Gromet's Plaza
Agent Kim Visits Riverside
by Handcuffgirl
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Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f+; cuffs; collars; costumes; bond; mc; conditioning; hum; cons/reluct; X
Agent Kim Visits Riverside Handcuffgirl Solo-F; M+/f+; cuffs; collars; costumes; bond; mc; conditioning; hum; cons/reluct; X

Author’s note:  This story takes place is the same universe as Big Changes in Riverside and Big Changes in Riverside High.  It takes place mostly after the first story.  Please read Big Changes in Riverside first and Big Changes in Riverside High so you will understand the mind control devices at work, and more about Platformz.  Also, please enjoy all three of them, and let me know what you think.  ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)dom  - Bethany

Part One

What is this place?  Slutsville, USA?  Agent Kim thought as she drove her rental through town.  As one of the top cyber-threat FBI agents in the country, Agent Kim thought she should have an agency car instead of a Ford Focus rental, but that was another story.  Virtually every woman she saw on the busy sidewalks was wearing sky-high platform heels and clothes that belonged in a dance club, if not a strip club.  Most bizarre, though, was the abundance of bracelets, either bangle or wider, cuff-style, and collars.  Not just thin choker types, but big thick dog collars. 

“Maybe it’s some kind of festival,” Agent Kim muttered as she pulled into the Riverside Police Station.  She walked in and introduced herself with, “Hi, I’m Agent Hy Kim from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  I’m here to interview Jason Roberts.”  She would have five days to find out if and how Jason Roberts had hacked into the database of one of the largest banks in the country.

The desk sergeant checked her I.D. that she was holding up and replied, “Yes Ma’am.  We’re expecting you.  Would you like some coffee or anything while we move the prisoner into the interrogation room?”

“No thank you,” Agent Kim replied quickly, slightly upset that he wasn’t already in the interrogation room.  What’s the point of scheduling an appointment if they weren’t going to have him ready? 

While she waited, Agent Kim wasn’t surprised to notice Sergeant Robinson, as well as the few officers that passed by eying her.  Being Korean, 5’9” about 130lbs, with hair only a couple of inches long, Agent Kim was used to getting looks when she visited police stations and prisons.  For that matter around FBI headquarters too.

A couple of minutes later, a door opened and a policewoman stepped in.  At least Agent Kim thought she was at first.  She took a longer look when she saw how the woman was dressed. 

The policewoman had on a tight black spandex uniform that barely covered her ass, with a wide silver stripe down the side.  The officer, or whatever she was, also had a two-inch wide metal collar around her neck, and matching cuffs on her wrists.  Agent Kim glanced down and saw the silver knee-high boots that she was wearing.  The woman looked more like a cop from some kind of porno movie than a real police woman.

“The prisoner is in interrogation room number four, Sergeant Robinson,” purred the scantily clad law-enforcement vixen.

“Thanks Leslie,” Sergeant Robinson replied as porno cop disappeared back through the doorway.

Agent Kim was stunned.  “Excuse me Sergeant, but do you really think that kind of attire is appropriate for a police station?” She asked tersely.

Looking puzzled, he replied, “Who?  Leslie?”  His expression turned to a smile.  “All the office girls wear that.  They love it.  The officers love it.  Everybody loves it.  In fact, if you want to try one on, I can arrange it.”  He paused a moment before adding, “I bet it’ll make your interrogation more fun . . . at least for the prisoner anyway!”  He laughed aloud at his own witty remark.

Appalled at the sheer gall of this small-town hick cop for even thinking such as thing, much less saying it, Agent Kim all but yelled, “NO!” in reply.

Still chuckling, Sergeant Robinson replied, “Have it your way, Agent Kim.  Let me get someone to show you to the interrogation room.”  He called for Officer Clark over the radio.  “Oh, and since you’ll be interrogating the prisoner alone, I’ll need to secure your weapon.”

Agent Kim handed over her 10mm service weapon and Sergeant Robinson secured it in a locker on the wall behind him.

Officer Clark arrived a few moments later and escorted Agent Kim through the door Leslie had used and to interrogation room four.  She saw several more “office girls” along the way, all wearing the same uniform as Leslie, with a few slight variations.

“Here it is,” Officer Clark told her as they stopped in front of the door.  “He’s restrained, and there’s a call button by the door if you need anything.”

“Is all recording in the room turned off?”  Agent Kim asked him.

“Yes Ma’am.  Just like you said on the phone.  I took care of that myself.”

“Good.”  She reached for the door handle when Officer Clark interrupted her.

“Are you sure you’ll be OK in there, Agent Kim.  I mean, he’s a non-violent offender, but you never know.”

“I’m familiar with Mr. Roberts, Officer Clark.  Now please, step aside,” Agent Kim said in a firm voice.

“Fine.  No problem,” he replied and moved out of the way.

Agent Kim stepped inside and closed the door behind her.  Handcuffed to the table was Jason Roberts.  He was five foot eleven, a couple of inches taller than her.  Close to three hundred pounds.  He was pale almost to the point of looking sick.  He looked at her with intelligence twinkling in his eyes.  Agent Kim knew that his I.Q. was in the gifted range, nearly genius.

