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The Balance
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Storycodes: F/m; chast; piercing; device; bond; tease; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X
The Balance Alcore F/m; chast; piercing; device; bond; tease; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

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(This is a work of fiction.)

I failed to truly understand it when My Lady set up "The Balance". Alas, I get it now.

We "play" with Chastity. To be specific, I wear a chastity device. It only comes off when She wants it to. Overall, this is very rewarding for me... When things are "in balance".

When we first started playing with Chasity, we worked our way through a series of devices. First the cheap plastic ones. Then some of the less expensive metal ones. Overall, they just didn't really work. They weren't secure, and sometimes didn't even do an effective job at preventing masturbation. (Some of them were more useful as locked on masturbation toys than at actually preventing "misconduct".)

I realize that this isn't really the point for many chastity players. For us, however, it was more about an extreme form of power exchange. And so discovering the limits of things (and eventually deflating the mystique of each device) was almost inevitable.

There were times we just walked away from it for a while.

Eventually, I got a genital piercing and we got a custom fitted metal device that was actually effective, and unbeatable. (At least, unbeatable without spending a lot of time in a well equipped machine shop... with help from someone skilled in using such tools.)

The goal of our "play" was never really so much about me never having orgasms, but about insuring that it was always under Her control... And once we got there... Things plateaued. They got... predictable, and I think My Lady felt that it all really became a little one sided... on Her.

So She introduced "The Balance".

In concept it's just two buckets on the ends of a fulcrum balance. The buckets collect little (remarkably heavy) metal balls. The one on the left gets one ball every time SHE has an orgasm. The one on the right, gets one every time I have an orgasm. The fulcrum isn't exactly "fair"... All other factors being equal, She has to have slightly more balls in her bucket (orgasms) than that I do, in order for the beam to balance evenly. But the insidious part is the WIDTH of the buckets and the slight angle at their bottoms.

The buckets are big enough to hold more than 200 balls each.

The buckets are quite wide. And the bottoms, if the beam was level, slant slightly downward toward the center. If the beam tips to one side or another, the bucket tips with it, and when lowered, the angle of the bottom changes gradually to level and then eventually so that it slopes down AWAY from the center. When balls are added, they drop into the bucket near the center. But if they drop into the lower bucket, then tend to roll over to the outside of the bucket instead of staying closer to the center.

Remember those see-saws you played on as kids? If you take the same weight and pile it on closer to the center, it has less "lift" on the other side, than if you pile it on further out...

The actual device is a remarkably pretty sort of steam-punk work of art, made for Her by a local artisan. It's only about four inches thick but is almost three feet wide. It's locked behind a glass panel, so that you can see it, but not touch it. And there's two small holes in the top, to drop balls in through.

When She set it up, She laid down the rules:

When Her side of the balance was lower, I was allowed to ask for an orgasm whenever I wanted... and mostly, She'd grant them. How, when, where, and all the other details remained up to Her, but She promised to be quite generous about honoring such requests. She, of course, retained the right to tease and drive me to orgasm any time She might want to. I didn't get a "no". It was simply that I was allowed to ask for it if things were "In the correct Balance".

When MY side of The Balance was lower, I would stay locked up, with no possibility of release or relief.

If I asked for release when I was not allowed, or for a growing negotiated list of punishment reasons, She had the right to add "penalty balls" to my side of The Balance.

And just to be fair, there were certain obligations to me that She agreed would be grounds for me to add penalty balls to HER side of The Balance.

It would be emptied and reset to zero, once a year, on Her birthday.

She installed The Balance in our bedroom, on the wall above the head of our bed, where we could see it whenever we walked through the room. And it was Her birthday.

I started off well enough. Being Her Birthday, and She being in a receptive mood to receive my attentions, I happily gave her two orgasms that night, setting The Balance into it's proper state.

Over the next week I discovered the bias built into "The Balance" in her favor. After my second orgasm without having pleased her since her birthday, it tipped... And it took me almost two weeks and giving Her three more, before it tipped back to the "Correct Balance". I think She took perverse pleasure in NOT being in the mood to let me please Her during that time.

Several months passed. I remained careful about the "Correct Balance"... and the pile of little metal balls began to really stack up in the bottom of the device.
More often than not, we both added a ball each time we engaged in sexual intimacy. Often two or three times a week. But I remained mindful to give more than I got... for a while.

It was on a Tuesday night, a little more than 3 months after She installed The Balance. It was a work night, after a long day at work, and I was in a bit of a rutting need. And I was not exactly in a giving mood... I asked, and I received, and afterwards I didn't give back. Hell, normally I was careful to give FIRST. (In fact, I had only rarely actually asked. Mostly I just teased Her until She let me give her one, and then She often returned the favor in the process.

But on that night, I got greedy...

I heard it go horribly wrong.

I was only rarely allowed out of my chastity device without being otherwise tied down securely. And NEVER when I had asked for it. That night was no exception. (And to be honest, I really like it that way. It is HOT to be chained down and made to cum, and then locked back up, with no control in the process of any kind.) Anyway... She brought me to climax, and asked if there was anything else I wanted before she locked me back up. Rather than saying something clever like "Yes Ma'am, please come here and let me use my tongue to please you!"... instead I said "No Ma'am"... She said "Very well," and got up off of the bed and dropped a ball into The Balance.

It was when it landed on top of the pile that I heard it.

Suddenly there was a whole series of metallic jingling and shifting noises, and My Lady just smiled and said "Oh Dear!"

The Balance had shifted, and now my side was lower... and ALL of the collected balls had shifted from one side of their respective buckets to the other. Or to be more accurate, heaps of little balls had shifted, since the balls had long since covered the entire bottom of their respective buckets.

Where previously there have been a low mound on my side of The Balance, snugly against the center side of it's bucket, and similarly sized mound on the other side of The Balance over on the outside edge of HER bucket... now the opposite was true.

And like that see-saw, the shifted POSITION of all that weight in the bottom of those buckets made a huge difference in the effective "steady state" of The Balance. Once it tipped, I was now a whole lot further out of balance than just the one ball that had just been added.

I remembered back to the first time I had tipped it out of Balance when there were only a very small number of balls.

Now there were probably more than 30 of them all together.

I am so screwed.

... or rather... I will NOT be getting to screw for quite a while to come.


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