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Camera Shy
by Jack Rabbit
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© Copyright 2011 - Jack Rabbit - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/f; bond; naked; outdoors; tease; camera; emb; oral; climax; cons; X
Camera Shy Jack Rabbit F/f; bond; naked; outdoors; tease; camera; emb; oral; climax; cons; X

My friend Joan had a boyfriend named Dan who was a real outdoor kind of guy. The kind of guy who hunts and fishes with his buddies, but didn't always spend as much time with Joan as she would have liked. Joan knew she was being selfish, but couldn't help herself, or so she said. I don't think she wanted to compete with dead fish and deer for Dan's time.

I have to interrupt myself here and say Joan is a great girl, and possesses a body that makes me jealous. Joan is tall and leggy and would have no problem attracting the attention of any man and at least some women, myself included. I know she didn't want "any man" she wanted her man!

Joan hatched a scheme that would demand Dan's attention, and went hiking in his favorite hunting woods to find the first of many pieces for her scheme. It was early fall and Joan had just found one of Dan's hunting trail cameras after three days of looking, and she marked the spot on her gps for a later visit. She had seen his cameras before, and he told her how they worked as she pretended to be interested is his hunting. Any motion in front of the camera, usually strapped to a tree, would cause a flash and a picture of whatever was in front of it. The pictures were saved on a small chip for later retrieval, and Dan could find out if there were any large game in the area.

Joan got up early on Saturday morning and there was dew on the ground and a chill in the air. Neither would stop her from making Dan pay attention to her after today. Joan drove first to her best friend Lisa's to pick her up, and then to Dan's hunting woods.

Joan wanted to do this thing herself, but after three practice sessions decided it was impossible, and asked her best friend Lisa for help. Lisa could keep a secret, and the two girls that grew up together had few between them. Joan said Lisa thought the idea was kinky, and all too eagerly agreed to help her friend impress Dan. Lisa insisted they practice together, and the two did just that in Lisa's basement until Joan said she begged her to stop...

The drive to the woods was short and Lisa carried the backpack with their gear onto the trail, and Joan carried the GPS. They arrived at Dan's trail camera and Joan covered it up from behind with a garbage bag as they agreed, and Lisa dumped their backpack out on the ground. Joan had practiced in her bra and panties with Lisa, but still felt self conscious stripping down to her skimpiest bikini for Lisa, well really for Dan. Joan said she assumed the position they had practiced all week, this time in front of Dan's camera, and Lisa asked her one last time if she wanted to go through with this. Joan said her answer was to stay in position, and Lisa got the message. Lisa tied Joan's ankles back around the small tree spreading her legs lewdly, and forcing her up on her toes. The only reason Joan said she didn't fall forward was her arms holding on to the tree over her head.

Next, Lisa tied Joan's wrists over her head and behind the tree with the thick rope, arching her back and thrusting her tits out against her tiny bikini top. Joan thought Lisa was done, as they had practiced, but Lisa had a surprise for her. She pulled out a paint brush and proceeded to tickle torture Joan from her elbows to the back of her knees. Joan said she was hysterical with laughter, and tied so well that she couldn't escape. The struggling Joan also admitted to fighting off an orgasm, not wanting her friend to see her have one as she tortured her without mercy. Then it happened, Joan said she was so overloaded with sensory input that she lost her fight for control, and came, pulling as hard as she could at her bindings. There was no way to hide this from her best friend, and she said she was humiliated that Lisa witnessed such a personal thing. Joan said Lisa just looked at her with a knowing smile and said "wow". 

Joan was sure she looked flushed with the after effects of her torture, and just hung there in front of the camera as Lisa uncovered it. It snapped a picture, and then took another one every time Joan moved. Lisa told her friend to have fun as she was going for a hike, and she packed all of their things back into the backpack and took off. This also wasn't in the plan, but Joan just wanted to look like a struggling sexy captive for the camera, and Dan, and now she was! 

Lisa returned in about an hour to untie her friend, but not before negotiating her own bondage session, just not in front of Dan's trail camera. Joan said she had bruises, rope burns, and her calfs were burning from being up on her toes for over an hour, but that she considered that a small price to pay for the look that would be on Dan's face when he saw her pictures! Joan said Lisa wouldn't give her back her clothes or shoes and forced her to walk back to her car in her bikini. Joan said Lisa couldn't stop talking about what they just did, and Joan had decided her friend would get some surprises of her own when it was her turn.

