Gromet's Plaza
by DataSado
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Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; captive; bond; zipties; hood; cartrunk; transport; bdsm; gag; hum; breast; nipple; cage; buried; desert; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX
Amy DataSado M/f; kidnap; captive; bond; zipties; hood; cartrunk; transport; bdsm; gag; hum; breast; nipple; cage; buried; desert; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX


Amy sat down in her rather ostentatious living room. At 31, she was wealthy due to daddy’s foresight in setting her up with the right investments and portfolios. She did appreciate the advantages that having wealth gave her but something was missing. She had tried to find for a very long time but failing to recognize what she wanted. Then she met Kristen. Kristen taught her about submission. The more she learned the more she craved to be placed in stringent helpless bondage. To be left to be found and then left to the mercy of her rescuer. Her appointment with a friend of Kristen’s was in just over an hour. She had to change her panties twice now simple thinking about what was to come.

As he walked up the long driveway, Mark couldn’t help but be impressed by the grandeur of the home. Sure it was huge, all the homes out here were, but it was rather tastefully done. That is he thought to himself, for a home that cost more than he might make in his next ten lifetimes combined. He mentally reviewed what Kristen had said to him. This Amy chick was a pure masochistic but didn’t understand it yet. She had tried to find her limits but failed as everything Kristen threw at her she simply loved and kept asking for more. Kristen didn’t feel comfortable with where it was headed but knew that he was perfectly happy making a woman beg and plead in tears and pain. Mark was a true sadist. But what made Mark different in Kristen’s eyes was that he would protect and comfort a woman just as quickly as he would cane a girl’s ass. She in fact teased him of being a gentle sadist. Was it his fault he loved kittens?

Amy opened the door to greet a well-dressed man who just about took her breath away. He was in that category of tall dark and handsome. To Amy’s keen eye he looked to be around his early thirties, he was actually thirty-one. He had longer dark hair but styled to present a perfect appearance. His eyes, when she looked at them practically engulfed her. They held so much energy in them. They were a deep sapphire blue that radiated the ability to look deep into her soul. Had he told her to kneel and bark like a dog she would have. Very quickly regaining her composure, she introduced herself and invited him in.

The woman that greeted Mark at the door was all and more than promised. She stood 5’-5” but packed all kinds of elegance and grace in the small frame. She had a beautiful face that might have had surgery to achieve but he doubted it. Her body was perfectly proportioned for her frame. Nice curves and ample breasts without being overbearing as was the craze lately in LA. As she introduced herself, Mark was happy to hear the matching silky smooth voice and not that high pitched whine he actually expected.

Amy led him into her living room or at least what could serve as a formal room with couches. “Please have a seat. Can I offer you anything?” She said with the ease of a host used to being in charge.

“Yes actually. It is rather hot out today. So if you have some tea or water if not.” He answered back to her while taking a seat with the window to his back. He preferred the light to shine one her so that he could study her better.

Amy said, “I’ll be right back.” She left to bring in two glasses of iced tea with a full pitcher as well. “I always have tea. I think it’s required to if you live in Southern California.” She laughed naturally. On the outside she was in full control. It was an ability that she had learned at a very early age. “Never show weakness regardless of the situation.” Her father had said many times over. Unfortunately he and her mother had died five years back in a tragic accident. The thought of her father helped to calm the inside part of her that was raging with hormones and desire. She would have been happy it this stranger would leap across the room, pin her down and fuck her until she was blind.

“Amy.” Began Mark, “We can sit and enjoy some small talk get to know each other a bit. I sense that you are a bit eager though.”

“Do you read minds?” She asked

“I have a unique ability to interpret a person’s mood with uncanny accuracy. It tends to help in my line of work. “

“I see.” She paused a minute as if mulling this over in her mind, “Very well then let’s get right to business. You were recommended to me by a friend that I trust very dearly. As it happens, I would prefer to not know much about you but rather prefer to leave that as a mystery.”

Mark picked up his tea and took a slow drink as he listened to beautiful woman in front of him. He watched as she moved a bit of her long hair away from her face and thought to himself that hair would make a great anchor in a hog tie.

She continued on knowing that he was evaluating her every move, and jester. “I don’t know what Kristen has told you but suffice to say that we have played a few bondage games and while she has been a good teacher I want to go to levels she is not comfortable with.” She carefully set her glass on a coaster and looked at Mark directly and finished by saying. “In short, I want to be placed in extremely uncomfortable, inescapable, and helpless bondage and then left this way to be found by another.” She said the whole thing in a single breath as if afraid that if she stopped to breath she would stop talking.