“Hello Mr. Roberts, I’m Agent Kim from the FBI.”

He openly looked her up and down before replying.  “I’m sorry to hear that Agent Kim.  I was just getting to like you.”

Ignoring his comment, she sat down across from him and said, “I’m here to talk to you about your hacking into 1st Bank’s database.  Specifically, how you did it.  In detail.”

After a moment of silence, he replied, “Shouldn’t I have my lawyer present for something like this?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the Patriot Act, right Mr. Roberts.”  He nodded and she continued.  “Well if you demand a lawyer―which is certainly your right―I’ll invoke the Patriot Act.  You see, Mr. Roberts, there’s a little-known clause in the Patriot Act that makes hacking into a major financial institution’s computers a national security threat.”  She took a breath.  “So this is what will happen. You’ll be moved to a secure facility, like for example, Guantanamo Bay.  There you’ll be held indefinitely and intensely interrogated until the federal government is satisfied that you don’t pose a threat to national security.”  She paused for effect.  “Conversely, if you cooperate and your method of hacking is inventive enough, the federal government can issue you a full pardon.  Perhaps we may even have a position for you in the agency.”

He sat in silence for about half a minute.  “I want the pardon in writing, in advance.  Then I’ll talk.”

Agent Kim pulled a document out of her folder and slid it across to him.  “Done,” she said.

Jason read it over quickly and signed it with his cuffed hands.  He slid a copy back to her, and kept one for himself.

Agent Kim put the pardon back in her folder.  “Now, let’s get started.”

A few hours later Agent Kim asked for lunch to be brought in so they could keep working.  An “office girl” named Michelle brought it in.  She fawned over Mr. Roberts like a lovesick teenager. 

Up close, Agent Kim saw that Michelle’s uniform was even more revealing than she first thought when she saw Leslie.  Michelle had a tiny tight miniskirt instead of the shorts that most of the other girls were wearing.  She couldn’t have bent over without flashing her panties.  About a dozen bangle bracelets on each wrist clinked and jingled every time she moved her hands.  The fluorescent lights reflected brightly off her stainless steel collar.  How does she even walk in those heels?  Agent Kim wondered when she got a good look at the black knee-high platform boots that Michelle was wearing.

A couple of hours after lunch Agent Kim hit the call button and told the officer that answered that she was ready to leave.  She packed up her laptop, which had also done duty as a voice recorder.  When the officer came and opened the door, she told Mr. Roberts that she would be back the next day, and left.

Waiting for her in the front lobby was Riverside’s police Chief.  Before she spoke to him, she retrieved her weapon from the locker.  Only then did she give her attention to Riverside’s police Chief.  “Hello Agent Kim, I’m Phil Beavers, police Chief here in Riverside,” he said as he held out a hand towards her. 

“Agent Kim, FBI.  Pleased to meet you.”  As they shook hands, she hid a grimace contemplating his name.

“If there is anything I or my staff can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Seeing one of the office girls, Agent Kim didn’t hesitate.

“As matter of fact, Chief Beavers, could you please explain to me why you have all these women traipsing around here dressed like strippers?”

He looked puzzled for a moment.  “Oh, you mean our civilian support staff.  That wasn’t my idea at all, Agent Kim.  Platformz donated the uniforms that they are wearing.  And I might add.  They all love them.”

Agent Kim put one hand on her hip.  “Chief Beavers, this is a police station.  If you’re the police Chief, then you are responsible for this blatant sexual exploitation.”

“Whoa, Agent Kim, back up there for a minute.  In no way is the Riverside PD exploiting these women.  They are all very happy with their uniforms.  Ask any of them.”  He waved his had to encompass the whole station.

After a moment’s thought, Agent Kim decided to contact a judge friend in the justice department and tip her off to the conditions here.  Maybe a few investigations would get this place back in shape.  Glancing at her ladies’ Citizen Watch, Agent Kim replied, “Perhaps tomorrow, Chief, I need to be going now.”

“Well, have a good evening Agent Kim.  If you get a chance, stop by Platformz on Highway 69.  That way you can see the fine establishment that donated the uniforms for our civilian support staff.”

“If I find the time.  Good evening Chief Beavers.”  She nodded to the officer who had replaced Sergeant Robinson at the desk.  “Officer.”  With that, she turned and walked out.  In the parking lot, she set her laptop case on the passenger seat, got in, and drove off towards her hotel, the Riverside Inn.

After a short drive, Agent Kim pulled into the hotel parking lot.  Behind the motel lobby counter was a short well-proportioned red head, dressed in a tight tank top and cut-off blue jean shorts.  A thick black leather collar was buckled around her throat.  Matching cuffs were locked on her wrists with small silver padlocks.

She seemed friendly enough though.  With a smile, she said, “Hello, welcome to the Riverside Inn.  I’m Rachael.  May I help you?”

“Yes, I have a reservation for Hy Kim. That’s H Y KIM.”  From long experience, Hy knew to spell her first name out, as it was pronounced like the word hi.  

