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Alight in the City
by A Pensive Pen | Forum Feedback
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Storycodes: M/f; hotel; bond; rope; gag; harness; strict; table; tease; toys; insert; oral; denial; climax; cons; X
Alight in the City A Pensive Pen M/f; hotel; bond; rope; gag; harness; strict; table; tease; toys; insert; oral; denial; climax; cons; X

The skyline shone so beautifully at night, and Caroline’s room for the evening was a high rise hotel suite with a beautiful downtown view. It was late, she had no idea how late, as she gazed out into the dark cityscape. The skyscrapers were decorated with a few remaining lit offices and apartments, all above parallel streams of white and red on the streets below. She mused about the stories behind the late-night commotions. What temptations, pressures, or pleasures could lure people from the comfort of their beds. Whether they were up by choice or not. Was she?

Her room was dark. The world would think her window had surrendered to the night. At least, until she heard Ryan slide his keycard into the lock. Caroline immediately shuddered as the dark room flooded with light, rejoining the other anonymous stories dotting the dark skyline. Her eyes blinked and she fought to adjust. Her mind quickly filled with curious and eager questions. She tried unsuccessfully to blurt one out; she wanted so desperately to engage him, but the ball wedged between her teeth rendered her glossy lips mostly decorative.

His return jerked her mind from its distractions and she felt her body’s many aches once more. She lay on her stomach facing the suite’s large window, atop a hardwood dining table positioned thoughtfully so guests such as the lovely Caroline could enjoy their pricey view. The stunning blue dress she’d worn for their special night had been tossed aside some ages ago, though Ryan had inexplicably left her wearing her black thigh-highs. Her arms stretched behind her quite sharply, lashed together with black rope at the wrist and just above her elbow. Another rope had been fed between her elbows, hoisting them up off her back a few stringent inches, and tied to the chandelier above. Her wrists had been tied to a rope fed several times around her waist and, once, tightly between her legs, so that her hands remained firmly in the small of her back.

More black rope bound each ankle to its thigh, preventing any leverage, while a short wooden pole had been placed between her knees and tied in place, forcing her legs apart and leaving her cloven sex completely exposed. Her crossed ankles had been themselves bound together.

The ball between Caroline’s teeth was held in place by a series of leather straps that wrapped around her head and prevented any intelligible conversation. Ryan had chosen such an elaborate gag purely so that he could attach a rope from a small metal ring at the top to the ropes around her ankles, tightening it until the harness forced Caroline’s head irresistibly up and back. At least she had the skyline to look at.

Ryan busied himself somewhere behind her, leaving Caroline to groan and shift restlessly to attract his attention. Despite her uncomfortable position, the most pressing ache on Caroline’s helpless body fell between her soft parted legs. Her smooth orifice screamed for attention after failing, despite great effort, to resist the rope’s caress while it parted her alluring lips. A devilishly-placed knot in the rope rested against her clitoris and had toyed with her mercilessly without ever allowing release. Caroline ached lustily.

When he finally entered her view her hungry eyes fell upon Ryan’s stiff manhood as he stood before her. Surely the moment of her coveted release was at hand. She had never known him to control himself while so aroused. His hands began massaging her neck and between her shoulders. He seemed to pinpoint every tired muscle. Caroline groaned in relaxed pleasure, stretching her arms and reveling in the way every move tugged at the rope buried in her loins. Her eyes now gazed longingly up at him.

She felt him untying the rope on her gag, and within moments the ball relinquished her moist lips back to her. What could she say after so long, after enduring so much bottled passion? She hesitated for just a moment, but a moment too long. Ryan presented his dick, already lightly dripping, and she wrapped her lips around it eagerly. Despite her strict position, Caroline’s tongue danced skillfully around its new toy. At first she was given license to pleasure him however she liked; then Ryan took control and used her however he desired. Caroline craved the feeling of helplessness that came with their games. At her own request, her hands had been bound the last few times she’d pleasured him orally.

With one hand Ryan held his penis steady for her while the other wandered between his captive’s legs, exploring her yearning sex while she moaned rapturously. Within moments they held each other at the edge of bliss. Filled by his fingers and his manhood simultaneously, Caroline could never uphold the stalemate between them. Her lips bore down on him while his gasps filled the room. Caroline writhed in a sensory overload as he pumped his juices into her. Her body bucked and reached for his fingers, trying desperately to break free of her bonds, wanting him to provide her release. Desire for orgasm consumed her thoughts as she feverishly swallowed his every drop, hoping to gain her captor’s favor. She wanted so badly to join him in bliss.

But that was not the fantasy she had insisted so avidly that he fulfill. No sooner had Ryan removed himself from her when she felt the impetuous ball pressing once more against her lips. At first she resisted halfheartedly. Her desires hinged on release, not imprisonment. But her bonds prevented any real struggle and Caroline soon found herself effectively silenced and tied just as she had been before. Pleading eyes followed Ryan as he left her range of vision again, leaving her to look to the cityscape for consolation. Caroline contorted her taut bound body as best she could, desperate to regain his attention and favor. Stifled moans filled the room as she begged him for release. The knot was already tormenting her, and the excitement and pleasure of his advances had only whet her appetite for more, so much more.

Then she felt his hands untying the rope which ran teasingly between her legs. Caroline cried out in joy. She would happily fulfill his every desire if he would only grant her wish. But their vague silhouettes on the wall, which her darting eyes followed so intently, misled her.

Caroline felt Ryan’s blessed fingers between her legs for a moment, caressing and pleasuring her into a brief frenzy. But then she felt something else, which she instantly recognized and dreaded. Caroline moaned and struggled fruitlessly as her favorite vibrator slid easily into the prone orifice.

Ryan used the slackened rope to secure Caroline’s new toy snugly into its home before retying the rope tightly to her wrists. When he flipped the switch, Caroline’s eyes widened and her body convulsed in shock as the sensations traversed her body. The rope translated every vibration directly into the knot over her clitoris. Aroused as she was, every tingle reminded Caroline of the coveted satisfaction looming just beyond her reach. She twisted and groaned in frustration, hoping to assist the vibrator enough to satisfy her. But the vibrator’s mild intensity only teased and incensed her without any promise of release.

Caroline resisted the distractions long enough to try mewing seductively to Ryan. She was aroused and pleasured beyond her wildest dreams, but this felt like too much. With the vibrator this was an impossible predicament. She bucked and moaned in distress, but Caroline’s submissive pleas were answered only by the swishing of Ryan’s clothing as he redressed. When the lights turned off Caroline let out one final exasperated plea for mercy only to hear the door close ominously. She had no idea where he was going or how long he might be gone.

Staring concertedly out the dark window once more, Caroline hoped to sink back into her thoughts. But the vibrator quickly proved difficult to ignore. Caroline needed release more than ever.

Maybe when he comes back, she hoped in desperation. Maybe third time’s the charm…

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