Unperturbed by the outburst, Mark asked, “Do you realize the dangers of what you are seeking? Being in bondage for long periods of time can be extremely dangerous, even life threatening.”

Having regained her composure again she went on. “I do understand this. It is that very concern that drives me. I have a deep need to feel completely out of control and in very real danger. If I asked you to tie me and then release me some time later I know that regardless of everything else I am overall safe. Sure I can experience the pain and suffering that accompanies being helpless and bound but I remain safe.”

Mark nodded. He had heard this before and usually the person simply didn’t know the full extent of what they were asking. He knew that the fantasy was far removed from reality. “Perhaps we might try a practice session so that you can get a feel for how helpless you really would be.”

“Mr. Knowles. Perhaps Kristen didn’t have the right person in mind for me. You see I have been in very helpless situations. I have been chained and locked into a very small cage with no chance of escape other than knowing that I would be let out after a few hours. I have felt the taste of a flogger leaving welts on my back and ass and to be honest it wasn’t enough. I live in a fantasy world here Mr. Knowles. I need to be in a position where I know absolutely that my very life may be in danger and that I am completely helpless to do anything about it.”

Mark was silent for a bit as her pondered her statement. Sitting upright he asked, “How long did you want to have this experience? An hour, a day, perhaps the rest of your life?”

“Not the rest of my life certainly, I am not quite as naïve as to think the fantasy of being a slave is fun and exciting in a real life setting. To answer your question though, I prefer to not know exactly how long I might have to suffer. And in a very real sense I need to know that I might never escape and might die. I admit this is probably not a healthy aspiration.”

“If I decide to do this you need to understand that I cannot and will not guarantee your safety or security. In fact I can promise that you will almost definitely suffer some permanent damage both physical and mental. I can and will place you in harm’s way and possibly on death’s doorstep giftwrapped. I would very strongly like to talk you out of this course of action.” His concern was very real at this point.

“Look. I do not consider myself spoiled but I do tend to get what I want. It goes with the whole being wealthy thing. I need to experience being in a position where my wealth can’t help me. More to the point I need to be in a position where I know in my soul that nothing can help me. Perhaps you can’t understand that. Maybe because you can’t have everything you want when you want it and actually have to work to get what you need and want you can’t see my perspective. And please don’t think I look down on you at all. You have strength of character that comes from understanding where you are in life and being able to set goals and achieve them. I actually envy that.”

Mark had sat back and listened as she talked. He did understand her point of view but knew it wouldn’t help to tell her this. “Very well, I need some time to prepare but I will do this for you. I will return in a week and you will have your epiphenomenon.”


Over the next seven days Mark did his preparations. He used the advance she provided him to get the supplies he needed and set up the place he had in mind. His overall plan was to put her into a very strict bondage that would after a day or so cause intense cramping and pain. Left for longer it could necessitate the need for amputation. Of course if she was left for longer than three days it could very well end in dehydration and death. That was not his plan. Of course he wouldn’t be telling her that part. He wondered how long it would take for despair to set in fully and not have the effect of dehydration cause unrecoverable problems. Regardless, the whole business was risky at best.

Amy opened the door again to see Mark. This time he was in comfortable jeans and a shirt. His muscles shown through and immediately she felt herself become moist. Stammering just slight with both fear and anticipation she managed to ask. “Is it time now?”

“Yes.” He said and in a very quick but deliberate motion he slid a heavy sack over her head and tied it off. Next he used a heavy duty zip tie to wrench her elbows together behind her back. In a few short seconds she was quite helpless. Finishing off he zip tied her wrists and ankles and one extra at the knees. He picked her up as if she weighed almost nothing and dumped her not too delicately into the trunk of his sedan. Taking one more zip tie he attached her ankles to her elbows and pulled tight. It was a very painful position for a professional model. It would be unbearable for her very quickly. In the trunk he removed the hood and quickly stuffed her mouth with her own panties. He had reached down under her dress and forcefully ripped them free. The taste was not unexpected or necessarily unpleasant. She had tasted herself and enjoyed the experience. The duct tape wrapped around the head forcing the cloth deeper was not pleasant though. After replacing the hood he said to her. “I trust this will keep you for a bit. Stay quiet and try not to move around too much. You have a long way to go.”

He left the quiet safe neighborhood deep in Bellaire and headed out to the desert. He had purchased a bit of land ten years ago and all but never used it for anything other than photography of bondage models. The drive would take a bit over three hours, an eternity in a hot trunk in a tight painful hog tie.