Rachael tapped away on a computer.  “Yes, I have that right here, Ms. Kim.”

Agent Kim handed over her government-issued credit card and paid for four nights.  With some time to kill, she asked Rachael if there was anything to do around here.

“Like you gotta check out Platformz.  It rocks!  It’s a dance club, a restaurant, a gym, and it’s got tons of great shops.  Oh, and it has a totally awesome strip club!”

That wasn’t quite what Hy had in mind.  She preferred a little more upscale hang out.  “What about a coffee shop?” she asked.  That way she could at least get some work done while she relaxed.

“Platformz has one of them too,” Rachael replied.

Still not interested in Platformz, Hy got her room key and left.  Since Rachael wasn’t much help in finding something to do, she decided to just stay in tonight.  Hy found her room, opened the door, and went in.  The bed caught her eye.  It had a tubular metal frame, not something you normally see in a motel.  Figuring that there was a sale or something when the owners bought the furniture, Hy forgot about it and opened up her laptop.  She logged onto one of the Agency’s secured satellites and started uploading the day’s interrogation to it.

Hy turned on the TV and looked for Fox News.  Unfortunately, the only channel that she could find was some channel called Platformz. Wondering if it was part of the same company as the strip club, Hy watched a few minutes and realized that it was some kind of “24” rip off was on.  She wondered why the heroine was wearing a black cat suit, with black platform ankle boots that looked to have at least five inches of heel on them.  Most bizarre was the wide steel collar, with matching wrist and ankle cuffs that she also had on.  They reminded Hy of the collar that Michelle and the other office girls were wearing at the Police Station.

After she called into the office for to give them a report on the day’s interrogation, Hy debated whether or not to call Judge Smith.  In the end, she decided not to.  Better to wait until she was out of town.  She did decide to find out why she only had one channel though. She hit the mute button on the remote and dialed the front desk.

“Front desk, this is Rachael.  May I help you?”

Hy could hear the same “24” rip-off show that was on her TV playing in the background through the phone.  “Yes, this is Hy Kim in room 44.  My TV only picks up one channel.”

“Oh, the Platformz adult channels you have to pay for.  Just hit the Pay Channels button on your remote.  It’s easy to order.”

What kind of pervert does she think I am?  “Um, No, I meant I want to watch regular channels.  Like Fox News or something.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Kim; we don’t carry any of those channels anymore.”

Hy paused for a second before replying.  “I see.  Well, thanks anyway.”

“Thank you for calling, and if ther . . .” Hy hung up the phone in mid-sentence.  Damn.  Now what was she supposed to do.  It was only a little after six.  After a few minutes thought, Hy decided to go check out Platformz.  She dressed in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of Adidas sneakers.  Hy put her badge and gun in her computer backpack with her laptop, and left.

Platformz was huge!  It was the size of an average shopping mall.  Hy found a map and located one of the restaurants. 

During the walk to the restaurant, Hy noticed again that all the women were barely dressed.  It was almost like one of those Girls Gone Wild movies or something.  Another thing that was strange was the lack of men.  Hy knew that men didn’t frequent malls as much as women, but Hy only saw a handful even though Platformz was busy.  Also, every man that she did see had several women following close behind, often on leashes.

Hy was by no means sheltered.  She had seen people on leashes in public before, but never so many.  It was like a fetish party or something.

At the restaurant Hy looked over the menu.  Everything seemed to be health-oriented, which was fine by Hy. 

Her waitress came to take her order.  The uniform that she was wearing would have fit right in at Hooters:  yellow knee-high platform boots with chunky heels, blue short shorts, a yellow belt, and a blue-and-yellow top.  Accessorizing that was a yellow collar, yellow-and-blue plastic hoop earrings, and about a dozen plastic bracelets in blue and yellow on each wrist.

After leisurely eating her salad, Hy got directions to the coffee shop and left.

At the coffee shop Hy ordered a latte’ and settled into a nice secluded corner upstairs.  There were several other customers around, but none very close.

The servers here all seemed to prefer black.  The one that had taken her order was wearing a black t-shirt with a black leather collar and matching wrist cuffs.  Due to the high counter, Hy couldn’t see what else she was wearing though.

Darla, who came to check on Hy, was wearing a pair of black wedge-heeled knee-high boots.  The boots had several straps with buckles and D-shaped rings from top to bottom.  Black stockings with a flame pattern went from the boots to just below the hem of her black denim miniskirt.  A black mesh top was stretched over her black tank top under shirt.  Her sturdy looking black belt had O-shaped rings dangling all around it.  Her collar and cuffs matched the one worn by the girl at the front counter.

Hy remembered to ask why just about everyone was wearing a collar when Darla was bringing her another latte.  Darla replied that there wasn’t a reason that she knew of, it just seemed to be a trend around town lately.  Still not completely satisfied, Hy thanked her and let it go.

When Hy realized that Darla was asking her if she wanted a forth latte, she checked the time.  Damn! She had been in here for hours.  Hy told Darla no thanks on the latte.  She quickly packed up her laptop and headed for the door.

