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Alone in the House
by Slave Victoria
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© Copyright 2010 - Slave Victoria - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; hood; bond; susp; cuffs; tease; toys; oral; sex; cons; X
Alone in the House Slave Victoria M/f; hood; bond; susp; cuffs; tease; toys; oral; sex; cons; X

We were all alone in the house, my husband and I. He grabbed a blanket and laid it in front of the fireplace and added some pillows to the pile. He grabbed my hand and led me to the blanket. Slowly he undressed me, lightly caressing my breasts as he unbuttoned my blouse, sliding it off my shoulders he gently kissed my shoulders. He unbuttoned my skirt and slid it down my legs to the floor. He slowly rubbed his hands up my legs reaching the top of my tights he pulled these off as well, kissing his way to my ankles.

Once he had me undressed he laid me on the blanket, propping me up on the pillows. Slowly he lay next to me; he kissed me gently making me shiver with arousal. He pulled out a collar and hood. Slid the hood over my head then placed the collar snugly around my neck. He placed his rough hand on my stomach and worked his way down to my clean shaven pussy. He worked his fingers in between my lips to find my clit. Slowly he started to work my little nub till it was swollen with excitement.

He moved himself down so he could caress my cute little nub with his tongue. Rolling it back and forth till he grabbed it between his teeth then sucked it firmly. I cried out as I laid there quivering. He slid two fingers inside my wet swollen pussy, rubbed my rosebud with his thumb, and squeezed and pulled my right nipple with his left hand. As my intensity grows the collar tightens around my neck making me acutely aware that my heart feels like its going to pound out of my chest while I gasp for air. I squirt cum between his eyes just as I pass out.

The fog started to clear from my head but I was still groggy. Panic started to set in when I realized I couldn’t move.

“Calm down” I convinced myself. I managed to slow my heart down and regain my breathing.

“Ok assess the situation” I told myself. Still blinded by the hood I would have to figure this out by feel.

My head was still thick. “I can do this” I told myself. But oh shit, what did he do to me. I was to be his slave. I realized that my ears were full and hurt slightly. I was not able to hear, he must have put in ear plugs. My neck was tight so I knew the posture collar embraced the smooth milky skin on my neck.

Slowly I realized I was in a standing position. My arms were in the air but not against the sides of my head. He must have used the 12” spreader bar. I could feel the padded wrist cuffs, not too uncomfortable. By the lack of pain in my shoulders I knew I hadn’t been there for long.

A slight warm breeze blew on my back and across my left side and it was very comforting on my naked skin. The sensation also made me aware that my 34DDD breasts were bound snuggly at the base by what felt like a ¼” rope. This aroused them and made them extremely sensitive. He often described my nipples as the size of cat’s eye marbles, at the base of which was now a nipple clamp. I knew the ones he had used on me a few times before. Each clamp was about 3” long with a ring that slid down the shaft to tighten them. There was a 10” chain connecting them. But the chain was not touching my belly, where did it go?

Shifting slightly to apply tension I figured out it went somewhere on the ceiling. Because of my shifting it was now pulled tight and sending a delight of pain through my lovely breasts. Shifting my body also made me realize that I as straddling what I could only figure to be a catholic wooden pony. As a good portion of my body weight was suspended by my arms the pressure on my pelvis wasn’t that harsh. But when I had shifted back to trace the chain of my clamped nipples, I was also made aware of the enormous invader in my well soaked, cleanly shaven pussy.

WOW! This was a monster! I had never taken anything like it before. It must be about 5” tall and 3” around with a tapered tip. I squeezed the base with my kegel muscle I found it was only about 1¼” diameter. I had seen plugs like this online before but had never felt anything like it.

Now I focused on my legs I realized they were dripping with juices. Either I had been lubed generously or I had come several times. The juices were dripping down my inner thighs. My ankles were in padded leather cuffs like the ones that were on my wrists. My feet were barely touching the floor and chained shoulder width apart. As I tried to move my right leg to feel where it was chained I shifted enough to drive the beast deep into my pussy. Rocking forward it applied pressure to my already swollen clitoris at the same time stressing the chain on my clamped nipple. The sensations of pain and pleasure overwhelmed me throwing my chained helpless body into a whirlwind of ecstasy.

Standing there shaken from the experience, a strong hand gently nestled in the small of my back. I was taken by surprise and realized he had been there taking in the sight of my helpless beauty the whole time. His cock was now hard and throbbing. He brushed it against my 38” hips so thick and lovely. He squatted to caress my swollen sensitive breasts as I moaned softly, a sigh of familiar comfort. Then I shuddered as the warm breeze once again wafted gently across my back. I was then aware of where I was. I was in the small room in the southeast corner of the old farm house and both windows were open! Even though we lived in the country and were fairly secluded if someone drove by slow and looked in the window I could be seen in all my aroused helplessness. Warmth started to arise in my clitoris and I was helpless to stop what was about to happen to me once again…    

After my orgasm was finished my husband slowly undid the nipple clamps, gently sucking and kissing them as he did so. Then he undid my ankles and helped me get to my feet and removed the huge beast that I was impaled with. He pulled the wooden pony out of the way. With my wrists still bound and suspended he lifted me onto his huge and swollen cock. His lean body was hot from excitement, he has a beautiful body. I love the way he feels inside me. As he worked his hard throbbing cock in my wet pussy we came together. I tightly wrapped my legs around him as he loosened my wrists from their binds and slowly walked us back to the blanket in front of the fireplace. Gently we laid down together cuddled up and fell into a deep sleep.


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