Amy was silently crying in the trunk. The tears were from the pain in her shoulders more than anything else. She had tried to find a position that didn’t cause more pain with every bump but failed to be able to do more than bring more pain to herself. In the end she simply gave up and waited. She had time to think about the situation. She had expected him to put her into bondage in her home. In fact she had arranged for Kristen to come by in a few days to help with a project. She did not actually want to die after all.

The problem was that in her wildest fantasies and imaginings she didn’t come across a chance of her being kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location. She considered telling him she changed her mind but knew that wouldn’t work. The deal was that he was to ignore any such requests regardless of any offer of money, sex or anything else she might come up with. She had even paid him extremely well as a bonus for that very exception. Additionally, she told him that he was free to use her body in any way that suited him so that any offers of sex were simply irrelevant. The reality of everything was just now beginning to settle in on her.

At the desert ranch he stopped the car near the larger of the two building and heading inside. He left Amy in the trunk to think about things. After having a nice lunch and finishing up some last minute touches he went out to retrieve his captive. Her arms and hands were a dark shade of purple and quite a bit of chafing was apparent everywhere the ties had been applied. Leaving the hood on, he cut the rest of the ties off.

Amy felt the pain in her arms as the blood flow returned and all the neuron receptors began firing at once. The pain from four hours this way and suddenly being released was surprising. She found herself unable to do more than writhe on the ground. “Stand up bitch!” She heard him say. It took several attempts including a couple of falls before she was able to stand. The pain was finally receding a bit. “Strip!” Was the next thing she heard. She had no idea where she was who might be there or anything else. For all she really knew he had driven around in circles for a while and ended up back at her own house, but she doubted that. She removed the dress and bra she had on and stood there waiting.

Mark watched as the pathetic looking woman stood before him. He knew her to be scared and a bit desperate. It was what she wanted. He looked over the very fine body and decided to have a bit of fun. “Everything off, now you useless whore!” He demanded of her. He was purposely cruel to her at this point. “Get your shoes, earrings, and everything else off bitch. If it didn’t come out of your mother’s cunt when you were born then it has no place here.”

Did he have to be so mean and vulgar she thought to herself. The fact that being called a bitch made her wetter however didn’t escape her notice. She hurried to comply and vaguely wondered if she should remove the hood to remove her earrings. As she raised her hands to the hood he stopped her. “I’ll take care of that part later. Put your hands behind your head cunt.” She decided that yes being treated this way was making her very excited along with being very terrified.

Waiting until she had clasped her hands in place, he walked behind her. He reached around and cupped her breasts and began to fondle them. Rougher and rougher, pinching her nipples until she was crying out in pain. He noted that she managed to keep her hands in place. Taking a firm hold of both breasts he lifted her off the ground and quite easily carried her this way to a mattress he had laid out for this purpose.

The pain shot through her straight to her cunt as she now thought of it. She had never expected that being lifted by her breasts would or even could turn her on. She felt herself being tossed onto the ground and expect to feel the pain of impact. The mattress was a surprise. Before she could recover he was on her. She heard his words in her right ear. “Pretty little spoiled cunt like you needs to be fucked real good. I plan to take your cunt and your ass and then finish in that mouth-hole.” Oh God did she want this.

He fucked her like there would never be a chance to have sex again. Using her cunt to get started he pounded her from behind reaching under her to hold her tits for leverage. Without warning he moved to her ass. He felt her shove herself down onto his iron cast cock oblivious to the probable tearing and damage it was causing. He shot his load deep in her ass. Finally he removed her hood and gag and told her to suck his shit covered cock.

“It’s in your best interest to make me cum again quickly cunt.” She heard his words echo in her mind as she took his cock into her mouth. It was covered in her shit and tasted terrible. She had to fight the urge to vomit over and over again but she refused to stop for any reason. She knew that she wasn’t a particularly proficient cocksucker, but what she lacked in talent she tried to make up for with enthusiasm. When he came again she managed to just barely swallow it all.

For a time the two lay in the hot desert sun. Both had had strong orgasm and were quite comfortable with not moving. But as nice as this was Mark had a job to finish. He rolled over and grabbed Amy by the hair and lifted her to her feet. As soon as she started to say something he spit in her face and told her. “Shut the fuck up. Just because you had a nice little orgasm, don’t think that is going to save you from getting what’s coming.” With these last words he was holding her an inch above the ground by her hair.

She knew she was in trouble now. Pain exploded in her head as he held her in place. To an outside observer it would appear as if she didn’t weigh anything at all, his one arm holding her without any effort at all. Try as she might she couldn’t do anything to relieve the pain of her hair being pulled from her head. His spit in her face quickly reminded her, this was not a romantic interlude. “Put your hands at your side cunt.” She heard him say it but doubted she could do it. Then the shaking started. Not a lot but enough to get her attention. By a force of will she manage to lower her hands from his arm and put them at her side. The pain began to ebb away as he lowered her finally to the ground.