On the way to her car, Hy saw a shop named Cuffz that sold handcuffs.  Since she had been thinking about buying an extra set for work, Hy decided to peek in real quick.

Cuffz offered just about every type of police restraint that Hy had ever heard of.  Stephanie, who was helping her, and Robin, who stayed behind the counter, were both wearing bright orange jumpsuits with “Property of Cuffz” printed on the back.  They weren’t quite standard prison jumpsuits though.  They had obviously been tailored to conform to the clerks’ shapely forms.  The sleeves were short, barely past their shoulders.  The legs ended about four or five inches below their butt cheeks.  

They even wore real Smith & Wesson belly chains, complete with the handcuffs hanging from each hip, locked around their waists.  Hy couldn’t see Robin’s shoes, but Stephanie was wearing bright orange ankle boots with an inch or so platform in the front and about six inches of chunky heel in the back.

I bet I’ll never see those in a county jail, Hy thought to herself.  “Hi, I would like to see a pair of Smith & Wesson hinged handcuffs.  Model 300,” Hy said to Stephanie.

“Sure, we have those right here,” Stephanie replied as she pulled the cuffs off of a peg on the wall where they were displayed.   She handed them over to Hy who ratcheted the cuff through a couple of times.

“Do you want to try them on, or would you rather put them on me?”  Stephanie asked softly.

“What?”  Despite what Hy had seen over the past day, she was startled by Stephanie’s abrupt question.

“Do you want to try them on, or would you rather put them on me?” she repeated.

Still caught off guard, Hy took a moment to respond.  “Sure, I’ll lock them on you.”  Hy was an FBI agent.  There was no way she was going to let some shop clerk handcuff her.  Hy set her backpack on the counter next to Robin, who was watching with interest.

She stepped back over to Stephanie, who held her arms out towards Hy.  “Behind your back,” Hy instructed her.

Stephanie turned away from her and held her hands behind her.  Hy quickly snapped the hinged cuffs on her wrists, with her palms facing out.

“You’ve done this before,” Stephanie commented over her shoulder. 

“Yea, I’ve cuffed a few people a time or two,” Hy replied.  While she wasn’t exactly undercover, she didn’t want to advertise that she was FBI.

“So, will you be using your handcuffs for business or pleasure?  Or both?” Stephanie asked with a mischievous grin. 

“Business,” Hy replied quickly.  “Just business.”

“Well, why don’t you try out the Smith & Wesson Model One hinged handcuffs?  They work on larger and smaller wrists.”

“Sure,” Hy responded.

Hy released Stephanie, who hung the M-300 hinged cuffs back on the wall and grabbed the M-1’s.  Hy cuffed her with them.  Then, at Stephanie’s suggestion, locked them on her ankles as leg irons.  Stephanie couldn’t walk at all with them on, but she did take a few small bunny hops.  After Hy took them off her ankles, Stephanie had one more suggestion.

“Lock them on my upper arms, a couple of inches above my elbows.”

“Won’t that hurt?” Hy asked her.

“Not if you’re limber enough,” Stephanie replied, “And I am.”

“OK.  Here goes,” Hy said disbelievingly.  Hy snapped one cuff onto her left arm, pulled Stephanie’s elbows together, and locked the other cuff on.  Stephanie’s already perky breasts strained against the fabric of the tight-fitting jumpsuit.

“See?  No problem,” Stephanie said with a smile.  “Now, get another pair and lock them on my wrists.”

“OK.”  Hy eyed the wall.  Choosing between the dozens of handcuffs hanging from pegs was almost overwhelming.  “Which one?”  Hy asked. 

“Any one you want.  They all work the same,” Stephanie replied grinning.

Hy grabbed a pair of pink hinged cuffs.  They seemed to have some kind of plastic coating on them, and they felt lighter than regular cuffs.

“Oh!  The ASP cuffs. I like those,” Stephanie said when Hy pulled the cuffs off the wall.  Hy quickly locked them on her wrists.

While Stephanie was cuffed, Hy glanced at the time.  “Hey, I got to run.  I’ll be back tomorrow and look around some more.”

“Aw, I was having fun,” Stephanie whined.  “You promise you’ll come back tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Hy replied absently as she picked up her backpack from the counter.  Leaving Robin grinning at the still cuffed Stephanie, Hy left Cuffz and once again headed for the parking lot. 

She was almost to the mall exit when she spotted a watch that she liked on one of those kiosks that lined the middle of the mall walkway.  She stopped by and got a closer look at it.  It was brushed stainless-steel, about an inch and a half wide, with black hands.  The face was the same color as the watch.  Hy tried on the small.  It fit snuggly, conforming closely to the shape of her wrist.  She told Kelly, the kiosk attendant that she would take it.  Kelly complimented her on her choice, and said that that was one of their more popular watches.  Hy put her old Citizen in an interior pocket of her backpack, thanked Kelly, and left.

