bedroom. I tried to shout but only a muted "mmmmmmmphh" could be heard. I heard her laughing while she locked the bedroom- and front door and I then I was alone.

For the next hours I tried everything to free myself until I was sweated all over but the bitch had done a really perfect job.

I could not believe it, she had left me in a totally inescapably hogtie.

I hope she will not forget me tomorrow.


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