Two weeks had almost gone by and Dan and her had two dates in that time. Neither time did he even mention the pictures and it drove Joan crazy, and she thought she would just casually bring up his hunting and the trail cameras over a burger and fries at Burger King. Joan asked about his hunting preparations, when he had put up his cameras, when he checked them, things like that. Dan told her he was so busy with fishing that he wasn't even going to put up any cameras this year, and that he was going to try a new spot as his old one was getting too crowded on opening day!

Joan said she took a full second at least to process that statement, and then she felt all the blood drain away from her face. Dan read her face and told her it was OK, his new spot was deep into the woods and he went on about building a sled to drag the dead deer out of the woods on...  

The second she got home Joan said she called Lisa and explained everything to her, with near panic in her voice at anybody else seeing those pictures. Lisa didn't take the news as seriously as Joan did, probably because she wasn't in the pictures like she was! Lisa told her she should go up there and get that camera and replace the memory, or even the whole camera with another one first thing in the morning. Joan got up early and went to the trail camera and saw the memory chip inside it, but wasn't sure if it kept pictures somewhere else. She decided to take the camera home, and intended to replace it with an identical one once she had it home and safe.

With the camera safely home Joan and Lisa removed the memory stick and it looked exactly like the kind in a new style digital camera. Lisa's parents had one and she borrowed it from them, and the format was apparently the same. Lisa was looking at several pictures of deer as Joan looked over her shoulder, but no pictures of Joan. Lisa had to explain to the distraught Joan that that meant the camera's owner must have collected the memory stick, and was looking at her very sexy pictures right now. 

Until spring, Joan said she was always imagining the man she just passed on the street, or in a store, was the one who had pictures of her most personal secret. She said she could imagine some guy masturbating himself all over her pictures, while she was powerless to stop him. She was almost obsessed with the leering way all men seemed to look at her, this was probably not new for the sexy woman, just now she noticed it. Lisa knew this little adventure had gone far enough, and she was going to shut it down Saturday morning, at great cost to her...

Joan had promised to reciprocate the bondage that Lisa helped her into as a condition of her release, and now it was almost warm enough for Joan to pay up. Lisa told Joan she wanted her to do whatever she wanted to her, and was in effect "giving" herself to Joan for the day. Lisa had a lot to feel guilty about and wanted Joan to even up with her so the two could still be friends. Joan had not forgot the tickle torture, or the embarrassing orgasm Lisa forced out of her, but knew nothing about the trail camera.

Joan said she picked a warm early spring day for Lisa's "outdoor adventure" as she took to calling it, in a spot that Joan had prepared earlier. Joan drove Lisa to an old forest logging road and the two got out and started to walk up the muddy road that Joan's car couldn't negotiate. Joan knew it would be a long walk, and had a plan to humble Lisa on their hike. Less than a thousand feet from the car Joan stopped her friend and pulled a thick rope out of her pack, and tied it around her friends neck, without a slip knot. Lisa was being very submissive Joan thought, and that was out of character for the playful blond. Joan "walked" her friend some more before demanding her muddy sneakers. Joan tossed them into the woods and the now barefoot Lisa had to walk slower as the mud squished between her toes. Joan walked Lisa some more, and Joan said she never complained once.

Joan said she stripped her friend of her shirt and made her "dance" on it in a mud puddle until it looked like mud, and tossed it into the woods like the sneakers. Joan told me Lisa had a magnificent chest and it filled out her sports bra like she wished she could. The two friends had seen each other in their underwear, and less before, but this had a different feel to it to Joan since her orgasm. A short distance later Joan stopped her friend and tied her wrists together behind her back with a second rope. Then she unbuttoned Lisa's blue jeans and pushed her friend down on the grassy bank and pulled off her jeans. She told Lisa to dance all over them wearing only her panties and sports bra as she took several pictures of her friend. Joan then threw them in the woods as well.