After she closed the door to her room, Hy set her backpack on the table.  She turned on the TV for some background noise and unpacked her laptop.  After checking her email, Hy got ready for bed.  She pulled her Tweety Bird night shirt on over her Hanes-for-Her panties, and crawled into bed.  After watching a few minutes of a sit-com about a couple with four teenage daughters, Hy cut off the TV and went to sleep.

Part Two

Hy awoke to sunlight streaming through the curtains.  Images of the sit-com Dad administering a paddling were still going through Hy’s mind.  Lazily, she looked for her watch on the nightstand.  Since she didn’t see it, she reached over to feel for it.  That’s when she saw the stainless steel of her new watch on her wrist.  “Oops, guess I forgot to take that off,” Hy thought as she checked the time.

“Shit!” Hy screamed as she jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. I’m late; she mentally added in there somewhere.  She could barely hear the alarm of her old watch, which was beeping in her backpack.  About ten minutes later, Hy rushed out the door to her car.  She tossed her backpack in, got in herself, and drove off towards the police station.

The first thing she did on the road was call RPD and tell Sergeant Robinson, who happened to answer the phone, that she had overslept and was on the way.

“That’s no problem.  The prisoner’s not going anywhere,” he replied with a chuckle.

Only as Hy was pulling into the station parking lot did she realize that she had forgotten to put on a bra.  Hy considered driving back to the hotel to get one, but she didn’t have the time.  “Well, it’s not like anyone will notice my B cups the way those office-girl sluts in there dress,” Hy thought as she buttoned her suit jacket.

“Good morning Agent Kim.  Nice of you to drop by.”  Sergeant Robinson’s greeting dripped with sarcasm.

A contrite Agent Kim replied, “Good morning Sergeant Robinson.  Sorry about being late.”  She held back a few, more choice words.  Unofficial FBI policy was not to alienate local law enforcement if possible. 

As she passed him her weapon to secure for the day he said, “Oh yea, I got some bad news Agent Kim.  The air conditioning is out in that part of the building.  It’ll probably be out a few days at least.”  He shrugged his shoulders as he added, “You know how maintenance people are.”

“That’s no problem, I’ll just. . .” Agent Kim stopped in mid sentence when she remembered that she had forgotten her bra.  She would be miserable with her suit jacket on all day.  She mentally cursed her luck.

“Can we do the interview someplace else then?”  Agent Kim asked.

Shaking his head, he quickly replied, “Sorry.  No can do.  We don’t have building full of interrogation rooms like the FBI does.  And, I want you to know, I like your cuff. It looks good on you.”

Agent Kim started to look down at the back of her hip, when her handcuffs were, when she realized that he was talking about the watch.  Oops!  She had meant to switch it out for her old one, but in her rush she must have forgotten.  Blushing, she replied, “Thanks,” as she looked back at Sergeant Robinson.

His eyes darted up from her breasts.  Agent Kim was mortified that he could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.  She hunched her shoulders to try and hide the fact.  The door leading to the back opened and Officer Clark stepped halfway out.

“Ready, Agent Kim?” he asked her. 

“Yes,” She responded and quickly headed to the door.  She didn’t even care that Sergeant Robinson was checking out her ass as she left.

“They told you about the air, right?”  Officer Clark asked her as they were walking down the hall.

Agent Kim could already feel the sweat breaking out on her forehead.  “Yes,” she replied.

“Good.  He’s in there, cuffed and waiting for you,” Officer Clark replied as the stopped in front of the door.

“Thanks,” she said as she started to open the door.  “Is the surveillance still turned off?” 

“Yes Ma’am, I just checked that myself.”

“Thank you,” Agent Kim replied as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

Jason Roberts was sitting behind the table, handcuffed.  Another pair of handcuffs ran from the chain on his cuffs to a large ring that was bolted to that side of the table, just like yesterday.

“Good morning sweetie.  How about today, you wear the handcuffs?” he said as he held his cuffed hands up and leered at her. 

Harshly, she replied, “Mr. Roberts, may I remind you that your pardon does not take effect until I decide that your cooperation with the FBI is complete.  Now,” she sat down and unpacked her laptop as she spoke, “Let’s begin, shall we?”

“Sure thing Agent Kim, I was just joking.”  He smiled in a friendly way.  “Hey, I like your wrist cuff,” he said as he gestured towards the stainless-steel on her wrist.

She glanced down at the stainless steel encircling her wrist.  “It’s just a watch, not a cuff.”  Agent Kim replied defensively. 

“Oh, sorry, it’s just that it looked like . . . a wrist cuff is all.  Like all the other chicks are wearing around here.”

Ignoring the chick remark, Agent Kim said, “Well it’s not.  Now let’s get started.  We’re already behind.”

Agent Kim was miserable.  It was sweltering in the small interrogation room.  She unbuttoned her jacket by lunch time.  Michelle brought in lunch again.  She was so friendly to Mr. Roberts that she almost sat in his lap.  Agent Kim had to clear her throat to stop her. 

Michelle responded by holding out her hands towards Agent Kim and saying, “Maybe you should cuff me too, then,” with a seductive smile on her face.  More bewildered at her behavior than repulsed, but a little of both, Agent Kim politely declined her offer and she left. 