“It’s a shame that a good fuck like you has to be wasted out her in the desert. I imagine the crows will have fun feasting on you.” Were there crows in the high desert? Damn if he knew or cared. He had her terrified again and that’s what he wanted. He forced her to drink a full liter of water. It wouldn’t last long but it would help replenish what she had already used having sex. Now it was time to tie the brat up and get her put away. He had considered a number of methods to accomplish his task finally settling on the very same zip ties as before. With enough and in the right places she probably wouldn’t be able to move more than a slight wiggle. He had brought out nearly a thousand assorted sizes for the task. “Lay down on your tits cunt.”

This was it she knew. After the romp in the hay so to speak he was back to business. Offers of sex to change his mind meant nothing now that he had used her in every way imaginable in a short two hours. As she lay on the mattress she wondered how this would end. Probably he would tie her and let her spend the night in the desert and then release her in the morning. The first zip tie was in the same place around her elbows as the one in the trunk was. That seemed a lifetime ago now. But then another and another followed each pulled tighter that the last and the old ones being retightened. Her elbows were literally crushed into each other in a painful way. The ties continued both up and down her arms until she was encased in one very unrelenting zip tie arm binder.

Mark had to marvel at the way her shoulder looked. Her shoulder blades were quite nearly touching. The pain of such a restrictive tie had to be unbelievable. Yet, she made no real complaints besides occasional moans and whimpers. Next he flipped her over onto her back and got out to two large suction tubes. The big heavy glass suction devices quickly sucked in her breasts and held them firmly. He left them for now and moved to head. First he removed her earrings. Then he used foam earplugs to reduce the noise she would be able to hear. Next he picked up the now filthy panties that had been discarded before and stuffed them dirt and all into her mouth. He took three more large zip ties and used them to hold the panties in place and causing more pain as he tightened them much tighter than necessary. Next he took another rag and placed it over her mouth and secured it in place with several layers of duct tape. The sun was beating down on him and he decided to take a quick break here.

He left her to go get something to drink. It was his first drink she noted since she had her hood removed. How long ago was that? The gag was close to choking her but she was able to deal with it for now. What hurt were her tits and shoulders. She wasn’t sure how long she could hold this position. From her research, she learned that bondage models that had been put into really tight bondage were only able to hold that position for a short time. Ten maybe twenty minutes tops. She expected that she would be in this position much longer. She wondered as to why he wanted to put suction devices on her tits at first, but as the pain continued to grow she had a good idea that he knew what he was doing. He came over and pumped the suction again pulling more of her already dark purple tits into the tubes. She waited as she expected them to explode in the tubes any second now.

He waited a bit longer for her tits to swell in the tubes before taking zip ties and attaching them to the base of each breasts. He used three ties at each base for maximum potential. Removing the tubes and tightening the ties at the same time resulted in two big dark purple balls on Amy’s chest. He fondled her tits and nipples as he spoke to her. “This will help sensitize your breasts and especially your nipples for the next assault on them.”

Just the light touch on her nipples was now painful to her. To think he had more in mind for her was almost too much for her. The gag was now muffling her desperate pleas to stop. All her screaming and yelling came out muted even to her ears. It was useless now. She didn’t have long to wait for the next step. He flipped her over onto her stomach and showed her the butt plug he held in his hand. It was easily twice the diameter of his cock that had been in her ass before and a good ten inches long. He whispered in her ear loud enough to her him. “You won’t like this. Not now. Not in a few hours. In fact cunt, I doubt you will ever come to like this in your ass. Of course the rear locking device will ensure you can’t remove it.” Her eyes went wide as he pushed the pack lever down and the portion near the end expanded to three times the width. He demonstrated the locking device. She began to fight in real terror for the first time.

He held on to her quite easily. He lubed the plug very liberally. It would go in and it would be painful but if he did it right that’s all it would be is painful and probably some minor tearing. He worked on her ass for nearly a full thirty minutes before he managed to get the plug all the way in her ass and locked into place. Satisfied he pulled a pair of rubber panties on her. Now he moved on to restraining her legs. This was again accomplished with the liberal use of zip ties. Instead of putting her into a ball tie or hog tie he opted for leaving her in a prone position.

She wanted to be helpless. She wanted to understand the real meaning of not being able to stop someone else from doing whatever they wanted to do to you. She was fairly sure she was getting her wish. She could move but it was very limited and extremely painful to do so. She watched as he walked away and wondered if he was done. She should have known better when he returned with a heavy steel cage. He opened the front panel and laid her in the cage with all but her head in the cage. Closing the panel he told her this was the start of the really fun part.

