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Monica's Place
Monica's Quest
Monica's Revenge
Monica's Games
Monica's Games 2
Monica's Travel's
Monica & the Black Fortress
Monica's Justice
Vanishing Act
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These stories concern people in bondage scenes and are therefore adult in nature.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the authors.

These stories remain the copyright property of Richard Alexander and have been included here by kind permission.

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Richard Alexander Stories
Monica's Place
A story in 24 Chapters
"Mr Reynolds, this is Monica Armstrong, mistress of the house," Jillian announced, before leaving and closing the door behind her. It was then that the penny finally dropped. I guess I grinned stupidly, with the realisation that this elegant woman was the slightly gawky girl I had known all those years ago. Monica smiled. "I thought it was you - just a hunch I had from your advertisement. You always did want to be a builder." She was not just elegant, she was stunning.  As she shook my hand I saw she was as tall as I was, her penetrating blue eyes looking directly into mine. The jet-black hair was now shorter - just touching her shoulders and impeccably styled. Like Jillian, her attire was suited to the warm weather. A deep emerald green colour, her dress was short and simple, with a plunging neckline set off by a gold choker collar. I could not help but notice that Monica's figure had certainly developed since my last memory of her. Her cleavage was a striking cream against the material of the dress.  "I was hoping it was you, Steven. Even if I had been wrong, I still need a genuine builder. I feel more comfortable now, knowing it is you.  I think I have some work that may be a little out of the ordinary, but it may nevertheless interest you."  And that was how the whole thing started. 
Monica's Quest
A story in 12 Chapters
The whole story began with the video we made.  Looking back with twenty-twenty hindsight, we'd never have even considered the venture if we'd had any inkling where it would lead us. But let me start at the beginning.
The mood was relaxed in the living room of Bilboes.  It was one of the rare occasions when all the girls were gathered together without one or more being engaged in the pleasuring or tormenting of a client.  Monica, methodical as ever, had planned to make an evening of this, the first 'public' airing of her video.  Over two months in the making, it was intended to advertise the virtues of Monica's establishment. Mind you, 'virtues' was probably the wrong word under the circumstances.  Looking at the six females around me I reluctantly admitted to myself that whatever favourable views I might hold about these girls, 'virtuous' would not be high on my list of appropriate adjectives for them or the establishment.
Monica's Revenge
The third in the Monica Trilogy
A story in 15 Chapters
Monica looked quite stunning in the silver-coloured satin dress. It was sleeveless and had a neckline that dropped to display enough cleavage to get a man interested, but no so much as to provoke a riot in the foyer of the Concert Hall.  As we walked back to the car afterwards, the material shimmered under the streetlights.  The hem stopped just above her knee and she wore slim silver sandals with an elegant heel and straps that wound halfway up her calf.  Over her shoulder swung the silver-sequinned handbag that completed the ensemble.  Her jet black shoulder length hair made a striking contrast with the whiteness of her skin and the glint of the thin silver choker at her throat. She had almost shown me up, coming dressed like that.  I had almost felt obliged to wear a tie.  Almost.
Monica's Games - Part I
Book 4 in the Monica story
Like most disastrous situations, the reason Mary, Trish and I came to be in Monica's Real Bad Books began with an insignificant event.  In this case it was a problem with the closed circuit television.  This was the reason I came to be working in the Observation Room in the basement of Bilboes at eleven o'clock at night.  The main reason was that the room had been in use for the whole day, and the bookings indicated it would be in use for the next few days.  Which was why I was on the night repair shift.  On this particular night, however, we had no overnight guests and there was no supervisory night shift by the girls as a result.  I had the place to myself and was busy searching for what I thought was a loose connection somewhere, when the light came on in Room One, the adjacent room that could be viewed through the one-way mirror from the Observation Room.
Monica's Games - Part 2
Book 4 in the Monica story
The continuation of Monica's Games
Monica's Travel's
Book 5 in the Monica story
Bilboes was buzzing - that was about the best way to describe things. In the three weeks since we had won the round-the-world trip in the competition against the Citadel, the girls had been talking of little else. There had been group discussions to sort out where we were going to go and what we were going to see. Chiefly this discussion was led by Leila, Emma and Shawnee, since they were the least travelled and the most eager. Travel brochures were strewn about the house, not least on the back verandah, where there had been much earnest planning going on. The travel agent that Monica used must have thought all her Christmases had arrived at once, what with eight first class round-the-world tickets being ordered. Her eyes must have been lighting up like a taxi meter.
Monica & the Black Fortress
Book 6 in the Monica Series

Monica and the team set off to India to rescue two slave girls sent there by the Earl of Penhros from Symonds Yat Hall. The place where Monica and crew last had their adventure. Whilst Mary and Trish recieve an unexpected visitor.

Monica's Justice
Captives Of Shark Island
Book 7 in the Monica Series

The Abduction of Monica

Part Eight of the Monica Series

The Last of the Monica Stories

Monica & Mary are kidnapped by unknown assailants, the only clues are videos sent to Bilboes. The team set out to find Monica ad are aided by a mysterious Russian cop who has some special abilities.

Vanishing Act
A 13 part story
My name is Jan Sherwood. I'm thirty-four.  I'm a nurse.  No, I was a nurse.  My occupation was now prisoner, kidnappee, hostage, captive, slave, call it what you will. I shall describe myself.  I could walk across to the full-length mirror that was fixed to one wall.  It was covered by a piece of Perspex, just in case I got any ideas about breaking the glass and slashing my wrists.  I could stand in front of the mirror and observe the reflected figure. I am naked.  This was my normal form of 'dress', if you could call it such.  I believed some or all of my clothes might be stored upstairs, but I did not really know this.  Nakedness was my normal state of being - naked of body, naked of mind and naked of soul.  I had long since passed the stage of embarrassment, such have been the indignities and humiliations that I had had to bear in that dungeon.
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