About two hours later, Agent Kim was fed up.  She was sticky with sweat.  She stood up and took, well, peeled off her suit jacket.  Mr. Roberts noticed her lack of a bra immediately.  Ignoring the leer on his face, Agent Kim draped her jacket over the chair and sat back down.

Time seemed to be crawling by.  Agent Kim had to repeatedly call his attention away from her breasts and back to the computer.  Finally, after about the fifth time, Agent Kim gave up.

“We’ll continue this tomorrow, Mister Roberts,” she said as she started packing up her laptop.

“Wait, I’m sorry.  Please don’t go,” he said quickly.  “I won’t do it again,” he added.

Ignoring him, Agent Kim zipped up her backpack and hit the call button.  With a sigh, she pulled her suit jacket back on.  Officer Clark opened the door.

“All done?” he asked her.

“Yes, for today,” she replied.

“Alright.  Anything else you need today, or are you leaving?”

“I’ll be leaving, thanks,” Agent Kim replied as she followed him to the lobby, where she retrieved her weapon and left.

~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *~  *  ~  *~  *  ~  *  ~  

Meanwhile, in Chief Beaver’s office, Chief Beavers was having a meeting with Vic Black, owner of Platformz, and the Mind Controller of all of Riverside. 

“Thank you again Chief.  Who knows what kind of mischief that FBI agent could have caused if she had gotten out of Riverside without me knowing about it,” Vic said from his chair.

“No problem Mr. Black.  When she complained about the office girl’s uniforms, I just knew that you could improve her attitude,” Chief Beavers replied from behind his desk.

“She won’t be any problem anymore.  I’ve already changed her mind about our little town as well as how women should dress and behave.  I’ve also gotten the management at her hotel and my staff at Platformz to help us out.  She’ll be all yours tomorrow.”

“Great!  She ain’t much in the titty department, but those legs more than make up for it.”

Smiling, Vic replied, “Just remember the plan.  Let her come to you.  Act like you are doing her a favor.  And I’ll let you know when I am ready for her.” 

“Yes Sir Mr. Black.  I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t, Phil,” he replied, still smiling as he got up to leave.

Like a proper host, Chief Beavers got up and walked him to the door.  “Take care, Mr. Black.  And if there’s anything else I can do for you, just let me know.”

“Thank you.  I will.  Just remember, if anyone; and I mean anyone else from the federal or even the state government start poking their noses around, just let me know.  I’ll take care of them.”

“Absolutely, Mr. Black, and take care.”  Chief Beavers waved goodbye to his good friend as he left.

~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *~  *  ~  *~  *  ~  *  ~

Agent Kim needed a shower.  She pulled into the Riverside Inn and got out of her car.  Someone was putting up some kind of flyer a few doors down.  Figuring that she was trying to sell something, Agent Kim ignored her and went into her room.

The first thing Hy did was to turn on her laptop and set it up to upload the information from the day’s interrogation.  Then she squirmed out of her sweat soaked-clothes, removed her watch and took a long shower.

Refreshed, Hy came out, picked up her watch off the bathroom sink, and put it back on.  Feeling a little naughty, Hy left her panties and bra in her suitcase and went to check on the upload.  Since she had spent so long in the shower, and the day’s interrogation was cut short, the upload was done.  Hy grabbed her cell phone and lay down on the bed.

Still naked, Hy dialed her superior’s number and gave a full report on the day’s interrogation.  When she finished, Hy realized that she was tracing a circle around her nipple with a finger.  Giggling, she got up, set her cell phone on the table and got dressed. 

Hy didn’t really feel right about the blue jeans and t-shirt that she had put on, but she didn’t have a lot of choices.  After she packed up her laptop, gun and badge, Hy walked out the door and to her car.  As she got in, Hy saw that one of the flyers had been taped to her room’s door.  Ignoring it, Hy drove off towards Platformz.

Hy parked closer to the coffee shop, and went in.  As she ate her salad, Hy debated whether to go to the coffee shop and relax awhile, or do some shopping first.  “Maybe I’ll get some new threads,” Hy thought as she decided to do some shopping.

Figuring that she might as well pick up where she left off yesterday, Hy left the restaurant and headed to Cuffz.

“Hi welcome to Cuffz!” Stephanie and Lisa said as Hy went in. 

“Welcome back, I should say,” Stephanie added as she recognized Hy.

“Thanks,” Hy replied with a smile.

“Still looking to try out some hinged cuffs?”  Stephanie asked her.

“Sure,” Hy replied as she set her backpack down on the counter.  Hy turned to find Stephanie holding a pair of silver cuffs with thick black plastic around the middle.

“These are from England.  They are Hiatt UL-1 handcuffs, also called Ultimate Cuffs.”  Stephanie passed them to Hy.  “Hey, I like your wrist cuff,” Stephanie said when Hy reached out to take the Hiatt cuffs from her.

“Oh, it’s not a cuff, it’s a watch,” Hy let her get a good look at it. 