Lisa finally spoke up and said she wouldn't do this anymore. Joan said she understood, but instead of releasing her, she tied her "leash" up high on a large tree out of her reach. Joan left Lisa with just enough leash to sit down, but not enough to get away from the trail. Joan said she told her friend she was going home now, but not to worry because she had seen teenagers on quads out here before, and she was sure she could get a ride from some of them. Joan started to walk toward her car and Lisa asked her when she found out. Joan told her friend she only found out the other day when her mother mentioned how often she used their camera, and that they were thinking about getting one of her own. Joan said just a few questions to her mother let her suspect she previously used their camera to look at the trail camera's pictures.

Joan told Lisa she then used her password to get into her email account and found her trail camera pictures hidden there. Lisa tried to explain that she never meant to hurt her, and that she recovered the pictures that same day to protect her. Lisa also said she didn't know it wasn't Dan's camera until she told her. She admitted to teasing her about the pictures, but didn't know she would get so crazy about it! Lisa asked if there was ANYTHING she could do to make it up to her. Joan said once she heard Lisa grabbed the pictures before anyone else did, to protect her, she couldn't stay angry at her best friend. Joan walked over to her best friend and gave her a big kiss on the cheek, that turned into a big kiss on the lips, that turned into a deep kiss on the lips. Joan asked Lisa if she was still her's for the day, and Lisa told her friend she was her's for as long as she wanted.  

Joan untied the rope from the tree and lead her friend toward the special area she had prepared, her friend had no choice but to follow. They turned off the logging trail and into the woods and Joan guided Lisa to two small trees, tied together to form an "X" shape. Lisa was lead over to the trees and stood up on two milk crates that Joan had left there earlier, with her muddy feet. Joan dumped the contents of her backpack out and Lisa looked puzzled to see only several rolls of glad wrap and a roll of duct tape. Joan told Lisa to hold still as she glad wrapped her smooth legs to the trees, one firmly wrapped to each one. Joan had pulled the wrap tight and then sealed it with the duct tape firmly holding her sexy leg to the small tree. The same thing was done to the other one and Lisa's legs were helplessly spread wide open. Joan wrapped her stomach to the trees next, again sealed with the tape. The bondage had the effect of laying the trees and Lisa over toward her back. When Joan untied her arms from behind her back and pulled them over her head she was stretched like on a rack. Joan used the wrap and tape method on her arms, and the blond was helpless and bent backwards.

Joan said she pulled the kitchen scissors out of the pile on the ground and cut away Lisa's bra and panties, purposely cutting them up into shreds. Lisa's large tits stood up and out having been released from the restricting sports bra, and looked perfect to Joan. Lisa also had a nicely trimmed bush, and her body looked inviting to the woman who only just recently started looking at other women. The kiss the two shared in the woods was what put Joan over the edge, that and Lisa's desire to be hers forever. Joan asked if her friend was comfortable, because she might be here awhile. Lisa pulled at her unusual bindings and found she was not going anywhere until Joan let her go. Joan then said she pulled the milk crated out from under Lisa's feet and her whole body was suspended by the glad wrap and duct tape, and trees that bent backwards even further.

Joan said the whole rig was like a giant spring and she could bounce her bound friend like some kind of child's toy. Joan then stood up on one of the milk crates to see her stretched friend from above and her body looked so perfect like that she decided to record the event with several pictures. Joan then kissed her friend, this time more passionately as Lisa could only kiss back bound as she was. Joan threw her clothes off and kissed her way down her friends body to her magnificent tits and nibbled and sucked each one like she wanted Dan to do to her. Joan enjoyed Lisa's large tits and rolled the fleshy orbs in her hands as she played with them.

Joan noticed she was sweating as much as Lisa despite the cool air, but there was no way she could stop now. She kissed her way down her plastic wrapped belly and on to kiss all around her pussy, trying to work up the courage to dive in. Joan said Lisa's moans of encouragement made her take the first taste, and she said she was delicious. Joan knew where all the best spots were on her own body from years of self exploration, and found Lisa to respond the same way she does. Joan squatted between her friends bound and spread legs and ate her to so many orgasms her jaw ached. When she finally came up for air her face was covered with her Lisa's juices, and Lisa was near comatose and hanging in her bonds.

The two girls were a mess of sweat and sexual juices as Joan used the scissors to cut the glad wrap and tape releasing Lisa from the trees. Both girls laid together on the ground, nude, like the lovers they had just become. Joan said they decided right there they would move in together, and she thought to herself why did she ever waste time with Dan.      


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