He looked down at the tight purple balls on her chest and with an afterthought said. “Oh yeah. Almost forgot. These are carpet clamps. There are designed to hold the floor mats in place in your car. See the nice pointy spikes? The spring is tremendously strong as well. I tried to test them on myself but couldn’t find a spot I could tolerate the pain.” Taking hold of each nipple, he applied the clamps. It was a pure explosion of pain for her. Her vision had even darkened from such an overload all at once. Once her breathing returned to something approaching normal, he took a ten pound mallet he proceeded to lock shut the cage by permanently riveting the cage closed. Then he walked away.

Pounding steel rivets in this heat really took a lot out of a man thought Mark as he grabbed some more water. Getting her back out was not going to be as hard as she would think though. The other side of the cage was simple held in with quick release pins. Finishing his impromptu break, Mark went over to get the back hoe. He had already dug a hole in the ground and now it was time to put his guest in it. He used the hoe to lift the whore and lower her into the hole. Lots of puns there he thought to himself. He lowered her until her head with just above ground level and stopped. Next using a shovel he filled in the hole with dirt and water and more dirt until the ground around her head was a packed level piece of land.

She watched in amazement as she was reduced to a head in the ground. She had seen this on the web enough times to be turned on by the idea and figured the girl under the ground would be simply able to get out on her own. Well that wasn’t happening here. In the desert sun the ground dried quickly and any movement she had before became non-existent. She continued to watch as he cleaned up his mess tossing the shovel in the trunk.

Finally she heard him say. “Well Amy, it’s been fun and all. And damn if you weren’t a good fuck. Unfortunately for you I’m on my way to take a very long trip around the world in my new yacht. I doubt I will ever return to LA or even the USA. This old property here never gets visitors. I would imagine that you won’t be found for a very long time. Well, I guess I better take a piss now.“ He proceeded to piss all over Amy’s head. “Have fun now! Oops, forgot my bag.” Amy covered in piss, suffering in intense pain watch as Mark walked around the building and out of sight.


Kristen had watched the entire scene unfold from the other building staying out of sight from Amy. She knew beforehand what was going to happen and voiced her concerns in the planning stages. She and Mark had gone back and forth about a few things but finally came to an agreement. It was exciting watching them fuck each other. It was also heartbreaking watching him applying the clamps to her nipples knowing that in the end Amy might lose her breasts. In the contract that Amy and Mark had signed, Amy specifically asked for him to be both brutal and cruel to her and that any part of her body could be forfeit to achieve the goal. Mark explained to her that Amy expected to lose her arms from this ordeal. “The overall point was for Amy to experience the complete utter helpless feeling that only comes when you believe that you have absolutely no control over what happens to you.”

As Mark finished his last words to Amy it was time for Kristen to do her part. In the plan Amy had been positioned in just such a way that she could see part of the car but not all of it and not the driver’s side at all. Once Mark was out of sight, Kristen waited a minute and then hefting the bag Mark went to get, walked out to the car. She tossed the bag in the passenger seat and got it. Closing the door she drove off. She would not be returning here.

Amy cried as she watched Mark get in the car and drive away. Her rational side knew he would turn around and come back and release her. That agreement was losing the battle as the dust cloud got further and further away. Sometime later she noted with a bit of irony that the sunset was actually quite beautiful. She wondered if she would survive to see the sunrise.

In the building Mark watched Amy. The plan called for him to release her just after dark. They would sleep there and then meet up with Kristen in LA the following day. He watched the sunset as did Amy. Finally it was time to get her. He stood up and began to walk to the door. A movement caught his attention for a split second before he fell. As he hit his head he knew it was a mistake not to have Kristen come back that night.


The sun rose as it had for milions of years. In complete and total agony Amy watched as the sun rose higher and the heat began to build. She was surprised that she was alive at this point. Much of her body was no longer in pain simply numb. Breathing was difficult at best. Kristen sat at her bedside and smiled. It had been a very long three days, but both Amy and Mark survived. Amy’s breasts had survived despite the tremendous abuse. Her arms however were lost forever.

Investigators had looked at the contracts and the plans very carefully and in the end felt that had things gone as planned it would have been overall safe, if a bit extreme. The unfortunate accident on the part of Mark Knowles was unforeseen and could not have been anticipated. The decision by Kristen to return that night instead of waiting until morning was seen as fortuitous.

Author’s note: This story is set as a fantasy only. Please do not attempt this as it could have gone very wrong. On a side note I do not expect that this is the end of the story between Amy, Mark and Kristen.

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