“Oops, sorry, it’s just that it looked like a cuff,” Stephanie replied as Hy ratcheted the handcuffs through. 

“It’s OK.  Everybody has been saying that,” Hy replied as she unfolded the cuffs.  “Maybe I’ll get some real ones,” she added as she tried unsuccessfully to fold the handcuffs back up.  Hy glanced up at Stephanie, who had a smug smile on her face.

“That’s why they call ‘em the Ultimate Cuffs.  Once you unfold them, they lock unfolded.  You need the key to fold them back up,” Stephanie said as she pointed out the keyhole in the middle of the hinge.

“Great, let’s see how they work,” Hy replied as she quickly snapped a cuff onto Stephanie’s extended arm.  “Turn around please,” Hy added.  Stephanie turned away and put her free hand behind her.  Hy, who was still holding the cuffs, closed the other cuff around her free wrist.

Hy locked several more pairs of handcuffs onto Stephanie before she happened to grab a pair of cuffs that felt different.  “Hey, these are light,” Hy said as she held the cuffs on the end of her finger.

“Yea, those are called Kyoung-Chang Aluminum handcuffs.  They are from Korea and weigh 5.4 ounces, about half of what regular handcuffs weigh,” Stephanie told her.

“I bet you would barely even notice they were there,” Hy said as held the lightweight cuffs up in front of her.

“Well, there’s only one way for you to find out, isn’t there,” Stephanie replied with a mischievous grin.

“How?” Hy asked, puzzled.

“Like this!” Stephanie quickly took the cuffs from Hy and snapped them onto her wrists, making sure that the cuff was between her watch and hand.

Hy look at her now cuffed hands in stunned silence.  She gave the cuffs a couple of light tugs.  “Hey, these are light,” Hy finally said.  “Can you take off my watch for me?  So I can see how the cuffs feel without it.”  Hy had completely forgotten the contempt she had yesterday at the very idea of a mere shop clerk handcuffing an FBI agent.

“Sure,” Stephanie said as she removed the watch from Hy’s wrist.

Hy held her cuffed hands up in front of her.  “It’s like nothing’s even there.”

“Do you want to see the other end of the spectrum?”  Stephanie asked her.  Hy looked up at Stephanie to see her holding a gigantic pair of bright silver handcuffs.

“Wow!”  Hy said as she gaped at the huge cuffs.

“These are Clejuso Heavyweight cuffs.  They are made in Germany.  They weigh 2.2 pounds.  Do you want to try them on?”  Stephanie asked her.

“Um, I guess so,” Hy replied.  Stephanie got a key ring that looked like something a high school janitor would carry.

“They Kyoung-Chang cuffs have a special key,” Stephanie said as she fumbled for the key with while still holding the Clejuso cuffs.  “The Clejuso ones do to, as matter of fact.”   She found the right key, unlocked the lightweight aluminum cuffs and hung them and the key ring up on the wall.  Then Stephanie put the thick Clejuso handcuffs onto Hy’s outstretched wrists.

“Damn, these are heavy,” Hy said, stretching out the last word as she felt the weight on her arms.  “They are kinda comfortable though.  They don’t cut into my wrists like the other ones.”

“Yea, I have a pair of them at home,” She blushed, “I like to sleep in them,” She whispered.

“What?  I mean, you can do that?”  Hy asked incredulously.

Stephanie giggled.  “Yea, it’s fun!”

Still puzzled, Hy changed the subject.  “Well, I can’t carry these around on duty.  What else do you have?”

Stephanie proceeded to lock Hy into several pairs of handcuffs, leg irons, transport belts and waist chains.  Most of it Hy was familiar with; at least in applying them.  Not so much in wearing them. 

One thing that Hy hadn’t seen before was the neck cuff that Stephanie locked around her throat.  It looked like an oversized leg iron, except it featured a large ring instead of a chain.  Stephanie even took a padlock and locked Hy’s cuffed hands to the ring on the neck cuff.  Hy was having so much fun being handcuffed; she didn’t want the parade of restraints to end. Finally Hy decided on the Smith & Wesson M-1 hinged cuffs and a pair of ASP chain handcuffs in black.  Hy put her new cuffs in her backpack and replaced her watch on her wrist.  She thanked Stephanie for all her help, and left.

Most of the shops that Hy passed looked far too risqué for her.  But when she spotted a boutique that seemed to cater more of a professional clientele, Hy stepped in.

Sometime later, Hy emerged carrying only her backpack.  That didn’t mean that she hadn’t bought anything though.  Since Hy was trying to decide between several outfits, the shop girl, Haley, informed her that they offered complimentary delivery for purchases over three hundred dollars.  Mini-dresses, micro miniskirts, and tight tops . . . Hy bought them all, and then some!  Most of them were tight and stretchy, showing off a lot of skin. Plenty were mesh.  Haley even talked her into getting a pair of PVC hot pants.  Hy bought so much that Haley had to split everything up into two boxes for shipment. 

Hy left the shop wearing a brief baby blue sundress.  It came to about mid-thigh and was tight around her mid-section, showing off her tummy that was taunt from the FBI’s intensive training program.  The skirt flowed loosely, bouncing as she walked.  The only problem was that Hy needed some shoes to go with it.  Her Addias trainers just didn’t match.   So Haley told her to go to Strutz and ask for Tiffany.

Strutz was wall-to-wall shoes.  Hy didn’t think she saw any with less than four inches of heel.  She saw several girls that seemed to be working, and many more customers besides.  Hy got the attention of the nearest one and asked for Tiffany.  She directed Hy to a brunette near the back of the store.

Tiffany was helping another customer, so Hy looked around for a few minutes.  Finally, Tiffany got to her.  It didn’t take long for Hy to find a couple of pairs that she had to have.  The first pair she tried on were baby blue strappy sandals with about an inch platform and five and a half inches of heel in the back.  The heels were chunky, about an inch in diameter. 

Hy was surprised how easy they were to walk in, considering that she didn’t really wear heels at all.  Tiffany explained that chunky heels were a lot easier to walk in than stilettos, like she was wearing.  Hy found this out for herself when she tried on a pair of spike heels.  She managed in the stilettos OK, but nowhere near as easily as the other ones.  Hy mentioned that she had to concentrate more on walking in the stiletto heels, and Tiffany replied that that was the idea.

“Just slip on a pair of tall stilettos and they will clear your mind of whatever’s bothering you.  You can’t be thinking about other stuff when you’re busy not falling on your ass,” Tiffany quoted.

“Yea, I see what you mean,” Hy replied as she practiced walking in the stilettos.

Hy bought several pairs of heels, both chunky and stiletto, as well as a pair of platform ankle boots.  She wore the baby blue platforms out of the store, since they matched her dress.  She put her trainers in the box to be delivered to her apartment back in Northern Virginia.

Hy’s next stop was a store that sold lingerie called Silkz.  Hy spent more than she needed in there as well.  Once she tried on the Lycra push-up bra and thong set, she knew that her boring old undies just wouldn’t do.  Into the trash they went.  Another package went off to her apartment in Virginia.  This one was full of bras, panties, stockings, garter belts, teddies, baby-dolls, chemises and other stuff that Hy wasn’t quite sure what it was called. 

The shop clerk, Jessica, told Hy that she looked great in all of it.  A couple of sets of bra and panties went into her backpack, to wear until she made it back home.  Jessica talked her into wearing a white garter belt and stockings, to match her bra and panties, out of the store.  Hy had never worn one before, but she couldn’t imagine why not.  It felt great.  Jessica followed Hy to the door as she left. 

Once in the coffee shop, Hy ordered a latte and headed upstairs to the corner that she was in yesterday.  She unpacked her laptop and logged on.  She worked awhile, and just as she was finishing her latte, Darla appeared.

“Hey, you need a refill?” she asked Hy. 

Hy glanced at the clock on her laptop, “Oh, no, I got to go in a few minutes, thanks,” Hy replied as she looked up.

“Weren’t you in here yesterday?” Darla asked her.

“Yea, why do you ask?”

“Well, I almost didn’t recognize you in that dress.”  With a smile, she added, “It looks way better on you than what you had on yesterday.”

Hy blushed slightly, “Thanks,” she said with a smile.

“Well, if you need anything, let me know,” Darla said as she turned to leave.

“I will,” Hy called after her.  About ten minutes later, Hy started packing up her laptop.  She left the coffee shop and headed for her car. 

Hy had almost made it to the exit when she decided to make a quick stop.  Not to use the bathroom, but to buy some accessories to match her new dress.  She wanted something that was more in line with the current fashions in town.  The baby blue plastic bangles she found were perfect.  They clicked against each other every time she moved her arms.  Hy had tried on just a few, but the shop clerk insisted that she needed more.  So Hy had ten on each wrist now.  Her stainless steel watch went into her backpack.  Hy finally left Platformz and drove to her hotel.

The parking lot was strangely empty as Hy parked in front of her room.  She grabbed her backpack and walked to her door.  There she saw the large padlock, along with one of the notices that were up earlier.  Puzzled, Hy read the notice. 

It said that the Riverside Inn would be closed for two weeks for emergency renovations.  It apologized for the inconvenience.  It told her that any property discovered in a room would be held in the office for pick up between the hours of 10am and 5pm.

“Shit!” Hy said out loud.  “Shit.”  She looked to her right and left.  As far as she could see, the doors were padlocked and had the notice taped up.  Where was she going to sleep tonight?  Worse yet, she had to be at the police station at 8 AM.  The only clothes that she had were the ones she was wearing.  She couldn’t go to the station wearing this skimpy sundress and platform heels!  What was she going to do?

Hy tried to contact the Riverside Inn to get them to let her collect her belongings early.  All she got was a bland recording saying that the Riverside Inn was temporarily closed for renovations.  Then Hy had tried to find another hotel.  That didn’t work either.  Apparently, all the other former guests of the Riverside Inn had bought them all up.  So now she was stuck with nothing to wear but the sundress with only one place to sleep: her rental car.


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